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Rating 10/10
modified review posted Apr-21-2015

“Great company. Love the merchandise and the service. ”

Rating 2/10
modified review posted Jun-30-2012

“eBay is a horrible horrible company. They treat sellers like garbage. I've spent so much time blogging about this I don't have the patience. They screw up promotions, Treat customers horribly and cater only to large businesses that resell through them.

Founded under the premise of selling pez dispensers, they are now just another horrible greedy corporation.”

modified review This review was modified by germinator on June 30 2012 09:27:13 PM
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Rating 2/10
modified review posted Oct-06-2011

“Awful, awful company!!! Never order from them. Ordered sale items they were advertising. Waited a week then they sent me email saying they were sorry they didn't have them in stock and they cancelled my order. Sale was over but they are still selling them AT REGULAR PRICE.


Rating 10/10
modified review posted Jan-09-2011

“I have had nothing but good experiences with Amazon. They are responsive, their customer service is unbelievably good and they ship their products faster than anyone else out there. Returns are easy also. Amazing company, well run”

modified review This review was modified by germinator on June 30 2012 09:27:46 PM

Deep Discount
Rating 2/10
modified review posted Jan-09-2011

“Just read the rest of the reviews. They put up sale prices and almost never honor them. They don't ship for months even on regular orders. Either they are the most incompetent bunch of people or outright crooks.”

modified review This review was modified by germinator on January 09 2011 03:49:34 PM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted Mar-19-2010

“OMFG...Dell is horrible!!!! Every time I jump on a Dell deal I swear I will never do it again!! I am done...never again no matter what the deal is. I am finally launching my boycott.

I ordered a monitor from them and got an order an order confirm immediately. Then a week later nothing is showing up in my account or when I go to the order status page via the email confirm. But they debited Paypal that day I ordered.

The first call I go through three people who can find nothing then while transferring me to the fourth, I get hung up on. Then I use the click to call option again and it calls me then hangs up on me again!

The third time I call I go through the first guy who this time finds the order and apologizes because it was stuck in the system or something like that. But he can't do anything for me but transfer me to another guy who can't find the flipping order!!! He tells me I need a order number but my confirm does not have one, only a purchase ID. He tells me I need an order number while I tell him DELL DID NOT GIVE ME ONE. I offered three times to forward my confirm to him and he refuses. Then he says he's in sales and can't help me and transfers me again!

So the third guy on my third time calling finds the order luckily. But he tells me there is an issue with my payment and that's why my order did not through all the way. I told him I used Paypal and see the charge in my flipping account right now. He says he can not help with that and he has to transfer me to finance!!!!!!

I told him forget it. I am done with Dell FOREVER. This is the 4th time I have had issue with them and will never do business with them again. Now I am disputing my Paypal account. I saw the same issue with payment.
I went to the Better Business Bureau with this one. I filed a complaint and received a call from BBB about two days later. They said they can not force a resolve, but rather try to act as an intermediary. They forwarded the complaint on to Dell that day. Two weeks later I have still yet to hear from Dell. Although I expect nothing out of this I encourage everyone to do it. The more negative interactions we report through here and the BBB, the more we can get them to change.

Other stories include a Christmas present, Laptop, I order in early November never coming despite telling me it was "on the way" every time I called. One person said they had overnighted it to me. I gave up in February and bought an HP. Another includes them shipping some monitors to me and INTERCEPTING THE DELIVERY THE DAY IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE AT MY HOUSE.

Never buy from Dell...ever. HP has a way better product and way better customer service!!

UPDATE on 4/12/10

LIES LIES LIES....the guy called me and left a message. I called back and left a message for him but never got a call after that. Here was the resolve from Dell

On April 12, 2010, the business provided the following information:
Dear Better Business Bureau,

I am writing on behalf of Dell Inc in response to the complaint of Mr. XXXXX. Thank you for making us aware of his concerns.

After reading Mr. XXXXX complaint, the following is what I have determined to be the issues.

• Mr. XXXXX placed an order on Dell’s web site for a third party monitor and keyboard and the order did not process.
• Mr. XXXXX expressed dissatisfaction regarding service and support when he reported the problem and would like the order replaced for $150.00.

We regret that we were unable to process the order request described by Mr. XXXXX . As is messaged throughout Dell’s site, offers are subject to change. The bundle described in his complaint has changed and the current price is $279.99. I was unable to contact Mr. XXXXX by telephone to discuss this matter directly. If there was a promotional price for the bundle at the time Mr. XXXXX placed the order, the promotion has ended. Dell will not be offering to place the order for $150.00 as Mr. XXXXX requests.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these issues, please contact me directly at Mark_L_Smith@Dell.com or by telephone at 1-800-624-9897, Extension 724-8570. I will be happy to assist you.


Mark L. Smith
Executive Services
Dell Inc.

modified review This review was modified by germinator on April 12 2010 12:16:03 PM

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