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1,184 Customer Reviews

Rating 10/10
modified review posted

"Ordered some presents at Christmas and was pleased with service and website.
Site was easy to navigate and my order was delivered on time even though it was
During Christmas rush. Would use again at any time of year.

modified review This review was modified by Lanora1967 on March 15 2014 12:38:57 PM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"I bought a TV online from Best Buy 30 days ago and still haven't received it. They tell me it was lost in the mail and can't ship me a new one until they receive THEIR claim money back. The problem is they haven't bothered to return the claim paperwork and won't ship a new one until they've cleared out the investigation on THEIR lost package. Meanwhile, they've kept MY money and I have nothing to show for it. I have called them about 8-10 times to continue to follow up on this, but so far nothing."

modified review This review was modified by Matt10187 on March 15 2014 11:26:34 AM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"I received a troubling email from an "old friend", BEST BUY. Sadly..they will not be my friend anymore.

Things must be getting pretty bad at BestBuy.....now they have to resort to bullying and threats to get me to buy something on their 24.95% credit card. They sent me an email stating that if I don't use my card to purchase something again before March 16, (I've had a zero balance for 1-1/2 years) that they may close the account.

Well, I have a message for BestBuy....

"I will buy something when I'm good and ready, and when I am, you can bet your A$$ that I won't be buying it from you."

modified review This review was modified by BESTBUYbulliesPeople on March 05 2014 06:11:24 PM

Rating 10/10
modified review posted

"Bought a Toshiba Satellite P75-A7200 series laptop at the bestr price available 699$ on 02nd Feb 2014. It is a current I7 processor with 8GB, 750GB, Full HD display, additional slots for RAM & Hard Disk extension & many more features. Love to have this laptop at a Great price."

modified review This review was modified by Suraj1411 on March 03 2014 08:52:30 AM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"My dad purchased a Refurbished Dell Optiplex 755 Intel Core 2 Duo 2500MHz 1 Terabyte HDD 8192mb DVD ROM Windows 7 Professional 64 Bit LCD Screen Desktop Computer for me as a Christmas gift through one of your partners Rakuten.com listings. The partner is Front Source Technologies, LLC. From what I know they work with or through Best Buy either selling or distributing computers. You guys might want to check into this company as they have gotten lots of bad reviews for selling defective, dirty or damaged computers. They also have sent costumers the wrong items or have yet to send anything at all. My computer worked like a charm for a month and a half then BOOM it died on me. Other customers experienced the same thing with some of their computers as well their computer would die or stop working within a month of them having it. Also their customer service is kind of bad too people who got damaged,bad or defective computers had to make repetitive phone calls or e-mails to them until they got a reply. They ruined a lot of Christmas's. So I would check into this company if I were you and I would stop doing business with them because they're not only ruining their reputation they're also ruining yours."

