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Rating 10/10

High Water Flow

"The water tested good, and it has a high water flow."

Rating 10/10

Long Time Customer

"I bought my first 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis system from APEC in 2004 (RO-45), and just bought another one (RO-90) now that we have moved into a new house. The new one is very similar, but with better hardware, and a higher volume per day. And it was the same price I paid in 2004! (I waited for a sale)

The quality really is above any filter unit you can buy at the local store - this ain't no cheap $150 big box store unit! The solid charcoal filter is a must. I recommend that you get replacement filters for stages 1,2,3 once a year as directed, so-as to keep the Reverse Osmosis Membrane lasting the full 5 years.

I have had to contact the company every year to get replacement filters, and they have been responsive and helpful. I usually buy off the website. One time, I bought two pre-filters and they only sent one. But I called them and they sent the other filter out priority and paid shipping.

Rating 10/10

"I order the Ultimate RO-90 with pump, and Ice maker hook up.
Arrived amazingly fast. Was much easier to install than I anticipated. In fact, I was probably over thinking it. I'd say it took me 40 minutes to install. I reviewed the instructions the night before. It really wasn't hard. Fortunately, I already had a tap for the ref ridge water/ice, so I didn't have to deal with that.
Not one leak. The quick connects worked great.
My TDS at the TAP is about 102. the fridge water, w/carbon filter only was about 45. After the RO system was installed, and flushed, the filtered water, and fridge water is 2.
Nashville City water is pretty good, I just wanted al the other stuff out of it (fluoride, chloride, et.al.)

I also installed the flood safety cut off, because, well, just in case. That too was easy enough to install, and cheap insurance.

I probably didn't need the pump on it. I have my house water pressure regulated at about 45 psi. I suppose I could have turned that up a bit. But the pump does fine. It really does nearly fill the 4 gallon tank from empty in about 3 hours. It put ample pressure in the tank, and the output at the tap is very strong.
The downside to the pump is, it makes a thunk/tick about once a second until the tank gets near full. It would have been once if they could have dampened that a bit. It's not bad, but it is noticeable. there are some things I might try to baffle it.
I'm very satisfied and would recommend them to others.

Rating 10/10

"After thoroughly researching what type of home water system was the best choice for our family, I quickly decided on the reverse osmosis. Customer reviews, ease of installation, and price sold me. My husband was skeptical up to the point when he drank the water, and claimed it was amazing. Because it is! I was a Smartwater addict until now. We've easily saved what the unit cost I the few months we've had it by not purchasing bottled waters. I recommend this product and company to anyone looking to drink the purest water possible at home."

Rating 10/10

"100% agree with all the posts regarding the clarity and taste of the water. However, customer service for this company received a double gold star from us. The personnel taking our order and following through when I left a voice message was impressive. The equipment arrived in perfect condition, no parts were missing. Two reasons for purchasing this unit: we have extremely hard water and we were going through coffee makers way too fast. This RO unit resolved all of our issues. Keeping Apec on my favorites list and telling everyone."

Rating 10/10

"I did a lot of research online before choosing APEC, and we are very happy with the RO-PERM that we bought.

Everything was there in the kit, all the fittings, faucet, pipe, connectors, even plumbers tape and a set of spare filters, well packed with good instructions. I installed the whole system myself, though I put it in the basement, tank on a shelf, and used the "refrigerator kit" (longer pipe) for connecting to the faucet in the kitchen above. The filters are mounted on a bracket which only needed two mounting screws in the wall, so it needed very little addtional work to mount the whole thing. I only had to connect 5 pipes and istall the filters. The faucet even comes with a couple of different sized washers, so we removed & disabled the spray nozzle we don't use from the sink and the faucet went in that hole, no drilling needed.

It has been running for 3 days now, water tastes great. Excellent fast shipping, folow up, and a great product.

Rating 10/10

"I've been using the APEC system RO-45 for 6 years and am absolutely happy with it. I'm glad I didn't go for a cheaper system. On Christmas you can buy their replacement filters at a discount."

