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Rating 2/10

I purchased a Sony HD camcorder and a Garmin Nuvi 650 (gps) along with 2 separate protection plans for Repair Tech. They tried to up sell me like everyone else, but I just purchased the warranty. I actually received my order in 3 weeks. I saw that all the accessories that I didn't order were included. I called the company for an invoice and they said that no invoice was available because it was a package deal. They emailed me an itemized list. Several weeks later, I received my Discover Card bill and learned that they added almost $1000 extra. I called 86th St photo and video and they told me per their policy, they would not except returns on accessories, but they offered to accept both units back. I told the Manager that I was going to stop payment on my Discover Card and return my order. He told me that I was just going to speak to "Jennifer," at Discover Card. He said that "Jenny" was his best friend and that I wound't win. He further told me that his company had been in business way before I was born and my business was just pocket change. Well I took my beatings. After a long battle with Discover Card, the jackass was right, I lost.

Well now it has been about 2 years and both units have started to fail. I called Repair Tech for service and learned that they are out of business. I got quadrupled screwed for 2 separate protection plans, the camcorder and Gps unit.

I will definitely join any class action to make sure, honest and hard working people like myself don't get screwed.

Thank you all for listening....

My email is czr10001@yahoo.com


Rating 2/10


VICTORY! My eventual credit claim success in getting my bank to credit my account was due to having:
1. Copies of their webpages and invoice.
2. Photos of my cell phone history showing time and duration of calls to 86th St numbers.
3. Detailed email request for a return specifying every transgression and misrepresentation as the cause, with the timestamp proving it to be within 72 hrs of merchandise receipt.
4. Photos of the GPS box as received, looking worn and well travelled.

Above all - READ THE RETURN POLICY buried in the customer service page. You must file a request within 72 hours (3 days) of receiving merchandise for a payment refund. Beyond that to 21 days and it's just a credit and only after they take out an exhorbitant restocking fee.

I won't repeat the same sordid details from other victims of this scam, but after ordering a $259 GPS and then agreeing over the confimation call to overpriced accessories that were needed for the GPS to operate properly (outright lies), pushing the total to $465 I eventually received, after waiting on the 'backorder', what looked like a less than new box with everything literally thrown in, including a cheap 'Made in China' SD card that was said to be dedicated to the GPS and listed for $199 that 'only' cost me $99. What a line of BS! Tried to call for a return, spent forever on hold, made several futile calls, finally sent 86th St an email to document my request and took a screen capture of the email with the CNN stock market window to timestamp it. REMEMBER- 72 HRS! Contacted Garmin and found out the GPS was shipped in Novemeber 2007 and was already registered to someone! To rebut my claim to my bank 86th St totally fabricated screen captures of my supposed order and a different invoice. They even had the brazen audacity to deny that anyone helped me with my order, that everything was ordered over the website. After relentless communication with my bank it was the Garmin statement that the GPS was apparently older and used that was enough for my bank to credit my account. This whole affair took almost a full year! These spineless schiesters are totally without morals and I am absoutely amazed that they are still at it as blatantly as ever! Where is the law?! I would think that this is a slam dunk case.

If you are going to file a claim it's all about airtight documentation. Leave nothing out and cover you a** at every turn. For example: 86th St's new invoice showed the SD card at $25. I asked my bank, "If I were to have ordered the SD card through their website, as they say, tell me where I might have seen it, because no such $25 SD card can be found ANYWHERE on their site." 86th St morons got caught in their own lies. And, of course, I included reference to this site and the 30+ webpages of complaints.

Rating 2/10

"FRAUD ALERT! DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY! Ditto what everyone else has experienced. I ordered a Nikon D300 camera body on Dec 7, 2008. After I refused batteries, memory cards and other excessories (pun intended) at exorbitantly high prices, my order has been delayed, backordered, postponed, etc numerous times over the last 10 months.

Help these people get some jail time:
Internet Crime Complaint Center: www.ic3.gov
NY Attorney General Consumer Helpline: 1-800-771-7755
NY Attorney General Internet Complaint Form: www.oag.state.ny.us/bureaus/internet_bureau/internet_complaint.pdf

Rating 2/10

"6/7/09 I ordered a Canon Powershot SX200 IS for about 170$ (nearly 50% off). I got an email telling me my order number and that my order was being processed. 6/10/09 Another email came asking me to further verify my order by calling the store number ext 209 (William). So I called thinking its just some formality. Upon calling this guy started asking me if I wanted any of these extra things like batteries ("Because the ones that come with the camera only last 25 minutes") memory cards and other kits. I kindly declined him saying the camera is the only thing I need and he simply hung up. 6/12/09 An email comes saying that the camera I ordered is on backorder and the camera won't ship for 3-4 weeks which I thought was because it was such a good deal other people jumped in and bought as well. 6/29/09 They send me an email canceling my order with NO explanation at all. When I tried to call them during store hours they were closed. I'm still in the process of cleaning their mess up."

