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    Product & services pricing Rating 7.50/10 7.50/10
    Chance of future purchase: Rating 1.25/10 1.25/10
    Shipping & packaging: 0.00/10
    Customer service: 0.00/10
    Return/Replacement policy: 0.00/10
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Rating 2/10


After going back and forth with a nice sales guy, I got my Mickey Thompson Wheel.

It was not a match AT ALL!

I even sent close up pics of my existing wheels before ordering.

I tried to call and arrange to send it back, thinking OK, I'm sure there's a label somewhere with the parcel, and, I can just pay and send it back, and not loose any money save for shipping LIKE EVERY OTHER COMPANY KNOWN TO MAN.

Instead we had to go back and forth, and, I spoke with 3 different people to assess whose fault it was, argue about a restocking fee, and, finally they told me to go to website, fill out a form, and wait for someone process my form, and, then, they'd send me the TOP SECRET mystery address, IF THEY APPROVED MY RETURN.

DAYS LATER THEY SENT ME A FEW EMAILS, one of which had a packing slip that I had to print and put on the package then call to arrange pu.


Here's the math ($40.00) + (3 manhours @ $20.00 ea) = $100.00, for a $130 wheel that I found on Ebay for $99.00, lol

In contrast, I ordered something Extreme Terrain, and even though it was my fault they just TOOK IT BACK AND COVERED THE POSTAGE.

I simply took the label they supplied and attached it and took it to the post office.

UPDATE! - I just called to get the final total, and the guy on the phone (mike?) was a complete smart ass, asking me in response to my complaint as to whether or not I've ever owned a shipping and packaging company.

Great Stuff there guys!

Nightmare return policy, bogus restocking fees, and smart ass guys manning the phones.

My original order was for over $400.00, and they want to argue about a restocking fee for one of the items.

I think these guys are running their Mickey Mouse Company out of their mom's basement.


Rating 2/10

"SKETCHY! SKETCHY! SKETCHY! This place felt like more of a scam every time I talked to them. My generous mother offered to purchase a set of tires for my truck. As a result, the shipping address did not match the credit card billing address. Not a big deal, right? I've been ordering online for years, and many times, I've entered different billing and shipping addresses. The people at 4WheelOnline told me that I have to call the credit card bank and manually add the shipping address as an authorized shipping address (which seemed fishy from the start). We complied, and after about twenty minutes on the phone with the credit card bank, they added the shipping address as an alternate address. I placed the order for the tires; and fortunately, I printed the order confirmation, because one was never sent to me via email. A few days later, I got a call from "Amanda with 4WheelOnline," telling me that the bank refused to process the transaction, because the shipping address differed from the billing address. I informed her that the shipping address had been added as an alternate address and that she might have to call the card bank to verify it. She then asked me for the customer service telephone number for the credit card bank, which I gave to her. Then I looked at my Call Log and saw that the company that had just called me was listed as "Heath Enterprises," in Tampa, Florida, rather than "4WheelOnline." I looked up Heath Enterprises, which appeared to be an auctioneering company. A few moments later, Amanda called me back and told me that the credit card bank verified that the shipping address was an authorized alternate address, but they still would not authorize the transaction unless she could give them the telephone number associated with the credit card account.
This is when I became very suspicious. If the bank is being so cautious with this merchant, maybe there's a good reason.
I told Amanda that I had never before experienced this line of complexity when placing an online merchandise order with a credit card. She replied, "Well, I'm sorry that you don't like our policies. Florida is a high fraud area."
Really? Florida is a high-fraud area? I know that orders placed through servers in the U.K. are often declined because of the high frequency of fraud, but Florida?? Hmmm. Then I thought: it doesn't seem like a 4WheelOnline policy if THE BANK is the one refusing the transaction. Fishier by the minute. I asked Amanda, "Who is Heath Enterprises?" She said, "I have no idea." I said, "You identified yourself as Amanda from 4WheelOnline, but the call log shows the name "Heath Enterprises." She said, "I don't know. I've only been working here a short time." I asked, "How long have you been in business under the name 4WheelOnline?" She answered, "Several years." I asked, "Then why does Caller ID show your name as Heath Enterprises?" She said, "We're owned by Heath Enterprises."
Wait. twenty seconds ago, you said that you have no idea who Heath Enterprises is.
Feeling very unconfident in the legitimacy of this company, I asked her to please cancel the order. She instantly (sarcastically) replied, "Okay! Done and done!"
These people couldn't care less about customer service, and I am very thankful that I was judicious enough to proceed with vigilance. Now that I've read the horror stories posted here by others, I realize that I'm one of the lucky ones. Nonetheless, I called the credit card company again and told them to refuse any future attempts made by this company. Apparently, the banks knew something about 4WheelOnline that I didn't know when I was trying to order. There must be a reason that they won't accept every transaction attempted by them. Do yourself a favor and SKIP THIS COMPANY. Their customer service is awful, and I don't trust them one iota.

