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    Product & services pricing Rating 2.86/10 2.86/10
    Chance of future purchase: Rating 1.17/10 1.17/10
    Shipping & packaging: Rating 1.29/10 1.29/10
    Customer service: Rating 0.68/10 0.68/10
    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 0.51/10 0.51/10

1,309 Customer Reviews

Rating 2/10


purchased a tv from best buy had it delivered to my office ... I never received the tv so i contacted best buy ...two months later they close the investigation and bust buy claims they have researched the matter and they say I have the tv ....
its a office building with a surveillance system .... looks like my tv "Fell off the truck" and they want to stick me with the bill...

this is just crazy ... and I cant believe they want to stick me with the bill... I absolutely will not pay for a product i never received

time to get the lawyers involved...

This review was modified by blessedone on February 12 2015 06:37:57 PM

Rating 2/10

"I am just appalled by the customer support experience I had with Best Buy. A store would not let me exchange a product I purchased that had an obvious manufacture defect because it was beyond 15 days. (It's been about 90 days since purchase, 60 days of use) I was told I have to handle it myself, directly with the manufacture. After leaving the store I called the corporate customer service. I spoke with someone named Kayvon. I was basically told that Best Buy does not stand behind any of their products unless you purchase a separate warrantee. If it malfunctions after 15 days you are on your own unless you pay Best Buy extra for a warrantee. That seems ridiculous to me on products that should last for years. Could you imagine if you had to pay Nostrum's extra whenever you bought a pair of shoes incase the heel fell off after 15 days? It seems to me if a store has a quality problem with a manufacture they should deal with it or stop carrying the product. I told Kayvon that if I have to deal directly with the manufacture that will mean I have to mail the defective product in, pay for postage and probably be without the product for a month. He agreed. If that's the case I said, a brick and mortar store is not that beneficial and I should probably cancel my Best Buy credit card, and just buy my electronics on-line from someone else, probably cheaper. Kayvon agreed and said that was awesome!
To my surprise I found a lot of negative reviews on Best Buy. Given their attitude towards their customers, I can see why. They'll likely go the way of Circuit City. "

This review was modified by tmart222 on February 11 2015 07:25:24 PM

Rating 2/10

" I bought a dishwasher online. I am certain it said Free Installation and Removal. When the Delivery guys got here today my old dishwasher was still under the counter. They said "Oh NO, we don't take them out". What? So I did. I pulled it out. I was fighting to turn off the water, the guy got down and reached under and helped. I then grabbed pliers to un-attach the hose, same guy took pliers and finished. I completely shamed him into it. I said "How are you going to install it, if you don't take it out"? NO, we don't Install. They took the old dishwasher and left the new one ( IN THE BOX ) in the middle of my tiny kitchen. Thanks guys! My receipt has Four lines of Service:
Each with their own SKU
1. Installation
2. Delivery of New Unit
3. Accessories
4. Removal of Old Unit

I called Customer service. I relayed the entire events to the girl, she put me on hold to investigate, she returned saying that it does imply Free Install and that she would schedule it for me. She said first avail was next Tues. I said you expect me to have the unit sit in the middle of my kitchen until Tues? She put me on hold again to see what she could do and I kept getting a recording that said Please hold I held for 15 minutes before I accepted I was in hold hell , and had been disconnected. That was 30 minutes. I called back and a new Customer Service Rep (Rachel) answered, I relayed the events yet again and Rachel said She had no idea who I spoke to, but I would not be offered Free Installation. I said I already have been, are you rescinding it? She said I have no record and will not offer it. I asked for a Supervisor. Left on hold another 10 minutes. The Supervisor finally came on, Yes, I again relayed the events. She also said She didn't know who I spoke to and would not help me any further.. Unless I wanted to pay for services I was told I would receive. This is how Best Buy Treats their customers. Do NOT buy from them"

Rating 2/10

"I purchased a Polk-Audio sound bar at the Best Buy in State College,Pa on Jan 31st,2015. The very first day I started having problems with tuning it off. I had to unplug it to turn off. Since then it will only turn off some of the time. So yesterday February 7th I stopped by the store to ask about it. that's where the problem started.
Don't get me wrong the sound bar has a fantastic sound by the way. The sales person said that he would have to talk to his manager about holding one for me because they here all sold out.
The manager told him to tell me that the only way they would hold one for me would be that I would have to pay for a new one first. What king of business is that? I just paid over $400.00 last week for one.
I have never in my life heard of such a thing. I'm very close to saying that this is a racial thing.
It's not the first time I felt singled out in this store.
The first time I walked in the store I saw a employee that obvious was not a sells person look at me and radioed someone that came rushing up to me immediately asking did I need any help. This person also was not dressed like the other sales people in the store. I sort of forgot that incident until yesterday.
I don't believe that anyone should have to pay to have a product held for you due to a product defect that you just bought.

