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Rating 2/10

"Item: AS-9800XTADO - Asus Radeon 9800XT 256MB VIVO/DVI AGP Video Card
Quantity: 1
I ordered the above video card and NEVER recieved it. I paid $400.00 for it in cashier's check and with later investigations I realized their online credit card processor doesn't work and they ask you for cashier's check and once you send it to them it is the end of the story. My money is gone and I never recieved any refund of any sort.

Rating 10/10

"You can add me to the class action lawsuit. I have contacted the BBB about this shady "business" and will pursue this to a successful outcome.

I should have done more research on this company before ordering a $400 video card from them. It's the same MO...credit card processor not working, we will take 13% off for a money order, non-responsive to emails, phone disconnected, and now this on their website: "Currently the online store is closed. ADOSYSTEMS is working on bringing our customers a updated and more conventional way of shopping through our online website. For Server Maintence please check back with us later."

I hope I get my money back before they put these crooks in jail.

Rating 2/10

"Worst site ever. Ordered a Motherboard and Processor. After 6 weeks of not getting my order, I cancelled the order. I asked for a refund and still haven't received my refund. It's been 3 months and nothing. After telling them that I was going to complain to the Attorney Generals office, they said that my refund was on the way. They have since changed their cancellation policy and I still haven't received a refund. I have since contacted the NY Attorney Generals office to file a complaint. If you do buisness with this company you do so at your own risk."

Rating 2/10

"I don't need to go into detail about this. I ordered a video card from these guys ($352), got their notification about 13% off, their telephone is disconnected, and they don't respond to e-mails unless you're buying (which is really the only way to get their attention).

I did get in contact with them 1 time and they claimed to not have received my money order. I'm waiting on a scan of that money order to see who cashed it. If it turns out that it is not them, I probaby won't change my rating just on the fact that so many people run the similar problem.

Also, I looked at adosystems order status and they have taken my order off as if I never even placed it. Nuts to them. I hope they go to jail.

Update Jan 18, 2005: I received my photo copy of the cashed money order. Oliver Dilian is the person who signed it. I've tried to contact the company without luck.

Update Feb 2nd, 2005: I got some paperwork from the NY Atty. Gen.'s Office. I sent them copies of what I had (they will give you a list of what you need to send to them). This included copies of the cashed money order, correspondence e-mails, etc. I also got a reply back from the Postal Inspector, they recommended for me to handle this through the Consumer Protection Program. I'll see what they have to say.

Update: June 21, 2005

I'm never going to get my money back.

Rating 6/10

"How's "I've been patient enough to wait for about 3 months for an ATI AIW9600XT graphics card" sound for "comment"? Don't get me wrong, I've been calling and voicing my concerns not to mention emailing his "lifeless" systems. I've already filed against him and his company with BBB. Really!!! How can anyone like him claim to be in business with such horrible service? Heck, I or anyone at that, could make an order right now on his website. I thank God for those of you who didn't get sucked in by what can be seen as lies now to me; and for those of us who have been taken advantage of, "cheap seekers" or whatever, I encourage you to band together to put him out of business because his actions show clearly he doesn't belong there. You'd think people, especially those in business, would get better with time; it's obvious this company and the guy running it only got worse. Write me at edivine2k4-ids4j@yahoo.com for any ideas how we can save other people the trouble of doing business with this guy - I seemingly have lost any ounce of remaining respect I have for Mr. Oliver as he's spoken lies to me very similar to ones already mentioned here. (Add this to your list of lies: some merchant was late in shipping my order to him or something like that. Or maybe it's here but I've not come across it.) K! Before I write some book no one needs to read, I'll end this "comment" here. I hope y'all have a wonderful new year no thanks to Mr. Oliver Dilan. Peace!

May 24, 2005: A little over four weeks ago in April, I got mail that had a money order for my refund from ADOSystems. I can just imagine the amount of headache I would have put myself through because BBB already mailed me weeks in advance that they had reached an agreement to refund my money. Anyway, I am thankful even though all I wanted was the graphics card I payed for. I'm hopeful that he will also get his act together - fast - and send out the other refunds to those who took action, no matter how little, as I did. Stay cool y'all. Peace!

Rating 2/10

"I Ordered the GIGABYTE Radeon X800 XT 256MB 12/04/2004. I Was told that their credit card system was down and that I would receive an additional 13% off with overnight shipping if I sent a USPS money order. I overnighted the money order on 12/6 and mailed in to inquire about status on 12/8. I had trouble getting trough to them after that, their phone system was down, but I got a short message by mail 12/10 saying they shipped it overnight and that I should have it by 12/11.

