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483 Customer Reviews

Rating 2/10

Ebay refuses to correct their error

"I sold a nylon motorcycle tank bag and shipped it Fedex through Ebay. It cost $10 to ship, as the item weighed 3 pounds in the box. I got my bill from Ebay a month later and was charged $95, it said the item weighed 71 pounds. I disputed through Ebay, who said they would resolve it with Fedex. After no response I disputed it through Fedex, who said they would resolve it from Ebay. I never received follow up from either company. I disputed this several times with both companies and got the run around each time. Several months later Ebay said it was Fedex's fault and still refused to refund the money they (Ebay) took out of my account. And conveniently Ebay can't even see the shipping quote now because it has expired from my account page. I was able to get my credit card company to reverse the charge and now Ebay is going to send it to collections. After selling on Ebay for 13 years I have made this company thousands of dollars, but they still refuse to make this right. I AM DONE WITH EBAY. "

This review was modified by hogdog485 on December 02 2016 06:57:40 AM

Rating 2/10

Criminal Organisation created to incentivate and protect cybercrime

"I bought a genuine license key for a software on eBay. Once I receive it, I discovered that it wasn't genuine and it didn't work. I tried to contact the seller on eBay and he didn't reply then eBay suggested me to open a case.

I went to the seller feedback pages and I found many complaints from people who had the same issue. I decided to leave a negative feedback to the seller.

After a week, eBay sent me a message regarding my case and, as the seller didn't reply, I decided to escalate to eBay. eBay decided to not issue a refund and to delete my negative feedback. They have also deleted all the negative feedbacks related to that user. When I asked for explanation, they simply told me that the item was not covered by money back guarantee.

At the end of the day, they decided to cover and protect a criminal who is still selling illegal software on their website and to steal my money. I have reported eBay to the police, to the UK Trading Standards Authority and to Action Fraud.

Stay away from these criminals.

Rating 8/10


"I have been buying off of eBay for years. I know I have bought thousands of items. I have had a few sellers that have sent defective items but every time eBay made the seller make it right by either refunding me or reshipping with no charge to me. I always send defective pictures to prove my case and never had a issue dealing with eBay it's self just the sellers. But over all eBay is an awesome place to frequently shop. I do believe the are more for the buyer than the seller. Also I always use PayPal because they help protect you and your money from scammers in websites like eBay. Scammers are everywhere and ever websites these days. "

This review was modified by Snsddp on November 22 2016 06:38:33 AM

Rating 2/10

!*!*!*!*!*!*!*NO ONE USE THIS SITE!*!*!*!*!*! Everything about this company is a complete waste of time!!

"My boyfriend had a business selling electronic accessories (chargers, headphones, speakers) but started out with just chargers. Since he has moved on to larger priced items ebay has flagged him account and suspended his funds with a bullshit reasoning of "growth in sales" that was yesterday. Today he has recieved notice that he is never allowed selling items on this site again and he cannot touch his money in his paypal account (mind you the amount in his account was roughly $4,000) for 6 months... 6 MONTHS!! WHAT THE HELL!! And their excuse for that was he was some kind of "risk" to the company and website. He spent hours after the account was originally suspended talking to clueless customer support. This company deserves to be shut down from what ive heard it put people through. It screams a scam and i dont mean the kind that involves lonely men and women looking to seal from big companies. Im talking this big company continues to steal from the public and sellers that this website is based upon. In return they give you **** excuses that a 5 year old could come up with and tell you tough luck. If i could shut it down myself i would not hesitate. No one should have to go through being FUCKED OVER this much. The people who run this and criminals and the public deserves justice for probably millions of dollars they have stolen since it has been established. NO ONE USE THIS SITE!!!!"

This review was modified by Alyssamarie7 on November 21 2016 11:59:15 AM

Rating 2/10

avoid mandellous1234gzaa on eBay

"this is a newbie who uses extremely deceptive photos and descriptions. When you open a case for a return/refund, eBay really stretchessssssssssssss the facts in favor of the seller.
Consider yourself warned.

