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    Product & services pricing Rating 3.13/10 3.13/10
    Chance of future purchase: Rating 1.52/10 1.52/10
    Shipping & packaging: Rating 2.26/10 2.26/10
    Customer service: Rating 0.74/10 0.74/10
    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 1.25/10 1.25/10
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Rating 2/10

"First time I tried buying from them, and I got totally jacked.

They refused to honor a Vid Card priced at $299, I placed the order 3 weeks ago and after waiting the 3 weeks for them to get it in, they now tell me the sale is price is void & they want full MSRP. And I had placed the order when thew web site clearly indictaed it was on sale.

I will never shop there again. It's back to New Egg for me,

Rating 2/10

"First off, maybe I should have had myself committed to some mental hospital for evaluation, but I thought that maybe there would be a positive outcome. With that said, here we go...My saga actuall started 2 cd burners ago with best buy. Whatever you do, do not even attempt to purchase a KLH cd burner, because the majority of them are defective and best buy knows this but they still stock them. the first one I bought would not record correctly. It would start recording on track 1 as should be and without warning, let's say about 30 seconds later, that same (supposed) 1 track recording was now on track 11 recording the same song, so bits were spread out all over the preceding tracks. So I called best buy and went thru the ritual of pressing 3 for a dept listing, then pressing the numbers to get to Home Audio, which always without fail connects me to the car stereo dept. So I wind up going back an forth thru this inefficient connectivity for no less than 15 minutes, each and every time, although notifying the management and staff alike and also the supposed corporate office, which they call Customer Care, hmmmmmmm, there's something really fishy about them. I was told to bring it in and they would look at it. I took it into the techs there and it doesnt take a rocket scientist to tell that something is wrong, so they said they would replace it, onmly to find out that they had no more KLH's (WHEW!!!) so they suggested the next step up, which I forgot the brand, but it was a hundred dollars additional, the KLH was 199.00, so the one hundred dollars was paid, but that was all that I had on me at the time, so I didn't have the additional tax, so the rep waiting on me did something to adjust the amount and that was that. (I didn't look at the receipt, at that time) Got home with a brand new 5 disc cd burner and as soon as I went to record, it would go thru the motions of recording, and after5 seconds, it would show an error message and stop what I thought was recording, when in actuality it wasn't recording at all. I don't know what made me try it, but I tried to record on the cd again and the setup went directly to track 2 and recorded perfectly. So now I had a cd burner that would not allow me to record on track 1 at all on no cd at all. HMMMMMMM I went thru the ritual of calling, complaing, calling customer care, complaining, and then I found out that when I gave customer care my receipt number, they stated that the receipt they had showed that I had paid 286.00 and I corrected them telling them that I paid 299.00, so when I looked at my receipt, it stated 286.00 as well and I told them that they can call to the store and price the burner, and they did and found out that it was 299.00, so the rep who waited on me changed the price and also never gave me any change either. HMMMMM, Thieves and Liars. Which brings me to the current where I purchased a Pioned PDR 555RW cd burner from them, which I was told that it was an out of box..no problem..BUT!! I found outh that the unit was dented, no instruction manual, no box, and the completely wrong remote control. I guess you'd say what's hard about a cd burner, well let me see you get this thing to Finalize a recording. Good Luck..it wont do it. BEST BUY IS THE ABSOLUTE WORST!!!!!!"

Rating 2/10

"Ordered 3 packages of 50 cd's.
They shipped 1 but charged me for all three.
I expected a follow-up shipment for the remaining two, but they never came.

Bestbuy refuses to ship them or to refund for the two they didn't ship.

Is this fraud?

Stay away from this place

Rating 10/10

"Bestbuy.com is an excellent place to shop. They have everything the store has, plus more. And there's free shipping on everything. I am comfortable in knowing that if something had gone wrong with my order, I could easily just walk into my local Best Buy store to deal with it, not have to ship it back in a brown box cross-country. And if I had to go with the brown box, they make it easy by sending you a return label and RMA instructions when your order arrives. The prices may be high, but Best Buy is a good company to do business with."

Rating 2/10

"I purchased a HP custom Laptop at Best Buy w/extended warranty. April 15 2004 I returned the laptop to Best Buy because the DVD/CD Rom had stopped working and the battery would not hold a charge. They sent it out for repairs and finally received it back on 5/19. The enclosed invoice showed that on 5/17, when they turned it on it was dead, so they replaced the motherboard, the hard drive, the battery and DVD/CD Rom. I had to perform a recovery when I received it only to realized they failed to install sound card/driver in the system. I returned to Best Buy on 6/7/04 and specifically asked that the unit not be sent out for repairs. On 6/9/04 they closed my work order and opened another and shipped the unit out. I called several times and each time was told that they were working on it. Finally, I called and asked to speak to the manager, Phil Broom and he refused. I called the corporate office of Best Buy and they advised that the unit had been sent out. Best Buy in Frederick MD #00427 lied to me each time I called inquiring about my laptop. Today is 5/17 and I do not have it back."

Rating 2/10

"I had ordered four games from this site that were on backorder status, fully expecting them to be cancelled. As of now three of the four have been cancelled. I would not be so angry if they had actually sent an e-mail telling me these had been cancelled, as they were updating my shipment any time new developments would arise. BestBuy.com is notorious for holding any order you place on a great deal for a video game and cancelling your order months later. Although one of my games is still on backorder status, I fully expect it to be cancelled sometime in November. I will never shop on their site again, and possibly never in-store again either."

