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    Product & services pricing Rating 3.08/10 3.08/10
    Chance of future purchase: Rating 1.67/10 1.67/10
    Shipping & packaging: Rating 2.40/10 2.40/10
    Customer service: Rating 1.34/10 1.34/10
    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 0.98/10 0.98/10
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Kiroh's Avatar

The North
Rating 8/10

Pretty decent experience

"Hey, My experience with eBay has been pretty good, i've bought several items from the site and the delivery time is pretty good with the fact that some of them are travelling pretty far.
The prices are also pretty good for most of it.
I descided to give it four stars since the website could be cleaned up a bit and incase i've missed something

Rating 2/10

No protection from buyers bilking system

"Fraudulent buyers profit at sellers' expense."

Rating 2/10

Horrible expirience

"This is being stressing me out so much .
This costumer send me the wrong frames , i print the return label and called sameone to help me to bring them to the lobby so ups can pick them up . Ups pick the frames and brought it back to my lobby 3 times . So i payd a handy man when to the post office and brought the frames my self , they didnt take the packages as it was too heavy they send me to another ups and the same ting happen again !!!
So i wrote many emails and still you send the wrong Returning label as this frames are very big and heavy and ups wont pick them up , this is a real nightmare this boxis are in my apartment and i can not moved them as they are too heavy .
I spend money with a handy man and my energy going to ups many times !!! Horrible costumer service And the seller never answer to any of my messages

Rating 2/10

No stars should be given

"I purchased a cellphone from an ebay vendor. The seller said that the item will be delivered on or before a particular date in April 2017. It never arrived within the time stated. I had a flight the next day, the item arrived after I left for the airport without a signature. Tried contacting the seller, they want me to return the item and they will refund me. I cannot return the item if I am no longer there. I do not live there nor do I know anyone there to have it returned for me.

So I tried contacting ebay customer service which is mainly automated and have no resolution to my case. I finally decided to call to talk to a person which was costing $2.00 per minute. I had to talk to a machine for the 1st three minutes, waited another 2 minutes before I spoke to a human. The agent had no solution to my problem after 7 minutes other than to contact the seller to work something out. She said the seller breached policy by having it delivered late but also breached it by not being in the country. Lol, I mean are you f-ing kidding me? My life suppose to revolve around their incompetence? Amazon customer service is way better, as they are easier to reach and the find real ways to protect their customers as I have experienced with a laptop one time.

Ebay does not care about their customers, I will never buy there again as my item is just in limbo and $400.00 dollars just wasted.

Rating 2/10

They're Liars!

"It says that there is a Money Back Guarantee when there isn't. Its been less than 30 days and they still wont take anything back. Their title was a misleading title. It says Seat Cover and Mat Combo! It does not say Seat Cover and Mat Combo Variation so naturally I thought that I would be getting seat cover and mats right? No. I only get the mats and they said there is a drop down arrow that you have to choose from. Well usually when they have one of those you have to actually select something or it just says "select" well I didn't select anything so usually it would of been like well select one of the options. So this automatically selects something for you. Now, on top of all this, they do not have the matching seat covers and they absolutely refuse to tell me whether or not they are even gonna get another shipment in so I can have all my stuff to match. Neither Ebay or lyfe_essentialz care about their customers or else they would have at the VERY least (cause I expected to be given a refund and sent the product back) told me whether or not there was another shipment coming in. "

Rating 2/10

Wouldn't Bother To Help With My Suspension - Had To Hire Auction Essistance

"eBay does not care about the sellers when they have issues. I got my account suspended because of a buyer claiming a fraudulent dispute even after evidence proves that the item was sent and signed for. I forwarded all info to eBay thinking it would be in my favor. Did it go my way? Nope. They sided with the buyer despite the evidence proving otherwise. Buyer gets their money and the item and I get my account in the negative and suspended outright. Tried several months to get in contact with eBay to get my account reinstated, but with no success. All that time wasted which I just gave up. Only other option was to go stealth using the help of Auction Essistance. I am back on, but I am pretty sure it won't be for long since eBay does some dumb things to begin with."

Rating 2/10

the Ebay has a Dishonest system of a considering situations, dishonest/rude customer service system.

"the Ebay has a Dishonest system of a considering situations, dishonest/rude customer service system.
Unprofessional approach, favoritism, internally built in rudeness, without a chance to find an honest professional to review and to solve a situation. Very bad.

Rating 8/10

Pretty Good

"I bought a video game and it was shipped on time. It came with the original packaging and it couldn't be better. My brother bought a guitar and the sound was a little off but for the
cheap price it was good.

Rating 2/10

Amazon Is Better, Faster, and Less Hastel

"Today was the last purchase for this site. I have been an ebay member for years, spent thousands of dollars and made one mistake while trying to sell on ebay. I will be closing my account with and moving on to another seller/buyer site such as Amazon considering the recent denial of lifting a seller restriction which has been long since passed and rectified. I will also be writing a detailed review on my experience with ebay and its staff concerning not only the needless and meaningless restriction placed on my account, but also the numerous times in which products were purchased from this site and in attempts to return to certain sellers, was denied full refunds where the items were not as described. It seems that Ebay spends more time favoring large volume sellers, but people who merely want to sell items on occasion are restricted from doing so. Maybe all those high volume sellers can sell to each other to keep ebay going.

