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    Product & services pricing Rating 4.50/10 4.50/10
    Chance of future purchase: Rating 2.50/10 2.50/10
    Shipping & packaging: Rating 2.22/10 2.22/10
    Customer service: Rating 1.80/10 1.80/10
    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 2.62/10 2.62/10

1,386 Customer Reviews

Rating 2/10

"I have a complaint about your sales/service staff. Today I went to return a pair of non-functional headphones I purchased at your store just a few days ago. I also intended to do the rest of my Christmas shopping after I was finished with the return.

The person who was behind the return desk called up a man in a nice suit (I belive his name was Gervik) to authohorize the return. This man (Gervik) proceeded to tell the return clerk that Best Buy does not stock the item I was returning, even tho I had the reciept in front of me, and could tell him what isle and what shelf I got them from. So, I interupted and said "excuse me, I did buy those here, I can show you the shelf where I got them from". At this time Gervik turned to me and said "Shut Up. I am not talking to you" in a VERY RUDE MANNER. So, I waited for Gervik to leave, and asked to talk to a store manager. I told the store manager my story, he asked the return clerk if Gervik had actually told me to "shut up". The return clerk (obviously a friend of Gervik) denied it. Now, I understand that perhaps the return clerk is younger, and does not have young children, so his ears may not be "trained" to listen for the words "shut up" like a father with two young boys. So the manager told me "Sorry, he says it didn't happen. I've got a witness, there's nothing I can do".

Back it the 70's when I was trained in retail, The first thing I learned was "The customer is always right". I guess things are different now. I guess it's OK now for sales staff and management to be rude to customers.

So, to make a long story short, I did end up getting my return made. I then went down the street to the brand new Circuit City and proceeded to spend the $2,500 I was planing on spending at Best Buy.

So, I guess I'd like to thank your staff. because otherwise, I'd have never gone to Circuit City, and would have never had learned what exelent service and staff they have at Circuit City. You have lost a loyal customer forever.

A former BestBuy customer

No Avatar

Los Angeles
Rating 2/10

"I went to the local Best Buy store on Black Friday to get the 17" Samsung 171v. It was about $550, but there was a $149 rebate good until the end of that weekend. The store was out of them. I thought wouldn't be able to get one. When I visited their online site, they offered the same deal. Well, I figured I'd order it for pickup at the local store. I knew that this store was out, but since the online site said it would only allow me to pick up at a store with the product I thought there would be some shipped there soon.

After I ordered, an e-mail told me that the local store didn't have one. I called up Customer Support for BestBuy.com and had two options: switch the order to another store (which was about an hour away) or have it delivered. BUT the order would have to be cancelled first, then re-ordered to have it delivered. What's the point other than to cheat me out of a good deal? I had already ordered it. They could keep the order information while changing the final destination. This was after the rebate promotion expired. I didn't want to lose my order date. So I repeatedly called the store up to see when they would get a delivery. I showed them my reciept and the exact item I ordered. Twice I was told it would come in. Twice I left the store empty-handed. Can't they get their inventory right? Most big retail companies have electronic inventory systems that let them know exactly when new product comes in. You would think Best Buy could invest in this. After a week of no monitor, I decided I would pick it up at the next closest store.

Best Buy sent me an e-mail telling me that they couldn't get the order through because my credit card purchase was declined. I called my credit card company and found that it was because of fraud prevention protocols. Best Buy was required to call the order in personally to confirm the validity of the order. They didn't. Then they cancelled my order. They didn't so much as call me to let me sort things out first.

So, I tried talking to the BestBuy.com customer service again. They didn't help. I asked for a manager. The representative told me that his manager had no more authority than he did and refused to hand me to anyone. I talked to Best Buy's rebates department. No help. Then I called their non-800 support number and left a complaint. It's supposed to be reviewed by management. They certainly aren't speedy, if they even read or get complaints. This was about a week-and-a-half ago.

I tend to think that perhaps others might have been cheated on this too (a sort of day-after rebate reluctance, I suppose).

I WAS a pretty loyal Best Buy customer, but I think that I'll only shop there when forced to (like if someone gave me a gift card).

rpertusio's Avatar

Hershey, PA
Rating 10/10
ResellerRatings.com TOP REVIEWER!

"Although many bad comments about BestBuy, I have always had good experience with them.

Website: The site is incredibly easy to use, and makes ordering online very easy. Prices are very reasonable. The greatest deals come in rebates. (Yes, the rebates DO come. Its a matter of patience for them to arrive.)

Order Availability/Status: You can safely determine the availability of a product. I have found that it is very accurate. (Ex: If an item is listed to ship 5-7 days, it is very likely that they will ship in 5-7 days.. no more, no less.)

