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  • Cardpool

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    • Address: 2340 Powell St, #225 Emeryville, CA
    • Contact: support@cardpool.com
    • Phone: n/a
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    • Business Hours: 9-5pm PST
    • Fax: n/a

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    Product & services pricing Rating 5.68/10 5.68/10
    Chance of future purchase: Rating 1.73/10 1.73/10
    Shipping & packaging: Rating 3.33/10 3.33/10
    Customer service: Rating 1.92/10 1.92/10
    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 2.00/10 2.00/10

522 Customer Reviews

Rating 2/10

Avoid CardPool

"I made a huge mistake buying an e-gift card from CardPool. Other vendors (Raise, CardCash, etc.) sent the e-gift cards within 30 minutes to an hour. At this time, it's been more than a day and I still have not received my cards. In addition, I have contacted Cardpool on three separate occasions and still have not received a response. They do not have live chat or a telephone number to obtain assistance. I will not purchase from Cardpool again. "

Rating 2/10

Waste of Time (Risk Assessment Clan ****)

"They wont accept my physical giftcards I sent in recently, and they don't have a reason why."

This review was modified by CardpoolSucksAlot on May 02 2016 12:24:25 PM

Rating 2/10

Worst buying experience...

"Very poor services. I had very bad experience. I bought eGiftcard & it took 2 days to deliver it in my inbox. Usually it takes few seconds for the delivery of eGiftcards."

This review was modified by Nishad on April 15 2016 07:49:55 PM

Rating 2/10

Arbitrarily rejects sales—or does it not like enquires about a sales ETA?

"I attempted to purchase a card with a small balance ($69). It was an ecard, so I was expecting it to arrive by the next day. When it didn’t, I sent a polite email asking for an ETA. I received back an email which stated, "’Regrettably, our risk assessment team had determined that we are not able to process your order at this time . . . due to the nature of our business, we do not currently disclose the parameters of our risk assessment." No way to remedy whatever "risk" they perceived. (If the risk was with the ecard itself—which makes sense given that they are peddling with gift cards they acquire from other people—why not suggest my buying a different one?) My credit card is issued from a top provider, and though they didn’t ask or get info to check my credit, my credit is impeccable. I suspect they didn’t like my enquiry. Any company that is this arbitrary should not be trusted or patronized."

This review was modified by Frequent-online-shopper on March 28 2016 01:00:23 PM

Rating 2/10

customer service - not!

"I bought 1 card from Cardpool to test the waters. All was great. I decided to try again with a higher dollar value. Again, all was great. Then a 3rd time with a similar dollar value and they sent me an email telling me "Thank you for your recent order at Cardpool.com. Regrettably, our risk assessment team had determined that we are not able to process your order at this time. Your credit card has not been charged for the order. These determinations are made in a black box by a risk assessment team in our firm. Our processing center has no greater insight into or are privy to the criteria by which they use to reach their determinations. There are many different reasons as to why an order may be cancelled and you can read more about our terms and guidelines for purchase athttp://www.cardpool.com/tos."
Ever since then, any order I try to place I get the same response.
Any time I send them a question, regardless of what I'm asking, I get the same response.
I asked for them to delete my account and I got the same response..."Thank you for your recent order at Cardpool.com. Regrettably, our risk assessment team had determined that we are not able to process your order at this time. Your credit card has not been charged for the order..."
There's no phone number to call (they will only deal with you via hours long delayed emails), and the number that my credit card company fraud department had along with the charge I made was "no longer in service."

This review was modified by rocketeer8 on March 22 2016 11:06:01 AM

Rating 4/10

Adventures of compromising with scammers!

"So I bought a Pacsun gift card two days ago. I was so excited I almost peed my pants because I was so happy I saved money & I got so much more than what I paid for ($62) and well... cuz I'm cheap lol. Anyway I never heard of this website beforehand and didn't read reviews so I wasn't too suspicious (mistake #1). However, In my defense, I googled "discount gift cards" and cardpool was the first to pop up and it looked legit. I purchased a $94 pacsun card for only $62.

