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  • Xotic PC Xotic PC Elite Status
    • Address: 4000 Lowell Circle Lincoln, NE
    • Contact: service@xoticpc.com
    • Phone: 402-466-2090
    • Customer Support: 877-289-9684
    • Business Hours: 8:30-5:30 M-F
    • Fax: 202-478-2870

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    Product & services pricing Rating 7.99/10 7.99/10
    Chance of future purchase: Rating 9.36/10 9.36/10
    Shipping & packaging: Rating 8.92/10 8.92/10
    Customer service: Rating 9.48/10 9.48/10
    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 8.57/10 8.57/10
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Rating 10/10

2nd time, will always support a US based company that ROCKS!!!!

"My first laptop ordered 6 years ago is still running strong. Never had an issue. Just ordered its replacement and I am sure I will be impressed as I was last time. Thank you Danielle for the awesome support :-) Not only do they have rock solid systems at great prices, they also don't want you to buy more computer than you need. Not pushy. A+ all the way!!!!"

This review was modified by stanggt on February 08 2017 11:15:06 AM

Rating 10/10

Excellent Customer Service!

"Now the only thing I can really comment on is XoticPC's customer service as they simply are a re-seller for the product I purchased. I primarily purchased from them instead of Sager directly due to the extended warranty offered through XoticPC. I was extremely impressed with the service XoticPC provided as I was one of those pain in the **** customers with lots of random issues and questions. They were super helpful in modifying my order after the fact, providing me with a modified invoice for my bank, and really help speed up the process of getting useful information from Sager.

Through email correspondence, response times were very quick on weekdays during business hours; while I did receive emails from them on a few Sundays, I would say don't expect much to get done over the weekend. Everyone I talked to was super friendly and helpful. Phone calls to XoticPC were much the same with the Sales and Support teams both being very friendly and as helpful as they could be. I had several questions that I guess they simply hadn't run into before to which they looked into it every time. I was never given an "I don't know" with no effort to investigate. They always were as helpful as they could be to get to a working solution. I did end up having to make one direct inquiry with Sager about the specific technical details on the screen's color space on the machine I purchased, but otherwise XoticPC was able to help me with everything else.

Regarding my price rating, XoticPC is very low priced for what they are selling. But, as I purchased a resold product from them, obviously they have to make something off of it. So, it was more expensive than purchasing directly from Sager. However, I think their service and support was worth the difference.

I do not have a shipping rating for XoticPC as the product was shipped directly to me from Sager. I have also not had to return any product to XoticPC. Danielle from XoticPC Customer Loyalty reached out to me very early on in the process introducing me to resellerratings.com and inquired for a review.

This review was modified by Lex112278 on February 08 2017 08:45:06 AM

Rating 2/10

Worst experience ever and then they made it worse

"First they sold us a lemon computer, then they did nothing to fix the $1500 lemon they sold us, first the recovery disk haphazardly placed in the box unpacked, came scratched. Then the Bluetooth went out, unfixable per recovery or driver disks, then the wireless went out unfixable per recovery or driver disk. Lemon, lemon, lemon and no one to help $1500 wasted, save your money find a better site.

Update: one person contacted me and after much back and forth offered me one solution, not 'many' one, and then they threatened me and said 'well you agreed to our terms and conditions when you bought the computer' I NEVER AGREED TO BUY A DEFECTIVE COMPUTER. But yeah its totally reasonable to ask someone to assume the burden of sending in the computer with a $30 to $50 shipping fee, assume all liability for damage in transit, ask them to wait 4 weeks to figure out what's wrong and then send it back, when YOU sent me a defective product in the first place. Take responsibility for the crap you re-sell. Horrible experience, never again, never ever again. this is my THIRD computer from the by the way, and the only time I have an issue they screw it up, epically. Not a repeat customer after this.

