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    • Address: 7795 W. Flagler, Miami, FL 33144
    • Contact: http://www.tigerdirect.com/contactus
    • Phone: 800-800-8300
    • Customer Support: 800-800-8300
    • Business Hours: 7am - 1am EST M-F / 8am - 12 midnight EST SAT-SUN
    • Fax: 305-415-2149

    Payment options

    • checkmark icon Visa / Mastercard
    • checkmark icon American Express
    • checkmark icon Discover
    • checkmark icon Money Order
    • option not available COD
    • checkmark icon Check
    • checkmark icon Wire Transfer

    Shipping options

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    • checkmark icon Priority Next Day
    • checkmark icon Standard Next Day
    • checkmark icon International
    • checkmark icon 2-3 Day Delivery

    Online Ordering

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    • checkmark icon Require User Registration
    • option not available Guaranteed Security


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    Product & services pricing Rating 6.50/10 6.50/10
    Chance of future purchase: Rating 5.00/10 5.00/10
    Shipping & packaging: Rating 5.00/10 5.00/10
    Customer service: Rating 5.50/10 5.50/10
    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 4.17/10 4.17/10

13,978 Customer Reviews

Rating 4/10
modified review posted

"Great deals, maybe.
Low quality customer services, and very unprofessional on phones wait times.

Customer services and validation department must get unified education, so they sing the same song to customers.

Ordered a EVGA GTX Titan, using international VISA, that works very, very fine on Amazon and ebay, shipping address was Aramex US shopping box, because I work in middle east region.

Order freezes, after grabbing a hold of the money no doubt, asking me to call urgently (despite they have my number), called and waited, 10 minis to reach someone, then talking to CS agent and more wait times added another 15-20 mins call time. Instructing me to call Validation department.

Called Validation department, same deal of wait, 10 mins, then they stated, we do not use international VISAs, I said you sure, or is it problem with names differences between address owner (my sister) and VISA holder name (me), he said that is fine, your VISA should be issued locally (USA), I asked, can I use Paypal? He replied Yes, call CS and cancel your order, and reorder using Paypal.

Done, including the routine, wait times same, etc etc, canceled, "Will be refunded", made another order using paypal.

Order freezes, after grabbing a hold of the money lol, call urgent, CS, same wait times no doubt, then Validation department, now they say, your address is P.O.Box, we need another address with someone lives in, a friend or family. I don't, and why that was not problem earlier? Sir, this is how it is, I asked, ok can I talk to a manager and make an exception? (talked very politely, as I have been raised by mentally healthy parents), Army man replied, it's no use, no matter how you talk, this will remain the same, it's a company policy, we need to make sure of your identity, I told him, you took your money, and the buyer who put the address will take the damage in case something goes wrong, as myself only put the address and I am responsible.

He said, your only option is wire transfer. I said do you expect I use all your payment methods and have 10 refunds in your company with a reason for each order canceled? Am I a party that examines your company consistency? are you for real?

We broke up, our relationship was questioned since start.

Anyway, called CS, wait on phone, Mam, cancel the order, Validation department says etc etc etc.

Ok Sir, I will change it to Wire Transfer and will send you the Wire Transfer details on email. (I thought, maybe that's it, I go for it no issues).

Waited 6 hours for Wire Transfer details from hell, nothing came.

I called CS, (PHONE WAITING TIME WOKE ME UP ONE MORE TIME) oh wait, that wait time on phone is a sign, I am suffering for a reason, reached CS agent, PLEASE, cancel any order I have done today and yesterday, I have 2000+$ refund in your store, let me have them 1st, then I decide if I ever visit your website again.

Worse, no order history says anything about your canceled purchases, you have to track it through some twisted form to make it appear.

Even more, no emails for your canceled orders or any refund statement.... ow my money :'(

Calls are being recorded for quality assurance purpose... but for me, it's my money's proof of existence.

No email for tigerdirect.com, you have to use their Email US form, some of your inquiries will get autoreply mail, and some not, even for different orders numbers.

I know refund will take time, but I need a hope, proof to track it, very healthy normal all over the world procedure.

Now you tell me, am I really just an another pissed off customer who does not really correctly rate this store?


Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"BAIT AND SWITCH! I will never do business with this company AGAIN! EVER!!! Ordered a Archos 101 Gen9 Tablet - Android 4.0 OS, 10.1" Touchscreen, 1 GHz OMAP™ 4 Smart Multi-core ARM CORTEX A9, 4GB Memory, 250GB Storage, MicroSD Slot, HDMI Output, Built-in WiFi, Bluetooth from Tigerdirect.com on sale for $129.99, BUT they sent me Archos 101 Gen9 Tablet - Android 3.2 OS, 10.1" Touchscreen, 1 GHz OMAP™ 4 Smart ARM CORTEX Dual-core A9, 8GB Memory, MicroSD Slot, HDMI Output, Built-in WiFi, Bluetooth. I went to Archos' website and found the 250GB model I ordered (now discontinued). It retails for $349.99. Although my money was refunded 10 days later, i am still without the tablet i ordered. What a complete waste of my time. So disappointed in this company, i NOW know why they have such a low score on reseller ratings AND they do NOT actively participate at ResellerRatings to monitor feedback and resolve your issues. "

modified review This review was modified by Superbowler on June 21 2013 12:21:08 PM

Rating 8/10
modified review posted

"I love this site. Always offering great deals!"

Rating 10/10
modified review posted

"Mr. Keith Dorsett is a kind, courteous and a professional. I don't have the words to convey how much of a professional that he is. However, if you had another one like him, you might be able to rule the world! Lol..."

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"What can I say...Everyone else agrees, Tiger Direct SUCKS!!!!

I bought this TV: http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/searchtools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=4903708&csid=ITD&body=REVIEWS&ReviewMode=2#WriteReview

on 5/16. I received it within a few days, plugged it up and guess what...a 6 inch cluster of about 45 dead pixels shows up on the left side of the TV. GREAT!! I called them, waited on hold for 47 mins before anyone answered my call. The guy was rude but he did agree to release a replacement TV for me as soon as the UPS label for the damaged one was scanned by UPS.

Send the damaged one back. 6 days later the new one arrives. It's a different casing than what I had ordered but same TV. I get everything out and go to test it but wait NO POWER CORD!!! SERIOUSLY?!!!!!! So I got to TD store and they GIVE me a generic cord for free. I spoke the TD customer service and they rush ship me the actual power cord...still haven't received it yet...

Then I plug up the TV and it works!!! It's in great shape and updates just fine. Later I got to prepare the wall mount. I get everything done or the wall mount and new receptacle and as I go to attache the TV mount part I notice 6 long scratches on the back of the TV....UGH. They're deep too.

I call TD and they offer to return the TV but yeah that's not happening at this point in time. I then ask for a discount and they all but laugh at me. Instead they offer me some sob story about how they're losing money on this TV and then offer me a $30 gift card. They are so arrogant to think that I would actually want to spend more money there!!!! After 30 mins of negotiating they still only offered the gift card. I accepted it and I'll just give it to someone in my office. I honestly could not be more pissed about the whole situation. It's so frustrating to be treated like you and your money don't matter. I WILL NEVER BUY FROM TIGER DIRECT AGAIN!!! NEVER!!! (Que Braveheart dramatic scream)

modified review This review was modified by splitcast82 on May 29 2013 08:08:30 AM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"AWFUL! Pricing is great, shipping is great, but I purchased TWO power supplies and motherboards, all four products bad. When I kept having issues, the only response was, ship it back. Over a WEEK of my life wasted and they REFUSED to refund my shipping. Horrible customer service that refuses to actually help whatsoever. "

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"TigerDirect shipped me a package with a wrong UPC barcode which doesn't match the UPC code requested on the rebate form. The rebate could be denied. I called them and was told that I need to take risk to apply for the rebate. Only after the rebate was denied, I could request them to refund."