I would love to hear what head quarters thinks about it. This can not be a store policy and if it is it sucks."

Rating 2/10

"If you are relying on the Geek Squad at the Cool Springs/Brentwood store to in any way assess your computer's problems--FORGET IT!!! These are the most incompetent idiots I have ever had the unfortunate experience to deal with! RUN from this store!!!"

This review was modified by david443 on February 07 2015 09:42:56 AM

Rating 2/10

"I am completely disappointed with all of geek squad. I did buy the protection plan then when i sent it in on December 18th they said it would take 2 weeks or less to come back. I still have not received it back and its January 27th. I have been told that it was repaired and coming back, then when i called a week later they said they didn't know where it was then they had to call me back the next day to find it. They found it and it had to be shipped to another place because it wasn't fixed. That took another 3 weeks. I will never ever shop at this or any other best buy again. Plus not to mention they couldn't fix it and i will get it replaced with a new one, but i have to buy more insurance with is completely wrong to me. I feel like I've been tossed around by everyone working here and no one can seem to fix my problem or help me out for thier mistakes. Worst experience ever and once i replace it i will go to Microsoft and have them issue me insurance over best buy. "

This review was modified by petaboty3 on January 27 2015 02:05:59 PM

Rating 2/10

"My email to Best Buy:

Hello Best Buy team,

I received an apology email from you in regards to my recent order, a pre-order for the Limited Edition, Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3DS XL.

I cannot find adequate words to express how unprofessional and unacceptable this situation is. The website allowed me to pre-order. It took the money from my bank account and let me believe that for 10 ten days, I was lucky enough to be one of the few to get my hands on this item. I was over the moon to get my order placed after having the item sell out at GameStop in the middle of processing my order there. I was devastated and depressed all day, constantly watching BestBuy.com and Amazon.com for pre-orders to be released. Finally Best Buy said it was available, I jumped on the chance and was instantly relieved and excited and head over heels for Best Buy (even more than I already was) to hold in my hand a confirmation email stating that the Majora's Mask New 3DS XL would be mine. For ten days, I looked at my email every day to see the confirmation email and check the order status to make sure that everything was okay because my confidence had been so horribly shaken.

Then you email me and tell me that I will not be getting this item after all. You email me way too late to even try and get a pre-order with another company. As "consolation" you offered a $50 discount on a regular item. This does nothing to console me. I waited in line, and was second in line to get a pre-order at GameStop. Then my heart was crushed in the middle of the transaction when it kicked the user out and said that the item was no longer available. I spent a day absolutely depressed and thought I was finally saved when Best Buy told me I had gotten it. You sent me the confirmation, you took the money from my account, and then ripped it from my fingers.

If I wanted a regular New 3DS XL, I would pick one up when they come out. I wanted THIS limited edition one. This limited edition New 3DS XL is not going to be released again. Unless I find a way to pay $1000 and get one off of eBay, you have single handedly destroyed any hope of me getting my hands on one. I am of the generation that grew up with the Legend of Zelda game series and missed out on the last Limited Edition 3DS XL that came out. I do not want a normal one. I spent an awful day trying to get this, and you told me I had it.

This whole situation is ludicrous. I have been buying and pre-ordering from Best Buy for years. I have always talked up your service and store experience. I have purchased thousands of dollars of merchandise from your stores and recommended you to many friends, family members, and my own customers when they could not find what they needed in my store.

I will never purchase from you again. I will never speak good of your company again. I will never recommend you, in fact, I will discourage your entire company in every situation that someone might go to you. I have reported this horrendous situation on my Facebook page to my 300+ friends as well as on your Facebook page (which I have already Unliked, and so have many of my friends)."

