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    Product & services pricing Rating 5.53/10 5.53/10
    Chance of future purchase: Rating 2.92/10 2.92/10
    Shipping & packaging: Rating 3.59/10 3.59/10
    Customer service: Rating 2.03/10 2.03/10
    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 2.50/10 2.50/10
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Rating 2/10

Won't stand behind there parts

"Bought a wheel speed sensor went bad just outside of the warranty period and will not refund my money. They just want to send me another junk sensor that will probably short out in another month. Very disappointed with their level of customer service and how they handled my case. Was sent a generic email and basically told it is what it is. "

Rating 6/10

Low Prices High Shipping Payment Issues

"I placed and order with Rock Auto. After checking another part that was comparable to the first item I saw that the shipping charge for the second item was $5 less. I thought I had made the wrong choice for shipping and cancelled the order. When I set up another order with the 2 Items I noticed that there was a shipping charge for each of the items in the cart. If I chose USPS Parcel Post the cost was more than FEDEX Ground I went to check out using the same Visa Credit Card that i used the first time and it was denied and and a message came up saying that I needed the Visa Card verified. I called both the Visa Card Issuer and the Visa Company and they both told me that there was no problem on their end. The next morning I called up Rock Auto and they told me that there was a problem in the Visa computer system and it was blocking my transaction from going through. Rock Auto suggested using PayPal. I tried to place the order several more times and is was still rejected. I then called up Visa Verification and they told me that there was nothing wrong with my account or card. I tried to process the order and again I had the same problem. I then set up a Verified Visa Account and tried to place the order again. The Visa Card was still denied with the Visa Verify message. I ended up paying for the order with PayPal using theshipping for the same Credit Card and the payment went through. Rock Auto kept telling me that the problem was a Visa Computer Problem but I believe that there is a glitch in the Rock Auto Computer System. I also was curious to see what the cost of six other parts that I needed would be with shipping. When I put them in a cart and checked the shipping, each part had its own shipping charge and the total shipping charge was over $70. At another Dealer website the shipping was just a little over $24. If the only place that has the parts is Rock Auto then go for it. I suggest checking other websites before you place your order and definitely check the shipping as the shipping cost can make the part more a lot expensive even with Rock Autos Low Prices

May 4. 2017: I got my order today both the $27 belt and the $40 belt are the same size. They both came in the same box am still curious as to why the Shipping by USPS for the $27 Serpentine belt alone was only going to be $2.99 and the Shipping for the $40 Serpentine Belt alone by USPS was $7.99. Both Belts shipped in the same Box sent by FEDEX was 9.99.

Regardless of the Issues I had with Rock Auto, would not hesitate to order from them in the Future if they have what need. I had no trouble with contacting someone in Customer Service and was able to talk with someone each time even though I had a different opinion about the cause of my payment issue.

Rating 2/10


"I ordered parts for the first time, received an email that my order was shipped, and would receive In 8 days to Canada. Waited 10, no parts. Called to see where they were, and was told that they never left the warehouse! Need the parts yesterday! Asked them to priority ship for me so I could receive them sooner, since thier error, and very rudely told no! Have to re order wait another 8 days or pay for faster shipping. Will not use ever again! First and last!"

Rating 2/10

Horrible customers services

"When an issue with the order in place is happened rockauto.com has the most terrible customers services they are not good at all, customers out there beware of the Horrible return policy they have, and then if for some reason you don't receive your order Rockauto.com probably not refund your money and you will be losing that money, my advice : do not buy anything from Rockauto.com, there is other auto parts online with better services or go directly to an auto parts near you also you can buy online with any of the auto parts near you, and if you have to return any parts for any reason you won't have any problems of returns and refunds your money and guaranteed that is the most important. Buy any where else DO NOT SHOPS ON Rockauto.com IS YOUR MONEY DON'T WASTED ON auto parts from Rockauto.com they will not sell you a good quality in their products as well. "

Rating 2/10

Completely disappointed

"I ordered a full set (4) ball joints for my 2007 Silverado. After 7 days if waiting for the parts I contacted them and was told to "be patient". I spoke with a supervisor shortly after and was told my parts were lost in the warehouse but replacements would be shipped that day. 6 days later I finally revived my package, containing only 2 of the 4 ball joints I ordered. When I called I was told that this was my fault because I only filed a missing claim on 2 of the 4 ball joints. And that my other two could be shipped out within 3 business days. I asked for a supervisor and told I would not receive any further help from any of the supervisor and was told AGAIN that I would just have to be patient. I feel that this form of customer service is unacceptable and I will not be ordering anything else from this company and would not advise any one else to either. "

