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20 Customer Reviews

Rating 10/10
modified review posted

"Ioffer is fine and in my view if it were not the vast buyers that ebay has it would be the ideal place for sellers post however many products you wish and your only charged for what sells sounds good to me. If you want to sell Authentic products on there go ahead but payments are available right away and don't need to wait for 21 days or more just ship your products you will be find that's all that paypal asks from you, stop your child play of trying to scam the buyer or seller they both have rights upon one another sellers be honest with what you sell you can do that on Ioffer or Ebay same thing, stop complaining of fakes your buying things for under value and you still complain, if it's broken, torn I understand that's the fault of the seller but if it's in good condition and you bought it for cheap than ofcourse it's gonna be fake, do your research why oppress ioffer they have nothing to do they are just the platform the system it's attracting fakes well do they forbid you as a seller to sell Authentic? I don't think so to me only if attracts same buyers as Ebay it will surpass it

If you pay with paypal, there is no way the seller can steal your money so stop complaining of money being stolen and if you pay in another way do at your own risk don't blame ioffer for it when you are the one who was wrong

modified review This review was modified by besboosa on April 25 2014 04:28:43 AM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"I will never buy at the ioffer.com
I ordered in the product: 88SCFD (Heavy Duty Sword Cane)
The iOffer.com sent me the product: 88SCFA (Aluminum Head Sword Cane) that I hate.

modified review This review was modified by ValentinY on April 08 2014 08:30:26 AM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"total scum,i paid for two pairs of shoes but received only one.no further communications both with the site and seller."

modified review This review was modified by roki123456 on March 26 2014 12:36:50 PM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"Bought 3 times from them, two watches that stoped working after three weeks, a belt that never arrived, i wrote to the site a complain, they say it's my problem with the seller, somehow the seller got very good feedback from me!! i don't know how, i also complaint about that but the site managment piss on me!!! don't even think on buying from this site it's a nice trap for fools. A SITE THAT DON'T TAKE PAYPAL & ASK YOU TO PAY IN ADVANCE BEFORE YOU GOT THE ITEM IS A FROUD SITE A THIVES!!! DON'T BUY FROM THEM!!!"

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"It's full of thieves there. Don't even touch it unless you want to say goodbye to some bugs!! I've been cheated twice."

modified review This review was modified by tolyk on November 16 2013 09:53:02 AM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"tried buying from iOffer twice and both experience were disasters. Paid for both and never received anything. iOffer
does not perform any governing actions to help buyer. This is a place for thieves and frauds to try to get you. Stay away from this site. Below is the dealer who took me for a ride stay away from this guy unless you like giving your money away and receiving nothing.
sells under the name: Horst Wessel aka Laurence Cumiskey

modified review This review was modified by ZERJER on September 13 2013 08:12:20 AM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"Never use this site. You're welcome."

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"In March of this year I order a keyboard from oldtaxstore located on the iOffer website. I had tried several other more popular sites but my computer is quite old and finding parts are not always that easy. So when I saw that Mr. Davidson (oldtaxstore) had the keyboard I needed, I ordered it. Yes, I checked into his reviews but on the iOffer site, had I checked elsewhere then I would have known not to order from this website.
It is now July and I have never received the keyboard nor has he returned the $25.29 I paid. In the four months since I paid for my order, I have sent him several emails and I got a couple replies with excuses. I have tried to file a complaint with iOffer which turned out to be a joke. I have a filed a complaint with the BBB and internet crime complaint center(ic3). I figure if enough people who have been scammed by this website, file complaints then maybe it will get looked into or maybe shut down.

In the meantime, if your thinking about ordering from oldtaxstore or iOffer, don't.

modified review This review was modified by Mori1 on July 09 2013 11:12:00 PM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"Yep, ordered LV purse from xinxiangshichenghehe. I sent the payment he then sends me an invoice. I tell him I already paid. His response is "please pay". At this point I realize I am dealing with a moron. I immediately noticed PAYPAL and they escalated it to a claim. Left word for my contact at PAYPAL Headquarters and I know i will get my money back-might have to what the 10 days but paypal will send the money back. make sure to take snap shot soy all your communication with these thieves.

The guy keeps pretending to not speak English whenever I ask why he hasn't refunded the money even though I canceled the order on ioffer.

Each of you should go to the AG of your state and demand they look into ioffer. clearly they know there are scams going on so they are complacent.

modified review This review was modified by galshopper on May 11 2013 02:46:09 PM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"This site sponsors fraudulent re-sellers. In my case, I ordered a pair of $40 shoes and paid with PayPal. After payment was accepted by the re-seller, that same re-seller told me they didn't have those shoes in stock and that my purchase price would be refunded "ASAP."
Needless to say, that was several days ago. No shoes. No refund. PayPal has been alerted.