This review was modified by spudley215 on November 19 2016 03:25:57 PM

Rating 2/10

eBay just let the thieves get away

"I purchased an item which was wrong and contacted eBay Customer Support. After a while the seller Classic Auto Trim LLC in Pahrump NV said ok for a refund and I had to pay for the return shipping. USPS delivered the package to the seller's local post office in Pahrump, Nevada. I contacted the seller who now no longer responded to me. USPS could not deliver the package to the seller personally for some reason. So eBay closed the case because the package never was delivered to the seller's door. I can prove that the item was delivered by USPS to Classic Auto Trim's local Post Office, but even so eBay closed the case. I lost the item, I lost the money I paid for the item and I lost the money for the return shipping. As I live in Europe I don't want the item back because then I have to pay import charges once again."

This review was modified by T.DeWynn on November 11 2016 01:59:34 AM

Rating 2/10

Pile of Old **** Socks!

"So not only was I scammed on selling a fucking labtop on eBay, now they have charged me $120 for not marking the item as sold?! SERIOUSLY! eBay is the WORST fucking company I have ever dealt with! Not to mention, PayPal was HACKED by the scam artist and they've done not a damn thing about it. Way to protect your customers you fat pile of fucking dumpster **** sauce! "

Rating 2/10

Ebay Does Not Help You When You Need It

"I have been ripped off twice now trying to get return shipping costs back or refunds processed. I started a refund request 4 days ago on a defective item and no response from seller. I got ripped off from Budget AC supply in Davenport, FL in July after they promised to pay shipping costs to return a defective item (over $22.00) and then just basically told me tough luck. It is very hard to contact eBay.... No email address or website to submit. Last time for me. I'm sticking with Amazon in the future."

This review was modified by Bgban on November 05 2016 12:09:35 PM

Rating 2/10

Sellers dont stand a chance- EBAY is SCAMMERS

"Ebay support told me if a buyer sends a rock back as long as they provide tracking, (the tracking they force a seller to upload when a scammer claims something is wrong) the seller is screwed.
I recently had a buyer buy a toilet seat riser, MANUFACTUR SPECS that it gives a 5 inch height raise. the buyer said that the measurement is only 4/2 which isn't even a measurement , LOL , and you already know ebay sided with a buyer. MANUFACTURE SPECS ,


Rating 2/10

eBay Seller Charlesgot

"Very shady, will cheat you. eBay is an awful company when it comes to buyers, too risky, us other reputable sites, eBay is an online swap-mart and very risky, especially seller charlesgot"

Rating 2/10

Shop eBay and risk scam-like sales

"I used to regard eBay as a kind of on-line Filene's Basement and was very happy with it until the past four months, during which I have received two broken items about which I am getting a lot of grief from the sellers, and one item that does not fit but which the seller refused to take back and eBay refused to compensate me for. eBay has opened a "case" for one of these - a broken zipper on a Chinese-manufactured purse. The third item is a steam vacuum cleaner that I bought in June 2016, which broke two days ago on only the third use (it stopped making steam, a pretty big defect in a steam vacuum cleaner.) The seller will not refund and is making me go through the warranty process since the item is four months old. I found out that this appliance was manufactured in 2010, that it is not made anymore, and that almost no service center services it. I did find a service center that will look at it, but I'll be totally out of luck if the warranty doesn't cover the repair cost. And anyway, this is not my preference: I just want my money back and am going through the warranty process under duress by the seller. On the broken zipper item eBay has opened a case on it, but I was dunned by the seller to retract a negative review I wrote. Another seller dunned me to retract a negative review when its merchandise never arrived. Finally, I ordered a leather vest advertised as size 8, small-to-medium. It arrived and turned out to be more like a size 4. The seller refuses to take it back. eBay says it's "as described" because it has an "8" on the label. Any legitimate store would have recognized that fit may vary even within a given size, and that clearly this "8" was more like a petite-to-small, not a small-to-medium. eBay has sided with the seller. I have bought many, many, many items on eBay and they will now lose a very good customer. "

Rating 2/10

BIG SCAM ON EBAY "cell phone city"

"Bought a phone went black less than 30 days
Phone still working no screen
Called them up got right thought got a LDR #
Return Phone
there phones quit working and will not take calls
will not respond to Emails
Guess I'm another SCAMED by CELL PHONE CITY maybe be time for a class action suit
No Ebay did not ask me to write this
out my money out my phone

This review was modified by evergreen_mt_1 on October 07 2016 12:18:52 PM

Rating 4/10

eBay only care for the sellers, beware buyers!