Amazon has Prime which comes with many benefits. Shipping is free in most cases and items are received usually within 1-3 days with no hassle when items aren't correct. I can sell my own things on there as well without being restricted and then denied forever.

Thank You for helping me make the choice Ebay. I put you right there with the rest of the greedy companies who lost touch with their client base.

Rating 2/10

Verbally Assaulted and Threatened by a Seller & eBay Does NOTHING!!!!

"I was verbally assaulted and threatened by an eBay seller and eBay did absolutely NOTHING to the seller. I looked at his history and he has a year of negative reviews about being nasty and rude,, but because he has 17,000 something reviews, eBay CHOOSES do to NOTHING. eBay is not a reputable company any longer and is solely for the seller but they forget that without the BUYER they would be out of business."

Rating 2/10

Bad news fraud

"I have purchased quite a few items from eBay over the years so I decided to sell my organ on ebay. The listing was for 7 days and there were no bids. EBay charged me 300 dollars claiming that this was the fee for reserved price which I never asked for. It too an hour to reach them each time I called was told I would be refunded my 300 dollars. I haven't received the money.. "

Rating 2/10

Terrible Customer Service

"I have been a customer of ebay for years and until recently had mostly good experiences. Last year I placed an order from a vendor for 2 logitech computer mice. The order was filled and shipped along with tracking info, the order was delivered, but not to me to another house in the community I live in. Turns out the shipping label dropped some of the address off at the end and left 2 digits that reflected the unit number I live at. The address the package was set to was an actual address, just not mine, so tracking info indicated that the package had been delivered. Seller and ebay would not check and verify the actual shipping address, only said tracking info showed delivery. Would not refund the $160.00 I spent on the products. I had to go door to door to find my package that had been delivered to the wrong address. I took pictures of the shipping label and emailed to ebay to prove that the address was incorrect, they apologized and offered me a $5.00 coupon for my troubles. Gave them another change and it's happened again, Ebay will not look into it, I will have to track down the order myself, shipper will not verify where the product was sent, I only know I didn't get it. I am through dealing with ebay, when you send them detailed emails with your concerns, I don't think they even read it, if they do then the persons that respond are complete idiots because they don't address any of the issues brought up in the complaint."

Rating 2/10

eBay is Seriously Broken - Rights for the sellers, None for you

"I have been scammed by eBay's sellers on a few occasions:

This is the most recent example.

I place an order from an eBay seller named Michael Shepard that does business on eBay by the nick name of -- funselling22 -- and after a few days, eBay sends you an email telling you the seller cancelled this order. PayPal has already sent money from your checking account to the seller.

eBay informs you that the seller has sent a refund to you original payment method, your PayPal Account. PayPal takes a minimum 2 days to credit your PayPal Account. After the amount of time PayPal takes to credit you PayPal Account, you have to start a PayPal transaction to return your money from your PayPal Account and pay PayPal for this transaction to return your own money to your Checking Account.

How do you call this scheme?

The seller named Michael Shepard that does business on eBay by the nick name of -- funselling22 -- is not sanctioned, even if you ask eBay to sanction the seller. They give you the hype that is the seller's property and he can refuse to sell it to you. Even when this refusal takes place after you have paid for the item and PayPal has sent them the money. When the item is not theirs anymore. eBay won't even allow a buyer to place a bad feedback deserved feedback to this irresponsible seller named Michael Shepard that does business on eBay by the nick name of -- funselling22 -- .

If you, as a Buyer, do the same with a seller, eBay sanctions you with Unpaid Purchase Sanctions. Even heavily damaging your feedback as a responsible buyer.

There is another problem. If you want to buy from American seller, there is not an easy way to distinguish the American seller from the myriad of foreign sellers that sell on eBay using this platform from their foreign country. These sellers have resorted to sending their merchandise ahead of time to warehouses in mainland U.S.A. How can you solve any problems with these sellers effectively?

The only way is to message them using eBay's messaging platform and asking them if they are American or not.

Remember this: You have the right to know who are you buying from.

As for me, I will only buy items with a price of $20 or less, only if the item is not easily available elsewhere.


Rating 2/10

Ebay is a place for scammers

"I am a seller on eBay and I sale good product and the scammers have brought me to a decision to shut my accounts down because I cant keep taking the loses. Ebay tells me I should expect to take a lose here and there when they dont pay for the parts I am selling. They have buyer protection but no seller protection. I believe that if they had seller protection and tighter guidelines then everyone would be okay. I am going to check out amazon to see what their rules are like and see about moving over to there with my items. I have a warehouse with well over $4 million dollars worth of merchandise in it, looks like someone needing these parts I have wont get them because of the flood of scammers on eBay buying items and destroying them and wanting to send back or even sending you back their old part in the place of. I cant take it no more.........

Rating 2/10


"eBay has just destroyed itself with all of these scammers!"

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