Checking your order status couldnt be easier. It is kept up-to-date. If there are any status changes in your order, you are sent an informative email.

The ease of tracking your package is dependant on the shipping service used. If BestBuy chooses to ship FedEx, then tracking your package is extremely easy. If BestBuy chooses to ship USPS, then it is a bit harder to find out where your package is (partly due to limitations of the USPS.)

Packaging: Strangely, I always seem to get my items in oversized boxes. I can't complain, as they are still packed well with plenty of packing material (nothing loose).

Other than a suggestion of finding appropriate sized boxes for shipping, I have had no other gripes! I will continue to purchase from BestBuy.

Rating 2/10

"Ordered a Creative Labs Nomad Jukebox. The local store did not have it (it was not available for delivery, only for pickup), but I received an email that if I ordered it again they would ship it to me. Of course, this did not work, because I would have had to order it online. After a week, and three emails from three different sales reps, the mail in rebate was no longer valid for the item. I was quite upset with this, so I will not buy from them again."

Rating 10/10

"I've seen the best and worst of BB. I will say it goes store-by-store because there are some stores (Okemos, MI) that I will _never_ frequent due to pushy and unknowledgeable (or unforthcoming with real answers) sales people. I have, however, had the opportunity to go to other BB's that are top-notch. Even their newest store in my area (Lansing, MI) with new sales people is great. They are knowledgeable, friendly, and willing to teach me about the products and they don't get irritated with simple questions. In Michigan I would suggest the Lansing, Traverse City, Muskegon and Novi stores. Steer clear of the East Lansing, Grand Rapids (on 28th), and Jackson store.

A few other notes;

The "performance service plan" is good, but only on higher priced items. I bought a 3 yr "PSP" on an all-in-one printer/scanner/fax (HP 950) and the bulb died within months. The techs were able to repair it within 2 days in the store. I have yet to experience a tech tell me that since the product was under the manuf. warranty that it needs to be sent there, they have _always_ taken care of the problem in-store or at worst, at the Detroit service center (it took 10 days to fix a dvd player, but still fairly reasonable).

"Product Replacement Program" is good for easily broken stuff, it cost me 10 dollars to buy a PRP on a 2.4 ghz cordless phone and i have replaced it twice in the last 2 years, well worth the 10 dollars.

All in all, BB is a good store if you can find a local one with decent employees, the decisive factor seems to be if they enjoy the products they are selling and the work environment they are in. The Lansing store has a manager that joked openly about how sucky a certain "value" cd/rw manufacturer was which made it much easier for the sales person to give me his honest opinion. The fact that BB employees are not on commission also helps in this regard, I am more likely to get a "don't buy that junk" from a BB employee then a Circuit City or Staples employee simply because the kids don’t see their checks shrinking when they tell a customer not to buy a particular brand or item.

This review was modified by crazy_c on December 08 2002 10:45:05 PM

Rating 8/10

"As part of my campaign against mail-in rebates I post a slightly lowered rating for BB. I tried to buy a Mag 17" flat panel in Sep 2002, at $530 with a $130 rebate. By the time the monitor was finally in stock on 10/15, the rebate had expired, and to make a long story short, the coupon I sent off was rejected as out of date by the BB rebate center and returned to me 11/27.

Now here's why I like buying computer equipment at BB: I went down to the store and an assistant manager took care of it right away and credited my credit card for the rebate.

You pay a premium, and the selection is limited, but being able to deal with a human who has been trained how to deal with customers can be worth a premium.

BB also sells mostly name brands; this may be helpful if you have a warranty problem. You will NEVER get service for a no-name cheap-a** chinese computer when your motherboard fails - you're on your own!

I still think mail-in rebates are a scam. Just sell the item at a discount.

This review was modified by wsanders1 on December 03 2002 12:15:05 PM

Rating 2/10

" I ordered an Iriver mp3 player because the website said it was in stock and would ship in 2-3days. I planned on picking it up at my local ("

Rating 2/10

"Bait and switch. Salesman promised to honor the rebate after substituting part of a computer package, then I couldn't get the rebate. Will never buy from them again."

Rating 2/10

"Ordered 11/8 to be delivered by "UPS 2nd Day" and tracking predicted arrival 11/12th. No goods by 11/14 so I called BestBuy.com and was told "Well, we'll put a trace on it and email you in 3-4 days". The only email I got after > 4days has been:
"We are happy to assist you in tracking your UPS package." (!)

They refused to send another item to me until the original trace is done. Time course of this plan: indeterminate. They have my funds as
of day of shipment, 11/9/02.

Rating 2/10

"Victim of blatant bait-and-switch from earlier this year."

