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Review History & Profile

Product & services pricing 10.00/10
Chance of future purchase: 10.00/10
Shipping & packaging: 10.00/10
Customer service: 0.00/10
Return/Replacement policy: 0.00/10
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Positive experience in all respects

"Website descriptions were helpful, and prices were lower than ordering the glasses through "that humongous store." Shipping was lower too -- for my order it was a very reasonable $3.00 for first-class mail. Ordered on a Thursday night (with PayPal) and it shipped Friday with tracking. Received on Monday, two-thirds of the way across the country. Nicely packed in a cube-shaped box, and they gave me two extra pairs of one of the three types of glasses I ordered -- and NOT the cheapest one. (Can't say whether this was a mistake or a customer-friendly gesture, but I'm betting on the latter.) They also included a slip on how to handle the clip-ons to avoid breaking the plastic. Everything works as expected. Very pleased in all respects. I wouldn't hesitate to order from 3dstero.com again."

Helpful Cool


Unbelievable assistance in helping me buy the proper bulb

"I didn't know that what bulb I needed for my viewer and Andrew was able to tell me about the different bulbs that would fit, their advantages and disadvantages making my choice informed. I had purchased the wrong bulb on ebay and that seller could not help other than a return. Andrew really knows his 3D stuff. "

Helpful Cool


Vintage View Master

"After finding a box of old (1970s) View Master reels while cleaning out a spare closet, I decided to sell them. During an online search of vintage View Master, I found 3dstereo and emailed them photos of the reels I had for sale. I received a reply that same day and sold them the entire lot for a very fair price. I found Dalia of 3d to be very personable and I enjoyed doing business with 3d. They issued prompt payment and even paid for the shipping from the East coast. I would certainly recommend their shop and be glad to work with them again! Pat in Maryland"

Helpful Cool


Scam Company

"Ordered 300 pairs of solar glasses for my students back in July.
They took my money right away $258.31. Now, its August 19th and i havent heard a word from them. I have NO glasses and NO refund. My poor science students cannot experience the eclipse on Monday. Scam Company. Do not give them your hard
Earned money. It takes me 4 days of teaching to even make $258.31

Helpful Cool


Customer care

"Ordered a product that was to be here by 8/4 e-mailed the company received no response, finally got ahold of them on 8/10 and found out that they were out of stock, they wanted to substitute them. ( I CANDLED)"

Helpful Cool


"I found about 10 negative reviews of this company online. I, on the other hand, received excellent service. The products I ordered were here in less than a week and all was as it should be. This is the second time I've dealt with these folks and I've been more than satisfied both times. Don't let negative reviews here fool you. Look at their Amazon and eBay feedback. That tells the story."

Helpful Cool


"I placed an order on 12/4. On 12/6 I got an email saying they normally would ship within 2 business days, but were waiting on stock and expected it just to be a few days longer. I've emailed and called several times (with detailed info), checked the "order status" button on their website--nothing works. This is really disappointing and the one time I did speak with someone, he said they had just gotten in a lot of stock and maybe my order was going out that day, and they would email me or call me on it.

I wouldn't recommend working with this company, period.

Helpful Cool


"I placed an order on 11/26. On the week of 12/7 I decided to reach out for status on my order. Reaching support was difficult. After several calls someone finally picked up and claimed their system was down. He took my phone numbers and promised to call me back that day but never did. I tried calling yesterday and no one answered or returned my calls. I tried calling today 12/16 and got voicemail. I called about 25 times in a row before someone finally picked up and then proceeded to tell me that my order wasn't placed because they did not have the items in stock. I asked why the system let me place an order for items they did not have and he said the computer made a mistake. I corrected him in that computers don't make mistakes only people. I am guessing a refund is underway but as a precaution I have disputed this charge with the lender. Beware 3dstereo. "

Helpful Cool


"After a month and a half my order was still not filled. What's worse, they didn't respond to emails and their phone just rang off the hook. Like throwing money down a well. I was a fool for doing business with them, and anyone else would be too. Fortunately I got a refund through American Express, but never heard from this guy. DON'T. DON'T. DON'T. Stay away like poison. Guys like this just make it bad for everyone."

Helpful Cool


"Do not order anything from 3Dstereo.com. They have terrible customer service and will take advantage of you at every corner.

I ordered an item from this company for my sister's wedding. They claim to ship orders in 2 days so there was more than enough time to get to me. 4 days later, I had no shipping confirmation so I decided to call and email them. On the phone, they told me the order would be shipped that day and that I should look for a confirmation. 3 days later, still no confirmation. I call and email them again and again they tell me on the phone that they are shipping it later that day and that I should receive an email confirmation soon. 10 total days later and still nothing. I call and email again. They assure me that the order will go out that day and promise me an email confirmation with tracking number. Well after business hours that day I still had no confirmation. With the wedding only a week away I decide to order from another merchant. I contact them to cancel my order and they say I can't because it has already been shipped. They then proceed to give me a shipment confirmation telling me it was just shipped. At the same time, the other order I placed had already shipped (within 1 day) so I couldn't cancel that. I requested a refund through them and they gave me one minus a 30% restocking fee even though the item never left the USPS facility(it was returned to sender). I have since emailed them asking for a full refund and they stopped responding.

