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    Product & services pricing Rating 4.00/10 4.00/10
    Chance of future purchase: Rating 4.00/10 4.00/10
    Shipping & packaging: Rating 5.00/10 5.00/10
    Customer service: Rating 4.00/10 4.00/10
    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 5.00/10 5.00/10
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Rating 8/10

"service rapide et courtois merci"

Rating 10/10

"It was easy doing business with them
The sales representative walk's you thru the whole process
And you are accepted within 10 seconds

Rating 8/10

"I never imagined doing business over the internet would be so easy. Items were received promptly and as advertised - what more could you ask for?"

This review was modified by robjvan on October 22 2014 01:26:19 PM

Rating 8/10

"I am very happy with what I have been approved for and can not wait for our 50 inch tv to come in :) i found with this company you guys have way less payment plans then Aarons and easyhome :) so i am stoked to get another order in the future."

Rating 10/10

"My experience with MDG has been a good experience. The Representative that i had dealt with was good at explaining to me what i needed to do to complete my order"

Rating 2/10

"Great Service from Daisy!!!"

Rating 2/10

"The sales manager, Tom, at MDG Canada is a lier and since financing with them, I have found hidden fees and gotten no responses for support.

When I agreed to finance a TV with MDG, I asked Tom; "Do you report on a regular basis to the credit bureas?" He said "Yes".

I told him, that reporting this to the agencies to improve my credit was the ONLY reason I am doing this.

I have sent repeat emails and made calls and gotten no help. Even emailing Tom directly has gotten no response.

Their contract is also misleading. No were on my contract does it state 22% interest and an additional $9 billing period a month.

The TV itself is not even worth the principle finance amount, yet alone the interest and fees!

In six months, I have paid off only $200 of the $2100 cost at $94 a month!

Stay away from MDG, they will lie, mislead and pressure you into financing and then essentially ignore you.

Rating 2/10

"I initially had no issues at all with MDG. My computer arrived as it should, however the case was different than expected but I lived with it. The components were also loose and the front panel where the usb etc plug in is very loose and always pushes in when trying to plug something in.

My main issue is the way they just arbitrarily take money out of my bank account. I have formally requested several times to stop auto withdrawing out of my bank account. I had become under employed and with their payment bouncing and my bank charging me then MDG trying again it was costing me more then the payment was in the first place.

I advised them through email to send me a bill of what I owed as I expected to receive money and would make payments when I could but. They just kept trying to take money out. And now 10 days before they are supposed to they JUST took another payment. Just at random times.

This sub-par machine has cost more then it's worth. The customer service is so non-existent that its hard to even fathom how they stay in business. But I guess when you prey on the down-trodden you come out ahead.

With my new employment I could pay off the debt. And will. Why they insist on phone I will never know. They sell electronics ... its the digital age. I do all my communication online. However, tomorrow I am taking time out of my busy work schedule so I can tell them to send me a bill and cancel my account once again.

Do yourself a favour people, get you computer some place else. Look online, check kijiji. go to dell. Never ever trust MDG with your account information!!!

Rating 2/10

"I am A bit worried after reading everything that is written here i just signed a finance agreement with them i was approved and now that they took the first payment they are saying either i send them my other bank account statements or i have to pay 3 weekly payments before they will ship my laptop so i said lets cancel i can go else where he said he would give my something else to stay just send them my other back account i said why i am approved on the one i sent you but how can they ask for more when we agreed on one price and i was by-weekly not weekly so they want two months payment before they ship is this legal ???"

Rating 2/10


Rating 2/10

"They might have some finacing available but instead charging monthly, they charge every two week! I was approve for finacing to find this out! I applied for extra and same thing! I recently tried contacting them by email to withdraw from agreement, still they haven't got to me! If you ever need financing, go with Dell, for $20 per month for laptop, we can even get an extermal monitor for around $6/month and they charge monthly instead! Go with Dell while has more value!"

Rating 2/10

"lol What a joke , I tried to get a pc , you know at a dollar a day . Boy at that price I can afford the top model at 1.99 a day. By the time I was done with the guy on the phone i was looking at 70 bi weekly , almost double what the add said , ALSO my free gift 27 inch flat screen tv is added to the price , WHY THE HELL WOULD I PAY FOR A FREE GIFT ....I tell you if i was a consumer lawyer i would get these guys by the balls and never left go , I would build my career out of these scammers .TOTAL JOKE.
Found the same pc and almost same specs for 888 screen included instead of the 1600 tower only deal the guy tried to pawn off me ....

Rating 2/10

"We bought an MDG computer at the store in Whitby Ontario in May.The whole package,including Windows 7 basic,came to $640 plus tax. We returned in August for some minor repair and found that the store was totally vacant.We eventually got the work done elsewhere but were informed that we were lacking the certificate of authenticity which should accompany any legitimate use of Windows 7. On contacting the head office, I was told that MDG has decided not to honour any warranties or other dealings from the Whitby store because "strange things had been happening there".I assume that the version of windows 7 that we got was pirated.Although my bill clearly states that MDG Canada received my money, they refuse to provide me with the certificate that I paid for. What a way to run a business !"

Rating 2/10

"I purchased a MDG Vision Pro 3700S notebook on payments 02/28/2007 and bought the 3 yr parts & labour extended warranty package (which is worthless) all this cost $1851.82 (which ended up being $3114.61)

Payed religiously for approx. 2 years @ $65.50 a month and then went to pay it out and found out that I owed $1542.61 still! This laptop cost me over $3100 in the end and if I was to sell it I could only get around $700 for it in mint condition!

