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  • Best Buy

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    Product & services pricing Rating 3.31/10 3.31/10
    Chance of future purchase: Rating 1.75/10 1.75/10
    Shipping & packaging: Rating 1.25/10 1.25/10
    Customer service: Rating 1.44/10 1.44/10
    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 0.83/10 0.83/10

1,333 Customer Reviews

Rating 2/10

"I am so upset for best buy service! When they delivery,they drop the refreigtor to my new floor , make a big damage , and when we file claim no body take care of it ! Becareful !very unprofessional ! "

Rating 2/10

"Their customer service was absolutely horrific. I had to contacted them several times just to wait and then be transferred and transferred and transferred only to hanged up on. However, after being sent to the correct person they gave the information I wished to acquire after much delay."

This review was modified by thisisbulltohavehavetobeamember on May 11 2015 02:49:43 PM

Rating 2/10

"Garbage merchant. Shop here if you enjoy throwing money away."

Rating 2/10

"Absolutely terrible service and ordering system.
I placed an order online, it failed verification twice for no reason.
I then called in and with a very lengthy phone call manually placed the order and was told everything is fine. Only to received a verification failed email a few moments after putting the phone down.
Further lengthy phone calls and being bounced around, I was told they dont know why it fails and worst still they dont have any answers or ways of doing the order.
This after my bank confirmed there is not problem and they authorised all the order attempts.
I am an international customer, yet the only help they could offer was "please come into the store" or buy on your next visit to the states.
Never in my years have I had any company, let alones such as large one deal so badly with a customer!

Rating 10/10

"I recently had problems with my work laptop. Taking it to the Geek Squad we determined (1) the keyboard was going out (surprise surprise since I type for a living); and (2) the hard drive was starting to have issues.

I decided it was more economically feasible to purchase a new laptop. I spoke with a very knowledgeable professional at the San Angelo store and ultimately purchased an ASUS i5 laptop. I LOVE BestBuy and plan on buying all of my office equipment there.

Rating 2/10

"I will never buy from this merchant again. I live in Hawaii and so anytime I purchase online the first thing I look for is shipping information. I read every bit of shipping information available on their website and no where does it say how the product is actually shipped and the longest shipping time noted is for standard service at 3 - 7 business days. As a result I ordered a microwave oven. Within a couple of days i received an email from UPS stating that my order have been delivered to the Post Office as part of the Surepost service. I called my local post office and gave her the tracking number and was told it would be 4 - 6 weeks before I receive my order. The order was delivered to the dock in Richmond, CA. I contacted Best Buy via email giving them my order number and explaining my dissatisfaction at finding out that my order was going to be 4 - 6 weeks in shipping when this is not indicated anywhere on their website. I received one of their form letters back telling me I should contact my local post office regarding the shipping time and giving me the tracking number which I already had. I responded and told them their customer service just continues to get worse and that I should have been told upfront via their website that my order would be 4 - 6 weeks. Instead they told me that it may take longer to deliver to a post office box. They were of no help and couldn't care less. They thanked me for my feedback as it will help them improve. Meanwhile, I am waiting for the order to arrive and praying that it doesn't arrived damaged and works perfectly because the thought of having to deal with these idiots if it isn't is a nightmare. I will NEVER, EVER buy from them again. The customer experience is a ZERO."

Rating 2/10

"Despite reading quite a few negative reviews from other customers, I decided to use my "better judgement" and bought a freezer on BestBuy.com. It was a good price and I had bought the PS3 there when it first came out (for some reason it needed to be done online, while I was at the store. Was a success). Big mistake!! I didn't want to pay $69.99 for it to be delivered, although I was saving about that much, for the sale. I don't own a truck but have siblings who do, so after making the purchase online (was pretty late) I made arrangements to have a sibling drive the about 20 miles to pick it up when it was ready. I didn't realize that if having someone else pick it up, you need to let the site know. I went into the store the day before, to make arrangements with Best Buy but just showing my ID and telling them who will get it (not even if they had ID) was out of the question. Apparently I would have to call the website where I oredered it to do so. So I go up there the next day, have my bother drive up there in his gas hog truck, (I paid him gas money to do so), get the freezer, drive the 20 miles back to home, just to notice the huge dent in the corner of the freezer. After calling I was told to take it back to the store and they could replace it.. so I get to pay someone to pick up the stupid thing, take it the 20 miles back to the store, reorder it, and then pay someone to pick it up, again. Yay! "

This review was modified by PurpleLove_7 on April 12 2015 02:04:27 AM

Rating 2/10

"The worst buying experience I have ever had at a retailer. It is amazing this company is still in business. Horrible customer service and rude as can be. Could not care less about the customer. "

Rating 2/10

"Like other customers I repeat their mantra, do NOT buy from Best Buy!