Rating 2/10

"Pathetic Best Buy service for computer products


If you don't believe me, read my sad story.

I had purchased a HP laptop from Best Buy in June 2002. With in 1st 5 months it developed some hardware problem with the monitor. Since I had purchased the Best Buy Service Plan for 230$s, I took the laptop to Best Buy hoping that their service will be faster than to send it to manufacturer and getting it back.

To my surprise, I was informed that since the laptop was under manufacturer's warranty, Best Buy will only test it for the s/w problem and then will mail it to the manufacturer for actual repairs. Thus expected delivery date was after 4 weeks. (I had submitted the laptop on 3rd October, and expected date of delivery was 28th October).

I was also told that I will be kept informed by the store by phone. After 2 weeks of inactivity from store, when I started calling store / customer support, I was just tossed from one department to other department, with average wait time on each phone call varying between 10-20 mins. (I am not joking, I have documented the dates, and time).

1st I was made to feel like a fool, for trying to contact Best Buy before 28th October, while "their technical staff was supposed to be doing their best to perform diagnostic testing on the hardware (for more than 20 days)."

Then finally on 4th November, I received some response to my 9th call, saying that today Best Buy has shipped my laptop. Not to the store for pickup, but to the HP for repairs. This Best Buy kept my laptop at the service center for whole month for diagnostic testing.

When I insisted on knowing the details of kind of tests performed, and results, I was put on hold for 12 mins (while the customer service representative was trying to find information herself). Then I was informed that Service center had a big backlog and they did not perform any tests on my laptop for at least 3 weeks. Thus all the times, when I was told that my laptop was under diagnostic tests, it was a blatant lie, and it was just kept on shelf.

When I inquired about the new expected date of delivery, I was told that there is no way Best Buy can tell me the date, and I should just wait for a call from Best Buy. When I asked for the tracking number, so that I could have called and followed up with HP myself, I was told that Best Buy does not have any such information that can be given to me, and I should just wait for the call.

When I tried to explain the problem I was facing due to delays, I was advised by the customer support representative, that I should have bought a desktop as a backup for the laptop, if I had planned to use the laptop for any serious work, rather than just playing games or surfing internet.

Thus to cut a long story short, I have paid dearly for believing in the salesman from Best Buy that spending 230$s to purchase the service contract is a way of getting quick and reliable service. Not only that my money is wasted, but I have lost 5 weeks of my time, due to the red tapes at Best Buy.

On top of this, are the responses from their store representatives, and customer support staff.

SO now even after 44 days after giving my laptop for repairs, not only that I don't have my laptop back, but I also don't know if I will have to wait for another week or month for getting it back.

I hope some future buyers read this story before they suffer same fate.


This review was modified by bestbuysucks on November 13 2002 11:17:24 AM

No Avatar

Lockport, IL
Rating 2/10

"I was badly insulted at Bestbuy. They are horrible people to deal with. I was with my father looking to purchase a laptop cash. My father and I walked over the to laptops. (Remind you he's a computer expert.) I entered the laptop section first. The two very rude boys that were working behind the counter commented quote "Look at her, she's too young and she can't afford it. She's dreaming." My father came walking up, they rushed near his side and started asking how they can help him. They didn't know we were together. I stood over his shoulder while he was talking and the boys yelled at me to leave because I was annoying the customers. I started to say something and they looked like they were going to usher me out the door. I stood straight up and said "Dad, I don't like these people let's go over the Circuit City where they are helpful." My dad was pissed at the way the treated me. We went up and complained to the manager. He just shrugged and walked away. So we went over to Circuit City and I spent close to $4000.00 in Laptop and accessories. "

No Avatar

Rating 6/10

""In-store pickup" sounds good but in my experience is an invitation to problems. Your receipt will show a vague description of the item ordered rather than a stock number, making mistakes or unauthorized substitutions difficult to detect."

This review was modified by sithscripter on November 10 2002 02:33:51 AM

Rating 10/10

"PreOrdered GTAIII: Vice City for PS2 for only $40. Didn't have to go to the crowded store and got a new game delivered w/ free shipping for less than the usual price of a new game ($50). I've ordered a few games for the PS2 from them and a joypad for the PC and all experiences have been good. One of the PS2 game cases arrived with the one of the inside manual tabs broken but for free shipping I'm still satisfied."

No Avatar

Northern California
Rating 6/10
ResellerRatings.com TOP REVIEWER!

"Ordered a Buslink DVD from them in early Oct. Item was back ordered and the sent email to inform me of the delay. Order did come but it takes forever with their shipping (USPS). Overall I'm happy about the purchase , but I had a rebate on the item and was afraid they would not deliver in time. Just remember that it will take time for them to get it to you. Better to do in-store pick up instead."

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