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  • Rating 3.17/10 537 reviews

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All 537 Customer Reviews

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

""Well, I honestly have never complained or was ever one to type up a negative review etc. But here goes. Yap, I just had to be a customer to wing it out and ignore the bad review experiences with other customers. I placed a very simple firearm order; on Dec/31/2012 For one Marlin .308 Bolt Action Rifle. Its now heading towards the 7th business day and my order is still in process stage. I have called Buds Gun Shop at ease, but no great help at all. I have called on the 2nd, 4th, 7th and today as of 01/08/2012.

They were polite, but not helpful at all. Whom ever answers the phone, just says the same b.s Well sir, blah blah, we are waiting for the firearm to get to our shop from the warehouse, blah blah, then we expect it, blah, then it will ship out to your FFL dealer etc. I mean, come on now Buds. How hard is it for you to ship out only ONE FIREARM. And I honestly called twice before placing the order and was TOLD TWICE, that the rifle is plenty in-stock and ready to ship out. Hell, you took my money within minutes after placing the order, WHATS THE GOTDAMN HOLD UP? SEND IT OUT ALREADY. This is my first order and will 100% be my last from BUDS! STAY AWAY! Just stick to shopping locally like most firearm owners say. And spend that extra $20 to $100 at your local dealership, ITS WELL WORTH IT. Least at your local shops you can see your firearm, inspect it and no worries. AGAIN, THIS IS MY FIRST AND FINAL ORDER EVER FROM BUDS. NEVER AGAIN! I will keep you all posted and keeping my fingers crossed that they will actually ship my rifle out. If not, I will take this to small claims. I have a cousin whom is a lawyer, that will take my case for free. Will contact you all soon to see if I finally receive my rifle. I wonder if Buds will actually ship my rifle and will they even ship out the proper rifle? This I gotta see.... Even if I receive my purchase, I will not apologize for this treatment against well paying customers. There is no excuse for this type of long wait for a shipment... Its my fault for trying something new, instead of going to my dealer. But I only tried this online store, since this B.S with the Obama firearm ban scare, that all my local shops are nearly sold out of everything. I just wanted a simple .308 to train my lady to shoot and this Marlin that I saw only for barely $300.00 shipped, is what I thought was a bargain. Especially how times are now. Yap, it was a bargain alright, they got my cash bargain as I just sit here waiting, waiting, waiting... Buds if you think I'm going to fall for your 10% cancellation fee scam, you got another thing coming! SEND MY RIFLE YOU JERKS! I'm stubborn and I'm going to keep calling and annoying you all till it either ships out or until our small claims date!...."

Update: Well here I'am, its 1/9/2013. Calling Buds Right Now, I'm only caller number EFFING 22. Hmmm,,, only an hour wait to get a hold of someone. Yap, my order is still in processing stage since Dec/31/2012. This is definitely a crooked company. Damn, I knew I should not have ordered from these bastards. I will keep you all posted. I'm tempted to hit the cancellation button on their EFFING cheesy web-site. But 10% restocking fee for something that has not even been sent out, is OUTRAGEOUS. What assholes...
Update: 1/10/2013- Status went to shipping. Lets see how much longer till my rifle finally arrives!
Update: 1/11/2013- Still waiting
Update: 1/13/2013- Its the weekend now, but still nothing arrived on the 11th. F**K this company
Update: 1/14/2013- Still in shipping status, F**K this company
Update: 1/14/2013- 2pm- Now when I called, gave me a UPS shipping number, Wonder if this is my true order, will keep you all posted, fingers crossed- Still- F**K this company
Update: 1/15/2013 Shipment on its way from UPS. Still wondering if they sent the right firearm. Suppose to arrive tomorrow at my FFL dealer, will let you all know!
Update: 1/16/2013- It is out on local delivery as we speak, will let you all know by end of today or tomorrow if the proper rifle was received without flaws/defects etc.
Update: 1/16/2013- Status, delivered to my FFL at 1:10p.m. Getting ready to head to my firearm shop!