Rating 2/10

I ordered from them Lumix DMC-FZ28 by Panasonic. On web-site they promised a price which was very attractive - $130.00. After 2 days one of their guys (his name is Robert) called me with confirmation and told me they will ship it to me in 2 business days. I've been waiting and waiting and finally after 2 weeks they put my order on hold. Of course, price for this camera on the web - around $300. That suppose to be a cool deal.
After 2 more weeks they just canceled my order without any explanation.
Additional, when I was calling them to clarify that issues - they were extremely rude and completely ignoring the fact of miss-advertisement which is illegally.
Additional how you can trust company which collecting financial information from customers and simply blowing deal like a bubble. And no comments, even no sorry!!!
I am a real estate broker and if I will missrepresent any information for my client that will be good reason for court hearing. Especially for damages.

Rating 2/10

"If it's too good to be true, it probably is. Shame on me for not checking further before placing the order. However, I trusted the retailer rating of 4 out of 5 stars on the website www.everyprice.com. Besides, the package price for a GPS device bundled with a bunch of extras was $100 lower than I could find elsewhere. Like many of the previous postings, the retailer required that we call in to confirm the order at which point they pushed more expensive models and unnecessary add-ons. My husband declined the offers several times before he got frustrated and twice threatened to cancel the order. At that point, the guy on the phone had the audacity to tell my husband he didn't need to be rude about it. The salesman finally accepted the fact that my husband was not going to modify my order, but then as a last minute comment said the item was on backorder and would not be shipped for another 3-5 weeks. I received an e-mail confirming the backorder status. I called the retailer again to check on the order at which time I was put through the same exercise as my husband. I had a bad feeling about the whole ordeal and was about to do more research on the company. However, upon checking my e-mail this morning, I received a message from 86th Street Photo & Video saying my order had been canceled, my credit card would not be charged, and my information would be deleted from their system, with no further explanation. Frankly I am a bit relieved, but frustrated that I have lost a couple of weeks since I need the item for an upcoming birthday. After all of this, it sure appears to me that this company is not willing to stand by their advertised prices unless you are willing to pay a ridiculous amount more for additional items."

Rating 2/10

"Same situation as what "SunnyState, on 6/24/09 11:04 AM" wrote except I was trying to purchase the Canon Rebel Xti package. Same guy got me to buy into the extra battery and upgraded lens. I checked on the internet and he was charging me almost 2000 percent above the market for the battery. I called them back and asked to remove the battery but he said there would be a 20% restocking fee.
I called Amex and asked them to stop any charges from this business and they said I would have to wait until the charges went through then I could file for fraud and get it taken off my bill. I didn't feel comfortable with this and with 86 having my card intel. I ended up canceling my card (after having it for 14 years) and searched for a good web review site to post my situation. Amex did say they could get a better restocking rate from a loan shark....I think the max her in California for a restocking fee is $50 so the $200+ charge 86 wanted was going to be outragous.
Be VERY careful when dealing with these guys. As in a bar, "they will 86 you!".



"Re: 86TH STREET PHOTO & VIDEO. Shame on me - Shame on me. I should have done some checking first before ordering from 86th Street Photo & Video, but alas like so many others I thought I had found a good deal on a Cannon PowerShot SX110. Instead of ordering on-line I called the store to place the order. I had a very hard time understanding the non-English speaking salesman but finally got the camera ordered. I "specifically asked" the salesman - Is this a new, not refurbished camera. He stated yes. I then asked him - Is this is a USA and not a grey camera from another country. He stated yes, it is a USA camera. He then started the high-pressure jibber about a larger card, batteries and charger, etc. I finally told him that I already had the accessories. He stated - Enjoy your camera.

Camera arrived yesterday - No 32MB card - No warranty card from Cannon - No Cannon customer support letter - No direct print user guide - No software starter guide - all of which are listed as package contents in the camera user guide. Trying to call the store now, 10:05 EST, but a recording says it is not business hours. I don't expect to make any headway because simply put - they are dishonest. For what little good it will do I will register a complaint with the NY Better Business Bureau. I will update when the smoke clears.

