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58 Customer Reviews

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"Have had a few problems with Snapfish lately. I ordered from them in the past and was pleased, but the last few books I have ordered were not dark and sharp, even though the image I sent was very appropriate for the smaller size printed. Second, I ordered a book on 12-12 and when I went online to check the tracking, my order # was listed instead of a real tracking #. When I called customer service to ask about it, I was told that there was no way to track it with the wrong number so there was no guarantee that it would arrive by the holidays. Luckily this was not a main gift, but the way they handled my problem will ensure that I use Shutterfly (never had a problem with them and the quality and clarity was top notch) in the future. I cheaped out by using Snapfish because they were offering free shipping and discounts but it wasn't worth it. Perhaps others will have a better experience, but as for me once burned, twice shy. I've now been burned a few times."

Rating 4/10
modified review posted

"Ordered Snapfish xmas, photo cards... no issues with quality or shipping time. Ordered 12/16 Fr & by Sun cards were done & at UPS for delivery... Received TUam 12/20. 1st time using Snapfish... they are not nearly as good as Tiny Prints. Tiny prints has more choice in paper quality, envelopes, return address labels, and card design! Their site is even a bit easier to use. ALSO MOST IMPORTANT: Irked that Snapfish forces you to buy in 20 card lots... 20, 40, 60, etc. I used about 45 cards... forced to pay for all that extra just to ensure not being short. Consumer not informed until you are done creating your card and ready to check out. Would have gone back to Tiny Prints if I wasn't running so close to xmas. Will likely NOT use Snapfish again.

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"Ordered Christmas cards on November 28 and it was indicated they should be shipped by December 2. On December 8 I called and was told it would be another 3-4 business days before shipping. On December 13 called again and found out it will be another 2-3 business days. I am screwed b/c am leaving the country for the holiday. Customer Support is inadequate."

Rating 4/10
modified review posted

"I have been a customer of snapfish for years however when i had a problem with an order arriving on time they not only lied and patronized me but did not solve the problem. the tracking information they provided in an email allowed me to track my package. On the UPS website it said it was delivering it to an incorrect zip code even tho I input the correct information. I called to inform them about this and they assured me that it will be received on time at my location and that the UPS website has wrong information on it sometimes. I waited for the projected delivery date. nothing. I waited the next day. nothing. I called to complain. They tried to tell me that the zipcode on the UPS site is the current location of the package (even tho it has been that same zipcode since day one) and that it takes 8 days for delivery (even tho i paid for 3-5 and it's been a full 5). After an hour of being on phone they still wouldn't do anything for me and just told me to wait. Like I said i've been a customer for years. its the first time i've received such bad customer service. This was suppose to be a gift and I did not receive it on time. I am very disappoint both for the fact that I was not able to give my gift on time and in the treatment from your company. Its such a shame to end years of business this way.

The rudeness of the customer support was horrible. The person did not understand my problem and did not address the issue. They also told me a bunch of lies and expected me to believe them. Extremely patronizing.

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"I just ordered almost 3000 pics with the penny picture deal. Most of my pictures had distorted facial features and the outer lines on people were also distorted with a hazy look to them. They must use subquality printing methods when offering this "deal". Tried to call and can only get someone in India, which I cannot understand and spent most of my conversation asking, "what did you say???". First and last time using snapfish."

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"I just placed an order with Snapfish because I had a discount code to use. I used the code which was 50 prints for 5.00 shipped free. Well I also had a credit for 20 free prints so I ordered those as well. All in total I ordered 80 prints. My total was 7.74 before discounts. Then they took off 1.80 for my 20 free prints. After everything was said and done I was supposed to get a discount of 2.94 for the discount code I used. I only got .50 cents discount! When I contacted them via live chat to let them know I didn't get the rest of my discount she tried to tell me I was wrong. So I broke down all the charges and discounts that they sent in my email....I told her they never took off the full discount. She kept telling me I was wrong and then just ended the chat. I will never use this company again since they seem to be in the business of ripping people off by luring them in with a great discount code and not giving it to them!"

Rating 6/10
modified review posted

"I placed my order for my pictures last Sunday and they arrived on Saturday. Shipping was free so I'm not really complaining about that. The prints however, could be better. The picture I uploaded to be printed was plenty large enough for a 12x18 print, which is what I ordered. I am a photographer and already had the image sized and ready to print.

