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Rating 10/10

“I bought 2 pair of very stylish plastic frame glasses for $74. Both sets of bifocal lenses have perfect prescriptions! A great deal!”

SuperBiiz / ewi
Rating 10/10

“I recently ordered a usb flash drive. It is a fantastic device! Since Biiz came on the scene I have been a fan of their memory products. I have never been let down.”

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Silicon Valley
Rating 10/10

“Ordered a tube of Arctic Silver 5 thermal paste on Feb. 27, received product on Feb. 28 via USPS! Lowest price on the web and free and fast shipping! SVC does it again!”

Rating 10/10

“Ordered 2 SATA II cables on February 22, 2007...received them February 27. Lowest price on the web with free USPS shipping! Smooth web order process and easy tracking! First order from this company and I am impressed!

Edit: Placed another order for round IDE cables and they got em right out again for a great price and free shipping! Happy Again!”

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Rating 10/10

“I ordered USB cables from Acortech.com because they offered a great price and free shipping. I used a money order as form of payment. Mailed in money order and in 8 days received the cables! Email was used to provide order updates. They were timely and precise.

Web site information could be more detailed for a lot of items. They still provide an easy online purchasing experience though.

After a couple weeks had gone by I received an email stating "*********DID NOT RECEIVE PAYMENT!! PLEASE CALL OUR OFFICE xxx-xxx-xxxx TO CONFIRM PAYMENT********" after having the parts since they were sent. I still have not received any other notice from them, even after 2 emails being sent to find out about the confusion. It is probably something or someone seeing that I entered no credit card info on that order when it was auditted or something.

I also bought a Linkmax network switch earlier in the month and got a great price, useful item and fantastic shipping from Acortech.com.

Having these 2 favorable experiences with the company has caused me to add them to my searched sites when internet shopping for computer related items!”

Newegg.com (USA
Rating 10/10

“I ordered the Genius KB-21E PS2 keyboard that newegg.com had a special on. The price was great ($9USD) and they sold out quickly. I payed with a money order which takes about a week to be delivered in the mail and processed by newegg.com. Shipping was fast again as usual. Shipped on Friday received the delivery Monday morning! Newegg's shipping is second to none!

The keyboard is a great multimedia keyboard. It has a full featured hotkey setup that includes a scroll wheel (mp3 player, volume, search, www, etc. hotkeys.) The fancy silver and black color scheme matches my case and mouse perfectly! The construction is somewhat lightweight. The keys are springy and nice to press on.

Great item at a great price! Thanks again newegg.com!

Edit: After many many many more orders from Newegg all I can say is you can SHOP WITH CONFIDENCE at Newegg! ”

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Rating 8/10

“Completed online order for one Samsung Original 512MB DDR400 PC3200 Memory on January 16, 2004. Chose payment method of prepaid money order. I promptly sent in money order and a few days later was emailed a message from Cnetpc that the memory I had ordered was not in stock. They offered Kingston ValueRam as a replacement. I had concenrs about the memory being compatible with the ECS K7S5a and Syntax SV400 motherboards that I would use it in, but accepted their replacement memory.

Received a retail packaged Kingston ValueRam product 12 days after initial online order (this included mail time for my money order payment.)

All email correspondence was timely although a bit vague even when I asked for specifications of the Kingston ValueRam replacement. They said it was the same as what I had originally ordered. I knew that the specifiactions might be the same but the chips and timings etc. were most likely not as Samsung chips were not being used by Kingston.

Fedex shipping was $4USD and took 5 days. Tracking was easy through the Fedex site.

The package arrived in great shape. The small retail package was wrapped in bubble wrap and cushioned by styrofoam peanuts inside the shipping box.”

Rating 2/10

“I ordered a Syntax SV400 motherboard and AMD XP 2500+ Barton 333Mhz processor combo on January 21, 2004 on the website. Website is organized and fast. The website showed my order accepted satisfactorily.

Received an email reply right away that my order had been received. Received an email the next morning that my order was being pulled from inventory. I received a phone call the next afternoon from a sales rep stating they noticed I had bought an OEM version of the motherboard and processor and wanted to know if I wanted to upgrade to retail versions for extra money. I said that I was not interested. Received a phone call the next day from a different sales rep asking the same thing as the day before. Again I said I was not interested and asked if what I ordered was in stock and if so please ship it out. I was told it was in stock and my order would be processed.

