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    Product & services pricing Rating 5.10/10 5.10/10
    Chance of future purchase: Rating 2.60/10 2.60/10
    Shipping & packaging: Rating 3.33/10 3.33/10
    Customer service: Rating 1.88/10 1.88/10
    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 2.16/10 2.16/10
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Rating 2/10

Website doesn't give the information you need

"I ordered brakes form my 2013 Explorer. I carefully read the whole RockAuto.com web pages for the brakes. There were standard and heavy duty options. It appeared that I could install either. Since we are pulling a camper sometimes I picked heavy duty. Later when the brakes were delivered I watched a couple youtube sites on installing them to get torque settings etc. Turns out that there was 2 different models for 2013 and you actually had to call your Ford dealer and give them your VIN to figure out which ones you need.

I have seen note such as this on other rockauto parts, such as a power window motor I looked at recently, it told me exactly what to look for on the motor to know which one I need.

When I contacted RockAuto customer service they blew me off, told me it was my fault and sent an image of the page showing a different rotor diameter for heavy duty.

Now I am stuck with $70 in shipping charges (too and from) that I have to pay for because RockAuto didn't do their job by putting what I needed to know on their website. They are the professionals at car parts not me!

I also complained to them that a "professional" website would have a "click to chat" where you could ask a question like this.

I AM DONE WITH ROCKAUTO. It's not worth saving the few dollars in parts!!!

Rating 10/10

Part arrived as promised

" I ordered a headlight assembly for my 2007 Lincoln Sunday. The part arrived today in perfect condition. It looks to be an exact fit. I am happy with my order experience with RockAuto. I plan to use them again. "

Rating 2/10

Core return scam

"Incredible!! I receive a package with a caliper inside. I place box in recycle because it certainly will not hold the core, ship the core back in a box that I provided and Rockauto insists that I had to return core in the original damaged box it arrived in. So because of this I have to eat a $90 core charge for the sake of a damaged box that they had no chance of reusing. Their reasoning, they needed the original box for authenticity. WTF. I can return a core to Advanced Auto in a filet o fish wrapper and they are fine with that. I have been a customer for many years with Rockauto and this kind of treatment is an embarrassment. Their customer service is absolutely horrendous. They have received my last order and rest assured by use of social media, I will make this instance of glorified extortion public. "

Rating 2/10


"Use to use them several times, but now if they make a mistake the problem is your problem. They give you 30 days warranty on a part as well, doesn't matter what it says online. Sent me a bad fan clutch that actually cost more then the dodge fan clutch, all I wanted was to be sent another with a return label for the other one. They said I could keep it or buy another one. They said I had to go online and fill out paperwork, I said I'm in the middle of trying to fix a truck, not go play on the computer. That guy hung up on me. I talked to another lady and got her to send me a return shipping label. They said once the item
shipped I would get my money back. It's now been over a week with no refund and I'm going through PayPal now.

Rating 2/10

Wrong part and poor customer service

"I made an order on Rockauto.com, with the standard 2-8 business day shipping, and they sent me the wrong part. Upon speaking to somebody, (after the online process didn't work) I started the process of getting a reshipment. It got complicated very quickly. I found out at I need to now drive to the DHL headquarters in the city (a 45 minute drive there, another 45 minutes back) borrowing a car, as mine is in the garage and not drivable. Even if I get a ride to DHL, I then have to wait for the reshipment, which is only sent after the return part is processed by DHL, and then another 2-8 business days. I'm quite frustrated, as it's now the weekend, so I have to wait until Monday to go to DHL, and then wait for my new part to arrive to finish my car. The least I thought Rockauto could do was upgrade my shipping so I can get my part sooner, but customer service was unwilling to upgrade my shipping as it "costs too much for the company". All in all, I'll have my car done at least 3 weeks later than I had originally planned, spending more time and gas money to get across the city to send back Rockauto's mistaken part, and then hopefully get the right part in another week or two. As a new customer to Rockauto, I am not impressed. "

Rating 2/10

Return Policy - Unsatisfied

"I ordered $423 worth of parts that ended up costing me another $123.97 because FedEx returned my parts because I wasn't home to receive them and rock auto did nothing financially to help me besides referring me to FedEx. Beware of shipping issues. The breakdown. I paid about $40 extra for 3-day shipping, charged me $9.56 per part they received back and $21.75 on top of that for the return shipping label, then I had to order the parts again and pay another $23.98 to have them shipped again. "

