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79 Customer Reviews

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"I have an ASUS tf300t. # 3 weeks after receiving it the device started to malfunction, it flips through apps on its own, the screen will enlarge and shrink, wont turn off, the video play back from the memory is terrible, it stutters all the time. The key board decides to stop working until you have turned the device off and on again. Fine I tought, I am sure ASUS will fix it, HOW WRONG can you be. For a start it took 5 weeks for my device to reach the right place, they did not fix it, gave me a load of xcuses, promised me they would arrange to collect the device and take it back for another look, then decided they would not and denied saying it in the first place evn though I have a transcript of the online conversation. I ended sending it back, they asked me for more info, I sent it, they ignored it and have sent it back to me again. IT IS STILL BROKEN. ASUS is the most incompetent compamy with the worst customer support ever. I would not ever buy or recommend their products ever again"

modified review This review was modified by DannySL on March 06 2014 01:57:09 PM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"I recently bought a top-of-the-line desktop from Asus and have had nothing but trouble with it. The computer would slow down and eventually freeze and continued to do so after complete reinstallations. I sent it back for a repair and still have the same problem. Right out of the box, the computer completely stalled several times and often took 30 minutes to install a tiny program. I've wasted so much time dealing with this. $1500 down the drain. I strongly recommend not buying anything from the company. In addition to my big complaint (my computer doesn't work and they apparently can't fix it), the company installs bloatware in the form of a program that prompts you for an update every time you turn it on. A screen I bought from them had similar annoying features."

modified review This review was modified by sannam on February 12 2014 12:59:28 AM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"I used to be a big promoter of ASUS. I own a motherboard, graphics card and laptop. All purchased within the last two years. I've had some serious trouble with the graphics card, pixilation, crashes etc. This is my work computer. I use it to drive three monitors. I sent it in to Pegatron, their new service and repair firm in Indiana. Roughly 2 weeks turn around. Not bad in my books. Only problem was they did not repair the unit. It is doing exactly what it was doing before I sent it in. This is my work computer.
I called to have them deal with this failure in their performance and received the 'Policies and Procedures' speech. In any customer centric organization there is a way to expedite procedures when the company has failed to deliver what they should have in the first place. Not with ASUS and Pegatron. Apparently the left hand and the right are not on speaking terms. They should be ashamed of themselves. If one of my customers has an issue, I pick up the phone and make it happen. I expect the same treatment from companies I deal with. if I don't get it, I shop elsewhere. Asus has seen their last dollar from me. Good products with lousy support policies and procedures are of little value to me.

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"Worst Customer support. I bought a brand new laptop and the wireless wasn't working so I contacted Asus and after fighting for a shipping label to send my new computer back, I finally got one and I shipped it off. I received my laptop about a month later in a cheap packaging box and not the original. Spent 4 hours on hold just for a box for the brand new system I purchased from them. Ridiculous and not very helpful. . They kept telling me I should read the packaging instructions on the label. They failed to inform me that they didn't want to box and the manager Allonder R. (didn't want to give his full last name) said they have never dealt with a problem like mine so they cannot help me, really? "

modified review This review was modified by Rgafoor on November 27 2013 12:39:13 PM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"I Purchased my G73sw from Best Buy in March of 2011. January 2013, my DC port starts having problems. The power settings start cycling, and you have to hold the battery charger connector in to the DC port to get a charge. I called ASUS since it was still under warranty, but they refused to issue a RMA, and said there was no problem. The DC port worked, you just had to hold it in.(Seriously, this is what 2 customer support techs told me) My warranty ends March 2013, and 3 months later in June 2013 my DC port dies. I call ASUS and tell them I had several calls about this problem before the warranty expired but they refused to fix it under warranty. So I paid to ship the computer to them and 2 weeks go buy with no update except them saying they had received it. I call and call but customer support will tell me nothing. 3 weeks go by and I get an email that the motherboard and fan are bad, and it's going to cost $185 to fix it. So I fax in my credit card number (I just wanted it fixed at this point, and I'm not a computer expert and paid the $30 for 1 day shipping) and 2 weeks later I receive my supposedly repaired unit. The DC port now works, but it's still loose. And on top of that, the computer is now acting funny. The video graphics card keeps crashing, and my USB ports are blocked by the plastic casing. You can no longer insert a sdhc card, and the audio levels are no longer loud and clear. You have to hook the computer up to the TV if you want to hear anything, and you can forget about playing music. After my frustration with ASUS customer support, I took the computer to a respected local repair shop and the techs there said the motherboard was refurbished. ASUS charged me for a new mother board...At this point, I can't deal with paying them more money and waiting another 6 weeks just to get back a computer in worse condition than when I sent it. After reading all of the complaints on here, and at other sites, I think my best bet is legal action. I'm tired of dealing with their crappy customer support, and I feel like no matter what I spend, this company will only rip me off further."

modified review This review was modified by JenniferGon on September 29 2013 10:37:48 PM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"This is the mail I sent to the ANZ responsible of ASUS:

Dear Mr. Leon,
> >
> > I'm writing to you this feedback only in order to let you know how bad your technical support service is.
> > If you check in my service center support you will find some interesting messages.