Update: 1/16/2013- WOW FINALLY, RIFLE RECEIVED AT MY FRIENDS SHOP 2:45pm. Rifle is in mint shape, not a scratch, no defects, all mechanisms are in perfect working order. THANK GOD. I give 5stars for my .308 rifle only! The 1Star rating stays for the slow slow shipment, 1star for customer service and my final star! Don't say I didn't warn you consumers out there. SHOP LOCALLY! LESSON LEARNED, take-care Buds, first & last purchase EVER!


modified review This review was modified by Mercenary.J on January 16 2013 01:44:30 PM
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Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"No way to put it nicely, this company sucks. For the ones that have had a good experience with Buds, I'm happy for you ... but a lot of people aren't so lucky. On the phone they say 3-7 days to ship, in the email they say 7-10 ... plus at the time the order is processed NOW they say it's a 10% penalty to cancel your order ... they conveniently slipped that in but are not forth coming with that info at the time of the order. Had I known that little tidbit at the time I ordered I would not have done it. Essentially, they are telling you that your money is hostage and if you want to set it free you'll pay for it which is a crock. There are countless horror stories on here with similar or worse complaints. How this company is BBB accredited is beyond me, but I would recommend that people that have issues with Buds should file a complaint with the BBB and that will change. It's easy, costs you nothing and would quickly change Buds BBB rating if in fact there are as many customers out there with these issues. This 10% penalty is a new one from Buds and wasn't there before and I'm suspecting it's due to the amount of canceled orders by pissed off customers so now they just stick it to you to try and force you to put up with it ... but I ain't taking it lying down.
UPDATE: 1/14/2013 - I filed a case with the BBB on 1/8(Better Business Bureau) against BGS and within 5 days of that got a full refund ... no 10% taken out but ALL of my money. Thank you BBB for your help. I have used the BBB 4 times now and got satisfaction every time. If more people used the BBB to file claims against BGS I'm pretty sure their BBB rating would plummet and they might start conducting business like they should. For those of you that don't know, the BBB is free and it gets results
1/30/2013: In response to "charmingdevil" ... a) I live in the 4th largest city in the US b) Keep in mind, we all know you ignored the bad reviews on here and bought from Buds because of the pricing ... we all have c) Everyone is a satisfied customer until they become unsatisfied d) I'm glad you had a good experience, I had a few myself ... question is what will be your response when you have a bad experience with Buds? Lastly, I don't really care about your opinion or what you think about "us in the sticks" ... I got taken for a ride (along with thousands of others) and I'm done with Buds, but you are welcome to buy all the guns you want from them and happy shopping.

modified review This review was modified by bullsmith83 on January 30 2013 03:36:59 PM
Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

""I have purchased several firearms through http://Budsgunshop.com. I recently went to Bud's site to purchase a Glock, and to my suprise they had increased their price of a Glock 17 from 539.00 to 575.00 overnight. It seem that they are using the Newtown incident to increase their fire arms cost by 12%.
I complained to them through their website and they responded by deleting my account.

I think it's so unfair that http://Budsgunshop.com deletes reviews thats not favorable. Isn't this a democracy. What about the first amendment? Freedom of Speech.

Go figure!"

modified review This review was modified by gaitersj on January 06 2013 02:04:37 PM
Rating 10/105/5
modified review posted

"Bought a Taurus 1911 for myself for Christmas, thank you self. I got the best price, incredible delivery and a beautiful gun.
The main reason I decided to write a review is because I saw a few negative reviews and I needed to ballance the scales. My experience with Bud's Gun Shop could not have been better. their web site was also the easiest most user friendly of any that I visited. Sorry if any one has sour grapes but I'd have to question their disposition and situation. Lets face it, and be honest, gun enthusiest can be a pain in the azz to deal with. They usually find themselves pretty damn wonderful.

modified review This review was modified by Husker-n-AZ on December 29 2012 09:18:45 AM
Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted


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Rating 10/105/5
modified review posted