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"I went into the showroom nearby my home, looking to replace a television that had finally died. I saw a 46" Westinghouse LCD television in the showroom that I thought would be an acceptable replacement, and went to make the purchase. The showroom had no more of that television in stock. Instead, the service agent in the store directed me to the register, and had me order it online so that the television could be delivered to my door the next day. I received the television, opened the box and set up the television to find several of the pixels blown or malfunctioning. I thought I could live with it, but almost before my eyes, the bad pixels began to spread. After a day or so, I called Tiger Direct's customer service number, and told them of the problem. They gave me a Return Authorization number, and a UPS shipping label to return the defective television. UPS would come the next day to pick up the defective television, and drop off a new Westinghouse 46" LCD. Once UPS dropped off the new television, and picked up the defective one, I opened the box to find the LCD screen shattered. I immediately called Tiger Direct customer service again. They dutifully issued yet another RA number, and UPS shipping label to have the return process repeated. the next day I received the new TV, when UPS came to retrieve the broken television. I opened the new one, and guess what... it was broken too! Again I called TigerDirect, and asked if I could simply return the television and pick one up from the showroom. They told me that they could not because the systems are different, and they didn't know what the inventory was in the store. Because of that I repeated the return process one last time in the hopes that I would actually get a television that was not broken and free of defects. Alas, that didn't happen. I received yet another broken LCD screen. I then called Tiger Direct back to get a refund. I told the agent everything that happened, how I had to return 4 televisions in 7 days and that I wanted a refund. He gave me another RA, UPS label, and said that as soon as the broken television was received, they would process my refund, and I should see it on my credit card in 3-5 days. I tracked the package, saw that it was received in the warehouse the next day, and I waited for my refund to appear on my debit card. On day 8, I called customer service when I still had not seen my refund. The agent there told me that he was going to check on the status of the refund, and send me an email letting me know when I should expect the refund. No email was received. I called again the next day, and spoke with a customer service rep named Alex. He told me the refund was indeed issued, and since I hadn't received it it must have "gotten stuck in the system" and would perform a manual expedited refund, and I should see the refund the next business day (which would have been on a Friday). No refund was applied on that Friday or Saturday. I called again this morning (Monday) only to be told that the INITIAL refund was issued as a store credit, the "expedited manual refund" was initiated on Friday, and I would again have to wait 24 hours before the funds would appear on my debit card account.
Because of the lack of honesty, and miscommunication I will NEVER do business with TigerDirect again. All they had to do was to tell me that a store credit was issued in the first place and I could have/would have gone into the store and made the purchase. No harm no foul. Instead they kept that part from me and had me looking for a refund on my debit card that was not going to appear.

modified review This review was modified by BDG-Dissatisfied on May 20 2013 09:21:07 AM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"I bought a Samsung Solid State Hard drive from Tiger Direct last week. I was advised by the Tiger Direct sales rep that the Samsung was one of the best and should not have any problem instating it in my MacPro. The Tiger Direct dude also sold me the sled to attach the SSD into the HD bay.

First problem was the "sled" Tiger Direct sold me. It was way was too short. There was no way to use this in the sled.

So I installed it without it. Installation was not a problem. Within the 2 days I had several kernel attacks. Reading up on the reviews of the Samsung I soon found there was an issue with the Mac's. A firmware update seems to help some so I went to the Samsung site for the Firmware Update.

After the Samsung update I hoped I would be smooth sailing. I loved the speed and response it gave me. Only I was a little miffed the stupid Tiger Direct sales dude sold me the one SSD that everyone in the Mac world was staying away from.

The irony came when I tried to return the SSD to Tiger Direct. On a Saturday morning I visited the Tiger Direct store in Fort LAuderdale to return the SSD. I did not have the sales slip but made the purchase on my credit card so I felt I was safe. I had kept the SSD 2 weeks to give it a fair try and surely did not feel like making the return in the first place.

The sales clerk girl at the Tiger Direct told me I needed the original store receipt or Tiger Direct would not take back the return. I had the original bag and the packaging had been ripped but was still intact. A week later I found the original Receipt and went back to the Tiger Direct to finalize the return. Now, same girl, she tells my the original packing AND the receipt and required, and if I read the receipt I would have known that. Then she called the manager and all he did was reinforce the girls story. He suggested I try and sell it on Craigs List and promptly threw me out of the store.

I will never set foot into a Tiger Direct nor will I ever make an online purchase from you ever again. I am now stuck with a defective non-usable SSD and a bitter attitude from your dear store people. I will also continue to tell people about the abuse as well as posting my feelings in reviews. If I can stave off even 100 dollars from going to Tiger Direct my job is done.

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"Hemm I hadn't ordered in a while from Tiger Direct. Now I remember why. I placed an order on a Monday for a Backpack that was Daily Deal SLasher and could not check the status of my order till Wednesday. By then the backpack I had ordered was back ordered. Fine I was thinking since I had placed my order very early the morning it would be shipped? Nope Still mind you I didn't have any email stating that the item was Backordered. I found out on my own. Kind of irritated by the situation I called to cancel my order. I was on hold for over 10 mins. That should tell you what kind of company they are. When Al picked up I explained my story and I asked to cancel the entire order. Since the items hadn't been shipped yet I felt that everything would be resolved. With Al confirming my Canceled order I thought I was done. Nope! Today Friday I have half of my order that I canceled with Al's blessing. Still being charged for Tax and Processing and Handling for two items that were suppose to have free shipping. I go to Tiger Direct and it still shows my order pending because of the back order. Never again will I deal with kind of incompetence. Lesson Learned. "

Rating 6/10
modified review posted

"Please contact us at customersatisfaction@help.tigerdirect.com with your order details so that we may review and address your issue. We apologize for any inconveniences.