modified review This review was modified by GamerGirl64 on March 01 2014 06:47:04 AM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"My experience is like a horror story. I purchased for my disabled mom a compact washer and gas dryer unit on line, but actually calling by phone. The customer service person did not know much about the unit, so I asked if it needs any accessories to connect the unit and then she remember and named one. After she gave me an apt. to deliver 3 weeks later. Finally the day came around for delivery. But when delivery team found out that the unit needs gas connection they informed my mom that they are not licensed to do that and left with the unit. After spending and hour on the phone with best buy I was told that because it's a gas dryer they have to hire a different team and the person who took the order didn't know it was gas dryer. Can you understand that? She took the order for gas dryer, but she didn't know it was gas dryer. Now I had to make another apt. and wait 5 more days. I called again best buy to confirm the order delivery and sales person informed me that I need 2 more accessories to buy for gas dryer, otherwise they couldn't connect the dryer. I asked to talk to supervisor and now because it an additional order and to make sure it will arrive together I was told to make apt 7 days later and that there definitely will be a gas connecting team. The day of delivery my mom was told again that they are not licensed to connect gas dryer and they did not have all accessories to connect any way and they left again with the unit. One hour later the accessories arrived from best buy and the team felt bad for my mom decided to disconnect the old unit to get ready when the new unit will arrive and left. I called best buy again and after 1 hour conversation had another delivery date 5 days later. Same day after the accessories delivery guy left at 1.30am I get a call from my mom who barely can walk telling me that she heard a pop a she hears water gushing noise and she doesn't know what to do. I got in the car with my husband and drove at 2am to mom's house. 20 min each way. When we got to the basement the water was pouring down from above the ceiling right where the old unit was disconnected. The water was never shut down. Now we have basement full of water, thank got it's not finished basement. At 3.30am we got home. Finally the day of delivery came around again and nobody showed up. After 2 hours on the phone I was told that they tried to call, there was no answer and they left. I asked why nobody tried the door bell? No answer to that. Now for the fourth time it should be delivered next day. I will keep you posted If it will arrive. Do you think I will buy from them again? I don't think so...
It was delivered 4 days later and still did not connected. Had to wait another 4 days to connect. Best buy contacted me after my complain. Richard Arnold said that he asked the delivery guys if they did any disconnections and was told they didn't. I gave him the name of the person who did it and then he asked him and he also said no. The name and phone # was left for my mom to call him again after the new unit will be delivered, so he can come back and connect. His name was Santos. How would I know his name and phone# if he didn't leave it? But mr. Arnold did not believe me even after I told him that I have 2 witnesess to confirm that Santos did the disconection of the old unit and next morning I spoke to Santos seeking for help, but was told he is to far away and he tried to help my mom yesturday and now I am accusing him of the problem, but told me somebody from best buy will call me. Nobody did, but somebody just came over, did not do anything and left. Few days later the new unit was delivered, but not connected. A week later another delivery people came and connect the new unit, but the door of the dryer is very, very stiff to open and delivery guy said it will adjust with use. Will see. As of now the damage in the basement is not taking care of. The insulation probably already dry, but will it mildew? I don't know. I got the letter confirming that sins it was not the best buy people who caused the damage they not responsible for a claim. What a service! It took 5 weeks from the day of order to have the unit installed. And after all I was told that 2 out of 3 connecting accesories didn't need to be purchased, so I had to make a trip to Best Buy to return.

modified review This review was modified by princess5256 on March 10 2014 08:36:17 AM

Rating 8/10
modified review posted

"Good service from person there to help me with a product I needed and bought it ...satisfied with it...Apple TV "

modified review This review was modified by P-JAmmons on February 25 2014 08:52:23 PM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"I've been buying from best buy for years and have their reward card , the first time they should take care of their customer they fail to do so .
Bought a defective computer that after 3 weeks it started to crush , tried multiple times to contact the manufacture and best buy and no result .best buy want to charge me for diagnostic on a brand new computer , that's the last time I would ever spend a dime with this company , Do your self a favor and go buy your electronics somewhere else .

modified review This review was modified by Jtarab on February 24 2014 06:46:49 PM

Rating 6/10
modified review posted

"Reading a lot of bad reviews about this company? Not sure what to do? Found something you like? Continue reading my review and see if it helps.

Well, I think anyone who is not living in a cave knows that Best Buy exists. It seems that a lot of the reviews came here because they have had a problem and want to rant. I call it the mob review mentality.

Best Buy is certainly on the ropes these days as a company and I do see them making changes, all be it slowly. But I felt it was time for an objective review. I have been buying from them for years and I have had my share of good and bad experiences. I have learned what is good and what is bad.


Despite the negative comments, I find that for the most part, they do try to take care of their customers. Especially lately. As with any business, some employee's just don't care. If you get one of those, you don't have to look very far to find another who is willing to help. And some will go way out of their way to do it.

Great selection on specific lines of products. I will elaborate later in the review on which items.

Price. This is pro and a con to me with them. When they run a special, likely it is a VERY good deal and can't be beat anywhere. Other regular day items, they are horrible. So you got to know which items. Again I will be more specific later in the review.

