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  • Rating 2.24/10 172 reviews

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    Customer service: Rating 1.62/10 1.62/10
    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 2.12/10 2.12/10

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Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"There is this seller running a scheme very close to a scam. I searched for a clock core and found it. It was selling at about $2.00ea. with FREE SHIPPING. I placed the buy order and was told it would take 30 days to be shipped to me, because the seller is in China!

45 days later I did not receive anything. Contacted the seller and a very friendly reply said they had shipped the item and they had no tracking for items less than $50. They asked me to wait another week.

After another week, nothing. I contacted them again and this time they were not so friendly. They say the item was shipped and after that they had no control over the shipping. And asked me to wait for another week.

Another week went by and nothing. I could give up by then since it was only $2.00 But something tells me something was not right. I sent an enquiry letter again and asked to see their shipping paper to ensure that they did ship the item. No, I got nothing back, only ner-ending request to wait, wait and wait...

Now I am convinced thi8s seller is running a scam.
1) Place an item way below market price, to attract loads of buyers
2) Keep the money and never ship anything
3) When the buyer contacts them, they will act really responsibly even promising a "full refund" or a "reshipment". But ask to wait another week.
4) and there would be no tracking as it is under $50. The trick is to ask buyer to patiently WAIT for at least 45 days.
4) Of course the buyer will never receive the item because it was never shipped.
5) 45 days later, the item is CLOSED. There would be no way you can add comment, and rate the seller.
6) When you send a complaint to eBay, SURPRISE! eBay did not even had a place for you to tell them what happened. JUST a simple eBay web complaint form you fill in. And we were told that we may not receive a response.

It looks like there is NO WAY I could have my clock core which I have paid for 2 months ago!

What a smart scam! Everything is done legit. And you can't even add negative comment, and the complaint form is just for show. Not that eBay is interested in helping resolve the problem.

I have no more options. I hate eBAY. It is VERY badly managed. I think they will go bankrupt very soon because people are fed up because they have aggravated too many a buyer and too many a seller.

Juts wonder how many buyers were sucked in by this scammer?

modified review This review was modified by ebaysucks on April 23 2014 04:02:48 AM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"Ebay may have a money back guarantee, but good luck collecting on it. I was sold a defective computer that was eventually fixed after nearly two months, but when I requested a return I was denied and when I requested a partial refund I was also denied.

This is basically fraud IMO, they advertise no worries for the buyers, but they don't follow thru on this, going so far as to removing negative feedback for sellers. What is the point of having feedback if its deleted. You can't get a true feel for a seller if that's the case. My seller had two cases of negative feedback when I filed my claim and now a month later they have zero again.

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"eBay is a fraud. Buyer's protection program is bogus. I bought a tab, which was listed as 8GB model ( Lenovo) and from and rear cameras. What I received was a 4GB and single camera model. Logging the complaint with eBay got me a call from their service centre ( claim no. 448898). The man was rude and only offered one solution ( INR 300 worth of coupon !!). This was not acceptable. The offer to return without getting a replacement product was not making sense. I tried writing to them on multiple times, but no response. I wanted to find escalation route but no response. I feel so cheated. Can someone guide me how to escalate the issue."

modified review This review was modified by svikas0808 on April 17 2014 10:58:40 PM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

Seller feedback MEANS NOTHING.. they erase a negative feedback without any judgment.
I purchased o pair of shoes, not to mention the listing did NOT contain the insole measurement and I had to return the shoes being to small.
On the return policy it is mentioned that it cannot be returned in USPS bag, the box that the shoes came it was damaged and I returned the BUBBLE WRAPED in perfect condition in a USPS envelope.
The seller refused the package on the grounds that the return policy was not respected and Ebay went along with this.

modified review This review was modified by oldfind1800 on April 14 2014 08:26:17 AM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"ebay is a fraud store i am not received my item, due date after 10 days call ebay customer service support to seller (lovelonglongpet). ebay is a complected delete item on my ebay account. they should not return my money. ebay and china seller they doing a faud case."

