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9 Customer Reviews

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"These people are completely dishonest. I was quoted $220 for my near new Nokia 1020 in pristine condition. They sent a PayPal payment for $35.00 without any communication. Calling the customer service number results in 10 minutes of hold then a hang up and no call backs. The actual number via whois lookup is 1-775-857-1878. You still will not talk to the real people but at least you'll get a human before a voicemail. I initiated a refund of the money sent to my paypal account. I want my phone back. We'll see. Don't like their service? Call them at the above number. Tell them that Rich sent you. Have fun"

modified review This review was modified by Richinsd on August 14 2014 10:14:29 AM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"Just got my check from this company. They paid 15% of what their quote was. The tablet was in perfect condition and I returned it in all the original packaging except for shrink wrap. I should have checked the BBB website first as this bait and switch company has 356 complaints in the last three years."

modified review This review was modified by beach424 on August 02 2014 01:16:45 PM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"These people are a bunch of con artists and belong in jail. I shopped several companies before choosing them because my devices are in excellent condition and they quoted me a good price. I sent two phones in almost new condition, and included the original packaging. Three weeks later they had lost one of my devices and the other one they offered me pennies compared to the original quote. I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, contacted the Nevada District Attorney's office to initiate a complaint and to pursue legal action, and am in the process of filing a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. I will do whatever it takes to put them out of business for good!"

modified review This review was modified by MPivetti on August 01 2014 11:39:35 AM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"ECycle Best also does business as Cash For Laptops, Cash for IPhones, Cash for Tablets, Cash for Cellphones and a few other websites out there. For a full list, visit the Better Business Bureau of Northern Nevada and type in Laptop and Desktop Repair, LLC which is the true name of this DEPLORABLE company. Currently there are over 328 complaints with the BBB and all of them are very similar, folks were quoted between 150-600 for a cell phone, tablet or laptop and then paid approximately 75 to 85% less than the original quote with ridiculous to no explanation. There is no way to contact their fictitious customer service as it is a recorded queue that eventually sends you to a recording asking you to leave your name, phone number and order # with the promise to call you back. This company is a SCAM and uses BAIT AND SWITCH tactics on consumers. EDUCATE YOURSELF before sending in your device. I was sucked into their promise that they were not a scam and promised quick payment. I was quoted $157 for my IPhone 4S which is in mint condition, was barely used as I had to confiscate it from my teenager and was just sitting in the box. With no communication, they paid my $24 and I still cannot get in touch with anyone at the numbers provided. "

modified review This review was modified by lonid on July 16 2014 03:10:11 PM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"Do not use eCycle. They quoted me a certain price, then upon receiving a phone call from them, they offered me a third of the original quote. Even though my iPad was in terrific condition, it somehow ended up in "D- rated condition." Never, ever use eCycle."

modified review This review was modified by Analyticalbones on June 09 2014 12:52:00 PM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"Ecyclebest is the WORST! Quote a really high price then they make you call in and talk to really rude people who offer you half or less claiming your device has water damage or some other defect when in fact it doesn't. STAY AWAY FROM THEM!!!!"

modified review This review was modified by ecyclebestsucks on April 29 2014 02:44:39 PM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"WARNING: ECyclebest is a scam. They tell you that you are going to receive one price for your phone and then you send it in and they don't deliver what was promised. When I was at the Apple store, they said they'd give me $70 after inspecting it. Ecyclebest said that they would give me $95 for my phone. So I sent it in to ECycleBest. Once they received it, they told me they'd give me $20. When I complained, they said they'd give me $50. I said that was still less than what Apple said they'd give me. If you are considering this option, I'd strongly recommend that you have Apple or Verizon check the phone first so you know what condition it is in."