So stay away from this 3Dstereo.com. All they want to do is screw you over.

Helpful Cool


"This is absolutely the WORST internet company I have ever dealt with, bar none. No one comes close to their bad, poor, and slow service. Do not buy ANYTHING from this company. I ordered something from them and waited two weeks. The very day I e-mailed them asking what was up, the item was shipped that day. Several days later I receive an e-mail saying they were out of stock. No prior notification, no apology, nothing. Such a coincidence that they ship the same day I remind them. I finally receive the wrong product! I called, and the man seemed more interested that I send back the wrong product instead of sending me the right one. I receive an e-mail basically saying they will refund my money if nothing is wrong with the returned product. Fair enough but this was their first concern rather than apologizing for screwing up my order. They don't answer their e-mails until they are prompted several times. And guess what, it has been almost two weeks since I returned the item. No e-mail, no call, nothing. An entire month since submitting my order and I have neither a product nor a refund. This is a very rude, incompetent and customer unfriendly business. Look elsewhere or you will be sorry."

Helpful Cool


"I do agree with above writers.
This company does not answer any e-mail and does not deliver what is bought and payed for. Also very late .
Avoid any contact Chris Kappers , The Netherlands

Helpful Cool


"The attitude od 3Dstereo.com seems to be; 1) Make and keep as much money as you can get from the customer, even if the product is inferior. 2) Do not worry about what is fair for the customer- especially if you already have the customer's money. 3) The company comes first, customer last. 4) Describing or picturing the product accurately is not important. 5) Lying about a mistake is the best policy. 6) Unauthorized substitution of a product is acceptable. 7) Delaying customer service or refunds is okay, as is a general disrespectful attitude toward the customer."

Helpful Cool


"Amazingly AWFUL! Would avoid purchasing anything from this company at all costs.
I had a stereoscopic exhibit of my work last year and ordered a bulk amount of stereo glasses from these guys - 3 months (yes, months) in advance. They are located in California USA and I am in Australia - a shipping route that is extremely common & good postage only takes about 10-14 days at most. 5 weeks in and being very patient up until that point my glasses had not arrived - I entered my tracking number into the site and it was not found, I attempted to call their number and always got an machine message and I also emailed them asking for an update. Nothing for another 3 weeks! No reply. I then checked my order status again - the time from order now being TWO MONTHS.

So I sent the following:
:I just checked the status of my order number 52661 and your website informs me it has been cancelled as of 2/11/2010???Please explain. You debited the money from my account so why on earth would it be cancelled and I have received no refund for my purchase Which by the way you have not communicated with me at all throughout the sale Nor have you actually delivered the product - It is two months! 60 days! since i ordered it. It is people like you who ruin internet businesses and turn people off buying online, shame.

REPLY FROM 3Dstereo:
The reason that the order was unable to be sent was that you attached time conditions that could not be met, so the order had to be canceled. However, you were correct, the refund had not been given, but we have corrected that just now. The credit should show up on your statement within a day or two.

The 'TIME CONDITIONS' I attached were that I really need to receive these glasses by October 1 - My original order date was August 20. Go figure.


Why would the time "conditions" I attached give reason for the order to be cancelled?

I requested that I be notified if my postage timeframe of OVER 5 weeks could be met or not - which was not responded to.
I do not recall saying please cancel my order if you cannot meet this - just let me know.

And on that note - your website states a 10-18 day international postage timeframe with a 2-10 day order processing timeframe for int orders- a total of 28 days maximum - a total your business came nowhere near meeting.
As a paying customer I should have been (A) notified, (B) apologised to & (C) refunded when you cancelled my order.

If you cancel an order that you have accepted payment for you MUST refund the customer and NOTIFY them.


3Dstereo reply:
Your refund was issued to you on November 9th for $13.85. The approval number is 100914. Beyond that we don't have much we are able to do.
Please check your credit card statement as we have never issued a credit card refund that was not processed & received by the cardholder.

So Rosie and 3Dstereo how about (a) sorry (b) why our postage or dispatch took over TWO MONTHS (c) why you failed to ever make contact with me (d) how you are going to make up for this disgusting service.


Helpful Cool


"AVOID THIS COMPANY. I ordered 24 cardboard 3D glasses with 2-day shipping. The glasses were $27 total. 2-day Shipping, per Amazon tables for this company was $33. They billed my credit card $107!!! They had charged $81 for shipping. I went to 3DSTEREO's own website and it stated $34 shipping for the same quantity of product. When I contacted the company, they would not discuss it. Very unscrupulous."

Helpful Cool

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