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    Product & services pricing Rating 3.95/10 3.95/10
    Chance of future purchase: Rating 2.14/10 2.14/10
    Shipping & packaging: Rating 1.92/10 1.92/10
    Customer service: Rating 1.79/10 1.79/10
    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 2.50/10 2.50/10

1,391 Customer Reviews

Rating 4/10

"On 11/29/15 at 3pm, I was very disappointed to an employee at Best Buy store in Maplewood. I did not receive equal service due to the fact that I am an Asian guy. I had asked this guy thirty minutes before driving my old TV set to recycle at Best Buy. He told me that they accepted any old TV set under 32 inches. Upon I was arriving at Best Buy Maplewood store, the same guy told me that they did not accept any old TV at the moment because there was no room for my old TV. He told me to bring the TV set back home and will come back the next day. My TV set was real heavy. I demanded to talk to the store manager. Thankfully, that the manager did not discriminate me. He was okay for me to drop it to the store.
At 5 pm in the same day, I went back to the store again to look for a new TV set. I saw two white guys brought in three TV sets. The same guy at the door just pointed his finger to show the two men to drop their TVs to the recycling pile. This is a real discriminate against me. He said nothing to these two guys.
I would like to encourage our community of color to talk to a high level of employee in a particular store if you feel that your right was terminate just due to the color of your skin. Equal right and fair treatment only happen to certain group of people in America.

Rating 2/10

"We purchased a tv from the jensen beach florida location. Transaction 08810011831. We got it home and the screen is half blacked out. So we called the store, talked to a guy first think was chris, the escalated to a manager. Our simple request was to set aside the same tv so we could exchange it. We were told that they cant its "first come first served." Thats absolutely ridiculous, we had just bought it 3 hours ago so really we are 1st come 1st served. Its 30-45 mins from our house to the store and they cant hold it? My wife was a customer service manager and hiring manager for best buy for 6 years, items can be held and frankly they can do whatever they want at the store level. Were returning it tomorrow and have already ordered another from amazon. Being a bricks and mortar store, you should have the edge on customer service as opposed to them. We were not being rude or unreasonable whatsoever and to have a manager make such an idiotic comment such as First come first served after we just bought a broken product from you is appalling. I will never ever step foot in one of your stores again and will be sure to pass the word around what a terrible experience and poor service your organization is.
We bought our last tv on amazon, got here in 2 days no problems. Anytime theres an issue they fix it, no arguing, not explanations nothing. Get a clue best buy, youre already getting ran over as it is and honestly youre your own worst enemy.

This review was modified by Dontlikebestbuy on November 29 2015 05:09:29 PM

Rating 10/10

"I really don't know why people are so down on Best Buy. I have had many transactions with them and I have never left dissatisfied! They have always been very attentive to our needs. I recently bought two computers from Best Buy. One was an Asus gaming laptop. It really wasn't the computer for my needs so I returned it a few days after purchase. No problems whatsoever. The associate's only question was why we were returning. I responded and there was no argument or issues. I then about a week later bought a CyberPowerPC online through Best Buy. I received the computer about a week later, which is understandable considering it is a computer from another company that specializes in custom-built gaming computers. The desktop arrived undamaged and on time. The only problem I had was that I had to take it to Geek Squad to figure out why the optical drive was without power. Turns out that the power was not connected. This is not Best Buy's fault. I had a great experience with Geek Squad too. The gentleman that serviced me did a solid and opened it up and connected the power right on the spot. I will continue to use Best Buy for whatever I need. No problems with this guy!"

Rating 8/10

"awesome black friday discounts. Got lots of good deals today in store"

Rating 2/10

"My recent experience at Best Buy:

My ex wife, without consulting me, bought our daughter a Dell Inspiron 2 in one laptop from best buy. The second day we had it the laptop forced me to do what windows 10 calls a system reset, essentially a system restore for us tech geeks. After said system reset the computer continued to crash approximately once every three hours. The computer eventually forced me to do another system reset. Since the computer was new I let dell tech support log onto it to try to fix it, when they got finished it required an additional system reset. After all this the laptop would crash every hour, my daughter of course didn’t want to lose her laptop for weeks but the only choice I had at this point was to take it back to best buy, an hour drive from my home. Upon arrival at best buy in Greensboro North Carolina, customer service directed me to the geek squad. After standing at the geek squad counter for 20 plus minutes the rude gentleman staring at the point of sale kiosk finally found the ability to communicate with me. He took my information and informed me that I would get a text message when they were available, and also I could not leave said laptop on the counter. Finally after walking around the store for an hour and a half carrying this space brick around, I got a text that they were available. I show up at the geek squad counter, wait an addition 20 minutes, watching this rude gentleman stare aimlessly at the kiosk again. After this period he called me to the counter I give him the receipt for the computer I’ve been walking around with, at this point he informs me that it is 2 days past the replacement period and that it would have to be sent back to the manufacture for repair, of course there is no compromise on the issue. They also would not ship it back to my home. Three and a half weeks later I get an email that the computer is ready to be picked up and to schedule an appointment with the geek squad. The email also stated that they couldn’t identify the true issue with the computer so they replaced all the internals, basically throwing parts at it instead of troubleshooting it, anyone familiar with industry knows this is what technicians that can’t troubleshoot do. I do not believe that this computer went back to Dell; the UPS tracking I was provided stated that it went to a best buy repair center, not Dell. I don’t know if dell has a contract with best buy for their computer repairs or what. I called and spoke to another condescending employee at best buy to set up an appointment to pick the computer up, this particular one was a real smart aleck, trying to mask it with cordial words. I inform them that I will be there at 5:00 pm to pick the laptop up. Again I arrive at best buy, only this time with my daughter with me, and as before I stand at the counter staring at yet another geek squad employee staring at the kiosk with no ability to communicate: at this point I believe it is standard operating procedure to make you stand at the counter for 20 plus minutes. After this period yet again this geek squad employee informs me that my appointment is it 5:30 pm and that they will again text me when my computer is ready. Finally at 6:00 pm I get a text that her computer is ready for pick up, by this time we have looked at everything in the store. I show up at the counter and there is no one present, so we wait. Fast forward: at 6:30 pm I am fit to be tied, an employee walks by and I ask to speak to the manager, everyone else that came in behind me gave up and left at this point, and did not receive their electronics ready for retrieval. I was determined to get my daughters lap top back. Ten minutes later 6:40 at this point the manager shows up, I inform him that we have been there an hour and a half to pick her computer up, that I had set up an appointment and that this was ridiculous. I also expressed my disdain for best buy and that I will never set foot in another one and that I was going to do this review of my best buy experience. I have never been inconvienced like this and not been compensated for my time by any other business, through gift cards, free drinks, etc. My employer charges a hefty rate for my time and my personal time is worth more. Now it is 7:00 pm: I finally receive the computer, along with finger prints and stickers all over it, I would be embarrassed to deliver a product to a customer that wasn’t even cleaned after repair. I design equipment for the automotive industry, and also have to service said equipment occasionally, if I were to apply best buy principals to my work it would ruin my reputation as it has my perception of best buy. We were able to check the computer out and all was well, so we started our hour trek back home. After this experience God can strike me with lighting if I ever dawn the doors of best buy again.