Tiger Direct

modified review This review was modified by CSatTiger on May 10 2013 12:08:21 PM

Rating 10/10
modified review posted


Some time back, I ordered a 30 pack of blank Verbatim CDs, but the next day, I found a great USB stick I wanted instead.

I called your service desk and asked to cancel my order for the CDs and ordered the USB stick.

A few days later, not only did I receive my USB stick, but I also received a 10 pack of generic blank CDs.

I just wanted to say thanks. That was totally unexpected and really appreciated.

Tiger's the best!


Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"Be careful dealing with Tiger Direct. On Monday, 4/29 there was a deal offering a 1 TB WD external hard drive and a copy of this Total Defense for $15 after rebate. This morning I went to look at the link and it was sold out, so no way to print out the rebate forms (software rebate was for $70, hard drive was for $20). I then opened an online chat session to ask that these forms be emailed to me, and the conversation went as follows...

Please wait while we find an agent to assist you...

All agents are currently busy. Please stand by.
You have been connected to Felben corod.

Felben corod: Thank you for contacting us today. One moment while I check your order.
Felben corod: Thank you for patiently waiting. Please refer to the link provided below for the rebate form. may I ask also your e-mail address so I can send to you the soft copy of the form.

Me: email address removed for privacy

The agent is sending you to http://static.highspeedbackbone.net/Rebates/TDI-10199.PDF.

Felben corod: I have already sent the copy of the rebate form to your e-mail. Kindly check your inbox. Thank you.
Felben corod: Is there anything else I can help you with?

Me: Got it - thanks. But there was also a $20 rebate?

Felben corod: Unfortunately, there was no $20 rebate offered to this item.
Felben corod: Is there anything else I can assist you with?

Me: There absolutely was. The $20 rebate was for the WD hard drive itself, while the $70 rebate was for the software.

Felben corod: Okay. Let me check that for you.

Me: Thank you.

Felben corod: Thank you for patiently waiting. Unfortunately, the $20 rebate promo for the hard drive was only for orders from 4/27/13 through 4/29/2013. Please refer to the link below.
The agent is sending you to http://www.tigerdirect.com/sectors/rebates/index.asp?Tab=0.

Felben corod: Is there anything else I can assist you with?

Me: Since I ordered on 4/29, I should be eligible, right?

Felben corod: Unfortunately, our record indicates that you placed your order on 4/30/2013

Me: I'm looking at a confirmation email right now dated 4/29. I would be happy to forward it to you.
Me: Also, on the website, the order date clearly says 4/29/2013 10:43:53 AM

Felben corod: Unfortunately, on our record your order was placed on 4/30/2013 at around 11:59 AM

Joy: This is ridiculous. I don't care what your record says, I'm offering you proof. Can you help me or not? Otherwise I'm calling and speaking to a manager.

Felben corod: I apologize but I just relying on our record.

Me: I understand that, but like I said I would be happy to forward you my confirmation email with the order date. Will that work? If you can't help me, I will speak with someone who can.

Felben corod: Unfortunately, that would not work ma'am. Like I have also said, I am just relying on our record. If you need to talk to my manager, you may contact our hotline number at 1.800.800.8300 for assistance.

Me: I'll do that, thanks. And I'm never buying from this website again.

But wait, it gets better. So then I give the 800 number a call and the representative tells me they sold out of the hard drives and that portion of the order has been cancelled. There was no indication of this before I contacted customer service – no email, not in my account information, nothing. To be fair, I have ordered from Tiger Direct once before, and everything was fine; but based on this, I’m never ordering from them again.


modified review This review was modified by susanne_joy on May 03 2013 08:33:35 AM

Rating 10/10
modified review posted

"Always quick, courteous, suggestive, and reliable...Tiger Direct is the first place we shop. "

modified review This review was modified by AnnSenerchia on April 30 2013 06:52:30 AM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"Tigerdirect has the following problems:
1. IT issue. Once you submit an order, you cannot made any change to the shipping address.
2. Unprofessional customer service agents. I asked on of the online agents (Mikelson Clemat) to change the address right after the order is submitted, the agents confirms the change of address, but the package is still shipped to the wrong adress.
3. Unhelpful customer service agents. When I called tigerdirect the next day to follow up, most customer service agents are not helpful. There is one or two supervisor who are relative helpful, but waiting time is very long.

Overall, I will only buy from newegg/amazon in the future.

modified review This review was modified by davidlee1245 on April 26 2013 10:43:03 AM

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