Mistake #2. I trusted them. I PURCHASED my card. Yes I got my order number confirmation in my email, however before they processed my order, I was sent a link to verify my order and my information. I get they asked me this for security purposes so I was willing to verify. But....BUT BUTTERYBUTTKINS THEIR VERIFICATION SYSTEM "ISN'T WORKING". (I tried ten times on different occasions) Woopty damn doo but their website was perfectly A-okay, no problemo, super dandy fine when they accepted my money. How convenient. I think not.

Mistake #3 don't be nice to potential scammers. Their customer service is either very poor or nonexistent. Another red flag. I emailed them 5x asap like BlTCH BETTER HAVE MY MONEY. Kidding. I was polite and calm as I normally react to customer service. They gave me a bs reply, a freaking copy and paste reply. Basically said "aye girl just hol up imma get back to ya when I get back to ya!" I was like nu-uh okay so let me get this straight your customer service is practically nonexistent, your reply is even worse and not helpful at all, and you're not going to do anything about it??

I was PlSSED. So I unleashed my inner diva and went after them so hard I think I gave them PTSD. Okay now that we're passed my mistakes let's get on to the happy ending---well for me anyway.

I was angry I threatened to sue them for false advertising and theft with some fancy law vocabulary (Thanks TNT!). I basically said that I tried to contact you but with your poor reply and no other way to contact you after you accepted my money, I have no choice but to slam a lawsuit against your company and CEO whom BTW will receive potential jail time. I swear my phone rang faster than when Taco Bell started their delivery service. My phone and mail blew up so quick. Even my mother got calls on her phone. I can tell from their voices they were nervous. Yeah I felt bad but they had no problem potentially committing theft so yeah don't feel that bad no more lol. I verified my info and got my card right away.

However, I got SUPER lucky. I'm sure many of the consumers weren't so lucky. According to the reviews I've read, so many have spent hundreds of dollars on the site only to be scammed. Would I recommend this to a friend? HELL NO. Would I recommend it to my worst enemy? Sure if Hitler were still alive. Would I purchase from Cardpool again? Never. As I've said before, I got lucky and scared the pee out of these guys which got them to cooperate. If I hadn't, I would've been a victim of theft.

Honestly if you're unsure about this site and you want to buy a cheaper gift card, there are other sites. Yes cardpool has the cheapest deals but its a HUGE risk. A couple of people got lucky, most did not. Imo, this is site is no different than the spam emails that are obviously scammers. Unlike most relevant shopping websites, cardpool has a very poor contact system which makes sense I mean If I were a scam artist, I'd have zero to little contact info too. They also don't contact you with updates or assurance that your purchase is safe and being processed unless their asses are on the line. I got my order but I will never, ever shop here again nor will I recommend this site to anyone. They take advantage of their poor customer service contact system.

Thanks Cardpool for the shitty service. Hope you guys really do get sued for theft and false advertisements.

This review was modified by Thesereviewsbelike on March 20 2016 04:31:46 AM

Rating 10/10

Great Way to Save Some Money

"I've bought several Express gift cards from cardpool and they've always contained the amount stated. I've been able to save quite a lot, usually they are 23-25% off. With Express sales and coupons I've been able to get around $325 sticker prices worth of clothes for less than $100."

This review was modified by Zatek on March 19 2016 01:08:29 PM

Rating 2/10

Huge Scam

"I reached out to Cardpool to sell a gift card I no longer wanted. It was a Costco gift card given to me by my employer. The gift card was worth $625 and Cardpool offered me $550.04 for the gift card. I agreed to sell them the gift card and gave them my address and cell phone number. They emailed me a shipping label and suggested that I just send it via USPS first class mail. They informed me that as soon as they received the card they would email me and process it within one business day. Three days later I received an email staring that my card had been received and processed and they would be issuing me a check the next business day. I received a call from Cardpool saying they needed to verify my identity before sending out the check. I told them ny name, date of birth, and how I came to be in possession of the gift card. The woman on the phone told me that my order would be processed. On Feburary 25, I got an email claiming that my check had been sent and that I should except it to arrive in 3-7 business days. I waited and on the 8th business day I emailed the company (given that they provide no phone number) and requested information on the whereabouts of my check or a specific arrival date. They could provide me with neither. All they said in their response email was that sometimes there are delays and I should email back if I didn't receive the check three weeks from when they first claimed to send it. They also said that if in three weeks time if I still hadn't received the check, they would issue me a new one. At this point, I decided to look up reviews for this company online, something I should have done before ever placing an order. I came to find dozens of people explaining a situation identical to my own. They claimed they waited the three weeks and when they emailed the company back, they company simply said "our records show that the check was cashed" but no one ever received their check. I eventually found a phone number online that claimed to be the Cardpool help desk, but when I call someone answers the phone, but doesn't say anything. Most of the reviews online are negative, but then there are positive reviews claiming Cardpool issued them a check and all was well. These are obviously fake reviews used to trick people into doing business with this fraudulent company. This company is obviously large and profiting off people if they are able to go through so many steps to trick people into sending them money. This business needs to be stopped. They are conning hundreds of people out of their money. "

