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Review History & Profile

Product & services pricing 3.75/10
Chance of future purchase: 2.50/10
Shipping & packaging: 1.88/10
Customer service: 1.88/10
Return/Replacement policy: 3.75/10
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Bait and switch

"I purchased tires from them on Amazon for a great price. I received an item shipped notification with no tracking information. I emailed and asked for tracking an received reply stating request had been forwarded to their warehouse. I never received tracking info. A few days later I received another email stating my order had been refunded at customer request. I contacted amazon and they sent emails to 4wheel online asking for explanation and I also sent numerous emails asking for explanation which the seller never replied to. The tires were posted on Amazon again for a 60% increase in price. Shameful. At least I did get my money back but will never shop with them again."

Helpful Cool


Avoid at all costs

"I bought a set of brake pads on Amazon marketplace from them--at a very low price mind you. They marked it shipped immediately. Over a week later and no brake pads, but I get a notification that they refunded me the money and the reason was CUSTOMER RETURN!?!? I never received the pads in the first place! I looked at the brake pads again and the company increased their price by 70%. They apparently just wanted to the appearance of business and made up a false excuse to refund the money. Fraudulent company. Avoid at all costs"

Helpful Cool



"First they told me the wrong lugs to buy costing me an additional $215 that I was not expecting then when the rims arrived the center caps were all different. I notified them of this on Friday July 13 and was told they will get them new ones sent. I am under a time crunch to get this transaction complete then on Tuesday I was informed that they didn't send the caps because they didn't know what to send. I told them I needed them quickly and let them know I needed them before Friday. Just got tracking after having to call them to be told they will arrive Friday! They have not shown any care or support for me as the customer. I would recommend never doing business with them because IF they can manage to get this cap thing fixed this will be the first and LAST time I will ever to business with 4Wheel Online!! "

Helpful Cool


If I could give this company a zero - I would

"June 14, 2017 I purchased a Paramount Restyling 18602 heavy duty Full Size Contractors Rack from this company via Walmart. I have been having trouble with the side rails coming off my truck payload area whenever I load wood on the right side of the rack and whenever I load my kayaks. The rack has fallen off the truck payload rails and the bolts have actually "impaled" the roof of my truck (no hole just a nasty dent).

The rack has come off twice now. I am thinking that the center top rail is not long enough which may be causing the rack to fail. Also, it appears that the bolt down bases on both sides are a bit on the warped side (they never sit flat). I am including some pictures for you to review to help me with this issue.

I sent in a claim in October 2017 and they responded that the rack should be just fine. It is not. Now it is rusting, it sways, I had to have the sides welded onto a steel bar just to keep it from falling off the truck. They are useless, Walmart is just useless and paramount is full of CRAP about this product.

Helpful Cool


Terrible customer service

"Don't order wheels from these guys. They will tell you that they will fit and when they don't you will be stuck with them. Worst online purchasing experience ever."

Helpful Cool


Changed pricing by 60% after order was placed.

"I placed an order online for 2 American Racing Wheels for $138.43. Three days later I was left a phone message that they were unable to fill my order. I called spoke to "Nick", and he stated it appeared the order never made it to the warehouse, and that inventory was indicating quantity of 6 in stock.......said he would speak to his manager. I talked to Nick the following day, and was told that their closest warehouse did not have the wheels in stock, but they could get them from another warehouse, but it would cost an additional 80.00 for the increased shipping, making the new total 218.43. ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? Sounds like a rip off place to me!!"

Helpful Cool



"good good customer service. helped us with a mix up"

Helpful Cool


They are cheap for a reason

"They are the cheapest for a reason. Their customer service scores an F. I placed my order on February 22. Initially I waited 6 days to send fill out a form, requesting a tracking number as the website says to do. After not getting a reply, I filled out another request for a tracking number. That too never got a reply. I then called them directly and was told that the wheels were being mounted and balance on Monday 3/5 and would ship on 3/6. On 3/7 I sent an email asking why I had not received a tracking number and Steve told me the wheels were delayed a day and would ship out that day or the next. I then called this past weekend and a Jason told me the order showed as "Pending" but that I would get a callback on Monday from him with an update. Guess what, no call. These employees are full of crap. They apparently don't know what the heck is going on with the orders. I would not recommend buying from these people unless you like paying for things up front and having no idea where the item is almost 3 weeks later. "

Helpful Cool



"Don';t buy anything from this company, they are not up front business people. If you do buy from them PRAY LOUDLY AND LONG that you don't have to return something. They are the worst of the worst when it comes to returning merchandise. They will hit you with not only return shipping costs (that can be horrendous) but restocking fees of 20% of the price you paid for the item. Think before you buy, there are lots of great reputable businesses to buy from. This company isn't one of them!!!!"

Helpful Cool


horrible customer service!!! never have a spoken to such rude individuals before! They gave me my tracking number once it was delievered!!

"horrible customer service!!! never have a spoken to such rude individuals before! They gave me my tracking number once it was delivered!! Don't shop from them! you will regret it! -1000000 stars"

Helpful Cool



"The WORST customer service ever! Their error and sent me the wrong rims! Had to order 2 additional rims and now they won't refund me the $ from the original order! Stay away! Horrible company!"

Helpful Cool


I received an empty box!!

"I ordered Dicor Rubber roof protectant for my RV off Amazon from 4wheelonline. What I got was an empty box with packing!!! I emailed and got no response. So I called Amazon directly and they told me they had responded, um nope. Anyway, Amazon said they were told they received my email and were investigating the issue and will be refunding my money in 10-15 business days. It could be an honest mistake, but I will not buy from this retailer again. My roof will need to be recleaned and prepped by the time I get the product again. So much for my time cleaning and prepping the roof for the protectant. Lessened learned!! Wait until you get all the supplies to complete the job and don't rely on the shipping dates they give you!!"

Helpful Cool


Worst customer service

"Called to verify my purchase went through and was welcomed with the worst customer service I've ever experienced. So bad that I told them to cancel my order and ordered tires from a different store and happily paid more for them. Extremely rude!"

Helpful Cool


Trying to offset unwarranted negatives

"This seller is receiving a large amount of negative comments due to a pricing error. They listed an item for sale at an impossibly low price on Amazon and received many orders. I placed an order hoping it was real, but was not surprised when it was an error. It was clearly an honest mistake, and it is totally reasonable that the orders were cancelled. People ****. "

Helpful Cool


Listed item cheap, took payment, cancelled relisted quadruple the price

"Ordered a set of shocks for my truck they listed the entire front and back kit for 88$ then they cancelled my order and relisted for 388$ zero communication, zero accountability. "

Helpful Cool

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