A week goes by and I receive a phone call saying that the AMD XP 2500+ Barton 333Mhz processor is not in stock and for $10USD more they would "upgrade" my order to an AMD 2600+ 333Mhz processor. I asked how long the AMD XP 2500+ cpu was on back order for. They did not know. I approved the "upgrade" as so much time had gone by I just wanted to get the parts, and at the time thought the AMD XP 2600+ cpu had 512K cache also (I found out after the fact it does not it has 256K on chip cache only!)

I searched the web site and found the same exact parts that they offered to me as an upgrade for $10USD more than I originally paid were actually being offered for $2USD less than I originally paid. This got me angry! I sent a few emails stating that the motherboard combo they were sending me was cheaper than my original order and wondered why they would ask for more money than they are currently selling the combo for, but never got a reply.

My order shipped out and I did receive it after 7 days (which included the mail time for my prepaid money order.) I received a retail version motherboard (retail box, cables, setup disc, etc.), an OEM cpu and a retail version Dynatron heatsink and fan. The parts were packaged very well and shipped via Airborne Express. The webiste had originally shown my tracking number through Fedex but Fedex had no information. I noticed the tracking number looked like an Airborne Express number and checked there. It showed my order being shipped. They did not state the correct shipper on my order and updated this info after my package had already arrived.

All parts work fine and the final price although not as good a bargain as originally purchased, still alright. I still have a real problem with them trying to get more money out of me when they are offering the same combo for less money than I paid. They are still offering the originally ordered combo with the AMD XP 2500+ Barton 333Mhz cpu (even though it is not in stock according to their sales reps.)

This was one of the first bait and switch, not in stock do you want an upgrade for $$$ experiences I have ever had. I am a frequent online purchaser but generally have dealt with the same few reputable companies online. This company does not get repeat business from me simply due to their business practices.

All the people I spoke with on the phone (3 people) were hard to understand and were very pushy sales people. They had no real answers and seemed like they were trying to get one over on me the whole time I was on the phone with them.

While I do take responsibility for choosing to order from this company, I also take responsibility in posting this review so that others may save themselves the hassle of dealing with this company. My recommendation is you do not choose any of the MicroX, Inc. companies (BZBoys, Partspc, etc.)”

Merkor, Inc.
Rating 10/10

“Ordered "17" Monitor IBM/HP/NEC/Dell/Sony/Gateway/Viewsonic/etc. Grade B" online 01/17/03, order processed 01/21/03, shipped 01/21/03, arrived 01/25/03. Although the monitor was rated a "B" I would say it is a low "A"! Very very minor burnin (windows logon dialog box slightly visible), case is very clean, the base had tabs that were broken, but still sits in the base upright. The cost could not be beat at $67($31.95 + $35.50 shipping), even at local shops just looking for used or refurbished monitors! Shipping cost was high but packaging was great (I am wondering if the base was broken before packing because box was in great shape), and total cost cheaper than anything local. I do have one complaint...Fed Ex Home Ground delivery left box outside apartment door without getting a signature! Luckily a neighbor saw it and put it inside their apartment and left me a note! Dealing with the hassle of a missing shipment is not fun when you need a replacement part for your computer.”

Infinity System
Rating 10/10

“I purchased a mid tower ATX case (the $27 LCT Mid ATX 400watt deal.) I did recieve front USB hookups and 2 case fans for free on the case that I was sent. I have no idea why. The best online bargain I have ever purchased! Can hardly believe it is even worth it for them to offer this at the price they do. Ordering process is easy enough. Shipping seemed slow - 9 days - but a weekend was in between, and was free. No special packaging used, but product came undamaged.”

posted Feb-18-2003

Infinity Systems Plus, Inc. rep has responded

“Thanks for the positive feedback! :)”

Rating 10/10

“Ordered a D-Link 4 port hub, nic cards, and cabling as a package deal. Price was great for retail packaged items! Shipping was well packaged, fairly priced and timely (even with a weekend in between.) They have a great selection and prices are very competitive.”

Rating 10/10

“Ordered a Swiftech MCX-370 Heatsink and fan and Arctic Silver 3 thermal coumpound. One of the few online retailers with the "retail" package of this heatsink available. The price was not bad, but this is a rather expensive heatsink and fan combo anyway. Product was shipped next day and arrived in 4 days, but even the cheapest shipping was a bit expensive for a small item. Even though I had authorized an alternate shipping address with my credit card company, they still needed a fax verification. At least they are careful about who you are. Mwave is a very full service online retailer ( huge product catalog, product details are extensive, online order tracking good, customer service very timely, etc.)”

Rating 10/10

“Ordered an Albatron Geforce2 TI 4200P video card. They offered the best price on the web for this brand card. Order was shipped fairly quickly even with free shipping.”