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Rating 2/10

"In my opinion this company is a bait and switch rip-off company. I wish I had read the reviews on this site prior to placing my order. Below is my sad saga with these rip-off artists:

I placed my order on March 20, 2005, for a Kodak DX7590 digital camera. I confirmed my order on March 22, 2005, with Alfred (I believe was his name). The price at the time was $329 before the $50 Kodak rebate I was told. Also included was the free cleaning accessory kit. Of course Alfred tried to convince me to purchase the extended life battery for $60 because the stock battery supposedly would only last for a few shots. I decided against it.

On April 12, 2005, I sent a message to their support site to check on the status of my order and was referred to their 800 number customer service. I again contacted Alfred to check on the status of my order. He advised me it was on back order and and should receive in 3 to 4 weeks. At some point, I can't recall the exact date, I checked the price of this same camera on their website and it was listed at $309 plus a $50 Kodak rebate with the free cleaning accessory kit. I contacted Alfred and asked if I needed to cancel my existing order in order to receive the lower price. He advised me no that I would receive the lower price when my order shipped. He also advised me once again that my camera was on back order.

On May 8, 2005, I contacted their 800 sales number to check on the status of my order. I had also checked their website and saw the price of the camera had changed to $365 with no rebate. I asked their salesperson if I would still receive my rebate although the rebate offer had expired. He advised me I would receive the $50 rebate since my order was placed prior to expiration. I also asked him if I would receive my camera for the $309 rather than the $365 or $329. After discussing their lowest price guarantee, he advised me I would receive my camera for the $309 as I had previously been told by Alfred. He also told me my camera was still on back order with an unknown delivery date.

I am extremely disappointed with the service regarding my order. I also felt like I had to convince their salesperson I should receive the camera for the $309 as I had previously been told by Alfred. I wonder if I had initially purchased the extended life battery pack when I called to confirm my order if I would have experienced this delay.

It is now June 29, 2005. No camera yet and no contact from the company. After I finish this post I am canceling my order.


Rating 2/10

"I carefully researched the product (sony mavica FD 200). They clearly had the lowest price. I called and confirmed thay the items were factory refurbs with a 90 day warrenty, just as the ones on overstock.com (which were $40 more). After confirming it was the exact product with the exact accessories and the exact warrenty, I ordered the product. Later that day I received a voice mail to call A&M and an email telling me to call for confirmation. When I called, I was greeeted by a rep with no customer service skills who why I wanted the "cheap overseas model". He informed me that it didn't come with a battery or accessories (a non-functioning cammera), but for $40 more I could get a working one, not made overseas (same manufacturer, same model). I told him to cancel the order, that I would by from overstock.com. He then offered to undercut overstock.com by $10, and told me he was taking a loss on it. I told him to cancel my order, and that I'd rather pay more and do business with an honest company. At that point he offered to give me the "working", "non-overseas" model at their advertised price. I continued with the transaction as I had already paid and submitted an expense report, but I will never by from there again. "

Rating 2/10

"I'm not sure where to begin. I tried to purchase a Nikon D2X. I did want a grey market camera, but I still wanted to shop for the best price. A&M had one of the lowest "advertised" prices. I ordered the camera with the understanding that it came with a Nikon USA warranty, which I was told that it did. But I was told that in order to validate the warranty, that I also had to purchase the the battery and charger, which I did not need from them. Once they were added into the package, along with their $150 ground shipping (based on a percentage of your purchase) the price was just about the same as everyone else. I've since found out from Nikon that this is NOT true -- it's their way of bait and switch. I tried to cancel my order once I heard from Nikon and received an email that this kind of matter can only be settled by telephone because their email department cannot communicate wity the store. Then, they shipped the item anyway, and shipped it the day after they promised original delivery. This is not the kind of business that I want to deal with. "