> > On the 23-08-2013 I enquired about an ASUS Tablet VIVO smart that I had bought a couple of days before.
> > The Microsoft Office H&S' activation code did not work. MYRA XU wrote me that the solution was: 'turn ON and OFF the tablet in order to force a reset of the system, reset all drivers and reinstall everything.'
> > I am an Automation Engineer, this is just RIDICOULUS!!!! What does it mean? Is that a joke or what? The problem is the activation code and this person asked me to reset the system?? Where do you find you employees?? Do you provide a training course at all? When I told her\him exactly the same words she\he said:
> > What is it suppose to mean? Is it a kind of test? Are you suppose to be a technical support or a homemade-test-trial support?? This is INCREDIBLE!!!

> > On the 26-08-2013 I enquired about an ASUS K55A, I had bought a couple of months before.
> > The USB ports just stopped working,. I reinstalled the drivers, I reset the system, I tried to check in the BIOS to see if in there the devices were disabled, nothing worked, I think the problem is with the mother board.
> > I use computer to work and I asked for a quick help, I sent an e-mail on the morning of friday and I did not get any answer until monday. By the time I had already lost a couple of days work.
> > TodayAdd an event for today, monday morning, I received an answer from another great customer officer LANCE LIANG, he asked me to send the invoice of the purchase. I did it straight away and I repeited I needed help due a lost in production, so far, after more than 10 hours, I have not hear anything from him.
> > It looks to me that the only thing your customer officers do is writing:


> > What a customer officer should do is to solve customer's problems rather than annoying them with silly pre-made sentences!!!
> > I'm disappointed, I bought ASUS because I though it was a good brand and the customer service was great.
> > I bought two devices and both had problems!!!
> > Furthermore you customer service is RIDICOULUS, you are not even able to provide help!!!
> > After a week I had to buy a new laptop to go ahead with my job, I bought a Lenovo and I had to set up all the system again, it took me a couple of days but at least I got a good brand finally.
> > If you would like to take back your stuff and to give me back my money I would be more than happy.
> > Anyway trust me when I say this is the last time I buy something from you.

> > Have a nice day.
> > Claudio Baldini

After 5 days I am still waiting for an RMA number.
None replied to me, it is just horrible how they threat their clients.
I will never buy again ASUS, I think DELL, ACER, all the rest are muche better than this stuff.

modified review This review was modified by claudioba on August 27 2013 01:09:13 AM

Rating 10/10
modified review posted

"Bought a G75VW a month ago on Amazon. Aside from the windows 8 installation (which is terrible IMHO) the laptop has been excellent. I've been using it as my work and personal laptop and it stays cool no matter what I'm doing, which is amazing considering every laptop I've owned gets very warm. The vents on the back do a great job and stay very quite compared to other laptops I've owned. The layout of the keyboard is great and easy to type on. My only complaint is the amount of bloatware installed on the machine. "

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"have a lap top and a note both Asus. Both suck equally- note never worked right had to mail it back at MY expense=== be cause it was under Asus warranty cost another 30 dollars with packing have not recd it back been over a month said they never recd it until I showed a delivery receipt. quess Asus thought I would not Insure it .The Android base system stinks also an app to do any thing really stinks. I will never shop Asus again ."

modified review This review was modified by thethomkat on July 05 2013 11:11:13 AM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"Firstly let me say that ASUS makes some top of the line, very good products. When they are good, they are VERY good. When they don't work anymore, their service department and RMA system is VERY BAD!! Might as well just throw your warranty part away for the grief you will get trying to get a replacement.
I purchased 2 identical tablet/docking pads for Christmas gifts. One of the docking pads stopped working. After almost a month of trying to get a replacement, I finally sent a letter to both ASUS and my supplier telling how dissatisfied I was.
Within a day of the letter I received notice that the dock had "liquid damage" and was not covered under warranty.
Still in dispute, but at this point they will not honor their guarantee. TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"I bought an ASUS laptop after several years of buying nothing but Dell, but after a bad experience with a Dell laptop I was ready to try another brand.