The picture I got back wasn't quite what I was expecting. I uploaded an uncompressed, unsharpened image and what I got was something that looked resized, blown up, sharpened and then compressed. While it doesn't look too bad from a distance, it's a bit annoying that they decided to add sharpening and compression to the image.

Rating 6/10
modified review posted

"I ordered some pictures from my wedding last Thursday. Snapfish told me that they would have them here by Tuesday. Well, it's Thursday again and still no pictures. When I inquire with customer service they keep telling me to be patient and that they have shipped...The only reason why I don't get really mad at them is becasue I ordered a photo book a few weeks ago that was here on time...Anyway, I'd say Snapfish is so,so. I you don't mind waiting around for your stuff then I say go for it!"

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"it takes a week to prepare the order and another week for shipping. by far, it is 10 days and I haven't got my prints.
Never ever use it again.

Rating 4/10
modified review posted

"I ordered 8 copies of identical photobooks as Christmas gifts. The designing process is a little frustrating; their layouts and font choices are very limiting. I spent a couple hours designing my 8" x 11" photobook.
When I chose which kind of shipping to use, I made sure to select the necessary shipping speed to receive my order by Christmas. So on the 11th I placed the order, with every expectation that I would have the books on time.
Come December 28th I sent an email to Snapfish Customer Service to ask why my order didn't arrive by Christmas. Turns out, my order was one of several that were skipped. They refunded $30 for my shipping costs, and said they'd send out my order right away. I appreciated the honesty about the problem, and professional response to my complaint.
It is January 7th, and I just received my package (almost one month after placing the order).
While the shipping delay was very frustrating, I might have given them another chance, seeing that it was probably a fluke. However, after excitedly opening my photobook, and seeing the quality of it, I decided that I will never order from them again.
My pictures are high-quality, professional photos, so I know the file-sizes I sent them were fine. But the photo on the cover of my book was fuzzy. There were flecks of lint sealed into the cover (noticable on the plain white back of the book). The text down the spine was crooked and not centered well.
The inside photos were not fuzzy, but you could see the pixels. It looked like the photos were printed with a home-printer. The binding is unattractive- and the fact that they include that last, all-white page with the snapfish logo just ticked me off. (Especially because they don't mention it in the ordering process.)
I got these books at 50% off and with free shipping, and I still don't think they were worth the money. I would rather spend a bit more, and try out one of the many other companies that make these kinds of things.
My advice is to not use Snapfish - especially for photobooks.

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Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"i have used this service for years. last december, the site lost ALL my pics. when contacted numerous times, they couldn't correct it. i had credits, lots of prepaid credits, left, so i have tried several more times, the latest being today. my pics disappear right after uploading. i never even get a chance to print out. if you want reliable, don't come here!!!!!"

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"If you don’t believe this story, do a Google for “Snapfish scams” and see what you get. BEWARE of Snapfish, the HP owned online Photo company!
After you have made a purchase, Snapfish tacks on a fee to your credit card purchase (1.29) to see if you are paying attention.
I ordered Snapfish Photos with a lure of 20 free prints. That was in December 2009.
They then charged my card $14.95 for the next ten months for a discount service club.

When I got new Mastercard bills, I was familiar with the name and it did not ring an unfamiliar bell in my mind. Then I was in and out of hospitals for various illnesses and didn't have much time for scrutinizing bills.

Finally I realized the charge was fraudulent. I phoned Snapfish and got a man with a foreign accent I could hardly understand. He said I joined a discount club for $14.95 a month.

I called Snapfish. I could not get them to refund 10 months so I said I would call Bank Of America, the issuer of my credit card.

I notified Bank America. They said “You had 60 days to dispute the charge and you didn’t. We can do nothing now.”

I asked Bank America,” How could you give my money to a known scam business?” I never got a satisfactory answer.
I accepted that.
Then I went to the internet and saw there were Snapfish scams listed all over it.

I called Bank America back and asked,” How could you give my money to a known scam business?

He said “We did not know they were a scam”

I said,” How could you NOT know? News of their scams are all over the internet. I found out about them easily. You are a fraud dept. That is your business to know who is fraudulent.”