Availability. It is convenient to have a physical store to go into. Buy what you need right on the spot. I always pre-buy on their website first and pickup later at the store. Works great! Can't be any more easier then that. Inventory on their website is very accurate.


In store employees. You have about a 50/50 chance of finding someone who actually cares. Like I said before, they are there, just find the right one. And don't be afraid to ask for someone else.

Returns. They need to make this better. They are too strict and sometimes they make it difficult. Be prepared if you return something. Meaning, put it back in the box with everything the way it came. If you do this, chances are good things will go smoothly.

So should you buy from them? Depends on the product. Here is my list of do and don't buy products.

TV's.... Absolutely DO
COMPUTERS.....Maybe, If on special DO it, otherwise shop around
TABLETS..... Maybe, again If on special DO it
CELL PHONES... Absolutely DO, hands down the best place
COMPUTER PARTS.... DON'T prices are terrible, emergency only
CABLES.... DON'T ever buy cables from them
APPLIANCES.... Absolutely DO
CAMERA'S..... Absolutely DO, Great people in that area
EXTENDED WARRANTY/SERVICE... DON'T, I never recommend from any company because manufacturers are very good about support now.

One of the things they have been trying to do lately is to put mini stores inside their stores. Like Microsoft, Apple, etc. This is very good and if they have this for something you are looking at, use them.

Conclusion. I think they are improving customer service. Some things I will never buy from them or even attempt it. Other things, I wouldn't go anywhere else. So it is a mixed bag. You just need to be select. For anything complex, like having them setup a computer that you buying, I wouldn't do it. Simple straight forward items that have strong manufacturers support, I wouldn't hesitate if the price was good.

I hope this helps

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"This is a terrible store. They will not stand behind the products they sell and they are not into customer satisfaction. Unfortunately many electronic products are more complicated then reliable, but the average product is worth hundreds of dollars. If the local store cares little about your satisfaction, then why bother, just buy through amazon. In this case they would not honor a manufacturers warranty, even to send the product to the nearest repair center. "

modified review This review was modified by joefletcher on February 19 2014 08:27:29 PM

Rating 4/10
modified review posted

"My experiences with Best Buy has been mixed, but mostly on the negative side when it comes to transactions. Buying in the store, or getting help has been OK overall. I have not had any issues with specific products, and generally avoid BB extras like servicing from the Geek Squad, etc.
BB is convenient in my area where there are few choices for electronics.
Twice I had an issue (you think I would learn the first time) with Store Pick Up orders. You have to call first to see if it is in stock. Then just go down and buy it. You save no time doing store Pick Up. You still have to wait in line, and often they go to the back to get your merchandise anyway.

Sears (and the old Circuit City) has the best store pickup, designed to keep you out of long lines. A separate area just for pickup by the stock room at the rear of the store. What a simple solution.
I just ordered a PC from BB over the weekend. It was to be shipped and ready for pickup today at my local store. I get an email the same day as the pickup saying it's been delayed 1 or 2 weeks! I recheck the inventories at other local outlets and most of them are suddenly out of stock. I have to drive 30 miles today, which I will do to get my PC and not have to deal with more delays.
I should just have ordered it to be shipped to home, it was free, but I thought it would be better to get it at the store in case it turned out to be the wrong product.
When I called, they were very cordial and transferred the order to another store. That worked out fine. Best buy has been cordial and efficient at fixing problems in the past, but they still not have learned how to prevent these mistakes from happening. They need a serious overhaul of their ordering system.

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"I had purchased a 64Gb iPod touch on March 29, or 2012. With it, I had purchased a 2 year Geek Squad extended warranty. When I had made the original purchase, I was told by the sales associate, that I could, within the warranty time should the ipod break or become damaged, come in and exchange it for a new one, on the SAME day. Now, fast forward to February 17, 2014. I had entered the same store with the intention of using the warranty, as the home button on the ipod was no longer functional. However, I was told I could not exchange it that same day anymore, as the plan had changed. A plan that I had bought almost two years prior, had changed without ANY notice. Now I am told, that they have to send it in for repair, or if that was not possible a refurbished unit would be sent to me. If that was not possible, I could come in nearly 2 weeks later for a new one. This is UNACCEPTABLE. I have bought many things from best buy a look to my local store for many of my technology purchases.