Rating 2/10

Purchased a Truck Carpet, Arrived Covered in Grease

"Purchased a Truck Carpet, Arrived Covered in Grease. Contacted RockAuto.com and sent them photos. Response was: "I can see some small grease marks, but only on what appears to be the bottom rubber/plastic portion of the carpet. If you can demonstrate that there are in fact grease stains covering the top of the carpet, we can move forward with a resolution, but as it stands, we would not be able to send you a replacement." I sent more photos showing that the entire carpet was in fact covered in grease - no reply. Their customer service is anti-customer and they find it acceptable to send BRAND NEW automotive carpets covered in grease. They are very slow to reply to me and I had to go so far as to open a paypal claim. Absolutely miserable shopping experience, and worst of all, their refusal to take the return and supply me with a clean carpet is delaying my project as my only free time is over the weekend. This was my first and last time EVER shopping at RockAuto.com. All the positive reviews I see here must have been paid for, because when you have a problem with a $200 carpet, they treat you like absolute garbage. That and I paid $55 in shipping for my order because this company decides it is going to ship from 3 separate warehouses. Absolute incompetence. "

Rating 10/10

Absolutely Satisfied

"July 5, 2017 .
This is my first purchase from RockAuto, and have been 100% satisfied . I live in Canada, where we can't always purchase the brands of parts as everyone in America, and for whatever reasons, we pay double and triple the price routinely for various merchandise . The name brand engine air filter (AC Delco) I wanted is not available here, but was available at RockAuto in the USA , and at less than half or a third the cost compared to similar brands here . Also, the shipping cost was very surprisingly reasonable, and thankfully was sent by US Postal service which saved me big time on Courier company fees . The part was received in 7 days, even though they quoted 14 days delivery . I received the exact new part that I carefully ordered, and it was very well packed . Ordering online was easy, and of the various methods of payment, I was happy to use PayPal . Just my experience speaking here !

Rating 2/10

Never use this company for parts, EVER

"I ordered tailgate cables and taillights for my 1995 Tacoma. I knew going in Rock Auto would somehow find a way to irritate me and disappoint, which is the only thing they seem to do correctly. They did not let me down. My order arrived in a large box, securely taped. The taillight assemblies were (somehow) correct and not broken. The tailgate cables however were both cut open, and missing hardware. The cables were there but neither the bolts or washers were. The manufacturer packaging was cut open, then resecured with packing tape. I placed a return/complaint and they sent out a replacement. 5 days later the replacement arrived. Again skeptical, I opened the box to yet again not be disappointed in their lack of attention to detail. AGAIN the cables were sent WITHOUT HARDWARE. Now I get to wait another 5 days to hopefully be disappointed enough to break down and buy the correct part from the dealership. I know I'll have to pay 3x as much, but won't have to deal with the headache and incompetence of Rock Auto screwing up my order for the THIRD TIME. To date I have NEVER received a complete order from them, there is a 100% chance my orders will arrive either broken or the wrong part numbers completely. Brake calipers for 2 different cars. Brake pads missing pads and reboxed used. STAY AWAY!

DO NOT ORDER PARTS FROM ROCK AUTO. Even with their 5% discount they're not worth it.

Rating 2/10

Good Price--"IF" it gets shipped

"I ordered a motor for a rad fan on June 14th, and they gladly took my money, and said it would be delivered by the 23rd of June. Being an international order (US to Canada), I was willing to wait a few more days due to hold ups in customs (currently driving without a rad fan). I waited, and waited....the site still says "item shipped", which in their eyes means it is 'ready for shipment', not actually on it's way. Today is July 5..still nothing. I finally found a phone number, waited 20 minutes to speak to someone (long distance), and the guy says it actually didn't leave the warehouse, and asks me if I want a replacement shipment. I WANT THE FIRST ONE I ORDERED TO ACTUALLY BE SHIPPED!!! Then I ask how I will know that they actually DO ship the second one. Where can I get ahold of the company that is accountable for the shipping? He says they don't have that information. I ask how a business of delivery can stay in business if they don't have a phone number or email address? Isn't that the number 1 way of getting business? I stumped him!! Hopefully they send the 'second' shipment within a couple days! Not impressed! Never again!"

Rating 6/10

Return Policy

"Let me preface this by saying I've used Rock auto extensively and this is the first problem I've run into.