Rating 10/10

"Purchased the RO-45 System. Ice cubes are clearer, water went from 258PPM to 10 PPM. It even beat out the reverse osmosis bottled water we were buying. Highly recommend for anyone wanting better quality water for your family."

Rating 10/10

"I purchased my APEC RO system in early December. I researched different manufactures and the entire Reverse Osmosis technology and found APEC to be the best company for this product. American made was another big seller for the company with American made parts; I really didn’t want something made in China or overseas. After a couple of weeks of research I kept coming back to APEC water systems, after a pro’s and con’s list APEC RO system came on top.

When I received the water system the instructions are straight forward and easy to read and installation is easy as well. Your average home owner or person can install one of these water systems. The hoses are color coded and you really can’t mess that up.

I have been using it now for about a month and what a great addition to the kitchen, we use it from drinking water, cooking to my new infant’s formula milk and making some really great hot tea.

Prior to the water system me and my wife was always going to the store to refill 1 gallon jugs for filtered water and it just became a burden over time. This water system is right at the sink or wherever you place it, and ready and available to use.

Future next step is that my wife wants an entire whole house filter system and APEC will be the company I go with.

I would highly recommend this to family and friends and I have.

Rating 10/10

"APEC sells a truly great RO system that is worth every bit of the initial cost, since you're paying for clean drinking water.

The unit itself is made of noticeably high quality components and the manual was written with great attention to detail, so that even a complete novice could have everything set up and running within a few hours. Using the complimentary water purity tester shows an immediate difference between unfiltered tap and filtered output. Measuring the output again a few months later revealed that the water was even purer than it was at initial setup, which means that the unit is really doing its job, and doing it very well to boot. The filtered water tastes great, whereas the tap tastes nasty.

I would not hesitate to recommend a reverse osmosis system from APEC, one of the few companies left that still makes its products in the USA.

kparker83's Avatar

Rating 10/10

"Great unit. Very well-engineered. I spoke to a sales rep at length. Very knowledgeable, helpful and patient. I had a lot of detailed questions - competent and helpful support."

No Avatar

Rating 10/10

"I am very pleased with all aspects of ordering a reverse osmosis system from APEC. I examined their website for information on reverse osmosis systems and their system in particular. I contacted their customer service to find answers for my unique situation and they answered all my questions. The system arrived at my home and it was easy to install using their unusually clear instructions."

Rating 10/10

"I serched the internet to see what RO I should purchase. I dont have much money in this day and age, however clean water for my family is important, and I have had a kenmore in the past and know that it will be cheaper to buy and RO than it is to buy 80 cent jugs of water. Amazing! and so much better, dont have to carry heavy containers, store lots of jugs or worry about running out.

I read online you should buy made in the USA RO's, because they are tested and built to last, and overseas ones are not regulated and they dont test them, also known for problems.

I was thinking it would be nice to have one for my plants as well, so i purchased both, one on ebay for only 90.00 including shipping, five stage ro with no tank or faucet. I wanted to see how it worked before i spent 300 on a usa model. I hooked it up, and bingo, no water, not a drop came out, after working back and fourth with the guy oversease threw ebay, he had to send me a refurbished membrain. OMG!

I was so frustrated with the time i spent trying to make it work, I was cursing at the guy online.

I never got it to work by the way.

So i purchased a new one from APEC, the company is a five star company hands down. I allrady have a brass faucet and big tank, so they sold me just the parts i needed for a discounted price and threw in free shipping. The agent allways answered all my questions promptly. His name is Calvin W.

The unit arived in two days, i hooked it up following the best instructions ever, and it worked beutifully. I was so happy, and my family is drinking the best water in the world. They also gave me a free digital tester and the tester said the parts per million was only like 6 or something incredibly low.

HURRAY for APEC if I only listened and just purchased the USA made product the first time i could have spent two more entire days with my kids, dam China products!