Bull, that passive aggressive prejudice towards women manager offered me one solution and then asked to contact my husband so he could walk him through the card process AFTER they had looked at it, meaning I was to send it in and after they sent it back they might send me a card and walk my husband through it...and I can post the emails where your manager passive aggressively tried to "school" me on what a lemon is, don't treat me like a child I might be a woman but I can install a card. But this is certainly enlightening, I wasn't aware I was offered expedited RMA. But oh goody it will only take 2 weeks instead of 4, how about not sending me crap in the first place and doing better with quality control, but I guess all the for profit companies look to cut corners in some places.

This review was modified by Hilliark on March 08 2017 09:09:38 AM
Rep reply posted Feb-07-2017

A rep from Xotic PC, xoticpc, has responded

“First of all we want to thank you for your business and we are sorry for any issues you are experiencing. Our goal is total customer satisfaction and I assure you that we can help resolve the issues you are having. Our customer loyalty Manager has been trying to get in touch with you to resolve your issues or you can always email us at management@xoticpc.com as well. We look forward to hearing from you and resolve this matter. Thank you.

UPDATE: We have tried to help this customer resolve the issue and offered many different solutions to help. Including waiving the shipping fees and expediting the RMA process so one of our techs could fix the issue as quickly as possible or to send replacement parts and walk the customer through how to install them. The customer stated both of those options were unacceptable.

We place a timeframe on all RMA repairs due to the fact that troubleshooting can take some time on more difficult issues, however if all that was needed to be replaced was the wifi/bluetooth card, we would have had that done in a few hours. All of our machines go through a rigorous QA process, however with any electronics, parts can fail. We find it unfortunate we were not allowed to help, but the offer still stands.

FINAL UPDATE: This customer tried to chargeback the machine and lost that judgement by the credit card company. This should be a clear indicator that this customer's claims are completely false and unsubstantiated as we tried to help and were not allowed to resolve the issues claimed by the customer.”

Rating 8/10

Slow process, but great customer care team

"Ok... so let me preface this with that I wasn't satisfied with the order time but overall am satisfied with Xotic.

I decided to finance the order. GetFinancing went through in 1 day and sent confirmation to Xotic that same day (what's known as "Green" in their system). They said according to their agreement, once green is given, then the reseller has to begin the order. This didn't happen and Xotic wouldn't begin until after the funds were literally in their account. Now, the only reason this could be is that they don't have the product on hand and don't have the funds to purchase it outright OR they have a really bad system in place for handling financing. I wasn't satisfied with the answer of "You could still cancel...". Yes, I could, whether you have the money or not. But it's not a satisfactory answer. You should begin once your financing partner (read the keyword "PARTNER" as in a business you work with and trust) says they have sent the money. I am still, even after receiving some excellent customer service, not happy about that part.

Now onto the great part which is something that I feel makes a big difference between some retailers and others. Their customer care team did at least try their best to do great by me. They were always nice on the phone (I was irate, but not yelling at them over the financing part). They did their best to be good to me after purchasing a $2,000 system. And they really did sound like they cared about keeping my business.

I also had checked off a promotion but it stated that I need to mention it in the comments for it as well. Post delivery, I realized my mistake and emily.m@xoticpc.com was EPIC in getting that promo over to me. She really is, as she put it, "that awesome". It seems like a small thing, but there are a lot of places that will be like "Yea, sorry, but you're outta luck here." She went the extra mile there and made sure I got my promo.

Let me say that I have been playing some of the newer Doom game on this beast, btw, and it rocks. Totally maxed out, never skips a beat and is always above 60fps. I have gsync on, so it locks the framerate, but its worth it.

Overall, I will most likely order again. Before I place my order, I will inquire if they fixed the issue with financing as I prefer to finance vs be out 2 grand in one shot.

This review was modified by melendez_stevenk on February 03 2017 10:15:01 AM

Rating 10/10

First time ordering - was a breeze!

"I'm always quite skeptical when pre-ordering a new product from a company I haven't dealt with before. Xotic PC didn't disappoint!

