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1,399 Customer Reviews

Rating 10/10

"Sony XBR 55X850C

I Bought a 4K (2160p) Sony XBR 55X850C Triluminous wide color gamut HDR ready 55" TV on Nov 28 at B.B. for my personal & BR space to replace a 2 yr old 40" Sony the new 55X850C was made (or assembled) in Sept 2015 in Mexico ofc.

I ran the latest firmware update the same day I bought the set and put it up on a motion wall mount midway up the wall with a 6500K white ambient back light LED strip on the back of the set a few days later after I decided it was a keeper.

I have a modest 5.1 in here for sound.Anybody buying one of these needs to get some kind of sound for it.

I watch it close up adjacent to the computer /office desk and ~ 9 ft back at night . I'm sold on 4K and 4K upscaling for *my view distances * especially at the desk. OTOH even at 9 ft 4K and 4K upscaling seems to add something IMO. Football and movies are primo on this set .

The 720p /1080i/ 18080p upscaling is outstanding it looks better than 720p and 1080i/1080p respectively and the STD def upscale is otherwise fine.

It has a 120Hz VA panel with an adjustable Sony motionflow enhanced refresh rating of 960 Hz .

If you set it to P3 DCI or bt 2020 color space (wide color gamut ) in Standard mode on the inputs that allow it and set the live color at medium and back off the color control to 35-45 it gives you a wider color space ( more vibrant but still realistic color ) than the standard bt 709 content . try it YMMV purists may not like it but many others will .

You can only do this extended color thing above on regular 8 bit content with a few HDR sets like this one or the Samsung and LG HDR sets.

Settings :
The energy saver settings and back light sensor should be [off[ ,the contrast and brightness (backlight level ) should be at [maximum in all picture modes on all inputs .

Standard picture mode is a good one to use most of the time . Color temp warm or neutral Black level (brightness ) on other sets should be at 50 on these sets that will get an .016 reference black . Color is good at 45-50 depending on the mode /content usually ~ 50 . These settings will work on most Sony TV's .

This is my 4th Sony no regrets with any of them .

More advanced settings :
I would leave the live color at medium and advanced contrast enhancer [off] in all cases .
and motion flow off usually and reality creation at manual and resolution at 20 and sharpness at 50 and both noise reductions [off]and Cine motion [high]

FWIW I did a white balance and gamma offset calibration on this set and some basic stuff to preference it didn't need a lot advanced calibration wise , don't fool with the 10 pt gamma if you don't have a colorimeter and know how to use it and know what to expect .

The Sony 55X850C sets and the 900 series HDR sets are ready for Ultra HD Blue Ray also and they have wide band HDMI 2.0a and HDCP on all 4 HDMI inputs as well as 2160p/60hz 4:4:4 with the latest firmware upgrades .

Video levels :
You have to set whatever HDMI input you are using for a PC ( best set on 4:4:4 video level ) not RGB full or for any HDR 10 content to wideband or enhanced mode in the Android HDMI input management settings menu leave the other ones for 4:2:0 DVD /Blue Ray and OTA and cable /sat stuff alone or it screws up your Chroma Video levels .

Great all around TV for TV for Ball games/Movies /Videos/DVD /Blue Ray /You tube /4K You tube and Neflix 4K and 2K and and Amazon 2K content and Amazon HDR content etc

This panel has good dynamic range and doesn't clip whites in bt709 colorspace until about 252 and maintains a reference .016 black while doing that and can get decently bright maybe 265 cd/m2 max @ 50% white acording to rting.com .. It automatically switches to HDR mode when it sees HDR 10 meta data .

I Haven't tried 3D yet it's never been a priority but I might pick up some glasses .

The only issues are after prolonged use sometimes the Android apps get lost and freeze and a long push on the power button and reboot ,sometimes twice fixes it nothing unusual on any new [smart] set these days .