Rating 2/10

"I placed on order for a digital camera. Got a call from a salesperson to 'verify' the order. Then he proceeded to say that the camera comes with a battery that doesn't last long and that they have an 'ideal' battery on sale for $60'!!! I promptly declined saying that I'd shop around for one. He said 'fine' and immediately asked 'So, do you want the 3-year or the 5-year warranty'? Again, I said 'No, thanks!'. He said "ok, I'll have to charge $24.95 'Insurance' to ship this camera as you have no warranty". THIS IS A FIRST IN MY YEARS OF SHOPPING ONLINE. I said 'no!' and immediately he asked 'How about $10'? I said 'no'.. he said 'how about $5'? This outfit is run by a bunch of DESPERATE crooks!

Rating 2/10

"I ordered a week ago, after 72 hours received their apparently standard e-mail about calling them for verification. They then upsold me to an extended battery and told me that insurance would be $12 and was not optional.

I still have not received any confirmation that the order has shipped. I have e-mailed twice and left 4 voicemail messages in an attempt to cancel the order.

I am fairly certain that diduprice.com, which referred them as the lowest priced retailer with 4.5 star rating is a front to direct traffic to their site.

Rating 2/10

"What camera would you like to purchase? credit card number? ok do you want this this and that? you gotta have 4 hour battery.
No I think I would like to get the Panasonic fz20 which was advertised in a photo magazine June for $409, how much is shipping? $39, fine.
So this fast talking guy keeps going on and on. If I refuse extras he says that's ok. He gets all my info. Then does the expected [what everyone says is true] bait and switch. Ok your total [remember $409 plus $39 shipping] is $539. I say Huh? It should be about 450. Oh I didn't hear you say $409, that is gray market. ha ha ha ha ha what a joke of a store. He says he will cancel and call back if I change my mind.
fuck this place, too scammy. I don't want to buy a camera anymore.

Rating 2/10

"Attempted to buy a $2000 TV from them AFTER being sent a coupon code for Free Shipping on the TV I was interested in. I place the order and picked Truck Shipping (said $0 for Truck delivery), only to receive an email to call in to verify my order placed. After calling in, the rep Chris at Ext. 720 told me my TV was excluded from the Free Shipping because it needs to be shipped by truck. NOWHERE on the website or Coupon Code email does it state this, and I selected Truck Shipping which showed as Free Shipping along with UPS Ground; only FedEx and other shipping methods were excluded using the coupon code. Clearly Bait & Switch to draw you in on their low prices and then they change their price and policies ON THE PHONE. The same company has multiple websites (A&M PhotoWorld and DigitalLiquidators being two) that have DIFFERENT prices for the same items. Companies are NOT allowed to do that and change prices and policies AFTER you place your order. I intend to file complaints with the district attonrye's office in NY regarding their practices. Bottom line folks, DO NOT EVER BUY FROM THIS COMPANY or you'll be sorry."

Rating 2/10

"I am very upset with this merchant.

* First of all, I am charged 449.99 for the camera I ordered, instead of the listed price of $395.
* Second, I was told on the phone that the camera is brand new and factory sealed. The package I received is NOT sealed.
* Third, I was charged shipping and handling, but I had used a free shipping coupon number which was emailed to me by the company.

I called their customer order department several times, and all I get is an answering machine, after being transferred to "that extension". I finally was able to reach someone today, who was very rude and told me that their customer service department is closed on Friday! Their website says that it is open on Friday.

NEVER purchase from this merchant. Not only they have terrible service, they are scammers.


This review was modified by pinar on August 15 2005 08:27:35 AM

Rating 2/10

"Horrible customer service with rude and unprofessional staff. Very hard to deal with.No updates on items ordered. Promises things in a timely fashion that the do not stock. AWFUL EXPERIENCE."

Rating 2/10

"Stay away! They are scammers!

I ordered a $199.00 DC with a free tripod from their website during the weekend and one of their reps called me in the Monday morning telling me that the DC was an imported unit which came with a junk short-life battery and no warranty. He tried to sell me the 2-hour battery for $50.00 and the 4-hour one for $60.00 which I can get for around 40 bucks.