Rating 2/10

"Their website just sucks so much.....
- constantly giving me "sorry there was an error" and do not tell me what the error is
- unable to check the order details 7/10 times I click on it
- tells me that I can use debit and then denies it
- my paypal works on every other website (Ebay, NCIX, canada computers, etc...) and Bestbuy just tells me there is an "error"
- on item description tells me 7 are in stock and will "arrive as early as" within a week, and after I make the order the status of the item changes to "out of stock" (what is this???)

Rating 2/10

"They made me enter info for a price four times and never gave me one. Then when I went to chat and mentioned it sucked instead of apologizing and giving me the price they posted a message about profanity. I will NOT buy my new TV there as I have the past 5. Yes, they do suck and can't admit it."

This review was modified by danwipper on November 16 2015 04:00:01 PM

Rating 2/10

"20 months later I am still finding new glitches in the way Best Buy transferred my data and set up my then-new MacBook. My photos and documents were irreparably scrambled despite 2 long stays with the so-called Geek squad. Finally, I thought I had a permanent license for Microsoft Office, but what BB installed was a subsciption. I wouldn't go back to Best Buy if they paid me!"

Rating 10/10

"Best buy is thebest place toshop if you need a gadget right away. Price wise, not so much. Itis like a convenience store. "

Rating 2/10

"Be very careful about buying at Best Buy. They will refuse to take returns at some point. And it won't matter that you are still within the return period or that you insist, they will not take back returns. You will not know when Best Buy will do you this way either. That means if you buy something from Best Buy which happens to be defective, you are screwed because they will not take it back. Buy a $1000 TV or anything expensive. You run the risk of being on Best Buy's no-returns list. You had better hope what you buy isn't defective nor becomes defective.


Rating 2/10

"Do not shop at this store-return policy sucks. 14 day return .i tried to return on the 15th day they would not take it back.i will never shop here again or suggest that anyone else does either"

Rating 2/10

"Unfortunately this was a very disappointing experience with best buy. I purchased an expensive device , and the device was not working since I bought it . I was traveling so I couldn't take my device back on time within one year therefore they told me they wouldn't be able to give me credit for the broken device . Their costumer service is not even one star. This was the last time I buy anything from this store. "

Rating 4/10

"Purchased a washer and dryer from Best Buy on October 5th with delivery scheduled for today, October 10th. I received a discount on the washer because I purchased a floor model. When the washer and dryer arrived, the washer was the one I agreed to purchase, but the dryer was not. The dryer had an extremely large dent on the side as if it had been dropped. My husband called about it and was told our order had been changed for an opened box dryer; however, it was in a sealed box when it arrived; we were never consulted about an 'opened box dryer' and were charged full price for the dryer. The new dryer we purchased now won't be delivered until next Saturday. The only available times for delivery during the week are 1 to 3 pm Tuesday - Friday. Unfortunately, we have things called jobs that get in the way of these delivery hours....very frustrated w/ this unexpected inconvenience!"

Rating 2/10
ResellerRatings.com TOP REVIEWER!

"Absolutely amazing experience. And I don't mean a good one. Web site is from the early nineties. Threw me out of my cart three time before it accepted my PayPal payment option. Guess they don't like PayPal as PayPal offers a level of protection against their incompetence. Please the order, received a PayPal receipt with the Best Buy order number on it. I never received the e-mail confirmation from Best buy. The next day I received an e-mail from Best Buy stating that I had items still in my cart. Called customer service only to be dropped a total of three times. One time I was told that the order number I provided was not a real number?!?!? Asked for a supervisor and had to explain the whole situation again. Then was dropped again. Latoya was the last to help, put me on hold for over ten minutes only to come back and say it was going to 15 to 30 minutes additional for a supervisor. The items I tried to order wasn't that much cheaper then amazon, so in the future, that's who I'll use."

Rating 8/10

"I bought a brand new iPhone 6s Plus fro Best buy a couple of weeks ago. The price was right and the service was okay. I am writing this review because I don't think it's fair how many bad reviews this place has when they are a big box retailer and most of the reviews seem to be from people that want an intimate experience instead of realizing that you go there to buy something and go home... I have shopped at best buy for 20 years and always feel that I get a fair deal. "

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