"This is an update to the post I made on Dec.23 2012(before I had any contact from a Budsgunshop.com offcial)On the late afternoon on Dec.23 2012,I recieved a telephone call from a Budsgunshop company offcial about my order.After a couple of e-mail exchanges with the V.P. of Budsgunshop.com,I now "STRONGLY" believe this was an "inventory issue".With Budsgunshop.com's very timely response to my issue and thier commitment to make my order "RIGHT",and that my last post may have been in error.I have changed my rating of Budsgunshop.com to reflect this and will remain a customer of Budsgunshop.com and feel that no other action needs to be taken."

modified review This review was modified by XXXXX534700 on December 26 2012 08:41:40 AM
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Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"Save yourself the trouble and DO NOT order from Buds Gun Shop. I was moving from Illinois to California on 12/8/12 and knew that with the 7 days TOPS handling time + 2 days shipping, I would have received the firearm before I moved. 7 business days from my order (11/26/12), still nothing from Buds. I wasn't going to receive the firearm in time. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? It takes 7 business days (10 real person days) to ship a common, in stock item? That's the longest I've ever had to wait for anything to ship. If the website's overwhelmed with orders around a certain time of the year, it should say so on the site. Why not offer expedited handling/shipping? Why not send an email after X amount of days that it cannot ship the item? They really aren't trying to make things easy for the customer. Their site also sucks and is down half of the time I try to get on it. They have one person on their chat (who's actually very helpful and I know they're doing the best they can with what they have) and when trying to get a hold of somebody on their customer phone line, waited FOURTY MINUTES to get a hold of somebody to cancel my order. At first, their website was going to charge a cancellation fee of 10% of my order (50 bucks) for doing absolutely nothing. The customer support person was understanding and waived the fee since it was past the 7 days. There's just so many things wrong with this place. I will never use them again and will never recommend them."

Rating 10/105/5
modified review posted

"Purchased an item on December 7, 2012. The item was shipped the next business day. I placed my order before reading the reviews, if I had read the reviews I would have not placed my order, but I'm glad I didn't read them. The transaction went very smoothly from Bud's Gun Shop all the way to my FFL."

Rating 10/105/5
modified review posted

"I ordered from buds before I read the reviews on here. Had I read these reviews before hand I would of never bought from Buds! HOWEVER! I am glad I did. I went with buds because they had the gun i wanted at the right pricd. I placed my order for a Walther pps Sunday and it arrived at my local FFL gun shop Wednesday afternoon. No issues, no nonsense. Just a smooth straight forward transaction. When ordering they tell you if it will arrive before Christmas or after Christmas. I am guessing all the negative reviews are comming from the people who were told they would ship after Christmas. I will buy from buds again. Thank you."

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Ottumwa, IA
Rating 10/105/5
modified review posted
ResellerRatings.com TOP REVIEWER!

"Back in July 2012, I bought my first handgun from a web business and was very reluctant to buy online after reading all of the horror stories written about Buds,CTD, and others. Most ratings were from the typical "not happy" group and a few were from folks who had great experiences. Typically, there were reviews complaining about delays in shipping and receipt of their firearm, and a few about finding powder residue in the works of brand new guns. After carefully reading about Budsgunshop.com, I found that the bulk of complaints seemed petty as the dickens, where 7-10 business days after processing the order seems to be read as "pay with your credit card and your weapon will be transported to your FFL in minutes.." It seemed to me that patience was something other people had and not gun buyers. I am ordering my fifth handgun of the year from Buds and expect the Christmas shipping season to really slow down my order until sometime nearer to New Years as Buds digs out of the Christmas orders backup. The last order in September was placed on a Wednesday and the order was processed on the following Friday. It didn't ship until the next Monday (and I assume I should have written a really negative review because Buds was so inept at producing the firearm, but I bit my fingers and waited) and after getting the shipping notice Monday afternoon, it took an unrealistic two more days to reach my FFL so I could pick it up. This has been the norm for all four purchases. One took 10 calendar days, one took 6 calendar days, the other 2 in between. Purchases went through perfectly, e-mails and guarantees were sent to me at each step in the process. AND, my credit card number was not stolen and used for fraudulent purchases! I will and AM purchasing from this vendor again. But I do have some degree of patience!"

