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99 Customer Reviews

Rating 2/10

Purchased 12/23/2012, Warranty expired 12/23/2014.
Was a gift for my grandson when I bought it, but never gave it to him because someone else got him one, nor did I use it, I put it away to hold for a time I did need it, though I had set it up in the beginning for him. It did not get turned on for almost two years later in Dec. 2014. So, it had no windows updating prior - which I didn't know was important to keep up till now when some kind of virus seemed to have taken over. Even though it was never used after the initial setup, nor turned on, it somehow got a virus from my initial setup? I don't understand that, but goes to show how updating is necessary on a regular basis whether you use that computer/laptop or not?
Was no longer under warranty, so took it for repair at Bestbuy where I had purchased it. They were the ones who told me it had a virus. Needed reformatted, and maybe a new motherboard if problem persisted. I ended up having someone else look at it, who reformatted it and reloaded 8.1.
Now that it's working again, everything seems to be working great except for a 30-minute automatic shut-down. We have tried many tests and steps to fix it, but nothing worked. Only other thing is to get a Motherboard. I don't know if I want to do that since there is no promise that will fix the problem either due to what I've read with others having same problems with their ASUS and other brands. Made in China, and others said the 30 min timer problem automatically happened after the warranty expired. Could this China Company be programming that problem into the computers to force repair by them or to buy another computer from them? Just wondering. From the other reviews, they don't seem to be a reputable company anyway.
I don't recommend this brand. I was told by other techs that this laptop was a lemon. Gee, wonder why??
Check out other reviews on consumeraffairs.com

This review was modified by elizzabeth on February 17 2015 12:55:58 PM

Rating 2/10

"Bought an Asus Nexus 7, 2nd gen. tablet. Product was great! But Asus customer service was lame! Each representative told me something different for the same question and their manufacturer's warranty didn't cover the problem I was having with my tablet, instead, they told me it would cost $100 just to repair a stupid part that their ORIGINAL charger broke! After dealing with them for over a week, trying the get a decent answer, and their Escalations department was equally horrible, I called my extended warranty service and they fixed my tablet in two days! Will never buy Asus products again!"

This review was modified by Smart_snake1988 on February 13 2015 11:21:12 PM

Rating 2/10

"ASUS Laptop X55A -
Had problems with the hard drive from day one. Finally it just packed up. Lasted about 8 months in all. Called ASUS service, which to put it kindly is just crappy.

Will not buy an ASUS again, ever. Their products are cheap for a reason - they are cheap...))

Rating 2/10

"I was conned into buying from a company called Arvato after being unknowingly redirected via the Asus uk site. I purchased a Tricover Memopad 8 case, it was a gift so was not opened for 2 weeks. Upon opening it became clear the Tricover Memopad 8 case is not designed for the memopad 8 as it is too large and the tablet falls out, also the hole for the camera is in completely the wrong place. It is clear this is not designed for this tablet despite the name, it is a generic case they slapped Asus on and named a Tricover menopause 8 case. This Arvato grudgingly agreed to a refund and seem to be under the illusion they are doing me a favour. To top it all I am expected to pay to post the thing back as it has been longer than 14 days. They are breaching the sales of goods act as the item was not as described and not fit for purpose so currently going through the European Consumer Centre and will not let this lie.
It is not the money it is the principle of being mislead and now cheated.

This review was modified by grayskunk on December 06 2014 12:32:37 AM

Rating 2/10

"Support is useless. I have had 2 occassions to contact them about 2 different laptops and both times I got wrong information and a complete inability for them to understand basic questions. Talking to a wall is far less frustrating and just as productive.

A shame because I like their Ultrabooks.

This review was modified by yagi on December 02 2014 05:45:22 PM

Rating 2/10

"I originally bought a G74VW from asus, which cost me about 2,000$ at the time as a stock machine. for the first year the computer ran wonderfully! but eventualy everything started going down hill.

Eventualy the G74VW I had started having random screen blackouts during use, i would go black for a little wile and then turn back on. I thought that my OS might have gotten corrupted after downloading something so i just did a factory reset. The problem persisted leading me to believe the graphics card was going bad. Nope, I sent it into asus and they responded saying that the motherboard wasn't receiving enough power. So obviously they replaced the internal power supply right? Again nope, they replaced the motherboard and sent it back, but the problem persisted. I had sent the laptop back 3 times and each time they only replaced the motherboard up till the last time when just before I was sending it back, and I had finished printing out the shipping labels I shut down the computer and the internal power supply EXPLODED sending shrapnel and other small debris flying out the fan vent.

Im lucky I didn't have the laptop in my lap when it happened or I might have gotten a trip to the hospital. Asus Sent me a model newer laptop for obvious reasons but would not extend the warranty past 6 months. On top of that it took me contacting the BBB twice to make them fullfill the warranty extension.

