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Mobile Planet
Rating 10/10
modified review posted Mar-08-2008

“It's important to understand that Expansys\Mobile Planet is an importer, meaning they provide electronics that are not available in the US by importing them direct from Asia where they are manufactured. Every time I order from them it is because they literally are the only domestic retailer that carries the item I'm interested in. This is important to understand, since the availability of items imported from Asia is very unpredictable. Shipments regulary take weeks to arrive, and even if there is a known shipping date, it can get held up in customs. If you have ever ordered direct from Asia on eBay you know what I'm talking about. Secondly, Mobile Planet regularly offers pre-order items, which are not guaranteed to be available by a certain date since this is entirely out of their control. They update the status on their site when there is a delay. It would be nice if they emailed you as well, but I'm sophisticated enough that I regularly check the online status. That said, I ordered a top of the line Windows Mobile device (HTC Touch Cruse) on 11/17, with esimated shipping at the end of the month. It was delayed and finally shipped in February. However, it was not avialable anywhere else at the time it arrived, so I still got it before I could have through other channels. Also, the support is great when I called - very friendly. The price was great as well ($615 vs $700+ anywhere else). They also threw in a free US adapter since it wasn't a US phone. Overall, I'm satisfied given the delays were due to the manufacturer not Mobile Planet.”

modified review This review was modified by ruc2827 on March 08 2008 06:37:42 AM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted Mar-11-2006

“Credit card was charged, but item never shipped, even though it was in stock when ordered. I had to contact them to find out why it never shipped, at which time I was told that that the item was no longer available and that the credit card hadn't been charged, which was incorrect. I had to tell them to credit my card otherwise they would not have done so automatically. Also, while their system allowed me to register with an email addresses with a plus sign in it (commonly used for creating aliases for specific uses), it failed to send email updates, so I never even got a confirmation of the order. Their customer support said it was a problem with my email, even though had they manually tried to email me it would have gone through.

Response to response from reseller: Laughable. First, the "real-time inventory" showed 1 item in stock, otherwise I would have not ordered. Saying it was "negative", how does that even happen, not to mention that is a complete and utter LIE, that or your internal system reports numbers different than your "real-time" inventory...hmm, isn't that what real-time means? As far as the claim that my credit card was not charged, I was told I was not charged on the phone. In fact I was charged, which I have MasterCard statement from Citibank I would be glad to fax you or resellerratings to prove it, and after explaining this to the phone rep, he agreed. However, I was subsequently emailed that I was not charged (again incorrectly), so had to respond a second time to have it reversed after having already confirmed that I was charged with the phone rep. Finally, regarding my email, I have a valid email address, conforming to all internet standards. Your system did not accept it. It is a bug in your system. Don't claim that it didn't go through. Your system didn't let it go through. Try emailing me to this day. I'll respond 24/7.”

modified review This review was modified by ruc2827 on March 14 2006 08:48:11 PM

posted Mar-13-2006

Comparemaster rep has responded

“we thank you for your input as we appreciate your help to better our service. In looking into your transaction we find that the item was listed with a negative inventory on our availability list.your credit card was not charged but authorized by our payment gateway at the time of your purchase through our shopping cart. this puts a hold on the funds but does not take the money till such time as it is captured.If we do not capture it the authorization automatically expires after 10 Days and the hold is released. We never captured the transaction so your card was never charged.We do not capture orders till such time as they are shipped. We sent numerous emails that the item was discontinued that were returned. Only at the time that you spoke to our service representatives and changed your email address were we able to send you emails. In light of this we look forward to serve you again and hope this may clear up the confusion.
Comparemaster Customer support ”

Rating 10/10
modified review posted Dec-08-2003

“Order accurately filled, securely packed, and shipped via free UPS 2nd Day Air. No problem shipping with different shipping and billing address, which is a major problem with other competitors (e.g. accupc.com). Great prices, right up there with newegg.com. This is my fifth major order in two years, and I have never had any problems.”

modified review This review was modified by ruc2827 on December 15 2003 04:12:30 PM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted Dec-05-2003

“AccuPC will not ship to any address not on file with your credit card company. This means no shipping to friends, family, or alternate shipping addresses. In fact, AccuPC immediately cancels your order if your SHIPPING, not billing, address doesn't match what is on file with your credit card company. This is simply a major pain, since you go to all the trouble to order, only to get your order cancelled. My credit card company doesn't even allow you to register multiple addresses on your card, so their solution to add the address to your credit card is absurd. The main ecommerce websites all allow you to ship to multiple addresses, in fact they encourage it for gift giving, etc.”

Rating 10/10
modified review posted Dec-01-2003

“Retractable PDA USB power/synch cable is an awesome product and not available anywhere else. Product works well, although jelly nameplate fell off, which is purely cosmetic (now is a sleek black with no nameplate). Shipping was quick, but marked up 400% (Ships USPS First Class for $5).”

modified review This review was modified by ruc2827 on December 01 2003 03:29:25 PM

Rating 4/10
modified review posted Oct-29-2003

“I have purchased memory from MemorySuppliers.com several times, and had consistent problems with each experience. They claim that all memory is gauranteed in stock and guaranteed to ship same day. The memory I ordered was NOT in stock, however to meet their "same day shipping" policy they fraudulently issued the tracking information (by entering it in their UPS account) the same day to make it appear like it shipped that day. In fact, it shipped a week later, and when I asked for a refund for shipping (which is their policy), they agreed but never actually credited my card. Additionally, they claim to ship via USPS Priority Mail (2-3 day), however shipped via UPS (3-7 day) on the two different times I ordered contrary to this statement. Secondly, back in the day (they no longer do this), they fraudulently sold PC800 memory as PC1066, and and actually charged a premium over the SAME PC800 memory they sold legitimately. When asked about this practice, they claimed the extra money was for "testing" the memory for compatibility. I live in Chicago, and when I went to exchange this memory for the true PC1066 memory, I saw them putting "PC1066 certified" stickers on PC800 memory right out of their PC800 stock--without testing it first. So, again, a fraudulent practice. Lastly, when I went to pick up the memory from their store, they once again did not have the memory in needed in stock, despite advertising it on their site and their policy of having all advertised memory in stock and available for pickup. So, guarantee to ship USPS and do not, they guarantee to ship same day and do not, they guarantee to have memory available for pick up and do not, the guarantee to refund you money if they don't ship same day and did not. On top of all these flagrant misprepresentations, they participated in the PC1066 scam (which all online OEM memory suppliers did as well), which was infuriating for those needing PC1066 memory and to make matters worse they actually lied about testing the memory and charged a premium for it. All this said, I still order from them as they are the cheapest and carry good memory. But, do NOT trust everything you read and don't trust their "guarantees" on refunds, availability, and shipping.”

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