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    Product & services pricing Rating 2.92/10 2.92/10
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    Shipping & packaging: Rating 0.50/10 0.50/10
    Customer service: Rating 0.50/10 0.50/10
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Rating 2/10

"I bought a brand new Asus T100 laptop 2 in 1. From the first day, I heard a pop when first powered it up and volume would not work. I returned it for repair and they changed the speakers... it still did the same .. returned it again. I still have the same problem, its hard to start and it turns off with no warning. Its a crappy company... I will never buy a Asus again."

This review was modified by nosim2015 on December 27 2015 05:01:16 PM

Rating 10/10

"I had 2 GTX 780Ti that both failed after a few months old and a year old. The 1st time they replaced it right away with no problem at all and when both replacement got bad again within the same warranty they decided to replace both of my card with 2 GTX980 since i had so many problems with the previous 780ti. thanks to Stephen from Asus Service Center that provide me support and did an excellent job dealing with the repair Team. Keep up the good work Asus!"

Rating 2/10

"I have had a Nexus seven made by Asus for two years and am quite satisfied with it. When I saw the specifications and price of their new desktop, M32CD, I was convinced to purchase it. My reason for buying a desktop is that I wish to configure it with an SSD, an additional hard drive, and increase the memory. It would help to have a technical manual so that I do this properly. I would expect this manual to contain a motherboard layout and also explain the BIOS options. I checked their support site and found there was only a User Guide without this information.

I made several attempts to find this information, the text chat on their site, a telephone call, and I downloaded their android service app and called again. The answer I finally received was that ASUS has a policy that they don't want customers to add components, or change the factory configuration in any way and therefore will not release this information.

Manuals with this information are provided by other manufactures and its only reasonable for a customer to expect this. Many customers that buy a tower desktop intend to eventually upgrade it. If ASUS intends for its desktops to remain closed cases, it should advertise this information when selling the product. In which case I and others with this intention would not have purchased it.

This review was modified by ivanayla on December 02 2015 03:07:48 PM

Rating 2/10

"Had to send my PC in twice. Not even 7 months old! What a Joke. Customer service? People can hardly speak English. Requested a NEW replacement, NOT GONNIN HAPPEN! This company should change it's name to ISIS."

This review was modified by sorrymfer on November 28 2015 04:41:39 PM

Rating 2/10

"ASUS are LIARS, il's impossible to make a Laptop UX501JW with graphic card NVIDIA GTX960M work in 4K definifion !!!! (4096 x 2160 pixels)
I waisted my money for nothing buying this sh....t ASUS

Rating 2/10

"I purchased a new Asus router through Amazon. It would work for about 10 minutes before it would crash and would not operate again until the unit was power cycled. I contacted Asus support. I followed the steps provided by the support representatives and when it was determined that it was a product issue; I was directed to mail the unit in to their repair facility. I received no information unit notified that the unit was being shipped back to me. I called in to see if their was a resolution or what the fix was but was informed that the customer service department had no connection with the repair department and they had no information to provide. When I received the unit, it was not repaired stating that it was out of warranty and that I did not send in a payment for the repair. I looked through my paperwork, no such payment was requested to repair the BRAND NEW UNIT and I verified that I received no correspondence requesting payment. I called back in to find out that because Amazon had shipped me the product from Italy, my "Total 3 Year Warranty" that only listed an exception for Australia in the warranty card was not valid. I have been requesting that they reimburse me for the money I spent to send in the unit that per their own policy would not have it's warranty honored but have gotten no where. I was able to send the product back for a refund (shipping costs are not at half the cost of the unit) but am waiting for it to clear customs to get even a portion of my money back. Asus does not support its products or its warranty claims. If the unit doesn't work, try and send it back to the seller, if that is not available then you will get very little help from the manufacturer. "

This review was modified by willheld on August 28 2015 07:39:51 PM

Rating 2/10

"Avoid, they send you used damaged items and take forever to refund.

Ordered a new Nexus 7 from their main site, order didn't move for over a week and I had to call after no email response.

Item was out of stock, they said I could wait for it to come back in stock, a week later they sent me a refurbished Nexus 7, with no packaging, no instructions, warranty leaflet or anything.

The tablet was taped to a piece of cardboard.

They have done this with lots of people, then claiming that they only sell refurbished items.

They have an "outlet" section for refurbished items, their main page has no mention of this.

So far it's been a week since they received it back and I have not been refunded yet.

They also took a week to reply to my initial email regarding my order not updating.

Wont ever be using them again.

This review was modified by ekl85 on August 24 2015 02:43:06 AM

Rating 2/10

"Bought a T100TAF in 2/2015. It didn't last 3 weeks. Exchanged it for a new one 3/2015 at the store. This one died in June, returned under warranty, they replaced motherboard, received back in July. Died again just like June incident 4 weeks later. Now ASUS wants $95. for the same repair. Unreal. If you buy one do not load any extra software/programs or save anything to it as you will loose it all when you have to send it in for repair. I have an extended warranty from the big box store, and will use it to exchange this piece of junk for a different brand the next time it dies (history says it will happen again). I will never buy any ASUS item again and would never recommend it to even my worst enemy. Buyer BEWARE!!!!!."