Bought an Acer Touchscreen chromebook, and half the cord was missing. When I brought it back it was a negative experience from the beginning. First, the return agent (and she interrogated me like she was the Gestapo-their attitude seems to be the customer is wanting to rip you off) wanted to know why I didn't open the box before I bought it (never thought I would be sold something defective or missing parts) then they said that they wouldn't
take it back because it was missing half the power cord WHICH WAS WHY I WAS RETURNING IT (I had the receipt and it was in the original packaging.) They said I should've returned it immediately, and I told them because there was a 15 day return period since I didn't live close to the store t I just planned to go to the store within the return period time when I was going to be close to the area. They said that the return policy said you have to return it with all accessories, I said how can I return it with all the accessories when I didn't GET all the accessories and there was NOTHING in the receipt or ANYWHERE on their website that if the product is missing any accessory that you had to return BEFORE the return period was up.

After the initial agent couldn't help me she got her supervisor who told me it couldn't returned AT ALL and she said that she would talk to HER supervisor and maybe give me a gift card (they did offer to replace it was another computer but I was fed up at this point.) In fact, initially I had been told that this computer was NOT available in the store and it was NOT listed in their inventory system at all, they said that it would take 2 weeks to receive it if I ordered it online, but "suddenly" someone in computers, remembered they had one in the cage. I wondered why it was NOT in inventory on the computer and although the seal wasn't broken, it looked like it was peeled off slightly but thought nothing of it, now of course, I regret it and should've questioned everything. I also didn't want to take the other computer they offered me, because they told me that if there was a problem with it, I would be stuck with it, I would NOT be able to return it and and I didn't want to take that risk.

Finally, as if they were doing me a big favor, they said that they would give me a refund but I had to be charged for the power cord THAT I DID NOT receive!! Then I couldn't return it because i didn't have my i.d., I did not think it a problem, (I had changed purses and only remembered when I was halfway to the store but because it was paid for in CASH and I HAD the receipt, didn't think it would be a problem,) the SKU number they made sure to scan was the SAME as on the box!!

Since I didn't have the i.D. I left and yes, I was going to take it to another store, where perhaps I would not be made to feel like a criminal, but the supervisor's manager called me back and was going to give me a refund minus the $20 (I even pointed out that they shouldn't be charging me the $20 (actually $O) but $10, as it was only HALF the power cord that was missing) but he said they have to charge for the whole thing. (Ironically on their site, a similar cord was only $10 AND was told by many, that it's not the retail store that eats the cost but the manufacturer so they were getting money from me for not suffering ANY loss.)

I could fight them on principle but for $20 it wasn't worth it, just hope they lose a lot more money from my warning to people, do NOT buy from Best Buy, if you buy something that's missing an accessory, they will not only NOT honor the time period of their return policy, they will charge you for the part you did NOT get or maybe refuse to refund you all together. Wish I could file a class action suit, but guess have to find all the people and it's a hassle.

Update...The next day I called because a friend of mine said at the very least I should get the other part of the cord, maybe I could sell it on Ebay, I talked to the store manager (at least he said he was) and he told me that the item had been shipped back that morning and when I mentioned the possibility of a refund for the $20 since I was paying for an item I never got, he told me that if I rebought the item, they would deduct $20, I told him that I wasn't too impressed with the store and although I had been a loyal customer in the past, I really didn't want to do business any more with the store, and then I was abruptly hung up on, at the very least, he could've said "I'm sorry, to hear that," or something to that effect, at least good bye, understand if it was an hourly employee but a STORE MANAGER?? Unfortunately, I didn't get his name as he slurred it when he took the call and didn't expect to be hung up on, NO employee should just hang up on the customer, and having read other reviews of Best Buy experiences it seems to happen quite often.