Rating 2/10

"24 Jun 09 Update:
As of yesterday, 86streetphoto&video site appears not be active. The pricing/advertising suddenly changed, and no orders are being accepted until further notice.
If anyone would like to file a complaint you can file with:

Internet Crime Complaint Center www. ic3.gov
Better Business Bureau NY www.bbb.org

23 Jun 09
STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE! I went through similar scam scenario. I called first to make sure the camera I liked was actually coming with battery (the price was really good and I was suspicious). I was assured that it did. So I placed an order on line for a Sony T 900 digital camera on 6/22/09.

I received an email asking me to call James at ext 204 and confirm the order. James called me first at which time the guy tried to sell me rechargeable batteries, memory stick and other accessories. He was very pushy. I declined the offer and told him that I was only interested in the camera. He said that the manufacturing batteries last only 30 min. and I should purchase the 2 hrs, or the 4 hrs batteries. He offered me the 4 hrs. battery for $ 89 (50% off!) and a free camera case. It was not a Sony brand as I wanted so I told him that I was not sure if I want any other brand. When I asked if I could return the battery if I did not like it, he yelled at me “YOU WILL KEEP IT, AND YOU WILL LIKE IT!” I was shocked with his attitude, so I told him that he was being rude. To my surprise, he kept yelling “DON’T YOU HAVE EARS!!! I’M CANCELING THE ENTIRE ORDER, NOW, RIGHT NOW!!! CAN’T YOU HEAR???” He did cancel my order at that moment. At this point I told him that I do not want anything from him anyway.

He got even crazier and threatened me with charging me with 15% restocking fee. I told him that he cannot do that because I did not order anything yet. He kept insulting me until I hang up the phone. I called my credit card and made sure no payment will be processed for this business. I have dealt with a number of internet businesses over several years, and never experienced anything like it.

I did some research and it looks like this company is listed under several names, so beware! I will be filing a complaint with the BBB in New York, and other places to try to stop this business from operating. I hope that everyone out there, everyone who was mistreated by those people, will post a review, and file a complaint. If anyone is planning a lawsuit, I will be glad to join.

Rating 10/10

"I decided to buy a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ-28 camera.

This company had the best advertised price ($269). So, I called on 6/22/09 to place an order.

Man, the salesman tried the sell me a ton of accessories - before long the tab was over $450. I insisted I only wanted the camera and nothing else.

Around and around we went, him selling and me declining. Finally, I got fed up and said, "Just cancel the order."

Then, he said he would have to charge me 20% for "wasting his time." I said, "all I wanted was the camera, you wasted your own time trying to sell me crap I didn't want, just forget I called!." I was angry by now.

I didn't think it would happen, but he finally sold me the camera for 269.00 + S&H. It ended up setting me back 288.99 (still $10 cheaper than anywhere else) - But he didn't give me a confirmation number before he hung up, In fact, I wasn't real sure I actually got the camera ordered.

So, I called back and said I wanted to lodge a complaint about the way I was dealt with. The person I talked to apologized and gave me my confirmation number.

A little later I got an email telling me that UPS had it and it was on its way. I checked UPS.com and it was so. It was picked up from 86video on 6/22/09 at 5:54 PM and was on schedule and should arrive here sometime on 6/24/09. So far, so good.

I then wondered if they may have "adjusted" the amount they charged my account (debit card) and saw that the withdrawal was 288.99, as quoted.

It looks like its going to be okay, after all.

Maybe I'm the only one who lucked out.

I didn't find this web site until AFTER I'd dealt with them. If I had, I'd never have called them in the first place.


The camera arrived today as scheduled, the 24th. Everything was perfect (manual, CD-ROM photo software, etc all there). But there was no Warranty Registration card, I went to Panasonic online and registered my new product anyway. I know there are a ton of bad reviews on here, but as for me, I'm good and I really am happy this is over.

I checked again and I was only billed what I expected (288.99).

So, I hope you all had as much good luck as I did. If I ever do call these folks again, I'm gonna say up front that they can just save their breath and not offer me any extras. It's either sell me just what I want or forget it.

Anyway, my battery is charging now and I'll soon see is this camera is as good as folks said it is.

Ya'll take care.


After reading that 68video web site was changed I re-visited.

The Panasonic FZ28 camera I bought for 269.00 is now 359.00. I reckon since they couldn't "fix" their good deals without the add-ons, they had to raise their prices.

