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Rating 2/10

Holding seller money

"ebay is holding seller funds on items that have been delivered and seller feedback received. just a way for ebay and paypal to use the money and not release the funds to the seller that has meant the requirements for selling"

Rating 2/10

Ebay and paypal bouncing fraud that allowed to be happened due to systems separation to customers

"Be aware that paypal and ebay systems are not synced together to comply with messages and directions emailed to Ebay Sellers. paypal do not cover fraud that happened to sellers (unpaid items), and ebay is deleting transactions from seller account if paypal is canceling transaction of payment due to lack of funds on buyer's account (which is one of the case for unpaid items). seller do not have any means on ebay to open claim on deleted (cancelled by paypal due to unsufficient funds on account) for unpaid item, as well as do not have any means on paypal to open the case as Receiver of money (only Sender of money can open a claim).
to be short - do not use Paypal when selling on ebay.

Rating 2/10

EBAY is a fraud!!!!! The DO NOT SUPPORT THE SELLER!!!!

"My son sold an item for $700 and received a notification from the EBAY APP saying "it's ok to ship item.' Then he sent the buyer the shipping info. Then the seller cancelled the order and EBAY IS OKAY WITH THAT!!!! IT WAS A SCAM AND THEY WILL NOT PAY MY SON BECAUSE 'THEY DON'T HAVE THE $$$$$. WHAT TOTAL EBAY IDIOTS TO SEND THE NOTIFICATION WHEN THEY DIDN'T HAVE THE $$$$$."

Rating 2/10

horrendous would never ever use ebay again,

"i sold a few clothing items for a grand total of £20.32. also tried to sell a mobile phone which went for £200.00 because i was a new ebay member a hold was put on receiving payment for mobile which was pending for 3 weeks in my paypal account. the buying cancelled purchase and put a dispute claim in through paypal due to not receiving item. i was charged a fee of £11.74 in august and have now just been charged another fee of £28.85 to come out in September.
so for making a grand total of £20.32 i have payed back in fees £40.59.

Rating 2/10

horrible policy

"i purchased headlight never received the product the postal service claim that they left it in the mail box immagine how you going to fit 2 big boxes in a old small mail box ebay refuse to refund my money."

Rating 2/10

Horrible when things go wrong

"I have been with ebay right from the start and I have to say they have become an utter monster. ebay just wasn't designed to sell new goods, it was aimed at the second-hand market and it really shows. They are absolutely terrible when it comes to new items and the way they handle companies and customers. The short of it is that they don't care as long as they get their money. Everything will be fine until the sale goes wrong. These days ebay is flooded with bad sellers and Amazon re-sellers, and ebay just don't care. The moment you get a problem the first issue you are going to have is even trying to contact Customer Services, the second issue will be that when you do finally contact them you realise they just don't want anything to do with it. Their attitude is very much, "it's your purchase so it's your problem". They have just reached a size where they have stopped caring. "

Rating 2/10

No help from eBay as a Buyer.

"Pretty fed up with eBay right now (and I have been a member nearly from the start).
So glad Amazon exists!

I purchased shoes from a seller, they arrived - two different lengths. I filed a request to return them. Seller filed eBay for "help" with this request. Ebay jumped in and denied my request to return shoes saying it was "buyers remorse" when right shoe was 10 inches and the other was 10 1/2 inches. How rediculous is that?

I'm not out my money thanks to eBay and cannot do anything with these shoes. Ebay even suggested I try to resell them - being a dishonest seller is just fine with them. BUYER BEWARE!

Rating 2/10

Buyer took my item and asked his credit card to stop payment. Ebay and PayPal did nothing to protect me

"I sold my iPhone on ebay and got payment through PayPal. Ebay took $68 and PayPal took$20. After a month the buyer went to his credit card company and and disputed the charge. PayPal asked me to return the money so now I lost my iPhone, and eBay and PayPal took the money and couldn't protect me. The worst thing is to sell anything on eBay. "

Rating 2/10

Do not buy IOOMOBILE JETSO MOBILE, EBAY not helping customers when items go to custom

"I'm very disappointed with Ebay policy to defend dishonest sellers.
I reporting a situation that could occur for an item worth250 or 2500 dollars.
Fortunately I only lost 25 dollars..but some Chinese seller won it.

I was unable to select an automatic resolution for this transaction.
I was having trouble with this item **** seller by this seller ioomobile.
The product has been sent rapidly (in one week or so), but the time interval given by the seller is one month (more than time to avoid any return from paypal, bank or other payment method).
Product has been stuck in custom (Portugal, an EU country), I don't understand why, because I've order tents of things, even from China\Malasia\Hong Kong, and never occur before. Is there a possibility that the seller hasn't done the paper billings right to avoid paying taxes? I'm very suspicious about that.
However, I don't have any responsibility for the item going to custom, and no information about this situation is reported in the item description.
Other strange situation was that after this transaction, the remaining item available has raised its price to 500 euros (I bought this for 22 euros). This is a very strange situation and, if not legal,very suspicious to say the least.