This review was modified by Evagoblin on April 07 2015 02:26:49 PM

Rating 6/10

"I have purchased from Best Buy many times. The regular prices are a little higher than online merchants but their sale prices are good, especially around christmas. Service is OK but not needs work; product knowledge and teenage attitudes.
Unfortunately, their store pick-up service is terrible. It takes me longer to order online and pick-up at the counter than if I would have walked-in, searched for the item and paid for it at the register.
I tested this several times after some long waits and did both types of purchase methods. Going through the register was over four minutes faster than picking up at counter. It took over eight minutes on one occasion because the clerk couldn't see the item; I had to point it out to him. Then I hate when they ask for my credit card when it clearly states on my receipt that I paid through PayPal. Happens all the time.
The only reason I keep using this service is for items that are hard to find and only a certain best buy store has and I don't want someone to beat me to it. Otherwise, I would rather go to the register or shop somewhere else.
I wish they would improve the store pick-up system soon. I would shop their more if they did. Target is even worse, and forget about Walmart, you can't even find a clerk at the pick-up window most of the time.

Rating 2/10

"In May 2014 I went to best buy Ocala fl. to purchase a new washer/dryer. They stated LG was the best for front load units. I spent $2400.00 including stands. Of course they wanted me to purchase geek squad protection which I didn't. Why should consumers pay additional monies for these stores to assist us with problems?
In March 2015 the washer started leaking. I phoned LG and they sent a repairman. He couldn't find the leak and stated if the problem persists to call back. The problem did persist and when I phoned they were blaming me. I called best buy and they stated LG should replace the washer. He phoned them and again they sent someone. They again couldn't find the leak.
In calling best buy back, they wouldn't help me as I didn't purchase geek squad protection. I'm on the original factory warranty! This is outrageous. When we buy a car and something goes wrong we go to the dealer. We don't have to call ford, GM, etc. why are these stores allowed to get away with such practices?
I'm filing with the appropriate agencies to get this resolved. I will NEVER buy anything from best buy again.

This review was modified by Momsdaughter on April 02 2015 02:33:08 AM

Rating 2/10

"I will never shop here again! Geek Squad is useless. Service is worse than any other online site. Cannot recommend one thing from here."

Rating 2/10

"BUYERS BEWARE!!! Bought a laptop at Best Buy. I made a lot of dumb mistakes while using the laptop and it became infected within 4 days. I took it to Geek Squad and they wanted me to buy 2 year warranty at $200 to fix it. Duh, it is only 7 days old, I only paid $400 and now you want me to pay another $200. I visited 3 other computer stores in the area and their prices ranged from $79 to $139, but what is most important is that I listened to what they said. Each one was saying that they would "restore it to factory settings." I came home and searched the Internet and within 4 hours had the laptop restored to original factory settings myself. I spent $400 at Best Buy and they could have easlily told me that, but instead they take advantage of their customers. NEVER WILL SHOP THERE AGAIN!!!!"

This review was modified by TillieW on March 27 2015 11:20:29 AM

Rating 2/10

"Purchased a flat screen t/v through Best Buy with 2 year extended warranty. Within 6 months the panel timing was off (small black lines through 1 side of the panel) Manufacturer covered parts and labor for repairs and waited over a week for Geek-squad to come out and fix it. Within another 6 months, same issue, this time Best Buy covered parts and labor and was told by Geek-squad tech to start looking for another replacement soon because they would not cover it again. Was sent an email notifying me my extended warranty was going to expire but missed the renewal by less than 12 hours and Best Buy absolutely refused to renew it even though I was willing to pay for 2 year extension. 12 hours? really? No one could do ANYTHING? Piss poor customer service and my thought is they knew it was a defective product and waited for an opportunity to void extended contract and get out of it in the near future. Don't worry Best Buy, I won't be back. Moral is, don't miss renewal of your extended warranty on a known defective product because they are waiting to screw you over to get out of responsibility and they will absolutely not do a thing for you."

Rating 2/10

"May very well have been the worst shopping experience I have every had the sales person pushed software to buy that they assured us we needed turns out we didn't needed attempted to return the unopened package with the receipt from a day and a half earlier And was meet with a manager that was rude snotty and absolutely attitude riden I was less than impressed and will never shop at Best Buy ever again "

This review was modified by Mcrump3625 on March 11 2015 03:27:16 PM

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