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9 Customer Reviews

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"My worst nightmare dealing with this company, they lie cheat, hide, stall, poor customer service. I would never deal with a company like this again."

Rating 8/10
modified review posted

"I recently purchased an ATV from you guys and i am 110% satisfied.I am a mechanic of 30 years and have worked on all brands of motorcycles and atv,s. The service and quality of your product is simply amazing.the salesman Scott was so nice on the phone and made me feel like i knew him all my life. I was so impressed that i picked up the phone and purchased 2 more units. A minibike for my son, and a new dirt bike for myself. Jeremy the salesman on my second lay-a-way order was a really cool guy too!! He gave me such a good deal and told me all about the product, and it made me feel at ease with this company. I plan on becoming a dealer soon with safer wholesale and plan on buying at least 10 more motorsport products in the spring to help promote my motorcycle shop. I plan on competing soon on my new appolo 250 cc dirt bike, and my son on his 86 cc minibike. I am a professional racer and plan to win on a bike that is made in china. I hope that helps promote these high quality machines to the public and make them think twice about bikes made in china. Once again, thank you for your prompt and courteous professional service."

modified review This review was modified by maxwiney on December 13 2013 12:49:17 PM

Rating 8/10
modified review posted

"Love my Slingshot scooter, have almost 500 miles on it already, a lot of interest in it with Vermont people, if you have brochures, I would be happy to pass them out at no charge.
Every time I stop, I am surrounded by curious people asking about it and where I got it, with gas prices pushing $4.00, you can't go wrong.

modified review This review was modified by janefrank on December 13 2013 09:05:39 AM

Rating 10/10
modified review posted

"Purchased their Pocket ATV and had it shipped to my nephew for an early Christmas present as he may or may not deploy. Shipping, customer support after the sale and the entire experience altogether was phenomenal. Thank you guys!"

modified review This review was modified by RockSteady40 on November 30 2013 08:29:37 AM

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Joliet IL
Rating 10/10
modified review posted

"To whom it may concern:
Attention Dan:

Hi Dan, you may or may not remember me, but
sometime ago I had purchased a wedding tent off you, and upon receiving it,
there was a mix up with the boxes Etc. and of course the tent never worked
out for Our wedding Day, but eventually we did receive another box 3 which
went with the other 2 boxes which I already had. along with a totally
different set of directions of putting this all together. I'm very happy
to say that Yes it all went together quite well, and I now have a workable
Party tent, which I am so pleased with, a Weeee bit to late for the wedding
but never the less, at least we got things all straightened out.

So I'm dropping you and you support team, a quick line to Say thank you so very much for all your help in getting this issue resolved, it is so much Greatly appreciated. I know I have been a pain of the Butt at the time lmao, but I was under the gun with the wedding and all, I hope you understand. so please pass on my most Sincere Gratitude to all. I would highly recommend your company to anyone and everyone, and I hope we can do business again someday.

modified review This review was modified by SaferWholesale.com on November 27 2013 02:08:52 PM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"Is this how we do business in America? True Story! As consumers, it's important to know who you are spending your money with. A quick internet search with the BBB only takes a few seconds and it could save you a lot of hassle! So here goes....

Someone I love dearly ordered a 400cc Sand Sniper Dune Buggy from a company in Joilet, Illinois....Great Sports, Inc. (www.saferwholesale.com). This was a bucket list wish purchase for this person; if some of you have figured out who I am talking about in this story then you know he has terminal cancer.
Anyway, two days after the bank draft payment cleared for the order which was over $5k (for the vehicle, shipping, additional residential shipping, 6 months extended parts warranty) the salesman calls up and says, that they did not have this particular model in stock and it would take a very long time to get one like this from the manufacturer, blah blah blah HOWEVER he just so happen to have a new 800cc Warrior Go Kart/Dune Buggy which was bigger, better, blah, blah blah that could ship out immediately and the price on it was $750 cheaper than what had already been paid. The salesman said he couldn't refund the $750 overage but he would issue a store credit. So, the person agreed to exchange the 400cc model that he originally ordered for the 800cc Warrior model being that it was better, cheaper and could ship immediately. You know everyday is a gift to all of us but for someone with cancer each day is a blessing and time is of essence. While on the phone with the salesman, this person (with his wife on speaker phone as a witness) ask the salesman plainly if he would have to assemble anything. The salesman said he would only have to put the wheels on, gas her up, get license plates (if he wanted to ride on the highway) and go.