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"Guys STAY way from ioffer.com i got ripped man for 100$! A friend of mine recommend them but he forgot to mention that all the real sellers have left the ioffer website for over 2 years now because of over 100k scammers that post products all day :(
Check out this place eurobrands.cc i have been ordering from them my watches for over a year now! F* ioffer.com and theyre mothers

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"I ordered an aqua blue Nintendo 3DS for my son as a present. My son has been bugging me for one of these, or the DS, for 3 years now, so he helped earn money to get it. I was very excited to find one here for $99 versus the $169.99 everywhere else. I purchased it through Paypal on November 8th and was told it would be 3-5 business days before it arrived. Okay, no problem. Then on the 11th I got an email saying that my address was not Paypal confirmed, which is a complete lie because I get things shipped to my house from my Paypal Confirmed address all the time. So I gave the seller my address again along with my parents address who live in the same city. I asked the seller to tell me which address he was shipping it to so that I could keep an eye out. Two days later I get a simple "Item shipped, 3-5 business days" response. I still did not know where it was shipping to and did not get a tracking number. Finally on the 19th I got a tracking number from Paypal for FedEx. I went onto FedEx to look at it and the tracking number showed the package shipping out of Atlanta, GA on the 14th and being received in my city on the 16th. However, the tracking results said that it was rejected by the recipient and returned to the shipper. What?! I never received it or rejected it and neither did my parents. Then the tracking results show that it was shipped to Lebanon, TN not back to GA. Yeah, something smells fishy here. I wrote to the seller multiple times with no response. I then filed a complaint with iOffer.com customer service and nothing. Later the next day I filed a dispute with Paypal. One day later the seller finally responded via Paypal and refunded my money, with no explanation. iOffer customer service finally responded after all of this went down and simply said that they have no control over their sellers and can do nothing about it. If there is a problem with one of their sellers you have to take it up with them directly and iOffer will do nothing about it. What is the point of even having a page where you can file a complaint if they refuse to monitor their sellers in the first place. I am lucky that the seller refunded my money, however I believe he only did so because I filed a dispute with Paypal. This is NOT a trustworthy site, think twice before ordering anything with them!"

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"Report ID:
Item: Playboy--August 1974 - http://www.ioffer.com/offer_transactions/show/27986918
Seller: kluc123 - http://www.ioffer.com/ratings/kluc123
Reporter: tiedyeguy - http://www.ioffer.com/ratings/tiedyeguy

Price: $6.00
Shipping: $0.00
Total: $6.00

Comment: "To Whom This May Concern,

I really want to post the problem that I had with kluc123. He accepted my offer of $6.00 on 10/12/12. He then kept making the excuse that the postage was to expensive and kept asking for more money. I sent him $2.00 by PayPal on 10/21/12. He then asked for more money.

Wednesday, Oct. 24, 2012 (2:56 pm), Buyer responded to seller: I had an individual, where I work, weigh a Playboy magazine, and the flat rate to send it to you would be $5.50, which is very close to the first quote for shipping that you gave me of $5.60. She told me that if I would mail the magazine media/library rate that it would cost $2.47.

October 25, 2012, Seller says:
Attached is the envelope that was returned. I went today to get another quote from another post office and was quoted an even higher additional stamp price. Let’s do this. If you send me another $6 in paypal fees I can let you have another playboy magazine currently priced at $3 on iOffer at no extra charge and will put two magazines in one priority mail envelope and mail them to you.

If I would have agreed to send him another $6.00, I would have had $14.75 invested in this transaction.

Thursday, Oct 25, 2012 4:15 pm, Buyer response:
No. All I wanted was the August 1974 issue. I have already sent you $2.00 more than we originally agreed upon. I either:
1) Want you to send me the August 1974 issue that we agreed upon, or
2) Send me back $8.75 by money order.

Fri, Oct 26, 2012 12:52 pm:
kluc123 sent you $8.75 USD
Transaction ID: 02B68323752993720
Just thought you’d like to know kluc123 sent you $8.75 USD

He did return my $8.75, but the deal wasted nineteen days of my time. He kept on trying to sell me more than one magazine. He currently has the same magazine posted for a bid of $3.00 and still he never states how much the postage will be.

WHAT A NIGHTMARE! The Help Desk at iOffer never stepped in to resolve the issue. At iOffer you can never rate a seller. All they keep telling you is: If the seller increased the agreed upon price or is requesting unreasonable shipping costs, you may not be obligated to pay the additional amount. Please provide details and we will create a misuse report. Click Here for information

On 10/28/12 I purchased the same magazine on eBay for $7.46 (including postage) the postage was $3.50. The seller never tried to raise the price on me. The transaction was completed in less than five minutes.

Seller: ******** ( 5868 )
Item title Vintage collectors PLAYBOY MAGAZINE AUGUST 1974 PRO FOOTBALL FORECAST (***********) Price $3.96
Shipping price $3.50
Qty 1 Item total $3.96

Paid on Oct-28-12
USPS Media Mail
Estimated delivery: October 31 - November 07, 2012
Subtotal $3.96
Shipping and handling $3.50
Total $7.46

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No Avatar
Edmonton alberta
Rating 6/10
modified review posted

"Ioffer is like the Chinese flee market if u don't know what ur doing then u will not like it's
U have to barder and u have to be straight foeword and not picky
The prices are decent
I got a fake wallet that was good quality Pandora stuff a watch or two not bad for what I paid sellers are annoying tho

modified review This review was modified by Sahil__vinay on September 22 2012 12:37:25 AM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"I forgot how I even found this site. I may have found it while searching for a tv show I wanted to see again that netflix, blockbuster, amazon, ebay and other stores did not have.
I ended up buying the tv show from this site as it seemed kind of like ebay and did have a good price on the dvds I wanted.
I ended up ordering a few sets of dvds from this site.

I did get the dvds but every one of them was bootlegged. I mean all of them and each set was from a different seller. I regret even buying from this site as there is no way to return them.

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