After trying to customize and purchase a Sager NP8174 from the manufactures website (which was a PITA), I decided to visit Xotic PC. The website has a clean layout and it's very easy to find what you are looking for. Customization was also a breeze and there was a *ton* of options - admittedly, this may be a property of Sager but Xotic did have additional options that you can't find elsewhere (such as debranding).

I ordered on Jan 10 and the laptop wasn't due to be in stock until Jan 16. Much to my surprise the modifications were made and it had shipped on Jan 17!

I've been really pleased with my first experience with Xotic PC, and I'll definitely be recommending them to others in the future!

Special shout out to Danielle and Emily.

This review was modified by Jonny.B on January 31 2017 05:45:02 PM

Rating 10/10

Pleasantly Surprised!

"This will be a short and sweet review. I ordered a Sager NP8155 (Clevo P650RP6) laptop from Xotic PC in early January. This is the first time I ordered from Xotic and it was before the model itself was released, so essentially I paid for a non-existing item at the time.

Starting from the day of purchase till the actual model was obtained by Xotic, they kept me up to date with very detailed informational emails that covered any concerns that I could possibly have. They let me know of the current status of the model and if there would be any changes that I'd like to the order.

Once the model was obtained, they proceeded with updates to let me know how the processing was going, with very detailed information on each step. I had absolutely no problems and the product was shipped and arrived safely in a very timely method. In fact, the laptop arrived earlier than I anticipated!

Despite being slightly wary of purchasing a laptop from a reseller that I haven't heard of before (Sorry Xotic!), I have to say that I am very impressed by their professionalism and care that they exhibit in the products they offer. If I was to ever purchase another prebulit laptop, or recommend one, I wouldn't hesitate to pick Xotic again.

This review was modified by John_Ciubuc on January 31 2017 12:02:04 AM

Rating 10/10

Xcellent XoticPC Xperience!!

"This is my first time purchasing here at XoticPC. Great support from their staff through email and live chat (Thanks for helping me with my purchase Danielle). Has a much lower price compared to others (wishing you guys could lower it further (^_^) )"

This review was modified by jeyzn_1999 on January 31 2017 12:01:18 AM

Rating 8/10

Very Good Customer Service!

"It was my first time purchasing from Xotic PC. What I can say is apart from the wide range of models and customisation they offer,the main thing I was impressed with Xotic PC is the quality of customer service they offer. Even though I live in Malaysia, it was very easy to deal with them because of their customer service. But the only thing I am a bit dissatisfied with was that I ordered a green model of my laptop but I got a black one."

This review was modified by syakirali on January 31 2017 12:01:15 AM

Rating 10/10

Excellent customer service

"As a first time customer, I was lured in by the great deals offered on their website. When finally purchasing the laptop, I had a mishap with my payment and shipping information. Their customer service agent, Danielle, was awesome and helped with the issues right away. She was quick to respond and communicate the changes being made as well as options available to me. In the end she helped save me time and money for my purchase. They have made themselves a repeat customer. "

This review was modified by ody360 on January 31 2017 12:00:46 AM

Rating 10/10

Great Service, Great Staff, and Reliable Products

"I have purchased a few units from XoticPC so far, and we have been 100% satisfied with every purchase. They offer a very wide range of products, and offer trust customization based upon your needs! I will continue to order our design computers through XoticPC, and our account rep Patrick has been fantastic. I encourage all to utilize their services when in need of a custom computer for either design or gaming! "

This review was modified by mr-71485 on January 27 2017 12:30:03 PM

Rating 10/10

Excellent SAGER reseller

"I tried ordering a SAGER laptop from the home company... was a total pain. Xotic's service is at least the same, if not better than the SAGER home company itself, especially if you are buying from US. Not to mention their fancy laser etching and other truly awesome personalizing stuff. Shipping was also fast and satisfying, and the custom service Emily was also enthusiastic to offer any help that I might need. There is little to complain about.
tl;dr If my laptop ever break down again (please no), I will surely go to them again.