This review was modified by BlushWolf on January 25 2015 07:49:14 PM

Rating 2/10

"I can't believe I even considered ordering from Best Buy. But, they had something I wanted to get my wife, and no one else did. So, I begrudgingly ordered it. Nine days later I get an email saying that my order was cancelled because they didn't have enough in stock. Why would they accept orders if they don't have the inventory? They need to get their act together. But for now, I'm going to be telling everyone not to go to Best Buy."

Rating 2/10

"WORST BUY, geek squad seams to try to go out of their way to make things difficult for you. When they send you a new device(in my case a Samsung galaxy 4) they send you one that's more of a piece of junk than what you returned, and now it's taking even longer to do the transaction. They don't take care of their customers st all and I have been to many in different states their all terrible. Don't buy anything from there if you want quality you won't get a quality product or customer service."

Rating 2/10

"I have been an Elite status customer for 5 years and I will NEVER spend another dime at any of their stores! I was sold a $370 receiver with no remote. When I called and spoke to a supervisor, he told me that open box items may no have a remote so it's my tough luck. Their description for "open-box excellent" is as follows, "Open-Box Excellent
Returned, used as display model in store, or opened due to packaging damage but remains in like-new condition." Nothing about not being able to use the product because of no remote. Very deceptive business tactics!"

Rating 2/10

"Found a lifeproof case online I wanted it was advertised as in stock on best buys website. When I tried to purchase it I was told it was for in store pickup only (not what I wanted or expected but I was fine with it) then it told me that it was not available at any store anywhere near me. When I called customer service I was transferred around a million times to basically be told they don't care. No they will not ship it to me even if I pay for it. No they will not ship it to a store near me. No I can not pay for it now and get it shipped to me when it comes in stock. No I can not get a comparable case fora similar price. No, no, no, no no! I will no longer shop at bust buy "

This review was modified by Brittany134 on January 18 2015 06:56:42 PM

Rating 2/10

"I ordered a dishwasher from Best Buy. I was told since I spent over $400.00 that delivery and installation were included. The dishwasher was to be delivered in two days. On the day of delivery they cancelled. I was told to call an reschedule. I could not reschedule the delivery until 8 days later. When the dishwasher finally came they would not install the dishwasher because I did not order installation. My receipt clearly stated installation. My old dishwasher was not taken away as promised. I called numerous times and hung up on. Finally I was told I did not purchase the installation. But, they would come out to pick up my old dishwasher.
I will never purchase anything from this company. They mislead their customers and have horrible customer service."

This review was modified by raymoss1 on January 18 2015 04:59:07 AM

Rating 2/10

N E V E R A G A I N"

Rating 2/10

"They have, at best, incompetent and apathetic customer service representatives. Their fraud detection is also messed up because it creates false positives all to often. Then they treat you like they are doing you a favor buy letting you buy from them. Yes, they often have good prices, but keep in mind that that is as far as they are capable of doing."

Rating 2/10

"We are a military family. my stepson is in the Army and supplements his income on amazon. We purchased him a Spigen phone case from best buy and he had switched phones so decided to sell it on his Amazon business. Spigen threatened him for listing it and when he did not remove it they bought it from him then lied to Amazon and said the case was fake. He showed receipts from best buy and Spigen still said it was fake and Best Buy must have sold him a fake case. We have found 5 others who have lost their businesses this way. Best Buy swears it sells authentic cases so we have asked them that if this company is doing this that they please pull their products. So today i had made a flyer to hand to the General Managers of the local stores so they would know what was going on. My stepson and I went to the Gastonia, NC store and I went in and asked to talk to the general manager. They brought Joe Marshall the General manager to see me and I politely asked him if he would just look at the flyer and maybe fax it to corporate for me and explained what it had done to our Army sons business and to others. He absolutely refused to look at it and was completely rude and walked off. I just left and went to my car and wrote a review on facebook. When I looked up there were cops in the parking lot. This guy had actually called the cops on me and my son for asking to talk to him. If they look at cameras they will see I did not talk to any customers or pass out flyers or anything yet he almost tried to have an Army kid and his step dad arrested. Joe Marshall, you should not be working at Best Buy and I promise that from now on neither I or my family or my sons platoon and anyone else that his platoon can get to will ever shop at Best Buy again until there is a public apology from this General Manager. "

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