Thats not the worst part. We have had to send it back in for repairs 3 times and pretty much each time we have had to pay MORE! The salesmen/woman are the most rude and ignorant people I have ever had conversations with in my life and I buy and sell online so I talk with ALOT of people everyday! They lie, cheat and steal your money!

First time it broke was a week after we received it. The hard drive crapped out. Call in and they told us we could either send it back or bring it into the Vancouver store for repairs. We live 1800 miles away from Vancouver but we had planned on a vacation down there in the Summer (which was just a month away) so we waited. While in Vancouver we spend a whole day trying to find the store with 4 kids in our van. MDG had the WRONG address listed on the MDG website so we drove around aimlessly for hours, called the store twice and got East Indians that could barely speak English and were very hard to understand. Well after about 5 hours we finally got a pedestrian to show us where it was......walked in to the store finally and wait in line for another 45 mins only to find out the store doesn't stock the hard drive and we will need to send it in anyways. FURIOUS we left and called our sale rep....ya he was no help and didnt give a damn. When we got home we had to send it in and of course pay more money for the repair (forget just how much). When it came back (like 2 months later) all my important files were gone and everything was changed......horrible experience!

The laptop worked ok for the next few months then the DVD burner died, keys stopped working, speaker would not work and the LCD case and hinges were cracking and breaking. So we sent it back again. This time I sent a nice butt kissing letter along with the laptop and it came back within 2 weeks and no cost to us. We were stoked and thought that MDG must be changing their ways.

Again the laptop worked for a few more months before the LCD case and hinges started to crack again and then the hard drive failed again. I called and got a RMA and sent it back again (with another butt kissing letter) 2 months go by and no word. Finally I break down and call. I was told we will have to pay another $280 for the LCD case, a new (upgraded) hard drive as they do not stock the old one, and battery clips. I fought with the man on the phone about this telling him the laptop was babied and barely used there is no reason we should have to pay for this when we have a gold warranty package. They claim now that all this is our doing....I have yet to call them back and tell them to proceed with repairs or not. I think I am going to file a BBB complaint and demand a refund of my money and if nothing comes of that I will take MDG to small claims court for a full refund on the $3500+ piece of crap they sold/scammed me on.

I could probably write a 10 page letter on MDG and what they have done to us but I will keep it short. Buyer beware with this company! They are scammers and Steve Nash should be ashamed to be their spokes person. They lie, cheat, scam and steal your money then send you garbage. This MUST be stopped!

MDG if you read this I WANT my hard earned money back. You ripped off a honest hardworking family of 7 and it is not right. You have my computer and I want my money back. All $3114.61 of it!

Rating 2/10

"Recently bought an 'Aptonbook L' from MDG at a total of $1580.87. Other than the fact that the laptop itself is a stripped down version of the Compal IFL90, the hardware performance was decent at best for its price.

To be concise, my main dissatisfaction derives from MDG's absurd dishonesty.

1. Misleading advertisements - I was pulled in by its amazing ads in which MDG claimed to be giving away FREE XBOX 360's and NO PST / NO GST. After consulting a sales representative in person, I was casually told that the XBox 360 was "of a different promotion" and that it was exclusively applicable to the "+ model" systems. I then went on to ask about the NO GST/PST offer. In his same effortless tone, I was told that it was also a part of a "different promotion" which came only with the "2007 Models"

2. Slow delivery - I placed the order for my laptop on August 15th, 2007. On the invoice it specifically sates the Due Date to be Aughst 22nd, 2007. After 3 weeks of numerous phone calls to customer service and countless broken promises that my laptop would be "ready in 2 days", I requested to have my order canceled due to MDG's poor service. Not only was I unable attain my 40$ deposit, I was subjected to a 15% cancellation fee. The sales rep finally called me on September 8th, 2007 to inform me that my computer was ready for pick up. This, however, was only the start of more disappointment.

3. More misleading advertisements - As I picked up my laptop, I was surprised to find that I was not given one single "free upgrade" that was mentioned in the advertisement prior to my purchase. NO free printer: only a mail-in-rebate that covers no more than 50% of its original price which I would have to pay myself IF i choose to purchase the printer. NO software bundles: since I requested to have a blank hard disk drive installed, I was given absolutely no softwares. NO Call of Duty 2 game: same reason as above. NO skype phone: "a different promotion" (third time this phrase has been used by this salesperson). NO complimentary internet service: I did not even bother asking.

Now that I had my laptop (without the useless "upgrades"), I thought everything would be smooth sailing. Once again, I was wrong.

4. Incorrect (inferior) parts -
On the invoice: "Intel Core 2 Duo 1.6GHZ 2MB Cache CPU". What I aquired: Intel Core 2 Duo T5250 1.5GHZ CPU.
On the website: "Kingston DDR2 High Performance memory". What I acquired: "Samsung DDR2 SDRAM"

I have yet to contact MDG.

Basically everything I've said so far can be summarized into this simple message: stay away from MDG. (MDG has a No Refund Policy)
For those that have purchased MDG computers, a simple program such as System Info (http://www.gtopala.com/) will reveal every last detail of the computer system. You might find an unpleasant surprise.


This review was modified by easytea on September 16 2007 03:53:24 AM

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