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    Product & services pricing Rating 2.61/10 2.61/10
    Chance of future purchase: Rating 1.85/10 1.85/10
    Shipping & packaging: Rating 1.98/10 1.98/10
    Customer service: Rating 1.02/10 1.02/10
    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 1.85/10 1.85/10
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Rating 2/10

Absolutely terrible!

"I sold an item on EBay for $265 + $15 shipping. Shipping actually came to $16.80. Then, PayPal raped me for $8.42. Ebay charged me $30.00 for the sale.

- 16.80
- 8.42
- 30.00
$224.78 net

That is disgraceful! You won't catch me selling on the POS ever again!

Rating 2/10

Would give NEGATIVE stars!!! WORST website for Sellers & Unsafe for Buyers!!!

"Officially closing my account - will NEVER purchase OR sell there again! WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE ever.

Sellers have absolutely ZERO protection and eBay doesn't give a damn about what you have to say. They use robots to sort disputes out and will ALWAYS agree in the buyer's favour, even if the buyer broke your item after 3 weeks - they can claim it was faulty!! That leaves you having to cover all the postage costs - even though it's ENTIRELY the buyers fault and you are now left out of pocker. When it comes to REAL people, not shops, eBay could not care less about you having to waste your money on a scamming buyer. eBay will NEVER listen to you - THEIR SELLER PROTECTION DOES NOT EXIST. They just do their best to take as much money from a sale as they can and that's all they care about!!

Even for buyers, most of the items on eBay are cheap, fake rubbish from China. You have to do your best to filter out what is genuine and what is not, because most ads just use deceiving photos. It's not possible to provide reviews on an item, so unlike Amazon and other websites you do not ever feel safe about the "shops" you are buying from.

Nothing in this website is safe, and you're always left with a disturbing and insecure buying or selling experience. NEVER AGAIN. STAY AWAY!

No Avatar

Rating 2/10

Shady and completely bad business

"Cleaning out my closet, decided to sell a designer bag purchased from Barneys 5+ years ago. Decided after research to stick with Ebay because they had a no return option, and I wanted it to be an easy transaction being that this is not what I do for a living. So I list the bag with images of tags, as well as noting this is an old bag but in good condition. The buyer receives the bag and says it a fake by comparing it to the same bag sold at NM now (mine is from 5+years ago and slight designs do change all the time to prevent copies). With no proof from an authorized Givenchy specialist, she makes a list justifying her beliefs. I would have honored her accusations if there was valid written proof though. But Ebay sided with the buyer with no proof or questioning. Then the worst part, the bad business part, they charged me for return shipping and 10% of the merchandise! So unless you want a hassle and give money away to ebay, I would not recommend using them as platform to sell used goods because buyers can always make up stuff and get their money back, and you will lose as a seller. "

Rating 2/10

Can I give them 0 stars

"Horrible, just horrible. 0 STARS! EBAY is a rip off. They take take take, and when the time comes to help a seller out, they pretty much turn their back on you.
It's pretty simple..EBAY is a buyers world. Sellers are treated horribly. I had a buyer send back a coat one month after it had been delivered and obviously used. There was a cigarette hole on the back of it and it smelled like an ashtray. When I contacted EBAY they did nothing. I can honestly say I've never met a person who has sold on eBay and is happy. The company ****. I'm glad there are other up and coming online companies I can sell my stuff on like Poshmark and Mercari WHICH COST ME LESS TO SELL ON.
As for buying I've had the headache of purchasing a fake (replica) product that the seller would not let me return. EBAY took down my negative review I wrote to warn other buyers that this person is not using photos of their own products (which they were not). After being a loyal customer as a seller and buyer with this company for 12 years I'm done. The company's doing such a horrible job, it's hard to find a person that has actually had a good experience with them. I'll shop and sell elsewhere...

Rating 2/10

No longer an eBay shopper

"I have several problems with eBay 6 wedding gowns I've never received of course I receive my money back but continual and letting these people sell and the feedback I have found two be suspicious if they are not real . Other items I receive are either the wrong item or damaged. EBay used to be a place where you could buy and sell but due to the scam artist out of the country you can forget that."

Rating 2/10

A place to sell your fack products

"I recently bought a Louis Vuitton Passport cover which it end up to be fack. So Fack that the seller even refused to pay for return postage. eBay finally refunded my money and when I left a bad review for the seller so that others don’t fall into my trap, eBay removed my review so clearly eBay doesn’t care about fack or not stolen goods or not they just want to make money at any cost. When I called their support (either India or Philippine) to protest this decision and I asked the guy to escalate this to next level he hang up the phone on me. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE. LETS JUST OUTSOURCE MORE CUSTOMER SERVICE. "

Rating 8/10

Decent Seller Experience Brought Down by Poor CS System

"I'm a casual seller on eBay and never had any problems up until now. I activated an eBay bucks promotion for selling, and sold several items during the promotional period. When it came time for the eBay bucks certificate to be issued to me, I received nothing.