Rating 2/10

"Ordered a truck bed cover, on line 4/24. When I received no email order verification I called customer service. After giving all my information I was told there was no record of an order. I was going to go ahead and order again while on the phone and was advised I should check to see if I was charged. 4/28 no charge showed yet charges for other purchases on the 24th were there. I called customer service to place a "new" order and was told I would need to leave all my information so they could check with their supplier (who was closed) to see if it was in stock. Fed up, I said forget it Im not going to order anything from you. I will get it elsewhere.
That same day I ordered a top from another business, received an email showing the order and another email saying it had been shipped! 3days later Fed Ex drops off my top, wow! Only lable on it is from the manufacturers facility. Put it on, its nice. The next day Fed Ex calls with another top. This one is the one I had ordered from another company, which I now had to send back, incurring shipping both ways and a 20% restocking fee, all because of the lack of web service and lack of customer service from 4Wheel - Never again!! Wish I saw all these negative reviews first!

Rating 2/10

"I purchased a jeep lift kit this week. This was not a cheep kit. The shipping was free but it took over a week to get here. The box was damaged but everything inside looked ok. But no instructions.
I opened everything up and set aside a Saturday for the install.
I got the front suspension installed but when I got to the rear we noticed one of the rear shocks was a little different with the wrong part number stamped on it.
Frustrating but no big deal. I'll just call and get the correct one sent out.
LOL. Thats when the real problem starts. 4wheelinonline took no response ability for the problem. They even blamed me for no checking all the part numbers before starting the job. They made me pay for a new shock and advised me if I wanted it shipped asap I would need to pay the shipping cost.
I buy a lot of off road products and never been treated like that.
Stay away from them.

Rating 2/10

" Kyle misrepresented the product i purchased. His price quite included a rebate which in the end never was valid due to a date discrepancy. When i called back in to question my form and the date issue he assured me that it would be no issue and ok. I sent it in and bingo i am told sorry i do not qualify due to the date discrepancy. I called kyle and he said sorry nothing i can do. I asked what about my 100.00 and he said tough break man. Wow. I will never, nor should anyone buy from them again. Fraud in action. I am disputing the credit card services and should get resolve in that manner. "

Rating 2/10

"I made a simple online purchase of a set of Aries 3D Liner floor mats for my 2006 Titan. The mats were shipped and recieved in 2 days. The large rear mat had been folded in half, which created an irreversible crease in the center. I believe it should have been rolled instead. But that's the least of my concerns. Upon recieving the product, I determined the mats were not what I anticipated. No problem. Ship them back at my cost, minus the 20% restocking fee, and get a refund. I contacted their refunds department, obtained their MRA tracking # and shipped them via UPS. I emailed them back and provided the UPS tracking number. They recieved the product on 10/29 and said they'd issue a refund. Some time went by, so I emailed the refunds contact and waited 48 hours for a response. None came. I emailed the customer service department and they played dumb with me, then ignored me. I finally had to file a CC dispute for my refund. I later found out that the Navy Federal Credit Union, another banking instituition from mine, will not even approve CC transactions to this merchant anymore because of all the disputes they've recieved towards them. Part of being a reputable company is having good customer service, not just shipping out products in 2 days."

Rating 2/10

"Great prices, but don't expect to get your order. When you ask to track your order, you will get an email that says, "we will let you know when we know". After pressing them on the order you get a "damaged in shipping"excuse. How does a shipper damage a rack rated to take 700lbs?
When I asked to cancel I was told I would be charged a restock fee. Good thing I used American Express.

No Avatar

Rating 2/10

"After waiting over a MONTH for my OR Fab Jeep bumper, they told me some story about how it arrived with a paint flaw and they had to resend it back. Turns out they are not even an OR Fab vendor. They told me that they ordered from OR Fab and it was waiting for production. NOT THE CASE! I called OR Fab and they were extremely helpful. Put me in contact with one of their vendors who was able to ship the bumper immediately.

4WheelOnline manager would not even return my call. Very argumentative on the phone. When I called back to just cancel the order they would not pick up. Someone FINALLY did and said manager was not available.

I return another product - hard top insulation kit and the restock and shipping was $50!

Rating 10/10

"I ordered several items. I accidentally ordered the wrong size tonneau cover. The people at 4WheelOnline have great customer support, and they rectified the issue to my satisfaction. Great experience, and I will likely order from them again."

