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    Product & services pricing Rating 6.67/10 6.67/10
    Chance of future purchase: Rating 6.67/10 6.67/10
    Shipping & packaging: Rating 9.17/10 9.17/10
    Customer service: Rating 8.75/10 8.75/10
    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 6.67/10 6.67/10
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Rating 2/10


"I placed an order for two photo books for my Wife on our wedding anniversary. A week later there was no sign of them, I then took it upon myself to contact customer support who then told me that there was a problem with one of the photo's and it wouldn't upload to their print service... The customer service operator then sent me a link to the photo in question that displayed perfectly. When I then pointed out that the person on the production team could have easily loaded the photo into some software and resaved it to fix the problem this fell on deaf ears.

My wedding anniversary is in two days time meaning that I now do not have enough time to fix this myself (WHY SHOULD I DO THIS? ITS FIXABLE ON THEIR END!) and then hope that I don't get scuppered by some other complete f*ckwit on their production team.

All in the order was over a hundred quid, I had to contact Snapfish myself to discover that there was a problem and its now ruined my surprise for my wife. It literally couldn't be any worse and could easily have been saved if they had contacted me about it on the Friday they actually found the problem, which was 5 days ago.

I'm now apparently getting a refund which is going to take well over a week, keeping any funds that I might need to rectify the gift situation out of my hands till well after our Anniversary.

So yes, Thank you Snapfish, I'm finding it hard to think of a way that you could have screwed this up any worse. I now have no photos and no money for another gift. Thank you very much... Incompetence of the highest order. Steer well clear.

Rating 2/10

Lost my pictures

"I have been with snapfish since 2006. They lost many of my pictures when they converted to the new site. Here is their response after I put in a complaint:

Thank you for contacting Snapfish Customer Support regarding the albums with gray images.
First off, I would like to sincerely apologize that this has happened. I can tell that it has been very difficult for you to deal with this problem, and I could not be more sorry that some of your pictures have been lost.
We have escalated your concern to our technical team to investigate the issue further and we have received confirmation from them and we are sorry to inform you that they are unable to recover the photos that are showing gray on the account. The photos that have not been restored are truly lost.
Snapfish is an option for you for storage, but we do not guarantee that your pictures will be there forever.
In our Snapfish terms and conditions it states "You should always preserve your original Content, or make back-up copies of such Content, on your personal system. You should not use the Service as the only repository or other source for your Content."
Thank you for taking the time to contact Snapfish and allowing us to assist you. If you need further assistance please feel free to use our Live Chat feature.
We appreciate you being a valuable member and hope you will continue to use Snapfish for your personal needs.

Thank you,
Snapfish Customer Support

Rating 2/10

Worst customer service ever

"I wish I could give zero stars.
I created books that I wanted to purchase on the "Buy one, get two free" special that expired April 15. But there was a technical problem with one of the books where some of the pictures would "shrink" when I went to review mode - it looked terrible! So I went to online customer support chat. They said it would have to be sent to the higher up technical team. That was on APRIL 11. I have "chatted" at least 5 times, e-mailed once, and finally called and talked with a supervisor on MAY 2! Every single time they assured me that it had been "escalated" and that a request had been sent to the tech team to resolve the issue. Now it is MAY 11 (a FULL MONTH later) and I still have heard absolutely nothing and the problem is not resolved. This is the worst customer service I have ever experienced. All anyone will say is that it is still with the technical team, who, of course, cannot be contacted except by them sending a message. . . .Looks like I will have to find another site and start these books over from scratch. I will never do business with Snapfish again.

Rating 2/10

Breech of Trust-1 star is too high for Snapfish!

"DO NOT ENTRUST YOUR PRECIOUS MEMORIES WITH THIS COMPANY. I had a similar experience as the previous reviewer. I agree that it is a worthless effort to contact Customer Service, they will tell you anything to get you off the line. When Snapfish announced that projects made prior to 2014 would not be moved to their new site, I contacted Customer Service to explain how important some of my projects were to our family, and to see what could be done. Not one, but two different customer service agents told me to rename the older projects that I wanted saved, and they would be moved over. After the date to move project came and went, I contacted them again when my projects were not moved. I was told to "please give us 2 weeks". That went on several times. After more than 2 months of this they finally admitted they were not moving the projects. What a bunch of liars!! What I lost were annual photo journals of my one and only grandchild, and these took hours and hours to create. All gone. How can this company do this to loyal, long time customers? I agree that the new site is much harder to use. I probably could eventually get used to it. But I will not deal with unethical people, so I am done with this company for good. Too bad, Snapfish was at one time a great company. It has changed a lot. I hope that readers of this review take this information seriously, I wouldn't want to see this happen to anyone else. You are fore warned!"