Let me just say I've had my laptop for about two months now. The product is good and I am pretty happy with the laptop itself. But god forbid you ever have a problem with the thing. I contacted customer support one day because I was having issues with the finger pad not working when the laptop was plugged in. I started an online remote session with a 'tech'. After a bit of asking me a few random questions he told me that I had uninstalled McAfee incorrectly and that my windows updates were failing. He then continued to give me grief over the fact I had installed Skype and Zune, and was using Norton.

1. I uninstalled mcAfee through the normal way you uninstal any program, through the control panel. If it was still in the registry than that is an issue with McAfee and maybe they shouldn't put it on their products.

2. I have an account with Norton, which I PAY for, so I don't have to rely on free software or whatever. The 'tech' was extremely rude at me for having my own virus protection program. Shouldn't he be happy about that?

3. I work for an online retailer who uses Skype constantly. The fact that he thinks Skype is a bad program makes him an idiot. Zune is a program some Windows phone require in order to move music back and forth. Again not a bad program.

Instead of helping me the tech kept telling me I would have to pay $50 to talk to a software tech who could set up my computer properly. Ummmm I've had computers my entire life and NEVER had a problem installing and uninstalling before. The guy was a moron and very rude besides.

I wrote an email to the company expressing my displeasure with their service but lo and behold I have yet to hear anything back. It is pretty obvious they don't give a damn about their customers at all and while I may have had issues with Dell's products, the customer service reps I talked to were at least polite if not very helpful.

Avoid this company if you can.

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"My brand new (just out of the box) ASUS G75VWDH73-3D Will not do a "Create System Image" (error says Not enough space to create shadow copy on storage location) Storage location is the F drive it's empty, (straight from the factory:formatted) alternate storage location: external HD, alternate location per request from support staff: C drive all failed). It will not restore back to factory settings either. Both operations fail. I wanted to be sure they worked before I started adding anything to the machine. After hours on line with support staff and on the phone repeating the processes over and over, they finally told me that the RMA (Return to Manufacturers Authorization) system was down and I'd have to call back for a RMA number. Called back the next day, it's still down (currently on 3rd day of no RMA #). Each time they make me go through the processes again. This is a nightmare. I expected a working computer and not to have to send it back for repairs before I had a chance to use it. They sent me Windows 8 ISO with a thank you for contacting ASUS. I bought ASUS because I thought customer support was highly rated. Not the case, use caution. You buy it...you own it, even if it arrives not functional. "

blaydese's Avatar
Rating 10/10
modified review posted
ResellerRatings.com TOP REVIEWER!

"ASUS products are terrific, any problems you may have, their customer service is good enough to help. I own multiple ASUS products and prefer them over DELL, HP, VIZIO, etc. ASUS Transformer Infinity Tablet is the best Android tablet on the market as of 1 JAN 2013. ASUS motherboards are top notch and run in all my custom built PCs. "

Rating 4/10
modified review posted

"Asus makes some great products, whenever I'm looking for a new device, alot of the times they are making exactly what I want. With tablets their android tablets are almost always ahead of the game, they have the right specs, software and price points. I wanted an ultrabook and the only one I could find with an IPS display and a 1080p display was an Asus ux31a which was priced decently competitively (there are cheaper ones but this wasn't ridiculous).

I bought a Nexus 7 made by them and it was the right price and the right hardware. However there were issues with the screen and build quality but nothing glaringly bad.

I recently had to send them back my UX31A ultrabook because the power supply went bad and messed up the computer. It took like 12 days and I got it back which isn't bad, they however forgot to give me my charger. I called them up and they were great and are shipping one right now. All the customer support people I talked to were extremely helpful and kind.

A while Back I also bought a motherboard for a desktop build from them and when I couldn't get it to boot up I called their support for some help. The technician helped me out with some troubleshooting steps and finally we figured it out and got the system up and running.

So I have always ended up happy with asus, sometimes they have not the best build to their products but they are always onto great things with their product lines and havn't ever given an extremely steep price either. Tech support has always been helpful and kind as well.


Had a horrible customer service issue since sending in my ultrabook I've had constant issues with their support. They told me to send in my ac adapter as well and I never received one in return back (though the notebook came back in a timely manner) I had to call I think 3 times before I got one actually shipped and it was like 2 weeks after I got the notebook.
Now my it is telling me that windows activation is not valid. They told me to reenter the key, but the ac adapter that they took forever to send me (which is where the product number is located) does not have a product key on it.
The customer service told me I had to recover windows and backup all my software then put it back on which is just so stupid. He went and talked to a manager and all that I got was that I shouldn't have sent in my ac adapter (which they told me to do) and I have to either buy a product key or go back out and get something to backup my information to do a recovery.

modified review This review was modified by cylemmulo on February 17 2013 08:47:25 AM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"I bought my Zenbook Prime UX31A over 3 months ago.