He told me that I couldn't buy the battery separately and then he said if I buy that separately it would cost me more than $150 which is almost the cost for the camera!

Then he tried to push me through buying their 3-yr or 5-yr warranty which would cost me more than the camera!

Look at their rating! Do not repeat the same mistake we did. Do not deal with them at the first place!

This review was modified by AlienGG on June 17 2005 11:55:56 AM

Rating 2/10

"I wish I had checked here first. This company is totally unresponsive. 3 phone calls and the phone calls get forwarded to a voicemail that says it will call you back. Three hours later and no return call. I also sent an email and no response to the email either.
The web site said that the unit I ordered was in stock and I got a call from the company the day after I ordered and they needed to verify my shipping address and I have gotten no email tracking number or anything else since. That was a week ago. Is a week too soon to expect a reply? I think not. The price was only a few dollars less than other places but the hassle is much much more.

This review was modified by rcotter64891 on June 05 2005 11:49:29 AM

Rating 2/10

"False advertising. That is the best way to describe this company. They WILL NOT sell you the product that you thought you bought for the price that they listed on their website. After you place the order, you receive an email telling you to contact them to confirm your order. That is when all of the nonsense becomes apparent. In my case, they told me that the price on the website was the camcorder only. No battery, no cables, no software, no charger. Just the camera, which is absolute crap. They then told me that I needed to buy the "retail" package, for another $100.00 more. They also said they would send me a $60.00 camcorder case. Well I looked up the case that they sent me and found it being sold for $10.00. They also said they would send me a tripod. Well their version of a tripod was a 2 inch tall something or other that I guess you put on a table top. Absolutely worthless (supposedly a $99 value). Horrible experience. They are definitely not worth dealing with. Deception is their game!!!


Rating 2/10

"Be extremely careful when ordering from this company. The price of the camcorder package I ordered was the lowest on the internet ($270 for a JVC GR-270), but it is not the same package that most other stores are selling.

After ordering from this company, a representative called and tried sell me several add-ons and upgrades including tapes, memory cards, warranties, battery options, cases, etc. He told me that the battery that comes with the camera lasts only 20 to 30 minutes. I spent $50 for a "2-hour" battery upgrade. After receiving the camera, I discovered that this "upgrade" is actually the standard US package that most other businesses are selling. It came with the lowest-life battery listed in the manual, which is listed as "provided" with the package. In short, the package they were selling for $270 was an "international" or "grey-market" package that deceptively comes with a cheaper Japanese battery. The $50 "upgrade" is really just to get what you thought you were getting in the first place. In addition, the shipping charges on my order were double what was indicated when I ordered the camera. They told me that somewhere on the receipt they e-mailed me (which is not a detailed, itemized receipt) it says that shipping charges may increase to more than the amount shown. The camera is great, but be aware of this buseness's deceptive practices.

Rating 2/10

"I had the exact same experience with this company! I was excited about the price and placed my order. I had already had the "pitch" from another company and was prepared for it and asked up front if the camcorder was in stock and was told -"yes". After I refused to buy anything extra - the only camera in their US warehouse was the package deal - otherwise it would be 7-10 weeks to receive only the camera from the overseas warehouse. When I confronted him about the fraudulence and cancelled my order, he just hung up on me. Definitely will never order from them again!"

This review was modified by vaughters on June 13 2005 06:33:24 AM

Rating 2/10

"Great price, HORRIBLE SERVICE. Called to place an order for 2 PAL camcorders and was told that they were on hand. Did not hear anything for a while. When I called again, I was told that the cameras were back ordered and were actually international market product, if I want the US version I will have to pay an extra $500 each. So, if you want something from them ask a lot of questions and if you don't get an email with tracking info within a few days , call and cancel as you will not see the product even if you wait for months."

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