Rating 10/10

"After getting a quote of approximately $950 for a reverse-osmosis water filter from a local company, I decided to look to see if there was a cheaper alternative. A web search turned up APEC, with filters that seemed to do just as much, if not more, for about 1/3 the cost. I ordered one with a bit of trepidation wondering what the quality would be like.

When the box arrived, I opened it and was immediately impressed by the competent packaging and obvious quality of the components. There is nothing "cheap" about it. The installation instructions are good. I did note a couple of very minor points that could be corrected, and a few details that could be elaborated upon a bit, but all in all they are well done.

You may have to buy some additional fittings. The installation assumes you have a 1/2" pipe feedwater line to your cold faucet. I have 3/8" compression, so I had to come up with my own fittings to make it work. It's my belief that in plumbing it's possible to adapt anything to anything, and a F-M-M compression tee, a connecting hose for an icemaker, a compression to 1/4" pipe adapter, and a 1/4" to 1/8" pipe adapter again proves the point. An easier solution would be a self-piercing saddle for 1/2" copper tubing, but I didn't want to go that route.

Installation, except for having to crawl under the sink, went fairly well. BE CAREFUL to use the proper tubing inserts with the compression fittings (the instructions warn you about this), be sure to push the tubing fully into the quick-connect fittings, and expect leaks anyway. Or maybe you'll be luckier than I was. I hate plumbing, and maybe the plumbing gods conspire against me because of it.

Installation of the faucet was probably the hardest part. I was concerned about drilling the hole, but I bought a top-quality coated 1/2" 135 degree split point screw machine twist drill and had little trouble. I first center punched the hole location with a good whack on a sharp punch and had no problem with getting the hole where I wanted it.

It was almost impossible to reach the nut that holds the faucet in place, but I was just able to. It would have helped to add a stack of washers, or some other spacer, to move the nut down to where it was easier to reach.

I discovered that the compression nuts, advertised as requiring a 1/2" wrench, are actually 13mm.

The claim of "Made in the USA" may be slightly exaggerated--the bottoms of the filter containers say CHINA on them--but certainly most of the parts are made in the USA, it's assembled in the USA, and regardless of where some of the parts may be from, they are all of excellent quality.

It all tucked under the sink with no problem, even though we have a garbage disposal. It's chugging away as I type, filling the storage tank. It's good!

Rating 10/10
ResellerRatings.com TOP REVIEWER!

"I read the previous review and was convinced it was written by their marketing department. However, I am very satisfied with my purchase. It was shipped promptly and received quickly. The instructions were clear and concise and appeared to have been written by someone who reads, writes and speaks english. Very shortly after installing I noticed a piece of black plastic at the end of the faucet where the water is dispensed was split and the plastic came off easily. I don't think it was a big deal because you still got the same water and the uncovered end of the faucet didn't look bad at all. But since it was new I called them and they said they would send out a new one. A couple days later my wife mentioned that there was water around the base of the faucet and when I tested it I discovered that after dispensing water when I released the handle to turn it off several drops of water would leak out and collect around the base. I decided to wait until I got the black plastic piece before I called and complained about this problem, also somtimes very small water leaks fix themselves. When the package came it contained an entire new faucet and a prepaid UPS return label to send back the bad one. I installed the new faucet and everything has worked perfectly since. When I test my water coming out of the regular faucet (with the free tester they included) it contains about 230 to 250 ppm contaminates, the filtered water is about 24 ppm. I tested the bottled water we have been buying and it tests at about 32 to 37 ppm. So the water we get is cleaner than bottled water at the store. I would definately recommend both the company and the product at this stage.

Update - Apr. 19, 2009. The new faucet they sent, as mentioned in my original review, has worked perfectly for the 10 or so months that we have had the system. I tested the water a few days ago and it is still at about 24 ppm contaminants, so the same as it was when the system was new. We made a smart choice when we got this one!

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