I had to speak to over 7 customer service reps, and spend over an hour on the phone to resolve the issue, only find out the resolution wasn't perfect. I spoke to another rep, and they told me nothing could be done due to their system limitations. I was justifiably frustrated but decided to try a BBB case. There eBay responded extremely quickly and gave me a great resolution.

My initial review was 2 stars average, but now I am bumping it back up. Overall they did right by me.

Rating 2/10

Ebay used to be good.

"Ebay has gone downhill , I used to be a loyal customer. I could not get them to refund me on tickets I thought were fraud everyday a different story which each idiot I called. Three months of fighting with these aholes and finally I get I guess some pretend manager to tell me the truth that no one was going to refund me. I paid off my balance and I vow never to buy sh*t from this stupid company. I spend over 1,000s with Amazon now, done with these professional idiots."

No Avatar

boca raton, fl
Rating 2/10


"20 years with these circus clowns, just when ya think you have seen it all......well, KAPOW!!
ok,its really bad now, only buyers, are sellers, its wild. prices keep dropped because ebay review are out and its NOT good. the site and all the worker just do not get it,,,AT ALL,,,ZIPPO,,NADA,,,NIE!!,,GOOSE EGG.....let me give you the latest from ebay. i list an invita jason tylar or some limited crap item. guy hits me up with a question, like he is all interested, its a yellow shirt, ebay spook, i tell him, "have i got a deal for you" and i drop the price on ebay $20!!!
the pretend buyer, ebay employee, fires me back this nasty e-mail!!! CHECK THIS OUT....Your eBay listing has been removed: Direct Sales:
Hello *980.339.2566*,
We've determined that some of your listings haven't followed our Direct Sales policy. Therefore, we had to take the following actions:
- Listings that didn't follow our policies have been removed. A list of removed item(s) is available further down in this email.
- We have credited all associated fees except for the final value fee for your listing(s).

Offering additional items for sale outside of eBay isn't allowed. Requiring purchases in addition to the item you are offering also isn't allowed.

These practices are considered a way of avoiding eBay fees. They can create a poor buying experience. Buyers may mistakenly think that they are covered by eBay's buyer protection and feedback services when making these additional purchases. OM MY GOD, REALLY?? LORD HAVE MERCY!!!

To learn more about our avoiding eBay fees policy, please go to:

Rating 2/10

muy mala en los casos de reembolso.

"compré un raspberry en fecha 11/06/2017 y días después me llega un correo diciendo que es una estafa. el pruducto por el que pague es 222540552108 - Raspberry PI 3 Model B Quad Core 64 Bit 1GB WIFI Motherboard PC Computer NEW.
el correo que recibí es el siguiente:
Your recent eBay transaction may be from a compromised account

Hello dangari_2,

You were recently involved in a transaction for the following item:
222540552108 - Raspberry PI 3 Model B Quad Core 64 Bit 1GB WIFI Motherboard PC Computer NEW

We’re writing to let you know that an unauthorized third party may have accessed the seller’s account to list this item. The item has been removed from the site, and the transaction was cancelled. We ask that you take the following precautions:

- If you already paid for the item, you may be protected by eBay. Open a request with the Resolution Center and choose, "I bought an item. I haven't received it yet." You can access the Resolution Center by visiting:

- If the transaction doesn't qualify for eBay’s protection, please immediately contact the payment service used to request a refund.

- If you haven't paid for your item, consider this transaction canceled and do not send payment.

In this situation, your account wasn't accessed by the third party involved. At eBay, we take a number of steps to help ensure the security of your account. Learn more about protecting your account at:



Please don't reply to this message. It was sent from an address that doesn't accept incoming email.

y lo peor de todo es que no pueden hacerme un reembolso

Rating 2/10

Ebay's High value support team had me in tears!

"Honestly the worst customer service I have ever received. Should have known better when I was the only bidder on a Surface Pro 4 laptop for $800 plus shipping, but it was a bundle (a bundle of crap) laptop, keyboard, mouse and stylus pen...The only problem when it arrived and I tried to use it, I could barely see the screen and the screen had weird bubbles on it causing spots. I took it to a computer repair just to have them show me how to adjust the screen. They immediately noticed it has had a very dark screen protector placed over the screen that was covering up the fact there was a very large crack stemming from the bottom left of the unit. They told me to send it right back to eBay as a damaged fraudulent item...Ebay proceeded to make me feel like I was the one that had to prove my innocence. They made me go to a Microsoft store to have the unit evaluated which I did and sent them the evaluation which was everything the first computer store had told me. Then they sent me an email stating that when they called the Microsoft store the store would not give them the techs phone number, so they sent me another email stating I had to get another evaluation or somehow get the techs phone number so they could verify the accuracy of the report that was on Microsoft letterhead! I was able to speak with the tech when I called the store and sent back to eBay the techs work email but that was not good enough. At this point, I was in tears and called the first computer repair shop and told them what I had been going through. They were closing in a few minutes so I could not get an additional evaluation from them, but they told me they have 2 eBay stores and that I should not need to have to run all around town but that there is a 14-day return policy when one receives items that differ from as described. I emailed eBay stating that I was going to call PayPal and tell them they were not honoring their return policy. Paypal said it was good that I let them know and that they would handle the matter. No sooner than PayPal got involved did I receive an email from eBay stating that they were in the process of issuing a return label when PayPal canceled their claim...yeah right!!! So now the process starts again...hopefully PayPal will do a better job. eBay seems to protect their fraudulent sellers over unsuspecting buyers. I had no idea the unit was even damaged till the computer shop showed me...so glad I went to them for help with setting it up. Not only was the dark screen protector covering the crack it also was impeding the use of the touch screen, plus the pen had a chewed tip and did not work. Upon further review of the seller's original photos, it turns out the crack was visible. To the untrained eye it looked like a refection from the light, but when the photo is blown up the crack is very visible proving the crack was there when the seller listed the Pro 4. I sent the photo to eBay along with all the other documentation. "