Final Update:

The camera arrived as expected, for the price of 288.99 as quoted.

All is good.

Rating 2/10

"Update: Today (6/25/09), I received an email from 86th Street Photo & Video stating the following: Your order with our company has been cancelled. Your credit card has not been billed. All your sensitive data were deleted from our system. I'm very upset for all the time I wasted dealing with these crooks. I will file a complain with NY's BBB and will be glad to join any lawsuit against these lowlife crooks.
6/19/09 11:28 AM
I went through the exact scam scenario. I placed an order for an Olympus SP-590 digital camera on 6/13/09 for $219.00 (which was a great deal). I received an email on 6/15 with the subject “important information about your order” asking me to call and confirm the order at which time the guy tried to sell me some rechargeable batteries. I declined the offer and told him that I was only interested in the camera and the kit that comes with it. I also told that the camera should come with AA batteries and I don’t have to buy these overly priced rechargeable batteries. He hung up abruptly. When I called back to complain about his attitude, he threatened me with cancelling my order if I argue with him. I received another email on 6/17 telling me that the camera was on backorder. I have dealt with a number of photo companies in New York in the past, but no one as bad and disrespectful as these people. I wish we can do something about this. I wish we can do more to stop this scam than tell each other about it. Is there a “better business bureau” that we can complain to? Does anybody have any idea? Are there any attorneys out there who can advise us on what to do about this? Please let me know.


Rating 2/10

"I got the same scam as everyone else. I placed the order for a Canon SX110 for 105.00 (great deal). I get an email on 6/15 saying to call and confirm the order at which time the guy tried to sell me some batteries. I declined and he said ok and hung up. I got another email on 6/17 saying the camera was on backorder. That's when I decided to check them out and see what was going on because and found all these complaints on them. I new the price was too good to be true. What a sham and waste of time."

Rating 2/10

"To save you the effort of reading a couple hundred reviews, I'll summarize: DON'T DEAL WITH THESE GUYS!!! I've bought New York cameras online before, so I knew what to expect with the "upsale" call. Over priced battery's, memory cards, warranties etc... So, when I got "the call" I politely declined them all, and the salesperson promptly hung up without another word. I thought "Huh!! That was easy!" because usually the salespeople push harder to make the extra sales. I was pleasantly surprised. That was, until I discovered that my camera was "back ordered", got suspicious, and did some research, which led me to this site. Needless to say, I canceled my order and hopefully that was that. No camera, no loss of funds, but the aggravation of wasting a whole bunch of time and effort. Boo hiss!!"

Rating 2/10

"Everything they say is true regarding this company. Purchased a Canon sd1200-IS for 129.00. When I had to call and confirm, they talked me into buying a 4 hour battery for the price of a 2 hour one-89.00. Never did get a receipt. When I checked my card, I was charged for 269.00. When I called back to find out how I was charged for over $30 more than what I was told, I couldn't get through forever, even during "business hours". Finally, I got a hold of someone, and he said that the battery was $99, and there was a $20 processing fee. I told him to listen to his "recorded" phone conversations, so he could believe me that the battery was $89, and that I did not agree to any processing fees. He told me he'd credit me $10 on my card, after he had first tried to give me an in-store credit. He pretty much called me a liar, and told me he'd not had trouble with Peter, my salesman, ever. He said in 12 years, I was his first complaint! I tried to show him that if I purchased the same two items on-line from his store, the total was much less. He finally told me to cancel my order, b/c I wasn't worth his time, but I'd still be out $20.00. I finally got an invoice, and it stated that I got a package-battery and camera for 249.99, plus 19.99 shipping. No processing fees anywhere. I'm kicking myself, am usually much smarter than this. At least I did get my camera, but could've done a little better. I did find a physical address on-line-2845 86th St. Brooklyn, NY 11223. Also, complaints can be made to the Internet Crime Complaint Center www. ic3.gov"

Rating 2/10

"Same story. I ordered a multi-media/DVD/Nav system for my son's car. The cost originally appeared to $699 shipping included. They called and said a memory card was mandatory (another $100-$150 depending on gig) which I approved. They added an unknown "insurance" charge to the shipping rate that made my final charge $889.99. Plus they had reduced the cost of the radio by $30 the day we received it. When I called to get the order reduced to the $818 their site said my order would have been the day we received they unit, I was rudely told that there would be no refunds but they would give me a $40 instore credit. Who knows who much I would have been chgd on anything else I ordered from them. The radio is not installed yet and I have my fingers crossed it works because I don't want to have to deal with them again."

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