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Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"I got several calls from a company called eSupport Live and they claim to be the official provider of services for PCs with Windows operating systems. Is this the same company as is being discussed in this thread? Their phone calls sound like a scam and they keep calling me in spite of the fact that I am on a no call list, even though I keep reminding them. Note: I didn't actually buy eSupport service, felt that people should be aware of their phone tactics, thus I made up the invoice # to allow my posting. I would say the reviews would be accurate given the feeling I got when taking with their Telemarketer and the other reviews on the Reseller Ratings Site. "

modified review This review was modified by AngusNitro on August 20 2013 07:45:01 PM

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"They actually did not refund my purchase of a defective product. Somehow PayPal sided with them. I am furious. Do not do business with esupport.com - EVER."

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"absolutely the worst customer service of all time. stop. turn. and run from these clowns. the absolute worst customer service of all time. on top of that, there service doesn't get the job done. again the absolute worst service ever. i had trouble finding a driver, asked too many questions and next thing you know, i am getting rude emails from these clowns calling me an idiot. i think they are the idiots and from what i find online, i am not the only one who thinks these guys are clowns. it would be faster and easier to write your own driver than try and get it from these lolsers"

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"I found their product to be worthless. Their support non-existant and my request for a refund was ignored. They are a rip off. "

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"My experience with eSupport matches many I read on this site.
I highly recommend never doing any business with this company.
They are extermely arrogant, and their products DO NOT WORK.
They lost me as a customer.

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"These guys are running a scam. The bios is lackluster, the service is rude and terrible. My conversation with their support is posted below. What kind of customer support calls their client a cheapskate? The kind that operates a scam. Email follows:

Me: I bought a Bios update from you about a year ago I recently went to your website to see if an update was available but I am unsure of how to receive it. I don't think I have an account to login to.
My name is V______ and I am sure I used this email to correspond Thank you very much.

Esupport.com: That bios was purchased in july 2007 that is over a year old. Also it is a D___ part and thus not on the free upgrade list.

Me: I was told I would receive free upgrades. If I would have known I wouldn't, I wouldn't have purchased it. I will definitely not recommend this service for anyone else including my customers You are obviously operating a scam.

Esupport.com: You opted sir for the D –Discount package that did not include further updates. Because the non Discount package for $10 more was too much.

Me: I was TOLD I would have free upgrades!!! Do not reply. Drop dead scammers!!!

Esupport.com: I’m sure you tell everyone that but sir you were not told that. You didn’t want the package that came with additional updates you opted for the one time update package to save money and I can understand that.

Me: I get it now. I was dealing with idiots! You obviously cannot read correctly. By the way, I reverted my bios to my old version, much better than your shitty one. Keep up the scam! Better get back to your second job as a car salesman or bilking old ladies out of their life savings. I can do this forever so keep replying

Esupport.com: Good one. Have you heard the one about the guy who wasn’t getting paid to respond to these things?

Me: Yes it goes like this... idiot responds to unpaid person, unpaid person posts shitty esupport.com service responses, and everyone gets a good laugh. Esupport loses more potential costumers. Hahahaha I feel super powerful!!! Have fun looking for them. Go rob some more unsuspecting people.

Esupport.com: Honestly your capacity for the pathetic as you go. You the person who decided that you didn’t want to pay a lot got what you paid for and if you had a problem you certainly never requested aid then, now calls everyone else names. I sure hope you post verbatim no I bet you edit out anything that shows where the actual truth is.

Me: Wow, is that English you are typing?! Good job calling me cheap skate, I certainly have never had customer support accuse me of that! I give you points for originality. I have to subtract points for your pitiful attempt at the English language. Please invest in the Rosetta stone software and write back when you can bang out a decent reply. Oh yeah, get back to stealing candy from babies.

Esupport.com: Quite amusing. Keep going you are proving my point.

Me: Do you have a name, or did your parents grunt out some nonsense in the zoo you were born in. Maybe you know sign language in addition to randomly pounding on the keyboard some weak shit. Apparantly they can teach some primates how to sign simple things like "me want banana" or "me shit my pants". Please tell me your name so I can send you shiny shit to keep you fascinated for hours. I think I could probably distract you with a nickel. Go rob your neighbors house because they can afford vacation and you can't.

Esupport.com: Actually I think they just grunted. And my psycho therapist says I should be an axe murderer. Hey send all the cash you want. Or better yet how about a Halloween invitation ill come as myself. You would never know me, we ax murders look just like other primates.

Me: I don't think you could handle an axe. You would probably shove it up your ass and clap your hands with glee like the simpleton you are. You are weak and pathetic and thus, you are below me and most 1st graders. Wait a sec..... I get it, esupport is so lacking brain power that they farm out customer support to the local elementary school. I apologize. Please carry on and don't eat too much glue. Make sure you steal some lunch money though.

Esupport.com: I guess if it were below you, you wouldn’t keep responding, and wasting your time. This also proves your inability to get into elementary school. Since you would be too busy to bother with someone you consider below you.

Me: It is definitely not a waste of my time. I enjoy the superior feeling I get conversing with a mental midgit such as yourself. Please tell me your name!!! I shall praise your ineptitudes to the highest mountains!!! Stupidity like yours needs to be honored!!! What other scams do you have going on? Are you selling cans of "beep" for car horns? Are you "royalty from Nigeria" with an "offer of money". I grow bored with you. You are not worthy of further correspondance. Goodbye, rot in hell, and go rob your mom's purse for some crack money. You are blocked pussy.

Ok maybe I was being juvenile also but come on !!?? Who would put up with that crap? Never deal with this company, they are crooks.

modified review This review was modified by shallowshark on October 14 2008 09:49:46 AM
Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"I bought a bios from ESUPPORT.I paid $25.They sent me a file that would not load.I was told you need a chip its $20.I paid.They sent the wrong chip.Now I am told I made the mistake.Sure I made a big mistake.Nosupport at esupport I am afraid to say."

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