Rating 10/10

"I don't know why everyone else is crying about this company. Maybe because they are TOO IMPATIENT. I had a very positive experience. First, I ordered a Yoshi exhaust for my 250X, It was over $100.00 cheaper then anywhere. About 30min after I ordered, I got a call from 4wheelonline, saying they can't ship to Canada for free, but will let me know the $. I thought, WOW they called right away instead of waiting days, like other people experienced. He called back within the hour and gave me a shipping option, or cancelation at no extra charge. I took the shipping option. Within 3 days I had an email containing my invoice. I emailed to confirm it was being sent to Canada, and within 6 hours I had a reply. Then, July 10, 2014, I requested a tracking number, because I had not heard anything for 1 week. Today I get the tracking number, and find out the package was sent on July 7, and it will be here on Tuesday. I am shocked they could get the exhaust shipped from china to them, then from them to me in only 2 weeks. I order from Ebay and I wait 3-4 weeks minimum. So all you cry babies complaining about this company should get a grip and relax. Most of the issues are your own fault for not verifying it will fit your vehicle. You just click, click , click like no big deal.

4 wheelonline has SUPERIOR customer service and excellent support. Don't listen to all the complaints, they are ridiculous claims made because of buyer errors. So I thought I would let you all know my experience, because it was completely opposite to what the others are saying.

Rating 4/10

"I ordered an item on June 12th. on June 18th I inquired about a tracking number for my order. I then received an email saying that my order is on hold and I need to call to compete my order. Ok, no problem. I called them and they said they called me, and emailed me on the day I placed my order because my order needed to be changed. I never had a missed call, or a voice mail or an email from them. Then they proceeded to tell me that they were changing my order to charge me an extra $100-$300 for shipping. No way! When I was told I would receive free shipping when I ordered my item. I understand I live in Hawaii and usually Hawaii does not count as a place to receive free shipping, but I provided my address ahead of time and it said I qualified. I was stoked!! But this was not the case…now I have to order the item through a better company and my husband won't receive his gift in time for his birthday!"

Rating 2/10

"So I ordered a product. A 16k Engo winch. That lead to a lot of problems that were Engos fault. After exhausting all my options with Engo I decided to return the winch.

Before this happened I called customer service a few times trying to get shipping information and other information and it was a nightmare trying to talk to someone who knew what was going on over there. And the few people I contacted there were kind of rude.

So the return process: So after getting a return secured with them they tell me to take my 700 dollar winch and put it in a box, "visible from the street" in front of my house for three days, and the return freight guys would pick it up any time between 7am and 8pm. I told them that was unacceptable, I live in a nice neighborhood but I still don't want this expensive item getting stolen from the front of my house. I asked them to have the shipper contact me, or to give me the shippers contact information. they didn't. And then let me know a week later that the shipper came by the house and since the package wasn't there they cancelled the order and blah blah blah... It wen't downhill from there. After struggling to make it all work, it still took them almost five weeks to refund my order.

Everything with this company seems to be pretty amateur, even their entire online ordering process is very cheap and poorly put together. I would pay a significant amount more to shop with a different retailer.

Rating 2/10

"Well i would like to start of by saying that this buying experience was the worst, managers are very disrespectful and only looking out for their own interest First, i bought an exhaust originally because the price was low. I waited the 3-5 days for the tracking number and i never got it, so i called to ask for it and somebody answered and i told them i needed my tracking number they told me they would contact the wear house. After waiting he gave me a call back and he said that they DIDN'T have them in stock and that they have them on back order so i told him that i was very upset because i needed it by the weekend and if i knew that they weren't in stock i would have bought the exhaust somewhere else. He offered to cancel the order and i gladly told him to do so. I went ahead and bought the exhaust at the local dealer which cost me significantly more. Now after a while i receive a exhaust from these guys and the other company. I don't know why they sent me a exhaust when they clearly told me it was not in stock, didn't send me a tracking number, and said "i will cancel the order". They tell me i didn't wait for the order to cancel so it is my fault, how is that a legitimate excuse to not pay return shipping.Now they want me to pay original shipping, return shipping, and pay a 10% restocking fee. This is extremely frustrating, i spoke to dozens of people and they are no help, don't bother asking for the manager because he is very rude and unreasonable."

Rating 2/10

"Wish I had read the reviews before ordering. Customer service was atrocious after an order mix up when placing the order. Then when I didn't receive the entire order, was basically shit on and laughed at. And I dealt with 3 different people including 2 customer service managers: Matt B and Phil somethingorother so I know it's not just someone having a bad day (which might be excusable and not representative of the entire company). Unbelievable how a company like this is still in business."

Rating 2/10

"I bought 4 rancho shocks and 1 of the fronts did not have any hardware, so I called and they told me that you use the old washers and rubbers, come on man , the other front had the hardware, so after 10 min. of telling them this, they said ok , I`ll send email to warehouse and get 1 coming, but it will be 1-2 weeks to get, now my jeep is down till then, they told me its my problem that we tore it down before we looked to make sure all parts are there, so what ever, I ask for them to overnight them and they told me , not in a cold day in hell, what a company, my falt for not doing a reveiw check, please don`t buy from this company, have a great day yee ha"

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