Rating 2/10

"Placed an order with them. First they said it was on backorder and would take a couple weeks longer to ship. Then after that they sent me an email saying it would be another 3 weeks or so to ship. I figured "oh well, it was a really good deal" Then later I log in to my account to check the status only to find that my order was cancelled and they never bothered to tell me. "

Rating 2/10

"I ordered a free after activation cable modem. It did not print at the register and I was assured that the cable guy had it. He did not. I went back with my receipts and spoke to a manager. He gave me the proper forms. I mailed them off and got a rejection letter. I called 888-BestBuy and was told to resend it and wait another 6 weeks. I checked the rebate form and the Manager had given me one for a different offer. Road Runner was not listed. I went in the store and they found the appropiate form, filled it out and faxed it in. I call after 4 weeks and they did not get it...Refax it to the same number and wait another 6 weeks.

Bestbuy is an absolute joke.

Rating 2/10

"I purchased a Panasonic Mini DV Camcorder worth $472 from Best Buy on line. They had advertised that I will be getting $50 Digital Dollars in 14 days of my purchase and that they will send it via e-mail. Today it has been more than 7 weeks and I am still waiting. I complained 3 times online and 3 times on phone but they have the worst customer service I have dealt with. Each time I called, I must have spent atleast 45 minutes and all they do is give me a new case number each time and that someone will contact you in 3 business days - which never happened. Noone knows where, how and to whom I can forward my complaints to as nothing has happened. The supervisor also did not knew anything and is blaming on a different Department ( which does not receive phone calls). They don't have the web page where they had advertised for this $50 Digital Dollars. I can still go on with the horrible experience I had with Purchase, Dealing with RUDE CUSTOMER CARE and the way I lost my $50 But I will make my story short and CAUTION YOU ALL - PLEASE DO NOT BUY FROM BEST BUY OR BE PREPARED TO FACE THE HUMILIATION FROM WORST CUSTOMER CARE. "

Rating 2/10

"Ripoff store, don't buy here! I bought a U$ 1700 toshiba laptop to get a U$ 100 gift certificate automatically by email after 30 days. More than 60 days and nothing, called customer service and they said: "you have only 30 to complain, can't do anything". FREAKING RIPOFF STORE. Last week I tried a match price at bestbuy showing a receipt from staples from the same day (router wireless) and they said: "we only accept flier offers as proof, cannot accept a receipt". Go shopping at circuitcity and staples where they respect customers."

Rating 2/10

"Every time I visit this store I witness several employees standing around with nothing to do but socialize while I wait forever in the return line or checkout line. When I'm browsing items in the store and have a question, there is never anyone around to help. Just my luck, Best Buy is always out of the item I'm looking for since they obviously don't have a good replenishment system as the item takes 2-3 weeks to re-stock. Every time I call the store in Riverside on Tyler Ave., no one picks up the phone, no department, not even the customer service extension, which gives me no option to complain to the manager of that store about their phone lines not being answered. If you're not going to answer your phones, disconnect the phone line and save money on your phone lines each month. I hate Best Buy. I have resorted to conducting all my purchases elsewhere, primarily at other leading online retailers. I thought Fry's Electronics was bad. Until recently, I'm convinced that Best Buy needs some major restructuring if they are to survive the retail market war."

Rating 2/10

"I bought a CDRW drive from best buy last year, which was advertised with rebates. I sent in my rebate request promptly, and after the normal 8-10 weeks, the rebate didn't come. After contacting them, they promised to mail out the rebate, but warned that it will take another 8-10 weeks. That time came and went without the rebate showing up. I called them again, and while they acknowledge that my request is in their database, the promotion has "expired" and they "can't do anything" about my rebate.

I wrote a letter to corporate customer service with all my original receipts and rebate information, and they simply followed up with an e-mail asking me why I "faxed" in my receipt, without even addressing issues brought in my letter. My attempts to follow up to their e-mail have failed, with no further responses from them.

Rating 2/10

"THE geek squad
this is the short story .
Has anyone had problems like i have had ?
My comp. went down . I went to B.B.to have it fixed . They shot me a price I told them this is an older unit and I didn't want to put more than that amount into it .They had to be paid upfront so i did and guess what It wasn't done when it was supposed to be and it cost more and it works poorly . I emailed and called and was told it was to be fowarded to the correct people to be dealt with . Well guess what 30 plus days with no response .
I will not use them ever again I spent over 300.00 to get junk back. I had to go get another comp. to do any work.

Rating 2/10

"Shipping policies are deceptive and misleading. No where on their website does it mention that shipping outside of the 48 continguous states take "up to 30 business days" but they insist that's what the policy is. They said it was on their website and even pointed me to a web page that just said that items will be shipped according to their shipping policy as if that was supposed to tell me anything. The published/advertised shipping policy on their website was half that. I ordered from them because of the shipping times they published and because I like their retail store, but no way will i buy anything from them online if they'd outright lie and mislead customers like that. That's really deceptive to have another set of policies that they keep hidden like that. They never did answer my question about how someone ordering from their website is supposed to know about that before they order. I wasn't even given that information in my order confirmation e-mail or on the online tracking service -- all the information indicated 13 business days max."

Rating 2/10

"Here's My two cents worth....Bought a big screen TV for a great price of 1300 bucks plus $150.00 back in Best Buys Digital Dollars. The online agreement said the digital dollars would be emailed out to me in three to four weeks after the purchase. Well here it is nine weeks later, three phone calls to their customer service and guess what.....thats right no Digital Dollars. Customer service says they need time to research the problem. A simple look at my account will tell you that I qualify for the DD offer and that nothing has been sent. DO NOT BELIEVE ANY THING THESE PEOPLE TELL YOU. I WILL NEVER MAKE ANOTHER PURCHASE FROM BEST BUY AGAIN THEY HAVE LOST MY BUSINESS FOR EVER. AND APPARENTLY I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO HAS BEEN SCREWED BY THEM. KEEP READING."

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