This review was modified by Kt2896 on March 19 2016 01:05:10 PM

Rating 2/10

Terrible service

"Did not deliver. Their verification system did not work (said it was unavailable). I tried again later and it told me I had already verified or had declined to verify and someone would be in touch (Yuck). A couple days later I got an email asking to call customer support - I did that and was then verified. I then tried to order two cards. Both orders were cancelled due to "Risk Assessment". I contacted support to ask what that meant - they told me me they could not disclose that to me, but i was welcome to "Try to resubmit the orders at a later date" . No thanks - My credit rating is A+ and there are a lot of companies happy to accept my money. I dont need to deal with these bozos"

This review was modified by billNY on March 03 2016 12:57:21 PM

Rating 6/10


"Be careful! If you order a gift card to order something from a place having a 1 day sale, you might not get it for a day or so and miss the sale. It does state that they send it to you within 24 hours, but I wish they could deliver it within 1 hour. I missed countless 24 hour flash sales because I did not receive the card info until the next day."

This review was modified by AvalancheGary on February 24 2016 12:23:07 PM

Rating 10/10

Love the savings!

"I've made 5 purchases from cardpool in the last week. The first two were a bit slow do to their security systems. The first order requires them to call you and ask verification questions, and the 2nd purchase has you do an extra verification online. I totally understand them needing to be safe on their end. The following purchases went much more quickly. So far I've just purchased codes, not physical cards. Very happy with my savings."

This review was modified by hlbtimes2 on February 24 2016 10:27:17 AM

Rating 4/10

Slow eGift card delivery!

"Sadly, unlike the other merchants for giftcards out there (Raise, ABC, GiftCardZen, etc.) these guys are WAY behind the times. They don't make timely eGiftCard deliveries and cause huge inconvenience to their customers. Not to mention that their support is slow and lacking. They really need to get with the program or lose people's business. Everyone else can do it - not hard to see why you have such low ratings guys."

Rating 2/10

Heed the Warnings!!

"I'm not sure how these people are in business..... When you place an order with this company, they cancel the order. When you ask why they cancelled it, you get this answer: "Thank you for following up with us. Our risk assessment team has determined that we aren't able to accept the order at this time. Your credit card has not been charged for the order. Unfortunately due to the nature of our business, we do not currently disclose the parameters of our risk assessment. We truly apologize for any inconvenience to you."

I'm pretty sure that them not being able to 'accept' the order, is that they were attempting to sell something they didn't have.

Needless to say... I'm keeping a close eye on my card to make sure the charge doesn't get processed.....

Buyer beware! YIKES!

This review was modified by SwaggerWagon77 on February 22 2016 12:04:08 PM

Rating 2/10

verification email for $80

"Waited to get my GC for 4 days and got verification email, have no clue what they need to verify for $80. It goes in voice mail whenever you call them, no response of voice messages. STAY AWAY. It's nothing but waste of time."

This review was modified by Hssnz on February 22 2016 09:48:57 AM

Rating 2/10

Cancel your oder without giving legit reason

"Extremely irresponsible seller. They cancel your order without telling you any precise reasons. I contacted the customer service and was told the decision was made by their "risk assessment team" based on a black box scheme, which they have no idea on and no control over it. My friend had an even worse experience with them. They contacted to verify ID after the order was placed and told my friend that they would send the card one day after. Two days later, the same email containing order cancellation message, of course, decision made by this mysterious risk assessment team, arrived. Avoid this company if you can. "

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