When I received it, I noticed that a few keys don't work (up/down/esc which I actually use as a software developer).

I contacted Asus, tried updating the BIOS, and eventually decided to open an RMA.

The notebook was purchased in the US, but since I travel for business all the time and been to the Netherlands at the time, I sent it to the Dutch repair center.

I was told that the repair usually takes 7-10 business days.

After 14 work days, I contacted them, and they said that since the notebook was not from the Netherlands, they had to order parts and I will have to wait another month (!!!).

I told them that I won't be in the Netherlands by then and asked them to ship it back, unfixed, so I can send it to a different service center (Japan).

They failed to send the notebook back on time even though they had 2 weeks to do so and I called every single day, sometimes 2-3 times a day!

They even had the nerve to tell me that they will not ship it anywhere outside the Netherlands, even though I do not reside there...

Moreover, since they did end up sending the notebook back *after* I flew to Japan, the notebook was returned to their service center.

They made a mistake and wrote me an email saying I did receive the notebook and it was signed by a woman named "Linda" (I don't know any Linda! I thought my computer was lost!!!).

After a lot of stress and a few days (!!!) of angry e-mails they notified me that "Linda" was actually one of their colleagues...

Long story short, 3 months later, my notebook is still in the Netherlands, and still was not fixed (!!!!!).

They recently offered to buy the notebook back ("buyback"), but, to my surprise, even that is turning out to be an issue since I don't reside in the Netherlands and my bank account is not in that country...

I was in touch with Mr. Tien Phan who, while being very nice, could not help me at all...

He explained that while they do offer a global warranty (which is a useless joke, mind you!), he cannot contact the Dutch repair center, as they are simply contractors, and he added a bunch of other excuses which, as a customer who needs his notebook back, I honestly don't care about.

Simply put, I had the notebook for a few days, could not use it, Asus failed to fix it and failed to keep me informed about how long it would take to fix it.

I paid a lot of money for it which they're refusing to return.

Over 3 months later, I don't have the notebook, not the money, and no idea when or if I'll get either of them back.

Asus produces low-quality products, refuse to replace their faulty hardware, fail to repair it, their global warranty is useless, they directly made me lose a lot of time and money and caused me a lot of frustration.

I am writing this so other people think twice before they purchase an Asus, and hopefully will choose a more reliable brand.

Doing research online, I see I'm not the only person affected, and it seems like every single person gets the same kind of treatment from Asus...

Sorry Asus, you lost a customers (I own 2 medium internet businesses), I tell everyone I know not to buy Asus, and I will continue posting this story on various websites so people will know what kind of company Asus is and what low-quality service they choose to provide.

Rating 4/10
modified review posted

"Hi everyone,

This is my RMA story.

Every third ASUS laptop is DIFFECTIVE.

I had a custom Asus gaming laptop G51JX-3DE/G60JX ($2351) from Xoticpc.com. I can’t say I have it because it has already been in the Asus repair station for more than 2 months and I don’t know when I will get it back. My RMA status is still the same: "Waiting-[WB1] Wait for Material/Spare Parts". I emailed the Asus representative Mr. Tien Phan cl-tien@asus.com and got the response that the issue with my notebook was duplicated, and it was currently at a repair station waiting for the necessary parts to come in.
Because of that I began to initiate some action and look at what I could dig up.
If you look at the Asus website you will see that now it only has 2 gaming laptops G75VW (17’) and G55VW (15’), but there were a dozen different models in 2010.
My friend’s computer market analyst said that the Asus repair station is piled up with defective laptops, transformers, tablets. Almost every third ASUS laptop is DIFFECTIVE.
Since 2008 Asus started to produce their own laptops in huge amounts, though previously it was focused on the production of motherboard and other components. The range of its products increased in many times. They tried to compete even with Apple (Zenbook, Pads). But the Asus team just can’t compete with Steve Jobs’ team. As a result the quality of Asus products begins to fall dramatically. Asus Customer Service just can’t cope with the avalanche of custom claims.

Unfortunately, the quality of the motherboards – diamond in Asus crown – became worse compared to what it was before 2010. I built three rigs with Asus motherboards, last one is P6X58D Premium and I am satisfied with their quality. But now days are different.

Now we need to think seven times before buying an Asus laptop.

Having every third ASUS laptop DIFFECTIVE is too much.


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