modified review This review was modified by bhg431986 on April 09 2014 02:09:35 AM

Rating 10/10
modified review posted

"i love ebay i been a member for over 15 years always been happy with purchases that i made there. i love the ebay buyer protection they very helpful if there problem arising "

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"Have been a buyer and seller on eBay for 8 years. Have sold over &32,000 last week eBay put a hold on all my funds in PayPal because 4 buyers annomously let feedback that my shipping charges were too much. I print my labels through eBay directly and charge only what eBay charges me. Now eBay is holding over 499.00 for 20 days. 6 phone calls three supervisors no one can help me. eBay truly sucks."

Rating 4/10
modified review posted

"I will start by saying that I have been with eBay for more than a decade. I have bought and sold items on eBay and find myself doing much less of both now-a-days. If you were a buyer 10 years ago, you could always find a great deal and there is a reason for this. Sellers used to have to pay the listing fees for the auction whether their item sold or not. If you had to pay fees then you wanted to make certain that your item sold; so prices were naturally good and sometimes great. Today, sellers do not have to pay listing fees until their item sells. So a seller can now mark up an item, as much as they want, without worrying about relisting and relisting........and relisting; thus paying fees each time they relist. They can just relist it until it sells to the not-so-price-savvy buyer......maybe (the ones that have a very hard to come by item may be the exception. NOTE: Just as a personal pet project, I have been watching a seller relist the same outrageously priced item over and over again; I think for nearly 6 months now and it has never sold). At that time (and only that one time, when that item sells) the seller will pay the auction fees which, by the way, I will discuss now.

The first of which is the more recent and much hated Final Value on Shipping Fee. Yep! eBay, in their infinite wisdom to stop greedy sellers from charging inflated shipping rates, decided to charge a percentage of what it costs the seller to ship an item. Some sellers would sell an item for .99 cents and charge $100 to ship the item. The reason? Because they would have to pay a Final Value Fee on the .99 cents and no fee on the $100 shipping charge. eBay should have started by zeroing in on these greedy folks instead of the breaking out the Final Value Fee on Shipping tactic; which hurts all the honest sellers. There is only one way for a seller to recoup this outrageous fee and that is to charge the buyer more to ship the item or pay for it out of the auction winnings. Keep one thing in mind when buying an item today: everyone should know by now about the USPS rates for their new flat rate shipping boxes. That being said, if a seller charges a bit more to ship an item, that would otherwise fit in one of those flat rate boxes, it would be because of the eBay Final Value on Shipping fee. Just stay away from the person with the small flat-rate box item who states that they charge $20 to ship it. That's skimming of course. One more thing; free shipping is not really "FREE" shipping. Most sellers will charge more for the item they are selling in order to pay the shipping price. Some sellers are good with pricing and free shipping.........others, not so much. Just know what the item is actually worth and what it SHOULD cost to ship.

Understanding that eBay needs to keep the lights on, they need to take a percentage of the winnings from the auction. No problem there except that they have more than tripled the percentage in the last decade. It is high, as are the listing fees (depending on how many pictures you use, what size and type of listing, etc, etc, etc), but I am not certain that I would call it (by itself) unacceptable. When combined with all the other various fees, it becomes unacceptable.

So......on to the next fee which buyers do not see. Pay Pal is the most widely used and recognized online paying system on the net. Ironically, it is owned by who? eBay! So when you buy an item on eBay you will most likely be using Pay Pal in eBay's check-out system. eBay, err....I mean Pay Pal, takes a fee off that payment you make to the seller after you checkout. But hold up! That's not all! Next is........

If you are using Pay Pal’s Buyer Credit, you are paying 27% interest! I made the mistake of having this buyer credit account for about 7 or 8 years and the interest rate never decreases no matter how good of a payer you are. .....and I thought department stores were bad!