 I did not pay nearly 100$ for a warranty service to receive a 'refurbished' unit. Suddenly changing the terms of a extended warranty plan, when it HAS been bought ALREADY, is disgusting and wrong! When I had complained this fact to the associate, who had gotten who I assume to be the store manager, I was told that the terms of the policy were 'legally written to change without notice', and that I could either accept that and have them send in my iPod for repair or refurbishment, or I would be removed from the store 'for acting out'. Being told by management to leave, for voicing a valid complaint by ANY company is reprehensible asis the bait and switch on extended warranty plans that have already been bought. Especially when those items and plans cost hundreds of dollars. 

The sudden and deliberate change in policies to suit Best Buy, and not its customers, as well as the manner in which I was told to accept what they were offering, as it was now, and not in the conditions in which it I had decided to make my purchase, is awful.  This whole experience has ruined the store and any shopping experience I may have there. It is no surprise to me to hear how this retailer is struggling giving that the customers are treated so poorly when they're sold and promised one thing, only to find that it has changed without notice and now they're being told to leave. When this ordeal is over I will no longer turn to BestBuy for any purchase, however small given that the company behaves more like a dictatorship, than a company. I will no longer keep Worst Buy in my circle of trusted electronic stores and will recommend to all of my tech savvy friends to do the same.

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"My experience with best buy was pathetic. there shipping charges are very high."

modified review This review was modified by harsh_mania on February 05 2014 12:19:21 PM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"From my experience, Best Buy business practice is very poor.

I purchased a "Waring Pro - Convection Toaster/Pizza Oven" via Citibank's Thank You points in Dec. 2013. Best Buy fulfilled this order.

The first time the toaster arrived, it was broken and didn't turn on. My wife called Best Buy and they scheduled a replacement order. They took back the toaster, but never delivered a replacement. After much back and forth, Best Buy changed its story and said we would have to re-order from Citibank (wasting over a week of my time). The 2nd toaster was ordered - delivered again from Best Buy. This time they sent a used toaster. The toaster looked new, but package was previously opened and re-sealed (clearly the toaster was handled).

Best Buy didn't acknowledge the toaster was used and overall, the customer service was poor. I'd suggest you purchase from another retailer if you have the choice.

modified review This review was modified by Jmale on February 05 2014 07:18:13 AM

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Alexandria, VA
Rating 10/10
modified review posted
ResellerRatings.com TOP REVIEWER!

"I placed this order in-store for shipping. I had a pricematch, so I figured this could only be handled in-store. I brought the associate a printout of the pricematch to Amazon ($270 for a Slingbox 500, vs BB price of $300). They processed the pricematch with no issue. I had $50 in rewards to Best Buy, again fully accepted by the associate (note: MyBestBuy points certificates are processed as a pre-tax discount, while a Gift Card is processed post-tax). American Express was offering a $25 statement credit for spending $250. If you do the math, I was about $20 short, so I got a Foreman Grill for $28. American Express processed the credit two days later, Best Buy shipped the items a day or so later, and both were received well. Only complaint is that the products were shipped separately, but that was probably a product of the Foreman grill being an appliance that is not sold in stores while the Slingbox is sold by every Best Buy store out there.

Of course, the main complaint with Best Buy is their prices, and I wholeheartedly agree. I have since received a $15 rewards certificate for this purchase and am having trouble finding something to buy with it (both because there is nothing I need, and the things I could possibly USE are overpriced). I don't think people will have a problem with their store and their products (of course, Best Buy, having a physical storefront, has the added bonus of a quick return at your local store as opposed to return-shipping), just their prices are pretty bad. At least their pricematching policy is good.

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