My problems with the company did not stop there. About 2 weeks after I got the new computer I started receiving OS Crashes, not bluescreens but explorer.exe crashes. Right clicking a drive would crash explorer.exe. So again I tried doing a factory reset and the problem persisted. I sent the computer back into asus and they responded that the OS And the factory state was corrupt. But instead of them re-installing the factory image and sending it back after a day of receiving it, they took an entire moth to solve the problem, and every time I asked them what was taking so long they responded "We are trying to figure out the best way to solve the issue" which isn't hard especially when they know what the issue is. It takes about 2 hours on average to install an image to a computer hard drive where asus took 4 weeks eating a month off my new extended warranty (Which is now expired).

Now here after the expiration of the waranty I am still having problems and the replacement computer is just barely over a year old. The sound card keeps crashing along with the wifi card and the operating system AGAIN. I even replaced the OS hard drive with a new SSD and im still getting operating system crashes and hangs, and when the wifi card crashes, it also freezes the entire operating system for a few minutes. Not only that but the only way to fix the wifi card is to reboot. Also the sound card problem? I have to unplug my USB headphones and wait till the computer does that little "bla doop" sound and then plug it back in. If i don't do this the sound card doesn't come back. My computer also froze once while trying to write this review so I had to start completely from scratch.

I am never buying anything from asus again and I recommend to everyone I talk to computer stuff about to not get any asus products.

This review was modified by Azmuth on November 13 2014 07:36:07 AM

Rating 2/10

"completely concur with the other asus users: crappy products and horrible customer support . i had the same problem sent for repair several times, and they still refuse to replace the defective unit, even though it was still under warranty... i hope people will stop buying their products..."

Rating 2/10

"Horrible service, DO NOT BUY ASUS! I received a damaged laptop, they wrapped it so badly after a repair , that the LCD screen broke during transit. Even though I explained, sent pictures, made several statements as they requested and did all I could to give evidence to the fact they messed up, they are trying to bill me $265!! I have been without my laptop over 5 weeks and all they offer me is to dispute this invoice (meaning another 3 weeks). AVOID THIS COMPANY - LOOK AT FACEBOOK UNDER ASUS SUCKS OR consumer complaints....wish I had!"

Rating 2/10

"Asus memo pad 10, screen died within 6 months, been told by Asus that I have damaged it and not covered under warranty. Crap products crap service. Bought a Samsung instead, better machine and I know their customer service is spot on . Don't waste money and time on Asus products."

This review was modified by grimbumtripe on October 16 2014 11:25:26 AM

Rating 2/10

"Asus Customer service is horrible. I bought this powerful computer for work in our medical office. After 3 months of use, it crashed. At first we thought it to be a software problem, so we reloaded it with Windows 8.1 pro. Since this would wipe out anything on the hard drive, we thought this would take care of the software issue. A few weeks later it did the same thing. It cost a huge amount of down time at our front desk. In fact, we had to temporarily install my HP laptop which was my Christmas present. Asus support, which has reps that you will never be able to understand, had names like: Mike, Tom, or Susan, but you got the distinct feeling that wasn't really their name. They gave us zero help. Finally we shipped the computer back to Asus which cost us $85. I also sent them a letter explaining all of this and the fact that we wanted a new computer, not our old one fixed up, but they totally ignored my letter and never even mentioned it. It was as if I never took the time to write a letter. Bottom line, don't buy an Asus. If you do, please take my advice and get it from Best Buy and get the replacement policy. They say my piece of junk will arrive on Wednesday, but I am not looking forward to it. Save yourself some trouble and buy HP or some other brand, but don't buy Asus. One star is too good for them.

Rating 2/10

"I was trying to connect a 4T USB drive to my RT-AC66U router. While the drive is seen by the device, it shows as unmounted. Connecting a USB 256G flashdrive does work.
I’ve contacted the Tech Support 2 weeks ago and the representative spent 40 minutes with me trying different things to try and resolve (factory reset, switching USB port, changing firmware,…).
He ended up the call by asking me to try with another drive of capacity smaller than 2T and call back Tech Support with results.
I’ve tried connecting a 1TB drive and it didn’t work.
I’ve tried connecting my 4TB drive to an RT-AC68U router that I borrowed from a friend… It does perfectly work.

This is where the nightmare begins.
Since then, I’ve been unable to contact Tech Support by phone 4 times (50 minutes wait, 40 minutes wait, 20 minutes wait, 45 minutes wait).
After waiting 35 minutes on the phone yesterday, I finally got someone. But as soon as I provided my case number, the call “dropped” .
I tried then to contact Tech Support by chat. Same thing. For 6 times in a row, as soon as I provide my case number, the representative will end the chat.
Really ?!