mylanta3's Avatar

Orwigsburg, Pa
Rating 2/10

eBay Best Place to List Stolen Property

"In December I purchased an HP ProBook Laptop from LiZang(phonelicious_128) on eBay for $156 including freight. I received it in a few days and Windows 10 was on it so I installed a few programs and then set it aside. A month later I went back to it to use it and updated Windows updates and programs.
All of a sudden the screen turns white and a message comes up saying "This is an official US Government system which may be only used by authorized persons. Unauthorized use or disclosure or modification of any information may result in criminal prosecution or proceedings. Please call 202-649-2930, the CIRC immediately with regarding to use of this machine". Called and determined this laptop had been misappropriated from the Cyber Stalking Agency of the NSA.
More than 30 days had gone by so eBay will not open case in Resolution Centre. Opened one in Paypal and was turned down and have tried 10 appeals with no result. All I get is generic statements that they are so sorry but this situation does not refer to any specific policy issue on Paypal.
OK the fact the laptop doesn't work as there is no way pass this screen including flashing bios, reinstalling Windows, and borking everything I could think of and HP could think of to get rid of the screen, and eBay and Paypal, the evil twins, could care less! Home free bring on your "hot mdse" to eBay, the water is fine!!!!!!

Rating 2/10

Ebay is Greedy and a rip off

"I sold an item and they took 10% plus listing fees plus duplicate fees when I had to delete and relist due to buyer error before I could invoice correctly. The icing on the cake is they also took 10% of the shipping cost for doing absolutely nothing. I had to find a freight carrier do all the legwork, create my own packing slip not from ebay. Ebay did not contribute one single bit of anything toward the work in getting the shipping correct and had no right to take money out of my pocket for shipping. Its not the amount so much as the principle. I will never sell again on ebay and will limit my purchases as well to only what I can not find elsewhere in the future. "

Rating 2/10


"Concerning etradeone2007. I am extremely upset with the services and product that I have received.
Definitely, this is not a company to do ANY business with. They sent me the wrong items that I ordered.
Upon contacting them to discuss the issues and problems I received NO communications of any type 
from them.
I now have to resolve my issues thru Ebay now they are charging a fee for returning the wrong item
back to them.
I am extremely upset with the products and service. Very disappointed. I contacted eBay in reference
to the issue and of course, they sided with etradeone2007 stating 
that there is nothing they can do for me.
From now on I will NOT purchase anything from eBay anymore.
Please remember that a Happy Customer may say nothing …. HOWEVER …. a **** off customer will tell
everyone and with Social Media it will take more then a Band-Aid!

Rating 2/10

EBAY Protects China Sellers/US Buyers Screwed

"I have been a long time buyer, and eBay was the place to go for finding anything and everything with the chance to bid and win these items and pay acceptable prices. The problem being is that the sellers are increasingly from China. I swore after being royally screwed by a China Sellers and eBay (return shipment and to provide tracking #, which was imperative to not have seller say they did not receive, was promised to be reimbursed -- US to China nearly $70 for a $30 item to return not reimbursed. To add salt to wound, asked eBay to step in...their resolve case time is way too short when it comes to international situations; eBay sent me a return address in all in CHINESE SCRIPT CHARACTERS (really???) even after they could read my correspondence stating the item had already been returned and no word from seller; and, eBay only reimbursing for item, and protecting seller even with promise for reimbursement for everything, in writing. Sorry, but then had similar circumstance (albeit, not as costly) China company posing as US company, showing item as US sizes not Asian, as it should be if sold from USA....then changing size info to Asian after bid. The item was way too small.......Then, return address was to CHINA for this very small, misrepresented sized item. No, no, noooo... They said keep item and they would reimburse all but $2.00. STILL UNACCEPTABLE-- all I could think of was every US customer accepting this deal is "donating" $2.00 to this scam company.....$2 x 1000s or more customers.....You do the math!! eBay does not protect the buyer, anymore. There interest lies with oversea sellers that lie and cheat. They are now trying to pose as US companies. Total scumbags!! eBay is definitely NOT the eBay that once was.... Buyer BEWARE! Don't get scammed!"

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