Let me break it down for you- I recently auctioned off a pair of tail lights from my 2002 Ford F-150. Not looking to make a killing, I listed them with a starting bid of $9.99 and shipping cost of $15 (and some change). During the 6 day auction the taillights only received one bid (oh....and I never do reserves and do not believe in them. It is an auction and your item is worth what people are willing to pay at that time! But I'm not going to be a "reserve hater" just because some seller is timid and scared). Anyway, the item sold for $9.99. No big deal. Just cleaning out the garage and I knew there was a chance that I wouldn't get retail for the item. The buyer paid me through Pay Pal and by the time I went to move my measly winnings from Pay Pal to my bank, I had just a little over $5 from the auction after fees. Ridiculous right?

So instead of stopping greedy and overzealous sellers, eBay has become greedy themselves. I still browse and buy on eBay but the decent deals are incredibly difficult to come by. And I ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT SELL anything on eBay any longer. If you have time and patience and know the value of items and shipping, then it’s still alright, albeit frustrating, buying things on eBay. Selling is a different, and much worse, story.

By the way, the star rater below is not very accurate since eBay normally encourages you to work things out with the seller/buyer before getting them involved. And eBay DOES NOT ship items, the sellers do. But for the sake of the shipping fee I will rate them "poor". I have always been able to work things out with the other party and have kept eBay out of it.

modified review This review was modified by Duelster on March 09 2014 09:50:22 AM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"Ebay WAS a fairly good place to sell but has become a place for bottom feeders to buy and cheat sellers. Ebay will get into your bank account and take out money to put on hold if any buyer puts in any kind of claim. It can take months to close a case and chances are the seller will loose. I have a 300 dollar hold on now because of one chip in a dish of a set of 20 pieces. No communications are required by the buyer just put in a claim and let ebay rape the seller."

modified review This review was modified by DENNISWHALL12 on February 18 2014 03:45:52 AM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"DO NOT SELL ON EBAY! Terrible company. I was currently just involved in a case where the buyer lied about not recieving the item, which I KNOW they received because the tracking information shows it was delivered. However, ebay ruled in favor of the buyer and refunded the buyer 103.90, and now claims i have to reimburse ebay for the transaction or they will send me to collections. So basically, I lost my money AND my item. Not only that, is Ebay charged me double the amount to reimburse them. When I called customer support, I was on hold for 45 minutes and I could barely understand them. "

modified review This review was modified by kas_per13 on January 15 2014 02:07:07 PM

Rating 10/10
modified review posted

"It's nice to know that there are so many things I can buy from eBay.

It was a great experience to shop and browse through eBay.

I had purchased some products from them.

I would recommend my friends to check out the products from eBay.


loken's Avatar
Rating 6/10
modified review posted

"I think eBay is one of the good online shopping store because, eBay is more popular and they give their service very nicely and, also in good prices. I have found there are many people like me who are more satisfied with eBay online shopping."

Rating 6/10
modified review posted

"not really as good as it used to be. Lots of bull crap from China and deals that you can find locally nowadays.. better for selling stuff than buying if you ask me.Back in the day I used to sell all my stuff on here and make bank but now it's cluttered with crap and tons of low ballers too.."

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"eBay is the WORST site I have ever dealt with. It has forgot me 2 times! I can't access my account cuz I guess it deleted it or something. NEVER buying ANYTHING from eBay EVER again!"

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"I never had such a horrible experience like this in any online shopping like Ebay.Their service is worst.customer service is jus ridiculous.I have ordered an item, it was said I ll get the shipping details within 5 days. Even after 10 days I didn get any reply. I called the customer care, they are saying continously that "seller is ready to ship,but the courier has not been picked up,we hav sent the courier guys to pick up the product". And the seller is sayinig that the produc has been shipped wiwthin 4 days. ill nw I havn received d product.
Have spent more than 2 hrs on phone tselk talkin to the customer care.
These ppl r really brainless.
I really suggest not to buy anythin on Ebay by seein offers. U ll not have any peace of mind.
This Ebay will test ur patience to the core.
Attitude s really poor.

modified review This review was modified by narmadhacool on November 13 2013 02:01:30 AM

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