I have reported this situation to Ebay's email, customerhelp@ebay.com, because the seller has given a time wind of one month (previously pointed out), so no automatically mechanism were available on ebay site to ask for anything that could be asked for (help, refund, cancel transaction, whatever..). Moreover, all the structure, organization and ways to do anything on Ebay's site when I problem arouses to the seller is incredibly not clear and almost impossible to get anything done.
The answer from ebay, by email, was that I needed to give the seller time to make things right (not sure what that means..) and that probably I would have my money back or partial refund (some sand to people's eyes, like we say in my country).
When this one month window ended I logged in on ebay and asked for a refund in this item\transaction site. What happens next is surreal. The seller in a few minutes canceled the refund, asked to Ebay to step in (what ever that means..), and finally the decision was made to not refund and to close this case. I have appealed to reopen the case, with the argument that the item was going back to the seller, because that's what happens when you do not pay the custom charges. In only a few minutes Ebay has refuted this appeal with the argument that the custom charges should be paid by the buyers.
At the end the only person that was impaired in this situation was me (the buyer).
I'm not buying this custom charges history, and that's how some company in China makes money without given away its items.

And that's my story, not buying on Ebay again, for sure.

Rating 2/10

Absolutely terrible!

"I sold an item on EBay for $265 + $15 shipping. Shipping actually came to $16.80. Then, PayPal raped me for $8.42. Ebay charged me $30.00 for the sale.

- 16.80
- 8.42
- 30.00
$224.78 net

That is disgraceful! You won't catch me selling on the POS ever again!

Rating 2/10

Would give NEGATIVE stars!!! WORST website for Sellers & Unsafe for Buyers!!!

"Officially closing my account - will NEVER purchase OR sell there again! WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE ever.

Sellers have absolutely ZERO protection and eBay doesn't give a damn about what you have to say. They use robots to sort disputes out and will ALWAYS agree in the buyer's favour, even if the buyer broke your item after 3 weeks - they can claim it was faulty!! That leaves you having to cover all the postage costs - even though it's ENTIRELY the buyers fault and you are now left out of pocker. When it comes to REAL people, not shops, eBay could not care less about you having to waste your money on a scamming buyer. eBay will NEVER listen to you - THEIR SELLER PROTECTION DOES NOT EXIST. They just do their best to take as much money from a sale as they can and that's all they care about!!

Even for buyers, most of the items on eBay are cheap, fake rubbish from China. You have to do your best to filter out what is genuine and what is not, because most ads just use deceiving photos. It's not possible to provide reviews on an item, so unlike Amazon and other websites you do not ever feel safe about the "shops" you are buying from.

Nothing in this website is safe, and you're always left with a disturbing and insecure buying or selling experience. NEVER AGAIN. STAY AWAY!

No Avatar

Rating 2/10

Shady and completely bad business

"Cleaning out my closet, decided to sell a designer bag purchased from Barneys 5+ years ago. Decided after research to stick with Ebay because they had a no return option, and I wanted it to be an easy transaction being that this is not what I do for a living. So I list the bag with images of tags, as well as noting this is an old bag but in good condition. The buyer receives the bag and says it a fake by comparing it to the same bag sold at NM now (mine is from 5+years ago and slight designs do change all the time to prevent copies). With no proof from an authorized Givenchy specialist, she makes a list justifying her beliefs. I would have honored her accusations if there was valid written proof though. But Ebay sided with the buyer with no proof or questioning. Then the worst part, the bad business part, they charged me for return shipping and 10% of the merchandise! So unless you want a hassle and give money away to ebay, I would not recommend using them as platform to sell used goods because buyers can always make up stuff and get their money back, and you will lose as a seller. "

Rating 2/10

Can I give them 0 stars

"Horrible, just horrible. 0 STARS! EBAY is a rip off. They take take take, and when the time comes to help a seller out, they pretty much turn their back on you.
It's pretty simple..EBAY is a buyers world. Sellers are treated horribly. I had a buyer send back a coat one month after it had been delivered and obviously used. There was a cigarette hole on the back of it and it smelled like an ashtray. When I contacted EBAY they did nothing. I can honestly say I've never met a person who has sold on eBay and is happy. The company ****. I'm glad there are other up and coming online companies I can sell my stuff on like Poshmark and Mercari WHICH COST ME LESS TO SELL ON.
As for buying I've had the headache of purchasing a fake (replica) product that the seller would not let me return. EBAY took down my negative review I wrote to warn other buyers that this person is not using photos of their own products (which they were not). After being a loyal customer as a seller and buyer with this company for 12 years I'm done. The company's doing such a horrible job, it's hard to find a person that has actually had a good experience with them. I'll shop and sell elsewhere...

Rating 2/10

No longer an eBay shopper

"I have several problems with eBay 6 wedding gowns I've never received of course I receive my money back but continual and letting these people sell and the feedback I have found two be suspicious if they are not real . Other items I receive are either the wrong item or damaged. EBay used to be a place where you could buy and sell but due to the scam artist out of the country you can forget that."

Rating 2/10

A place to sell your fack products

"I recently bought a Louis Vuitton Passport cover which it end up to be fack. So Fack that the seller even refused to pay for return postage. eBay finally refunded my money and when I left a bad review for the seller so that others don’t fall into my trap, eBay removed my review so clearly eBay doesn’t care about fack or not stolen goods or not they just want to make money at any cost. When I called their support (either India or Philippine) to protest this decision and I asked the guy to escalate this to next level he hang up the phone on me. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE. LETS JUST OUTSOURCE MORE CUSTOMER SERVICE. "

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