modified review This review was modified by jenniny on March 29 2014 09:29:58 AM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"Ecyclebest and Cash for Laptops WARNING
If you are in the market to sell your Apple product do not use Ecyclebest or Cash for Laptops. I had a really bad experience with these businesses. I will elaborate on this, but in short…do not use Ecyclebest or Cash for Laptops. Use Gazelle instead.
In November 2013 I wanted to sell my Ipad2. I got a quote from Gazelle for $220 and a quote from Ecyclebest for $240. Both proclaimed to have similar services so I went with Ecyclebest.
Nov. 23rd. Ecyclebest received my Ipad. In the email Brian said, “Your package should arrive at our processing center within the next 9-12 days.” That seemed like a lot of time to “process” an Ipad, but OK, I had never done this before.
Dec. 5th: I received an email from Ecyclebest. Brian stated “Your device has a password that is preventing us from completing our inspection so that we can make our final offer and get you paid. Without this information, we will only be able to offer a fraction of what we would otherwise. Please respond to this email ASAP with your password so that we can continue. Let’s get you paid!”
So I responded to the email immediately. I didn’t know the password or PIN. That was one of the reasons I wanted to sell my Ipad since I had not used it in 6 months. Nowhere on their website does it warn you about this being a problem. It doesn’t warn you about anything…just send it in. I also knew that it is possible to restore an Ipad to factory settings without the password…so this made me a bit wary since they are going to restore the Ipad anyways in order to re-sell it.
Dec. 26th: I receive an email from CashforLaptops. “We haven’t heard from you in a while and we want to help you get paid fast for your unused electronic devices. The last offer we made for your device was $70.”
First of all, I never received an offer for $70. I even checked my Spam folder. A bit less than the original quote of $240. And all because I don’t have the password? It goes on to read:
“According to the terms and conditions on our website (http://www.cash4laptops.com/terms), if we haven’t heard back from you in 30 days after we make an offer, we will automatically issue a payment in the amount of the last offer. Today is Day 23. We need you to call us at (888) 821-1143 in the next seven (7) days if you want to discuss this offer further. We're sorry, but, at this point, we cannot accept communication via email.”
I called them and left a message: “ I am very unhappy about the $70 offer. Please call me back to straighten this out.” A woman called me back within 10 minutes. In short, I wondered why the price dropped from $240 to $70 when they are going to restore the Ipad anyways? She insisted that their “certified technicians” could not do this without the password and that it was only good for parts. Huh. So she is saying that if you lose your password your Ipad is useless. People forget passwords ALL THE TIME. While she is defending this falsity I am 100% certain that it is possible to regain factory settings WITHOUT A PASSWORD. But no. She would not budge. So I told her how to do it so she could inform her “certified technicians” then I hung up.
Jan 6th. OK, I waited long enough. I called and asked for them to ship my Ipad back to me. Under the terms and conditions you are allowed to request this at any time. I also let them know that I think they have an interesting way of increasing their profit margin. Later that day I received a phone call from a different woman. This one wanted to know what was going on and wanted to keep me as a customer. Would I take $90? No. I want the $240 that was quoted to me. Nope. Their “certified technicians” could not figure it out. She even said they tried my suggestion and it didn’t work.
Jan 15th: I received my Ipad. I proceeded to restore it to factory settings…even though I am not a “certified technician.” It took less than five minutes. I went to Gazelle.com. Since so much time had passed while dealing with Ecyclebest, the quote from Gazelle decreased from $220 to $160.
Jan 21st: I mailed my Ipad to Gazelle.
Jan 23rd: I received an email “Your box has reached Gazelle.”
Jan 23rd: THE SAME DAY THEY RECEIVED MY IPAD: I received an email that Gazelle had transferred $160 to my paypal account. THE QUOTED AMOUNT.
Jan.24th: I’m writing this note to alert consumers about Ecyclebest and Cashforlaptops.com.
Just for fun I visited the two sites for a current quote on an Ipad 2:
Ecyclebest: $240
Gazelle: $150
Guess which one is realistic? Go with Gazelle..they have integrity. You will not get $90 more from Ecyclebest. What you will get from Ecyclebest: Wasted time and aggravation.

modified review This review was modified by PL000 on January 24 2014 08:55:33 AM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"Be careful as they will give you a high initial quote for your device and upon receiving the actual device they will tell you that the inspection uncovered something or another and they will offer you a third or less of the original quote."

modified review This review was modified by perice on November 12 2013 11:30:21 AM

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