Note: It's not 800-1000 NIT brightness HDR set like maybe 2 to 4 TOTL Sony and Samsung U can buy for a few Thousand $$ today but otherwise it's a decent HDR compromise with a wide color gamut .

This should all apply to any of the XBR 850C Sony's

All in all a good or IMO the best 4K HDR ready and WCG set with the usual excellent Sony XBR color and build quality for the money .


This review was modified by rated by bluto on December 13 2015 03:41:03 PM

Rating 2/10

"Ordered a chrome book on November 30th. Received an email November 30th, "Your pickup order has been shipped to our store. We'll notify you when it arrives and is ready for pickup". Then received an email on December 4th, "We apologize for this inconvenience, but the item you recently ordered is taking longer than expected to arrive. We expect it to be ready for you by Friday, December 4, 2015.

To make a long story short, I tried twice to call Best Buy. The first time I called, the wait time on hold was to be greater than 30 minutes. I called second time, on hold 15 minutes. Customer service rep could not locate order. Did not know when it would be delivered. Had them cancel the order.

If the product is at the store near you, they are ok to buy and pick up that day. If it has to be delivered, then I will not buy from Best Buy.

This review was modified by blawso01 on December 11 2015 10:18:13 AM

Rating 10/10

"So I purchased the Insignia™ - Gaming Chair - Black Model: NS-GGC101 despite the negative reviews on best buy's website for it... there were positive reviews too and given that the chair was an xmas/ pre-black-friday special for $21 with free shipping I figured I just couldn't go wrong at that price, worst case scenario I just return it. Chair arrived promptly from best buy.

A few weeks later I got an email from best buy... apparently the chair didn't meet up to their standards because of manufacturing issues with it (reviews stated chair smells funny, fabric tears easily, other reviews say the people posting the negative reviews are stupid and chair is great :P ) .... so Best Buy gave me a refund and said there was no need to return the chair. Just like that, I haven't even taken the chair out of the box or asked for a refund or anything... they just reached out like that out of the blue (pun intended :P ) and gave me a refund. To me that is just nothing short of amazing.

Over the years I've never purchased a product I had to return to Best Buy because it wasn't working properly.. there were instances where I returned products for other reasons, was smart enough to hold onto my receipt of course ;) , and was given no hassles by best buy when returning it... always found the staff to be courteous, friendly and helpful.

Rating 2/10

"Horrible. I ordered 2 chromebooks, and they delivered one. The told me to pick it up or it would be re-stocked even the thought the second one wasn't in yet. The morons were too inconsiderate to hold one until the other arrived."

Rating 2/10

"Worst Customer service.

My wife was looking for a Smartphone and ended up on S6 Edge+. looking around for deals I found that Bestbuy is provided a giftcard on when this ATT no-contract financed phone is bought from Best buy. So I bought that on 22nd Nov at around 18:45. Soon I reached home wife demanded that she needs 64gig version and not this 32gig (she takes too many snaps of our kids).
didn't find time to visit BB same day so been there on thanks giving day and talked to associate to find that we have 14 days return/replacement policy but the line at Mobile activation kiosk would have taken another 2-3 hours so we returned thinking that we had pretty much time to get it replaced. Unfortunately we couldn't find time until 6th of Dec when on that day I reached BB as early as 11:00 AM. after waiting for an hour at the kiosk got to the counter and told the lady that I want to replace with 64gig version. The Lady was generous and was looking for the 64gig phone in her safe, seems she couldnt find any see went to another safe and returned around 3-4 mins later, looked into the papers and told me unfortunately I am bit late. ???? I asked what that means and she told me today is 15th Day and the policy is to return in 14 day. I argues with her as well as her supervisor that how just 2 weeks (sunday to another sunday) make 15 days, but constantly got a same reply that its 15th day and ATT does not allow us more then 14days return.
I went to ATT store and shown them receipts and asked if I could replace it. The ATT lady told me that yes it could be replaced today but she cannot do that as the phone was not bought from them but BB. So I went back BB and asked for the Store manager who appeared in couple of mins, told him the story but got that taped reply again that he cannot do as it is day 15, I gave him the reference of my visit to ATT but he is not at all tried to listen.