This never happened, and they stopped replying to my mails. I finally wrote them a nasty email 12/21 threatening to report them to BBB, New York State Attorney general and the FBI internet fraud complaints if I had not got my money back or a valid tracking number within three days.
I got an email the same day saying they were out of stock of my particular video card and that they would ship it out on 12/22. I decided to wait for shipment through the holiday weekend and thought maybe I would receive it. After this I have heard nothing. Just sendt a comlaint to BBB, and would be more than willing to group in and nail this guy.

Rating 2/10

"My story is similar to many other people here. I ordered a Radeon X800 XT graphics card on 12/05 and was told I would recieve an additional 13% off with overnight shipping if I sent a USPS money order. I overnighted the money order on 12/8 and called in to inquire about status on 12/13. Amazingly I actually spoke to a human being who told me that my order had shipped and that I would recieve a UPS tracking number within 24 hours. This never happened, of course.
When I called in on I believe 12/17 this was when the Adosystems phone lines were down. I got the same email other customers recieved stating they were doing upgrades to their voicemail and this is why I couldnt contact them via phone. Then a few days later after numerous inquiries I got an email saying they were out of stock of my particular gfx card and that they would ship it out on 12/22. I decided to wait for shipment through the holiday weekend and thought maybe I would recieve it.
Of course this is not the case, and here I am on 12/30 almost a month after purchasing my card with nothing to show for it. At this point all phone numbers associated with Adosystems are out of order, their website www.adosystems.net is not running and all emails I send are not replied to. I filed a complaint with the NY Better Business Bureau and am planning to file a legal suite similar to another reviewer on this forum.
If anyone wants to contact me on this issue I have my email available. Maybe it would strengthen a suite against this company if multiple people filed together? I would really like to resolve this problem and am interested to hear how others are trying to resolve theirs. I definately wont purchase from a company again until research their seller rating. -Jesse King

Rating 2/10

"I wish to GOD I would've seen these reviews before I bought from them. Instead like a fool I took the discounts and am now out $180 for an Radeon 9800 Pro. I made the purchase on the 7th of December, and sent payment the next day. I still have received no shipping confirmation and am beginning to realize that I'm not going to. They sent me an e-mail at one point saying the item would be in stock on the 22nd....never happened and I still have no confirmation. I guess my only option is to file with the NY BBB and USPS fraud. At this point all I want is my money back, but judging by the rest of the people who have been scammed, I'm not going to get it. Granted, I should've been smarter and read reviews first, but I guess that goes to show how most of us are suckers for low prices. Like those before me have warned: DO NOT BUY FROM THEM, they are scamming the daylights out of people.

UPDATE: (1/3/2005)
I have now filed with the NY BBB and hope to hear from them soon. Next I will be filing with FBI internet fraud and USPS as well. I e-mailed adosystems one last time letting them know that this would be that last time I mailed them since they do not respond to my e-mails anymore. I also let them know of my intentions, and I have yet to hear anything from them. This of course is typical for this company as I have realized.

UPDATE: (1/26/05)
So the NY BBB has still not contacted me, yet surprising enough adosystems has. A day after I filed with the NY BBB they sent me an e-mail saying that they have been issuing refunds and that if I had not gotten one, to fill out the info they asked for and they would send one. I sent the information immediately, and finally 10 days later they said they would be sending my refund "in a few days". It has been almost two weeks now and I have seen nothing yet...surprising...

UPDATE: (3/1/05)
This "company" is unbelievable! They call my house, asking for the money order number cause they must have lost my money order(no surprise). I call the number they give only to have to leave the information on a voicemail. That was what, like 3 weeks ago?? I'm sorry to all of you who are going through this same thing. Even with this refund crap they can't get it together.