modified review This review was modified by drmeggs on December 18 2012 02:35:08 PM
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Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"People stay away from budsgunshop the good reviews are from workers that work there i should of read the bad reviews before purchase-sing a gun from them i think they dont have the guns in stock my brother order hes from cheaperthendirt at the same time as me and got hes last week and i'm here still waiting on mine just hope they don't go bankrupt and i stay stuck with out a gun and also they give you alot of excuses and customer service SUCKS."

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Rating 10/105/5
modified review posted

"Update 12/18/12
In reply to comments about this post: I am not an employee of Bud’s Gun Shop or a relative of one, nor do I know one. A positive post does not automatically make me one any more than a negative post makes me an employee of Bud’s online competition. Buds could care less about my post and certainly don’t need my help.
I understand the negative posters frustrations and would have written the same if I had the same experience. Yes, they can do better on delivery time and I am sure they know that. They delivered to me exactly what was promised and I will return again to do business.

After reading some of the reviews posted here, you may think your dealings are not with a legitimate, upfront business and you are being scammed faster than a tourist in a straw hat and plaid, seersucker suit standing in Times Square. Trust me, you are not.
If the firearm you order is in stock the transaction will most likely proceed normally. This accounts for the positive reviews seen here. If you place your order during a very busy part of the year there can be some delays. I checked their listing with the Lexington, Kentucky Better Business Bureau and they are accredited. It is hard to beat their prices and this accounts for the volume they do in firearm sales. Granted, you will need to muster all your patience to wait up to seven days for the item to ship. This is the price you pay for those savings. I assume the help gets “stretched” a bit especially during the holiday season and it is hard for them to catch up.
You will not notice it at first as the smooth operation emails slide past you in the online transaction but rest assured, you are not just another customer. Don’t think for a minute the contents of your wallet are leaving your pants pocket faster than a dip working the drunks at Mardi Gras. These folks work hard to keep their promises. Even the biggest companies out there selling online can have an occasional bump in the road. I am a happy customer and there is no reason you can’t be one too.


modified review This review was modified by Dataseeker on December 18 2012 09:44:30 PM
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Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"I purchased a gun 12-01-12 with a FFL "Preferred Dealer", which claims to expedite processing. It has been 10 days and I've received nothing but a bill after Bud's guarantee of shipping within 3-7 days. No email, besides advertisements. No tracking number. Only a statues update received seconds after purchase telling me Bud got his money. My fingers are crossed in hopes I will actually receive my gun. As of now, I feel I am a victim of a SCAM."

modified review This review was modified by montanajerm on December 11 2012 08:38:12 PM
Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"They've had my money for some time now and can't find any way to contact them without going into the 'press 1' abyss before it hangs up on you. Then in Dec they initiated the no delivery before Christmas unless items are marked as such. No explanation as to whether that applied to all prior orders that are "processing." No idea if they had my gun in stock, like they said it was when I ordered it, but I don't think so now. Rumor has it they are experts in lying about availability. If you want to cancel the order or speak to someone about it, well, first of all you can't get through to a human, and even if you did they want a 10% cancellation fee. Now I'm stuck. Cheaper Than Dirt emailed me saying the gun I want arrived and is in stock, but now I can't go get it because the wankers at Bud's Gun Shop have me on a hook. Never again!! "