I am not sure if they are selling for ATT and if ATT allows it to replace why cannot BB?

Rating 2/10

"They deserve zero stars. The worst customer service ever!!!! Never ever in my life gonna shop there again even if it's the cheapest. It's not worth dealing with their customer service.
Do not recommend this store for anyone.

This review was modified by Rashagaby on December 05 2015 05:12:37 PM

Rating 2/10

"I have had the hardest time with Best Buy online. I have shopped the Santee Store for years with no problems. They did not stock the size refrigerator I needed. The sales man said that I could get that online with no problem. I found and order the frig on Thursday 11/19/15, I choose from the calendar choices for possible delivery Monday 11/30/15. I got conformation that the order went through, my credit card was charged the next day 11/20/15, and I waited. The day before delivery as promised I got an email about 6PM stating that delivery would happen on time 11/30/15 between 12:30 and 2:30. In expectation of the unknown time of delivery as this email came on a Sunday, I did take the Monday off from work to ensure I would be home. Then at 8:30 that same night on Sunday 11/29/15 I get another email saying that delivery would be on 12/6/15.
I spend the next 2 hours on the phone finally getting to a manager named Tori at the distribution center, all she could say was sorry. Sorry sorry sorry. She stated that they have no control, they do not find out until the day before delivery if the item was shipped or received. When I ask if this might happen again the day before the new delivery date, she states they will not know until the day before the delivery date. Being so frustrated I ask for her boss. She said that either Alison or Taul would call me back the next morning some time after 8AM. If needed their number is 855-534-6129.
The next day, Monday 11/30/15 at 11:30 with still no call I try calling. I am only able to leave a voice message, and it states someone will call by the end of the business day. Guess what? No call.
That night my wife gets into it and spends 2 more hours on the phone but she decided to call the store that we have gone to for so much merchandise. She gets to the store manager that files an executive complaint, and said that if we do not get a call to call him back directly.
The next morning, now Tuesday 12/1/15, our frig is dead and we are living out of a cooler, Alison calls. She starts off with I spoke with Tory yesterday, I correct her that was 2 days ago. She gives the same sorry sorry sorry. Finally, after many complaints of how does a company of this size does not even know when or where items are being shipped or expected to be received. She states that she did find that our frig was shipped to them on 11/29/15. I pushed further and she said that normally these shipments take about 3 days but that is not an exact time period. She agreed with me that IF it comes in it could be delivered early. I asked that she follow up with me and see if she can get more information. She said that she would call back by 3:30 as that is when she leaves today and is not in the next day, that Tori would also call tomorrow.
No call from Alison, what a surprise. About 7 PM on Tuesday 12/1/15 Torri calls. She has no information, she does not even have the information that Alison told me that she found out the frig was shipped on 11/29/15. All she can say is, “well you do have a delivery date set for 12/6/15” When I pointed out that this was a second date, and can she confirm that they will even get the frig from their manufacturer to be able to deliver it? She said that they might know the day before.
It is now Thursday 4 days after it was supposedly shipped to Best Buy no call, yet.

Rating 2/10

"Item I wanted was out of stock, wanted to ask about stock availability and there is no option to inquire on the customer support webpage so I call the support number and they tell me "I don't know, usually takes 1-2 weeks for restocking, sometimes longer" so you can't check if this item is even on order or back order to the warehouse or from your vendors? "No, thanks for choosing Best Buy" *Click*. OK so, I work at a competing electronic retail store that doesn't sell this particular item and if someone ask's me if we have stock I can pull it up on my computer in 10 seconds and it shows my store stock, every other stores stock, warehouse stock, online store stock and if warehouse is sold out it shows if it's at least on order, if nothings on order I can check my Vendors after that to see if I can special order it in. No effort was made just a very generic "1-2 weeks....Maybe" OK great so it MIGHT comeback in 2 weeks.... great customer service idiots."