Rating 2/10

"Plzzz don't buy any of the asus phone.they are not good and they dont give a proper service as it should be given in the warranty period. The phones have less battery life and many more problem. So plzzz don't buy them"

This review was modified by Deadman44 on July 24 2015 11:18:16 AM

Rating 2/10

"My laptop froze and refused to work after 4 months of light use. I bought it via the Co-op electrical store and they gave me the contact details for Asus. Waited in all day for the laptop to be picked up and they never turned up. Tried to contact Asus but could not get through to the right department and was cut-off. I asked the Co-op for help but they stated it was in the hands of Asus now....Asus picked up the laptop 3 days later and I did not hear back for a week....finally got a replacement via Co-op not via Asus though, after informing the store of the Sale of Goods Act and the laptop not being fit for purpose if it breaks within 6 months of purchase. Asus were hopeless."

Rating 2/10

"My ASUS SonicMaster laptop has been terrible from the start. To make matters worse, it came with Windows 8. This computer is the worst. Opening up documents or web browsers can sometimes take 5 minutes. That is not an exaggeration.

The only good thing about this computer was that it was really cheap and is Energy Star certified. Definitely NOT worth the terrible quality of the computer though. It will not be good for the environment when I throw this computer out the window and buy a completely new (different brand) laptop within a year of buying this one.

Overall, I will never EVER buy ASUS again.

Rating 2/10

"Asus is the worst company ever, i had send my laptop from November /2014 because BestBuy couldn't fix it any more. and i had to send it on my own. and it has manifacture issues the motherboard is damaged and they tried to blame me for that and now they don't get back to customer unless they need money. their representative said the CPU teeth are bend and their will be charge for that, however the bend from the repair team. and that was the last email i have received from them and it was 3 days ago and their systems are not updated as we go to keep the customer inform."

Rating 2/10

"I bought a T100 and it worked for 54 days and then stopped. Called customer support and was told that only they could repair and to send to them. Should have throw it in trash and accepted the lose. I was dumb and started down the Asus "no information available" path to insanity. After a month of calls I was informed that they had set my repaired unit back to me. This was news to me as I have not seen my unit. I was told to call FedEx. FedEx told me I had to deal with Asus. Asus claimed they had proof that I had received my unit as someone at my home signed for it. You are correct! That was a lie that they now admit. They started the investigation on Dec. 17 and as of today (Feb. 18) they are still investigating. I was on hold for over 20 minutes. They can give me no other information but of course they will keep me informed. I am sure they will just like they have been doing. They just plan on waiting until I get tired or die and then I will shut up and they are finished with this dumb customer. DO NOT EVER BUY A PRODUCT FROM THIS COMPANY."

Rating 2/10

"NEVER NEVER NEVER purchase a ASUS notebook!! I bought my ASUS notebook brand new and I have had to send it back twice!! Now I have had my notebook back from repair for 1 month and the damn thing is not working again!!! So,I was told to send it back and was told to go to a Rent A Center and rent a notebook while mine is being repaired!!! Seriously?! I should pay for that?! I have wrote the company twice with no response. I want a new notebook!!! Or better yet just give me my money back and let's end this nightmare!!!

This review was modified by robincbird on February 17 2015 07:11:21 PM

Rating 2/10

Purchased 12/23/2012, Warranty expired 12/23/2014.
Was a gift for my grandson when I bought it, but never gave it to him because someone else got him one, nor did I use it, I put it away to hold for a time I did need it, though I had set it up in the beginning for him. It did not get turned on for almost two years later in Dec. 2014. So, it had no windows updating prior - which I didn't know was important to keep up till now when some kind of virus seemed to have taken over. Even though it was never used after the initial setup, nor turned on, it somehow got a virus from my initial setup? I don't understand that, but goes to show how updating is necessary on a regular basis whether you use that computer/laptop or not?
Was no longer under warranty, so took it for repair at Bestbuy where I had purchased it. They were the ones who told me it had a virus. Needed reformatted, and maybe a new motherboard if problem persisted. I ended up having someone else look at it, who reformatted it and reloaded 8.1.
Now that it's working again, everything seems to be working great except for a 30-minute automatic shut-down. We have tried many tests and steps to fix it, but nothing worked. Only other thing is to get a Motherboard. I don't know if I want to do that since there is no promise that will fix the problem either due to what I've read with others having same problems with their ASUS and other brands. Made in China, and others said the 30 min timer problem automatically happened after the warranty expired. Could this China Company be programming that problem into the computers to force repair by them or to buy another computer from them? Just wondering. From the other reviews, they don't seem to be a reputable company anyway.
I don't recommend this brand. I was told by other techs that this laptop was a lemon. Gee, wonder why??
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This review was modified by elizzabeth on February 17 2015 12:55:58 PM

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