"I only now use eBay for unusual items i cannot buy at a store. If you buy from eBay, in particular tickets, you need to beware you may not get them. Remember ebay hide behind "we are an auction site" meaning its your problem to sort out with the seller not theirs!. As for their guarantee on getting money back if you get ripped. It won't happen as they just don't do it.
You can be assured you will be ripped of about 4 times out of 10. They make their money from the sellers and not the buyers!
As for contacting them, No chance, no one there or wait 30 days, just online excuses until you give up.

Don't go here for anything you can buy at a shop or a real retail chain, you will regret it if you do.

Rating 2/10


"Ebay just doesn't seem to get how to compete in today's market. Whether it's buying or selling you're bound to get screwed by these jackoffs.
It started when they eliminated the option for sellers to leave negative feedback about buyers- now sellers are leaving positive feedback about negative experiences with buyers because that is the only way they can warn other sellers. Now if you have an issue with a buyer you can "report" them, which never even yields a response from ebay. Also, as a seller they force you to offer a return policy, which is understandable but it doesn't really matter what your return policy is or how long the buyer takes to want to return something, ebay always sides with the buyer. With used items, forcing a 30 day return policy is ridiculous. If something was damaged when you received it would you wait 30 days to complain? NO. It's leaving the door open for people who know how to scam the system. Furthermore some things are time sensitive- aka if I have a 30 day return policy on a prom dress, the buyer can wear it then return it. Poshmark has a 3 day policy, this is great; they receive it and inspect it and that's that.
Now if you're buying on ebay and aren't familiar with it, you'll be had by the overflowing amount of knockoffs and fakes. Sure, most people know the stuff from China is fake and never the proper size, color, quality as the image implies, but now these foreign sellers have gotten smarter and are listing these items as "ships from US" when they really don't. If you check the feedback, they may have 98-99% feedback but when you read the reviews the amount of negative comments is astonishing. Regardless of how many items a seller sells, how many reports that an item is fake or that buyers are unhappy with a seller need to be made before ebay eliminates that seller? Who knows? But I've seen sellers with literally thousands of negative feedback. It is a true testament of ebay's character that they knowingly allow these shady, illegal knockoff sellers to continue on ebay, and we the good sellers pay the price.
I've been a member since 1999. My feedback is 100%. Does ebay care? Not in the slightest, they'll side with a buyer who has a string of shady feedback.
Now let's talk about payment... What other site let's you buy something but not have to pay for it right away? You can add it to your cart on other sites, but until it's paid for, somebody else can actually pay for it and swipe it out from under you. Not on ebay. Once somebody commits to buy that item just sits there waiting for payment. And if the payment isn't made after so many days, instead of being able to relist it, you have to open a case and wait another week to see if the person is going to pay. You used to be able to sort of protect yourself from this as a seller by blocking new buyers but now ebay says that's discriminatory towards new buyers who need to build up feedback. You can block an individual member, but they have to screw you over before you know to add them to your list!
Also, ebay tries to force it's members to ship items same or next day. While I appreciate this service, you're saying if my buyer dinks around and waits 7 days to pay for an item that I have to rush to the PO to get it out to them- DUMB! Clearly they didn't want it that fast or they would have paid right away.
In no way is this a comprehensive list of issues you're sure to incur with ebay, but it's a good warning to stay away if you're an honest person whether you plan to sell or buy!

This review was modified by Joseee on October 02 2016 09:57:37 AM

Rating 2/10

BEWARE! BEWARE! BEWARE! eBay is TERRIBLE for sellers. You have NO protection; they can stiff you for $1000s of dollars.

"BEWARE! BEWARE! BEWARE! eBay is TERRIBLE for sellers. You have NO protection; they can stiff you for $1000s of dollars.
I sold a $1000 exhaust and paid $75 to ship it. The buyer did not read the listing, his motorcycle is a different year, he found a way to get eBay to force a return and force me to pay for another $75 for return shipping. EBay policies side with the buyer to screw the seller. EBay did not reach out to me for any information and made the “permanent” decision in the buyer’s favor. I even called eBay proactively before contacting the buyer and they said it would go in my favor. In addition, I received the exhaust back damaged by the buyer and eBay states “there is no coverage for that”. They insist I have to provide a full refund.
So a buyer can buy something without doing due diligence by not reading the ad and looking at the pictures, return the item damaged, and ebay will still force a refund to the buyer. They can take your money for shipping for the item and force you to pay for shipping it back. If you don’t , they will take your money as a refund to the buyer and the buyer gets to keep the item.

This review was modified by sb777 on September 28 2016 05:42:26 PM

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