Rating 4/10

"On 11/29/15 at 3pm, I was very disappointed to an employee at Best Buy store in Maplewood. I did not receive equal service due to the fact that I am an Asian guy. I had asked this guy thirty minutes before driving my old TV set to recycle at Best Buy. He told me that they accepted any old TV set under 32 inches. Upon I was arriving at Best Buy Maplewood store, the same guy told me that they did not accept any old TV at the moment because there was no room for my old TV. He told me to bring the TV set back home and will come back the next day. My TV set was real heavy. I demanded to talk to the store manager. Thankfully, that the manager did not discriminate me. He was okay for me to drop it to the store.
At 5 pm in the same day, I went back to the store again to look for a new TV set. I saw two white guys brought in three TV sets. The same guy at the door just pointed his finger to show the two men to drop their TVs to the recycling pile. This is a real discriminate against me. He said nothing to these two guys.
I would like to encourage our community of color to talk to a high level of employee in a particular store if you feel that your right was terminate just due to the color of your skin. Equal right and fair treatment only happen to certain group of people in America.

Rating 2/10

"We purchased a tv from the jensen beach florida location. Transaction 08810011831. We got it home and the screen is half blacked out. So we called the store, talked to a guy first think was chris, the escalated to a manager. Our simple request was to set aside the same tv so we could exchange it. We were told that they cant its "first come first served." Thats absolutely ridiculous, we had just bought it 3 hours ago so really we are 1st come 1st served. Its 30-45 mins from our house to the store and they cant hold it? My wife was a customer service manager and hiring manager for best buy for 6 years, items can be held and frankly they can do whatever they want at the store level. Were returning it tomorrow and have already ordered another from amazon. Being a bricks and mortar store, you should have the edge on customer service as opposed to them. We were not being rude or unreasonable whatsoever and to have a manager make such an idiotic comment such as First come first served after we just bought a broken product from you is appalling. I will never ever step foot in one of your stores again and will be sure to pass the word around what a terrible experience and poor service your organization is.
We bought our last tv on amazon, got here in 2 days no problems. Anytime theres an issue they fix it, no arguing, not explanations nothing. Get a clue best buy, youre already getting ran over as it is and honestly youre your own worst enemy.

This review was modified by Dontlikebestbuy on November 29 2015 05:09:29 PM

Rating 10/10

"I really don't know why people are so down on Best Buy. I have had many transactions with them and I have never left dissatisfied! They have always been very attentive to our needs. I recently bought two computers from Best Buy. One was an Asus gaming laptop. It really wasn't the computer for my needs so I returned it a few days after purchase. No problems whatsoever. The associate's only question was why we were returning. I responded and there was no argument or issues. I then about a week later bought a CyberPowerPC online through Best Buy. I received the computer about a week later, which is understandable considering it is a computer from another company that specializes in custom-built gaming computers. The desktop arrived undamaged and on time. The only problem I had was that I had to take it to Geek Squad to figure out why the optical drive was without power. Turns out that the power was not connected. This is not Best Buy's fault. I had a great experience with Geek Squad too. The gentleman that serviced me did a solid and opened it up and connected the power right on the spot. I will continue to use Best Buy for whatever I need. No problems with this guy!"

Rating 8/10

"awesome black friday discounts. Got lots of good deals today in store"

Rating 2/10

"My recent experience at Best Buy:

My ex wife, without consulting me, bought our daughter a Dell Inspiron 2 in one laptop from best buy. The second day we had it the laptop forced me to do what windows 10 calls a system reset, essentially a system restore for us tech geeks. After said system reset the computer continued to crash approximately once every three hours. The computer eventually forced me to do another system reset. Since the computer was new I let dell tech support log onto it to try to fix it, when they got finished it required an additional system reset. After all this the laptop would crash every hour, my daughter of course didn’t want to lose her laptop for weeks but the only choice I had at this point was to take it back to best buy, an hour drive from my home. Upon arrival at best buy in Greensboro North Carolina, customer service directed me to the geek squad. After standing at the geek squad counter for 20 plus minutes the rude gentleman staring at the point of sale kiosk finally found the ability to communicate with me. He took my information and informed me that I would get a text message when they were available, and also I could not leave said laptop on the counter. Finally after walking around the store for an hour and a half carrying this space brick around, I got a text that they were available. I show up at the geek squad counter, wait an addition 20 minutes, watching this rude gentleman stare aimlessly at the kiosk again. After this period he called me to the counter I give him the receipt for the computer I’ve been walking around with, at this point he informs me that it is 2 days past the replacement period and that it would have to be sent back to the manufacture for repair, of course there is no compromise on the issue. They also would not ship it back to my home. Three and a half weeks later I get an email that the computer is ready to be picked up and to schedule an appointment with the geek squad. The email also stated that they couldn’t identify the true issue with the computer so they replaced all the internals, basically throwing parts at it instead of troubleshooting it, anyone familiar with industry knows this is what technicians that can’t troubleshoot do. I do not believe that this computer went back to Dell; the UPS tracking I was provided stated that it went to a best buy repair center, not Dell. I don’t know if dell has a contract with best buy for their computer repairs or what. I called and spoke to another condescending employee at best buy to set up an appointment to pick the computer up, this particular one was a real smart aleck, trying to mask it with cordial words. I inform them that I will be there at 5:00 pm to pick the laptop up. Again I arrive at best buy, only this time with my daughter with me, and as before I stand at the counter staring at yet another geek squad employee staring at the kiosk with no ability to communicate: at this point I believe it is standard operating procedure to make you stand at the counter for 20 plus minutes. After this period yet again this geek squad employee informs me that my appointment is it 5:30 pm and that they will again text me when my computer is ready. Finally at 6:00 pm I get a text that her computer is ready for pick up, by this time we have looked at everything in the store. I show up at the counter and there is no one present, so we wait. Fast forward: at 6:30 pm I am fit to be tied, an employee walks by and I ask to speak to the manager, everyone else that came in behind me gave up and left at this point, and did not receive their electronics ready for retrieval. I was determined to get my daughters lap top back. Ten minutes later 6:40 at this point the manager shows up, I inform him that we have been there an hour and a half to pick her computer up, that I had set up an appointment and that this was ridiculous. I also expressed my disdain for best buy and that I will never set foot in another one and that I was going to do this review of my best buy experience. I have never been inconvienced like this and not been compensated for my time by any other business, through gift cards, free drinks, etc. My employer charges a hefty rate for my time and my personal time is worth more. Now it is 7:00 pm: I finally receive the computer, along with finger prints and stickers all over it, I would be embarrassed to deliver a product to a customer that wasn’t even cleaned after repair. I design equipment for the automotive industry, and also have to service said equipment occasionally, if I were to apply best buy principals to my work it would ruin my reputation as it has my perception of best buy. We were able to check the computer out and all was well, so we started our hour trek back home. After this experience God can strike me with lighting if I ever dawn the doors of best buy again.


Rating 2/10

"Their website just sucks so much.....
- constantly giving me "sorry there was an error" and do not tell me what the error is
- unable to check the order details 7/10 times I click on it
- tells me that I can use debit and then denies it
- my paypal works on every other website (Ebay, NCIX, canada computers, etc...) and Bestbuy just tells me there is an "error"
- on item description tells me 7 are in stock and will "arrive as early as" within a week, and after I make the order the status of the item changes to "out of stock" (what is this???)

Rating 2/10

"They made me enter info for a price four times and never gave me one. Then when I went to chat and mentioned it sucked instead of apologizing and giving me the price they posted a message about profanity. I will NOT buy my new TV there as I have the past 5. Yes, they do suck and can't admit it."

This review was modified by danwipper on November 16 2015 04:00:01 PM

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