Rating 10/10

Research the parts and installation

"It is likely that many of the "Rock Auto sent me the wrong parts" complaints are due to the customer not knowing exactly what to order. That is not the fault of Rock Auto. As for the complaints about the quality of parts; Rock Auto DOES NOT MANUFACTURE THE PARTS. When I need a part and there are multiple manufacturers of that part I will research all the companies then make my best informed decision. I do not make a selection based solely on the lowest price. If I have to pay more for the peace of mind in knowing that I'm ordering an original equipment part or from a manufacturer with a stellar reputation then that is what I will do. If you order a part from some maker that you have never heard of with a goofy sounding name at a cut rate price then you should have a low expectation. Rock Auto is a retailer that will sell you what YOU selected just like Walmart. Don't get angry with Rock Auto if you make a bad choice. I, and others I know, have been using this company for parts without any trouble for years. We always get exactly what we need and most often before the expected delivery date. As for the person on this site who claims Rock Auto opened the boxes of the AC Delco windshield wipers that he ordered and made a switch to cheap Chinese wipers, I highly doubt that happened. Even the Bosch wipers that I like to use which were made in Germany are now made in China. "

Rating 2/10

Repackaged "AC DELCO" Wipers

"If a deal is too good to be true...it IS! I payed for 3 AC DELCO wipers but I received cheap chinese ones carefully packaged in AC DELCO packages of course! It was my first and last time with them! Since AC DELCO wiper packages are not properly sealed, its quite easy for someone to make the switch!!!"

Rating 10/10

Best online parts

"Rock auto was very professional. Parts were better than original parts installed by manufacturers. Shipping was prompt and kept in touch till I received my parts. Love them. "

Rating 2/10

Purchase at your own risk

"I was a repeat customer but never for my dodge ram. 2002 was start of third gen for dodge ram 1500 and 2003 for the 2500 and 3500 models. Since they require year before model, 2002 1500 parts are incorrectly listed as second gen. The tailgate latch assembly listed was not for the model year I own. They claim the factory must have used 2003 parts on my 2002 second gen dodge. The parts are not interchangeable and this is laughable except for the part that they will not give a full refund or admit they have a problem. I have owned this truck since new and have never had a similar problem, plus I don't have a second gen dodge. Beware of what you order, you may have to find a part from an incorrect year to compensate for their incompetence. Too bad they don't use some of their advertising funds to build a correct catalog. "

Rating 2/10

Will never buy from them again!!!

"I was a valued customer with RockAuto. I spent thousands of dollars a year with this company ordering parts from them being in the car business. That has now come to an end. I will agree with all the other posts that the customer service for this company is horrible and one of the worst I have dealt with. I ordered catalytic converters for a 2010 Ford F-250 pickup. I received them and gave them to my mechanic to install. I only had one bad catalytic converter but they come together on 1 H-pipe so it was simply to just bolt the set on. First problem was that they did not fit at all. My mechanic had to stretch the pipe 1.5 inches just to get them to bolt on and fit correctly. After the installation the check engine came on within 5 miles of driving. Both converters tripped engine codes. We brought the truck back to my mechanic to ensure they were installed correctly and had no exhaust leaks of any kind. After that was ensured he took them off the truck and looked down into the converters with a microscope. He said the quality was horrible and didn't even resemble the honey comb look a catalytic converter should have. My mechanic had to order quality set of converters from a local parts house. That finally fixed my truck after almost 2 weeks waiting with this whole ordeal. I returned the converters back to RockAuto and they refunded me my money. Due to the whole ordeal with installing there converters, getting them to fit, than uninstalling them, I had a $300 bill. I called RockAuto and was fairly confident with them that they would help me. Keep in mind I spend thousands of dollars a year with this company. Customer service was horrible and I was treated very rudely. They would not cover the labor even though their product is faulty and of poor quality. They still continue to sell it on there website as well. I said I would not do business with them anymore if they did not help me and they did not care one bit. Do not do business with this company. There are many more reputable businesses out there. The parts are cheap for a reason here. They are of poor quality and faulty. I'm sure not everything they sell is like that, but judging by some of the reviews here I'm not alone on the subject matter. Here is the part I ordered below. Nobody order this if you have a truck like mine. Stay away. You will incur much higher costs than me as a private individual ordering a faulty item like this.