I then contacter Customer Care and talked to a polite representative that told me he would look into it and call me back in the hour.
I never received a call, but I got a useless email saying that I should contact Tech Support for my issue.
Well… thanks for the advice !!

Bottom line, I have a defective device that is still under warranty (13 months old) but no one at Asus seem to care.

Worst customer service (seriously, who hangs up on customer ?) and Tech support I’ve ever seen.
At that point, Asus should just shut down their Customer Service and Tech Support departments and save some money here and the result for customer would be exactly the same.

This review was modified by gdavoud on October 04 2014 11:26:15 AM

Rating 2/10

" Asus service support isn't willing to think outside the box. I have been having an issue with the hard drive on this laptop for over two and a half weeks and getting someone to call me back was useless; because they couldn't resolve the issue. The laptop one day started moving extremely slow, so i called. The person we spoke to went through the normal Power Cycle trouble shooting procedure. When the laptop wouldn't start they suggested I send it in or take it to best buy (their authorized repair center). Since I needed to get this taken care ASAP i took it to Best Buy. Best Buy concluded that the hard drive was in "complete failure" I called Asus back and was told that this issue could be software related!?! The hard drive isn't on. Can't get off the initial boot animation, the hard drive isn't spinning, making any noise or vibrating at all. Asus suggested backing up the hard drive and sending it in. Since the hard drive isnt working, i had to take it back to Best Buy so they could extract the files. I have all my newborn photos on the hard drive and a few clients' photo sessions on the drive that i needed to get off. Best Buy let me know that they would have to access the actual disk to extract the files. I called ASUS just to update them on the process and they informed me that it would void my warranty if Best Buy had to open the hard drive. If they couldn't access my files without taking the hard drive apart then i would just have to send it in and ASUS will just wipe it and send me a new one. I'm not saying that ASUS is responsible for my files being lost. I am well aware that i should have backed up the photos, but what got to me was them telling me that they couldn't trust Best Buy's diagnostics, so if Best Buy broke the seals, it would void the warranty on the laptop. Their authorised repair center couldnt be trusted?!?! I would have to send the hard drive in, but "back it up if you can." Every time i talked to someone, they would tell me "sorry you cant access any of your files, i understand you can back it up by accessing the disk and pulling the files, but you cant" Every time they talked to me they told me to back it up! After a week and a half of fighting with them, i couldnt wait any longer, i called them back for a fourth time, just to ask them to send me a recovery disk. I informed them i would be buying a new hard drive from Best Buy and paying Best Buy to install Windows 8 from the recovery disk. ASUS told me they dont have recovery disks for windows 8, i can reinstall windows 8 off of the hard drive that has a recovery partition. Since the hard drive isnt working, ASUS recommend i send it in and they will swap out the hard drive and install Windows 8 (but of course, back up the files that you can)"

Rating 2/10

"Sent in a 2 year old non functioning motherboard in for replacement under a 3 year warranty. Even though they accepted my RMA request would not replace the board only repair it for a $110 fee. When I refused they sent back the non working board. Terrible service."

This review was modified by KennQuist on September 11 2014 03:17:16 PM

No Avatar

Rating 2/10

"ASUS has the worst tech support I believe I have ever encountered. To begin with, the female voice on the automated greeting is so inarticulate as to at times be unintelligible. She sounds like she has a tongue piercing that prohibits her ability to annunciate clearly. Then after the lengthy on hold process begins, the same voice obnoxiously reiterates about every 10 seconds that your call might be recorded.
When a tech rep finally does come on the line, they direct you to a website where you can download a manual. The guy assisting me was unable to tell me the page number where the info I needed could be found. After several minutes scrolling through a PDF file, I located the section pertaining to the issue I was experiencing. At that point, the rep directed me to follow the directions and he bailed out, ending the phone conversation.
The downloaded manual contained probably the most incomplete instructions I have encountered and did not enable me to correct the problem with my wireless router. It was back to the telephone rigamarole with a so-called "techie" who did not seem to have a clue how to assist me, yet acted as if I were at fault for not having the skills to avoid calling him in the first place.
I will never again purchase another piece of ASUS merchandise nor would I ever recommend it to anyone else.

No Avatar

Rating 2/10

"Asus has got to be the worst company on the planet, I bought an Asus laptop, it developed charging problems less than 6 months after purchase. I contacted Asus and I was told to send the laptop back to them, which I did.
Asus and their repair agent contacted me that I had damaged the charging port and the motherboard as I result I have to pay over £250 for the repair. I have never opened or tried to open the laptop so there was no way I could have damaged the motherboard.

Asus refused to return my laptop unless I pay an administrative fee of £42, they even threatened to scrap my laptop if I don't pay within the set time.
I will never ever ever touch any Asus product and I will continue to let the whole world know how useless and unreliable their products are.

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