This review was modified by Junze on January 25 2017 10:00:01 PM

Rating 8/10

Lemon, but Xotic was there to help

"I purchased a Sager NP9170 from Xotic PC in 2013. A year and month later, I started experiencing an issue where the motherboard would beep whenever I loaded any games, and then would shutdown after about a minute or so. Xotic would not warranty this for free, since it was 1 month out of warranty....... So I sent it in to Xotic PC and had to have my motherboard RMA'd for $500. A year and a half after getting the mobo replaced, my PC started experiencing random shutdowns. I contacted Xotic, and was being helped through some troubleshooting steps. One of their techs actually told me that it is ok for the processor to be operating at 90 degrees celsius. Needless to say I stop further communication with this tech and continued to troubleshoot on my own. I was able to reduce how often the PC would shutdown by cleaning and reapplying thermal paste & cleaning the fans, but I still cannot fix this issue. I would post a picture of the thermal paste that was all over my board, and hardly had any on the heatsink contact area (this must of occured when I RMA'd the board), but I cannot upload pictures here. I am out $1750, but now have a new boat anchor.. Thanks Xotic.

**Update** I received a call from the customer loyalty manager, Matt, in regards to my review. Matt informed me that Xotic did not perform the repair on my motherboard in 2014, but that it was the manufacturer, Sager. He was willing to help continue troubleshooting the problem. Changing my review from 1 to 4 stars for willingness to help, even 4 years after the order.

This review was modified by mtcbxrz0 on January 25 2017 11:45:01 AM

Rating 10/10

Excellent service and product

"This is my second time ordering from Xotic PC. Two laptops and everything went well both times! Fantastic customization options, prices, and service, and delivery. Outstanding communication during the process. Highly recommended and wouldn't hesitate buying again.

Thanks Emily

This review was modified by jt08735 on January 24 2017 04:30:02 PM

Rating 10/10

Had this great powerhouse for 2 months now!

"So I first ordered my PC and accidentally put my PO Box as my address, which couldnt be shipped to so I was contacted and my order couldnt get shipped and was cancelled. I would have had to wait 10 business days for my credit card to be refunded so I could then order an even more tricked out version. I didnt have to wait because Gina of XoticPC contacted my credit card company after refunding it and jumped through all the needed hoops for me and got it credited back to my card that day. Enabling me to order my newly decided better PC the following day. Also contacting me twice to let me know how it was going as she was doing it. Hats off to their customer support, and going above and beyond even before I received my PC. I am also very impressed that as they get the parts together, build and test your system, that they send you emails all along the way. Then sending you an email with a tracking number once it ships.

Now that I've received my MSI Dominator Pro 450 tweeked to my specifications, I couldn't be happier. A great purchase, and I'm glad I let XoticPC do the upgrades for me, and purchased through them. Thanks for all the help along the way Gina and Danielle.

*Update 2*
I'd like to give piece of mind to people based on one negative review I read on here. My shipping was better then expected considering they had to upgrade my machine for me, to my specs. As mentioned above they have to charge your card in order to get the parts to upgrade your PC, then assemble it for you. If you check your email along the way they tell you every step of the upgrade, testing, and benchmarking, so at no time are you wondering if your machine is in limbo. Its nice that they benchmark and test the machine prior to sending it out for you. It's even nicer that they include a document that will be located on your desktop with the benchmark and testing stats (really cool)!

This review was modified by Troy85354 on March 14 2017 12:00:02 AM

Rating 10/10

Excellent Vendor

"I have found Xotic PC to be an excellent vendor for my organization. They provide us with top of the line products - among which I have received a few with minor problems, and Xotic PC resolved my problems fully and efficiently (including returning one laptop to the manufacturer for a motherboard replacement, then re-applying the graphic wrap for free since it had been scratched in shipping). I am very satisfied with their service and I intend to purchase many, many more computers from them. "

This review was modified by caliber_s on January 24 2017 12:00:59 AM

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