Rating 2/10

Loyal Customer Devastated by New Site and Searching Competitors' Sites

"I have been a loyal snapfish customer for several years now and have printed dozens of 12x12 photobooks (nearly all at a maximum of 150 pages each), Christmas cards, approximately 30 canvases, and hundreds of prints. I have never shopped for photo products from a competitor and had always had a wonderful experience with snapfish's site and the product until the classic site stopped being available just recently.

I recently learned that all projects I created prior to 2014 were just deleted/gone forever/completely inaccessible. For years (which had always been the case until recently), I wrongly assumed I would be able to continue to access my older projects as I often will re-print older projects to send to family members or to add to them with new pictures once additional old family photos become available. I spend nearly one hundred hours creating each book memorializing family memories and trips and to just lose a collective thousands of hours of hard work is devastating. I have created books of old family photos once family members have passed and have distributed several copies to several family members. It was heartbreaking to know these projects were just gone and that I cannot re-order them for other family members and cannot add more pages once additional old family photos become available. To me, pictures are the most precious material possession because they capture family memories and events, and, to just lose years of work and not be able to re-print or add to them is devastating.

When I attempted to communicate with a representative about how upsetting it was to lose all access to years of hard work of compiling family memories, the responses were robotic. The responses were clearly copy and pasted responses and did not answer my questions. It was disappointing to not even be able to have simple questions answered. Once I pointed out that they were not answered my question, they eventually just stopped responding and left the conversation without even saying good-bye.

Even the projects that did copy over to the new site from the old classic site are completely ruined, and, in order to reprint, they need to nearly be completely redone as the fonts, layout, and background are either completely different or just gone entirely.

Further, the new site is horrendous. I am finalizing one prior project I had started on the classic site (that I had to completely re-do the 86 pages I had previously created since it was converted from the classic site to the new site and was completely ruined), and, each page takes me at least 10x longer to finalize. The new site is absolutely horrendous. The flexibility I once experienced with being able to modify the text and the layouts is no longer available. It is now impossible to spell check. I use to be able to clearly see all of the text I was writing, and, now it is impossible to see.

Once I finalize this last project, absent being able to have the same abilities and my old projects from the classic site, I will never start a new project with snapfish. I have started looking for a comparable alternative and am leaning toward shutterfly.

Rating 8/10

Problem solved... Thank you, Snapfish!

"I ordered 3 wood panels of my wedding photos. The one came with what looked like a tear in the photo but the photo came directly from my photographer, so it was obviously a printing error. A sent an email about what I received and included a picture and they said responded within a few hours and said they put a free wood panel credit in my account. Well, I ended up having to pay shipping and because it wasn't my error I emailed them again and asked them to reimburse me for the shipping and within an hour I had a credit for the shipping costs. I was frustrated at first but now I'm a satisfied Snapfish customer. Quick, easy, reliable resolution. Thank you!!!"

Rating 2/10

"I placed an order for some mugs on December 14. 15 days later, the order is still not shipped. I contacted them via chat twice and each time they told me that I will receive an email within 24 hours of their higer department. I never received any email ... Still waiting!


Rating 2/10

"If I could give less than 1 star, I would.

I ordered wedding photos as gifts. , on December 7th.
December 24th, no cards had came in.
I spoke to a customer service rep. He insured he would resend my cards with overnight shipping. I understand it was Christmas, s I waited until the 29th before contacting them again.

Due to a "technical" problem, my order was never shipped.
Now the holiday is over. And I still do not have the order.

They said they would ship it again "overnight"
Let's see, I doubt it.