A couple weeks later is when the nightmare began... the trucking company that was delivering the vehicle called and said that someone would have to come to their terminal (50 miles away) and pick it up if they didn't have a forklift to unload it with at the residence. Out of my own curiosity, how many of you have a forklift handy at your house? (Salesman forgot to mention this!!! So much for the extra $295 that was paid for residential delivery, huh). So, once they get the vehicle home surprise surprise....the complete front and rear suspensions had to be assembled and installed before they could think about putting the wheels on (had to recruit some help because the owner isn't physically able to do that type of assembling; too strenuous).
Once everything is assembled it's time for the fluids (oil, coolant, gas etc) When the plug was removed from the oil pan, out pours brown liquid that looks like chocolate milk? Great Sports, Inc. said this is standard oil pan filler liquid that's used to prevent rust? Wonder why they don't put that stuff in cars, motorcycles and ATV's? Or do they? I would appreciate some enlightenment that anyone could offer as to why there was chocolate milk looking substance in the oil pan. Anyway, they drained out the oil pan but when they poured the coolant into the radiator they noticed the fluid running out of the oil pan when they took the plug out (wait a minute, that's not suppose to happen). Then the fun part, a phone call to Great Sports, Inc. for advice.
What a joke! They were no help at all. So, a professional mechanic had to be called out to take a look at it and he said that without taking anything apart he could tell it needed a head gasket (3 cylinder), thermostat gasket and an exhaust gasket. (and if I was a betting person I would say that the block is probably cracked but I do not know that for certain at this point).
This information was passed on to the parts department at Great Sports, Inc. and three weeks later some parts trickled in; the wrong ones! The head gasket was for a 4 cylinder engine (the 800cc is a 3 cylinder, did they not look at the paperwork before they ordered the parts, they didn't even know what they had sold!!), thermostat plug was twice the size of the one needed and it didn't have a gasket. GSI said that since there were only 800 of the 800cc Warriors produced in the world they could not find an exhaust gasket; parts will be hard to find since there was a limited number made. You would think important information like this would have been disclosed BEFOREHAND not AFTERWARDS! Who would knowingly buy something that they wouldn't be able to find parts for later on? (in other words...they said, "too bad, so sad can't help you with that buddy...we will order you some more parts but other than that we cannot help you"). After tons of phone calls no resolution has been reached as of today. Is this how we do business in America? How can a company get away with failing to mention to a consumer that they are paying over $5k for a 2007 model (not new model as described) piece of junk that would have to be assembled and may or may not be operable upon arrival! They do this in the name of being "a wholesale company". Sadly, they don't mention that you will need your own mechanic on site when their products are delivered. I have not given up hope that this company will do the right thing and exchange the defective vehicle for one that is without defects. If a company is going to sell defective products at least be upfront about it and do not hide the fact in the fine print until AFTER they have gotten the consumers money! Buyer do your homework before buying from this company.

modified review This review was modified by sgrichards on October 10 2013 05:47:49 PM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"Bought a chair from these crooks! It stinks, broke before it was used, doesn't fit any human I know. These crooks won't return our $600, answer our emails, give us the run around when we call, blame the manfacturer when they refuse to refund. And here's the biggest problem of all--THEY DO NOT ADVERTISE THEIR NO REFUND POLICY UNTIL YOU HAVE PURCHASED ITEM. I am calling BBB & state attorney.
FBI handles Internet fraud. Everyone should complain. We are not losing small change here.

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"I would not refer anyone to this website. Even after they finally agreed, through e-mail messages, that the product they sent me was not as advertised,return and/or re-imbursement would not be an option. Terrible service... "

modified review This review was modified by JulieKeener on May 07 2013 07:39:08 AM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"I would not recommend this company to ANYONE. I paid $3000 for a scooter that took 2 weeks to get un-stuck from the crate it came in and the wheels were locked up. Then the gas tank had a hole in it. Then the speedometer stopped working.. Multiple promises were made to me that were not kept. I was informed anyone who worked on small engines could fix it in 10 minutes. In the end this will cost ME a minimum of $400 for 6hrs of labor for a defective product that was sent to me. If anyone is considering purchasing anything comprised of more than one part, RUN AWAY and find it somewhere else. This site is just bad news, and they know it because the only review site they are registered on is retailraves.com which is moderated and only allows positive reviews.

I have now been threatened with voiding of my warranty if I continue posting negative reviews.

modified review This review was modified by Vaelek on June 28 2012 06:16:19 PM

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