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"I also purchased a shotgun on Dec 4th and it has been in processing ever since, even though I have an email saying the holidays would not create a delay and was told by the operator upon purchase it was in stock and would be shipped in a day or so. They now have a delay. Go figure! Like many others, I tried to contact them, but they shut off their contact functions. I finally caught their worthless Order Chat up today Dec 10th and Gary S. says he has no idea when it will be shipped. He said there are no guarantees on shipping times. I might get it by Christmas though, but no guarantee. He works there and can't even give me a clue! That is horrible customer service. The Attorney General in KY is Jack Conway in Frankfort KY. Maybe a few emails letting him know what kind of business he has using interstate commerce via his state lines would set a fire under the "I don't know and there are no guarantees DUDS" ************** Mislead says...
Well, this is Dec.19th and my shotgun arrived at my FFL dealer.Even through the wait and total confusion at Bud's, I was excited to go get it.I drove over to the next town and, of course, they sent the wrong gun.Yep, that Bud's has it going on!I may just take a sledge hammer to it rather than try to get the order right.I checked their web site and the gun I originally ordered isn't even on there any longer.I called the super nice people at Tri Star and they said the gun is still in production and they have no idea why I got the gun I did.By some miracle, I called Buds about 30 times and actually got an operator that couldn't help me.She said someone would call back.It doesn't really matter anymore.Just beware, part of that money you save at Buds was what Buds saved on Customer Service and quality control! Guess what? I did get a call back and was told I couldn't get the gun I ordered. I told the Buds rep. that I talked to the vendor at Tristar and the gun was still very available, but he said they wouldn't order anymore of the type I originally wanted, paid for, and ordered. That's it! Never never, never, never, never again will I make the mistake of ordering anything from Buds. This lower quality and priced gun may just end up in the recycle bin so I don't have to tell anyone where I got it. That is how ashamed I am of myself that I tried to save a few dollars at the price of getting a decent and accurate product in a timely manner!
I am glad the homers have shed the light on Buds. *****12-20-2012******

I know my postings are getting old to everyone, even the people that aren't homers for Buds, so this is the last one ever 12-20-1012. Thank you honest people on here for letting me vent and reading the GOD's honest truth.**************

I will always give my money to BUDS before I consider church or give to a charity.BUDS is all things right with America.We should always wait on them and support all companies that can't keep up!We should always be happy when we order something and it is late.We should always give them a FIVE STAR rating for this behavior and service.It will help them feel better and know it is o.k. to offer bad service and use excuses such as Christmas and elections or current events that happened recently as last week even if the order was three weeks ago.Oh, to have patience is a virtue and should always be adhered to in the case of bad and lazy business practices as long as they eventually fill an order. The order doesn't even need to be correct. The next time I take my car in for service, I'll tell the mechanic to just keep it an extra couple weeks because it is near Valentines Day! PEOPLE, stand up for good timely service.There are enough excuses in Washington DC. without the private sector adopting the their lifestyle and business model.If I am late in my business, I get contracted out of it.That is the way it should be.How can we keep up with, and be ahead of the rest of the world when we allow our service industries to do what they want when they want and then condone it?I'll tell you!We end up as that type society where hard work and diligent preparedness for obvious fluctuations in the business you may be in mean nothing as do your customer support.It will end, and may end badly for all of us.Companies like Buds have helped mightily in lowering our standard of pride and workmanship to the point where even sending out an incorrect product means nothing.There is no conscience in not offering an accurate exchange because they don't want to, not because they can't get the promised paid for, and late, item. I'm done with BUDS, the homers, and the bogus 5 star ratings based on little or nothing on this site other than being a homer or family friend of an employee or an actual employee. To the one or two legitimate positive responses on here, I apologize. The rest of the pro BUD responses are so blatantly bogus, it is an insult to what this site is suppose to represent and in the real world, five stars represent perfections in every aspect of a deal or product. DA!!!!! I will never prostitute my reputation by paying the bottom dollar for a "bargain" at the possibility of degrading my own self respect or reputation again. I expect Bud, whoever he is, to run for public office soon! BTW, I wasn't afraid to list my invoice number on my review. Where are the pro BUD legitimate invoice numbers? List them and maybe I'll change my mind if a ONE star poster confirms them and also post the results. If you are afraid to, I don't blame you, I was likely sent the wrong gun with no equal exchange possibilities for publicly listing that number!

modified review This review was modified by Mislead on December 20 2012 08:39:35 AM
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