Rating 2/10

"Warning! Please do not order from Snapfish! I ordered my Christmas cards and paid an additional $39.99 for overnight shipping. They arrived FOUR days later and the print quality of the photo was very poor. I tried to contact "customer service" several times by live chat because they have no phone reps. I was disconnected several times after a lengthy wait. I then contacted them via email and received a computer generated response saying they were experiencing a very high number of customers needing customer service(shocker) and were behind. That was 5 days ago and I still haven't heard back. Today I tried the online chat again and explained that I wanted a full refund and was happy to send back the useless cards/envelopes in their original box. After being disconnected once again (which the next rep suggested was my internet..I was on a land line computer) followed by excessive wait times for responses, I was told to upload several pictures, which I did. I was told the print quality was fine (in his opinion) and that if I wanted a refund (even though they arrived too late to send as well) I would have to wait for a "higher up" associate to contact me via email in the next 24-48 hours. I explained that I've been waiting for 5 days already and the associate disconnected from the chat. Beware of Snapchat! The quality is poor, they are unprofessional and come late and the customer service is NON-EXISTENT! I will be shocked if they stay in business. Next year I will save myself the effort, frustration, time and money and donate what I would've spent on the cards and postage to charity and post my card on social media."

Rating 2/10



Rating 2/10

"I ordered a few photo books and prints. Not only do they send WAY too many emails every day, but they give you all these offer codes that you can only use 1 at a time, which leaves you paying out of the butt for shipping. In addition, I got some free prints, but the quality was CRAP. They were all grainy! I ordered the same prints from Walgreens and they came out fine, so it's definitely NOT the pictures. The prices are tempting, but if you want QUALITY, go somewhere else. Also, the two times I spoke with customer service, they weren't helpful and weren't very nice."

Rating 2/10

"Snapfish sent the wrong envelopes with our card order. Only way to contact them is thru chat. I started at number 200 in the queue. We did not receive an order confirmation. They have guaranteed that I will never purchase from them again. "

Rating 2/10

"My review to Snapfish...enjoy

I am so beyond frustrated with your company. You have RUINED my Christmas this year. There are few things I look forward to during the holiday season, and sending out my annual Christmas card is one of them. Personally, I like to send them out within the first week or two of December.
I placed my order 11/30 and paid for overnight shipping. Here it is 12/18 and I am still without. I was told by a SNAPFISH representative "Madonna" that I would have my order by 12/18. I received an email about my order being shipped on 12/17. Then today, I get another email update about my shipping date being moved to Monday 12/21 - this is not a UPS issue, this is a SNAPFISH issue. My shipping label may have been created 12/17 but my order was not provided to UPS until 12/18 thus pushing back my delivery.
I am also frustrated that I am trying to convey just how pissed off I am but I'm not able to truly do this because there is no phone # to call and speak with someone. Judging by my experience I can see why there is no phone number...because you don't want to continuously deal with unsatisfied customers due to your lack of order fulfillment. I imagine it is easier to have a chat with them, and when your representatives have had enough and not able to remedy the situation, they can simply disconnect that chat stating “”Because we have not heard from you in some time…” when in fact I am replying quickly.
Not only will I never use your company again, I will make sure that I give the worst review (aka THE TRUTH) about your company to anyone looking for a recommendation. At this point, I would have been better off having sixty 4x6 pictures printed up at COSTCO and having my 6 year old write Merry Christmas in sharpie across the photo - this would have been a better result then what I have received from your company.

Rating 2/10

"I wish I could give 0 stars. We used to order from Snapfish for our annual Christmas picture cards, and figured lets use them this year, but we will NEVER make that mistake again. This year it's been the worst. We placed an order on 12/10/15 and as of today, 12/18/15, the order still says 'in process'. Customer service (or should I say WHAT customer service?) is non-existent and when you try to email or, heaven forbid, chat you get the standard canned response 'due to high volume..blah, blah, blah'. We're holding out hope that we get our Christmas picture cards BEFORE Christmas, but my guess is that's not going to happen. Do yourself a favor and get your picture cards from Costco. "

Rating 2/10

"WORST SERVICE EVER!!! I have been waiting 18 days for my Christmas Cards. It is now December 18th and I am being told that they can not issue me a refund and not to worry cause my cards will arrive on time. I guess people like to get Christmas cards AFTER Christmas. I was told I could request my refund on the 18th. It is now the 18th and I am being told they can not issue me a refund. I ask to be in touch with a manager and they won't let me talk to a manager. This company is going out of business and is stealing the money of all of it's customers. Good bye Snapfish, you are going under and I will never use you again."

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