Rating 8/10

"I purchased an xp3200box processor.ADOSYSTEMS price was the lowest.I had to send a money order because there credit card system was down.They gave me a 13% discount and free overnight shipping for sending the money order.This merchant is great except the phones were out of order which is very bad for business.My processor didn't work so I had to call AMD to get it replaced.Except for the phone problem I had no problem.ADOSYSTEM kept there promise.I will buy from this merchant again if they get there phones back workig and have someone to answer the phones without saying this voice mail box is full.HAPPY WITH ADOSYSTEM BUT NOT WITH THE BAD XP3200 PROCESSOR THAT DAMAGED MY 17" CRT MONITOR AND MOTHERBOARD. THANKS FOR KEEPING YOUR PROMISE ADOSYSTEM AND THE LOW PRICES. "

Rating 2/10

"Fake Company. never received. been trying 5 yrs. to get money back. All I ever got was first name of Oliver. Person and website have dissappeared since. BBB not helpful nor was the state attny general in state fake seller was from."

Rating 2/10

"I have ordered 2 200 GB SATA WD HDDs from adosystems. They shipped out a 200 GB and a 75 GB HDD I have tried communicating via e-mail numerous times, as their phones are coming up saying "This number has been disconnected". They have not contacted me back as of yet. It has been almost a week with no response from their sales department in regards to my order. I am extremely disgusted with this company. They also mentioned sending me some free software as a gift for their mixup and I haven't received that free software either. This company has given me a foul taste in my mouth. I won't ever shop from them again unless they correct any mistakes they have made."

Rating 2/10

"Ordered a AMD 3200 on 10-03-04, still have not received order, asked for refund on 11-24-04, still have not received a refund. This place is a rip off. I am now sending a fraud complaint to the FBI http://www1.ifccfbi.gov/index.asp to the New York State Attorney General http://www.oag.state.ny.us/online_forms/complaint_alert.jsp and to the Better Business Bureau in New York State. Do a search on internet fraud and you will come up with plenty of places to send in complaints. If nothing else maybe we can shut this guy down and put him in jail for awhile."

Rating 2/10

"Adosystems.net have Great prices BUT you call there customer service phone numbers and there out of service(disconected) I was supposed to recieve a package on 12/11/04 via UPS, and brown is no where to be found. Where's my delivery? I Can't call them(Adosystems) to find out. "

Rating 4/10

"Ordered a motherboard on 12/01 recieved email on 12/03 that there credit card gateway was down. If I would like to take additional 13% off the item and free overnight shipping I could mail out a usps money order. They gave me no address to send it to so I tried calling them..hehe answer service no response finally emailed the heck out of them and they gave me a address. On
12/07/04 I sent them the money order overnight. they recieved it on 12/08. I waited for confirmation in email. On 12/09 I got thru to a rep who said it would go out that afternoon and I would recieve confirmation in email that night. I DIDN'T. 12/10 I GOT EMAIL SAYING THEY WERE WORKING ON THIER PHONE LINES TO BETTER THIER SERVICE AND IN THAT EMAIL IT SHOWED MY 1ST INTIAL ORDER THAT IT WOULD GET SHIPPED GROUND. I emailed them on this issue, and thier response to me was that I would be receiving overnight delievery and Saturday special delievery. I DIDN'T. ON 12/11 I sent email stating: shouldn't I be recieving confirmation if and when it would be arriving? Figuring they would get it 1st thing 12/13. 12/13 no response. I time and time again emailed them ( all the contacting you can do)I saw numbers and told them my full story time and time again. I contacted the better business burea of NY, filed a complaint, and was also directed to attorney generals office there and got suite filed on it. I emailed them after that on this issue and they responded finally that it would be shipped that day overnight. Nothing has happened. All I wanted was the offer they gave me, I went out of my way mailing them a check overnight, for it to just set there. My last email stated: You have till tonight, to send me a confirmation of my item that it is being overnighted are I will cancel my order, get another mother board from another dealer ( which I JUST got done ordering 5 minutes ago & am going to send them that confirmation in email) SORRY back: just checked my email thier deadline is up. and no confirmation. Now they have 3 days to return my money or I go on with the proccess of legal suite.That deadline will be up 12/16/04.In regards to all who see this never trust cheaper dealers, and if anyone has noticed even pricegrabber has dropped adosystems. I'll definately be back to tell you the rest of this one. Should be fun, and I'm up for the challenge, no matter the cost.

UPDATE: My money was returned to me via usps on 12/21/04. Thank you for cooperating to me in this matter.

Rating 6/10

"I wanted to uodate my last review and advise all that I was able to make contact with Adosystems (Eric who was very helpful)and they did locate my package and overnight it to me. The order was placed on 12/2/04and i repceved my package on 12/16/04. While it was a rocky road in the end i did receive my video card.
They definetly have the lowest prices so if have pateince it is worth the wait.

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