I ordered a set of brake pads for my race truck a week or so ago, went to put them on yesterday and the fronts were the wrong part number, looked back at the box and then my order confirmation email and sure enough I had been sent the wrong part entirely (ordered BRSD 702 and received BRSD 1602). Granted this particular part came from another location (not a rock auto warehouse, not exactly sure how that works but yeah). This was the first part I'd ever ordered that didn't come directly from them but rather through them and first screw up so there may be some correlation there. Went through the return process online and found out you had to send the return part back and get a tracking number to RockAuto before they would ship a replacement. Makes sense. However I needed the pads by this weekend so I called to see if they would be willing to credit a purchase I could make separately today once they received the return, they said absolutely but initially wouldn't refund the expedited shipping I had with the purchase originally. I brought it up and Amanda (very understanding and great on the phone by the way, thank you), put me on hold for a few seconds and I assumed talked to a supervisor. She came back on and got that changed. This was all good but I found out after this that Rock Auto would not waive or even discount the expedited shipping I was going to need on the new order in order to get it for the weekend. This is not a dig on Amanda who I was very happy with, but just the Rock Auto policy. I've been around the auto parts industry a decent while (worked in a salvage yard selling used parts) and it's customary as a business that when you screw something up or send the wrong part etc. you make it up to the customer by covering shipping or at least discounting a part's price a bit the second go round. I understand why they can't, if I would have used their standard return method I would have gotten standard shipping on the replacement order at no charge, but because, as it often is when working on vehicle repairs and have a deadline, that just didn't allow for the time necessary to make that happen.

So three stars because I've had great experiences in the past but I'm going to be out $25 worth of rush shipping to have the truck safe and ready for the track Saturday. Worse things have happened but thought I'd throw this out there so people were aware and hopefully don't make the same mistake I did in not checking part numbers as soon as I received the order. Most of all be wary of parts that do not ship directly from RockAuto.

Rating 10/10

Who is writing all of these poor reviews?

"I have been ordering parts from Rock Auto for many years. If there was ever a problem with an order they have taken care of it immediately, never an issue. Of course, if I am at fault I am happy to admit it as are they!
The site is easy to use, and maybe that is the problem... It would be very easy for people who do not know what they are doing to order the wrong parts, but that is not the fault of Rock Auto! If you don't know what you are doing, get some help.

I love Rock Auto. They are my go-to place for parts!

Rating 2/10

Received incomplete order, support and service is frustrating

"Believe the reviews and avoid. Fortunately i only ordered some inexpensive parts (instrument cluster bulbs), but frustratingly, I can't work on the project within the given timeframe i was planning. Working with Rockauto's online order problem system is maddening and they could probably afford actual people if they fulfilled orders properly the first time. No phone numbers, no service request forms, just an in-line q&a system where they determine how and if they'll help to resolve a problem. :(

I'm writing here because no where on their web site can I write about the problem.

Rating 2/10

Order from RockAuto no more

"When it goes wrong it goes really wrong. They took 2-days to respond to requests for information on existing order. Then all they told me was "for some reason that order didn't ship"! Impossible to get any details and they refuse to upgrade shipping to overnight even though it was 100% their issue. Shipment might be sent again 3 business days AFTER I was supposed to receive with originally upgraded shipping - additional cost paid by me. Pay more get less? Do not bother with this vendor. Look elsewhere. Any low price shown won't be worth the hassle. "

Rating 2/10

Just about the worst ever

"I ordered my new fuel pump from Rock Auto thinking I wanted to give this site a try. It actually wasn't a whole lot less expensive but I figured what the heck. The pump they sent me didn't have the proper adapter to make it work for my vehicle so I ended up just purchasing it local for about 10 dollars more. It was exactly the same part and it did come with the correct adapter to fit my 1999 Rodeo. It was very easy to get the return info so I went down to the local USPS to send off my package. I am only a two day delivery away from their return warehouse so I figured it should be pretty easy. Filled it all out and put the sticker on the box and boom. I emailed a week later to find out when I would see a refund just to check up on it. I was told that they just needed me to get the tracking number so they knew when it got delivered. I lost my receipt for the USPS and now they say they have no way to even check to see if my part is at their warehouse. I asked if they checked the boxes there and if the correct part number was there with my label on it couldn't they just get me fixed up and they would not. They wont even help me out unless I can provide the tracking number. Not even to check and see if it is on their return floor. Crazy and not very helpful at all! Buy local folks!!"

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