I pointed out,”You must have gotten thousands of complaints about them . Couldn’t you put two and two together and see they were a fraud?”

He said most of their business was not fraudulent. He said that Snapfish does deliver services and is not fraudulent most of the time.

I thought what he said was ridiculous. It was like justifying doing business with a company because they only rip off one out of one hundred consumers.

He said he could see my point but they were not in the business to tell me who to shop with.
I said, ”Please - Be on my side and when you see that I am dealing with a fraudulent company, inform me! I don’t have time to research companies - You do!”

I am escalated this up the ladder and wrote a letter to the CEO of B of A in hopes that B of A will do something about dealing with this company. The could easily have a database that identifies clusters of frauds and the companies that perpetrate them. The B of A can brag that they are “watching your back,” making sure you are dealing with honest companies.”

In the mean time avoid Snapfish!

By the way – the plot thickens (or sickens) Snapfish is owned by HP. HP (Yes the computer company) bought Snapfish in 2005.

I found many stories just like mine on the web

Here I anther story from a ripped off consumer posted on

Snapfish tacks on a fee to your credit card after you have made a purchase (1.29) to see if you are paying attention.
Then, they sign you up for a service at 14.95 per month thinking your entering your e-mail for a $10 coupon.
It looks as though you are signing up for the coupon but your actually signing up for an additional service!

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"I have been a customer of Snapfish for years, but no longer. Two orders in a row, for a total of over $80, the print quality is horrible. The photos are so pixelated that some color blocks are a millimeter or more across! Interestingly, this happens only when the background color variation is limited, not in the more detailed foreground which looks great in every print.

This perhaps might not be such an issue-they did deliver the prints quickly and I can't complain about the price. However, I can't seem to find anyone in customer service who will even acknowledge that I'm a customer, let alone that I'm due a refund, even with the order number! I have sent several emails where the response I receive is "we can't find your account" - that is, if I get any response at all.

I hate to resort to disputing the credit card charge, but it seems in this case I have no other choice.

modified review This review was modified by firefly037 on August 27 2010 05:41:53 PM

Rating 4/10
modified review posted

"We always use Snapfish.com for printing our photos. They have reasonable price and quality. Few days ago we decided to try their photobook - it came out awful! We ordered 5x7 soft custom cover 20page. I have semi-professional camera; I checked sizes and resolution and other parameters; I used full page outline. Making the book was easy but slow. It felt like their page is constantly overloaded. Book was shipped next day! It came unbelievably quick!
So, we received our book today:
- the package was soft so the book's spine came bended;
- printing quality is worse then the cheap magazine! you can clearly distinguish the dots without glasses;
- binding is worse than printing: on almost every page you may see the green spaces between the pages, and it looks scary, I simply afraid to open it it feels like they will fall out.
- cutting is oblique: the difference in the frame thickness on the inner side of the page more then 3 mm!!! we have clear white frame on the right end of the page and this frame goes to ZERO on the other end! and it is on all (!) 20 pics.
Plus we got an extra white page with the Snapfish.com logo on it ... but it's ok. The book was done SO bad, I just don't understand why they were so proud to put an extra label on it.

Conclusion: no more books from Snapfish.com for us. We wanted to make canvases from them, but now :( looking for other options.

Solution: I just had a conversation with one of their representatives via live.chat. They wanted me to reorder the same book one more time, but finally I got my refund.

I will definitely continue to use Snapfish.com for my photos - good quality, price, and fast shipping. But only for photos.

modified review This review was modified by madiaad on July 15 2010 10:17:55 PM

Rating 10/10
modified review posted
ResellerRatings.com TOP REVIEWER!

"I like Snapfish's services. Their photo print quality is very good, and their prices for 4"×6" prints and shipping are very reasonable. I've placed 3 orders in the past year, I think.

I appreciate being able to have my prints made at a local Walgreen's drug store and avoid shipping charges.

The one downside to Snapfish is that their larger prints are rather expensive. A 5×7 costs about 10 times more than a 4×6. Compare this with Winkflash.com, which has 5×7 prints for about 3× the price of 4×6... but on the other hand Winkflash's print quality disappoints me a bit.

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