DAVICO MANUFACTURING 59366: Part: $398.99 + Original Shipping: $15.99 = Total: $414.98

Rating 2/10

Bought Numerous Parts Over 12 Years 3 Terrible Returns Will Not Buy From Them Ever Again

"Rock Auto customer service use to be good, in 2005. Not any more. They changed their return and warranty policy, directing all customers to their web site. Their web site return options are set up so that you cannot describe the issue or get a satisfactory outcome. They will do little to nothing if you contact them by phone. Their customer service people are rude. They lecture the customer insinuating that it is your error. They will Not pay for return shipping on anything. Their return and warranty process, since directing all of their customers to the web site, is a nightmare. May god help someone if they have a warranty problem with a lifetime warranty part a couple years from now. The customer will have to contact Monroe or Dorman directly and explain they are dealing with Rock Auto, the manufacturer will likely help though it will be very difficult.

One example out of 3 in 2 months. Paid $300 + shipping + sales tax on top for 2 control arms. One was fine, the other was for a Honda suv, in a different box, with the wrong part number on it. I contacted them, they refused to pay for shipping on the wrong part. The car was disassembled, I ordered it from Carid which has excellent customer service. The resolution came through a card dispute after almost 2 months. I am out $21 for return shipping to this day. I contacted them prior to the credit card company, they would do nothing to help. They asked a bunch cryptic questions like what is your vin number which had nothing to do with the honda control arm the sent.

After 3 rounds of bad return experiences, I am done with this company. If this is the future of e commerce the customer is screwed. Apparently, they are saving money by removing any shred of human customer service out of their business model. The entire web site, "terms and conditions" (fine print when ordering), warranty, return form on the website itself, shipping the Wrong parts, every aspect of their online business is set up in favor of them at the expense of the customer. They can avoid paying out on future warranties, cut you off from returns after 30 days, have many junk parts, do as much as possible to make sure your parts money is going to them and not back to you regardless of what parts or buying experience you have. The customer will eat all kinds of shipping, they can reject the part, make you jump up and down, run in circles, then they say, "go fly a kite, sorry we cannot return it, help, or reimburse you."

Stay away, vote with your parts $, it would be good for the auto parts business if they where not in business.

Rating 2/10

Horrendous service

"Ordered some simple tow hook covers for my rav4 but Rockauto failed to mention that the parts were specific to a certain sub-model, the limited edition. When I inquired about getting the right parts or a refund I was told to pound sand as I had damaged one of the covers attempting to make the part fit. Take your money elsewhere."

Rating 2/10

Do Not Order Large Items

"I ordered a Fender and bumper. The freight company they ship with takes forever to start. The freight company only delivers M-F between 11-4 when most EVERYONE works and tells you someone must be there for them to drop off. The kicker is they only give you 24 hours (next day) to be there or else they send the parts back to Rock Auto and charge you the return freight. After calling Rock Auto to arrange delivery to where ever you work they want to charge you an additional delivery fee. How is that by any means good customer service??? Not to mention they do not care about the customer, refuse to work out an issue with a customer, and could quite frankly care less if you never do business with them again. Yes the prices are great but look at their reviews online. Seems like there are a lot of customers that get the shaft by them. I am never going back to buying from them again. I suggest if you are looking to buy from them for your first time pay the extra amount and get it locally. You don't even want to know what happens if you want to return a bad part or just get a refund. A refund is not a refund....it is store credit so basically you never get your money back from them. Total lack of customer service all the way around. Like I said shop locally!!! "

Rating 10/10

Clutch Kit

"Ordered my clutch kit on line. It arrived three days later, and on a Saturday even. So glad they use FedEx for delivery. When I need vehicle parts, I need them as quick as possible. They beat the cost of a clutch kit from any other retailer. I mean in a big way! The kit was ridiculously cheap. It was the exact same factory part and brand too. Dodge wanted an arm and a leg for the kit. This is the exact same clutch manufacturer Dodge uses on their factory models. Don't kid yourself Mopar does not make their own line of clutches. I won't buy parts from any retailer that ships using the post office. You may never get your part. Or,it might arrive four weeks later after they get around to delivering it. This company gets it. When you order parts you order because you need them ASAP not a month from your order date. Wish other companies would figure this out. Thanks guys......you kicked **** on this item both time and price wise. I have used you a lot and love the promptness."

Rating 2/10


"Terrible customer service! Wrong part listed on their application guide. Shipment received by me overseas 30+ days after order was placed (return period expired). Company would not assume any responsibility nor offer me "any" options like: return, free shipping on replacement, partial credit, etc. The parts were only a few dollars so, ordering from them was a cheap mistake. But, it was definitely a mistake. Customer service is an oxymoron with this company. They are willing to sacrifice a customer for a few $."

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