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    Product & services pricing Rating 3.48/10 3.48/10
    Chance of future purchase: Rating 1.98/10 1.98/10
    Shipping & packaging: Rating 2.39/10 2.39/10
    Customer service: Rating 1.16/10 1.16/10
    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 1.63/10 1.63/10
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Rating 2/10


"Concerning etradeone2007. I am extremely upset with the services and product that I have received.
Definitely, this is not a company to do ANY business with. They sent me the wrong items that I ordered.
Upon contacting them to discuss the issues and problems I received NO communications of any type 
from them.
I now have to resolve my issues thru Ebay now they are charging a fee for returning the wrong item
back to them.
I am extremely upset with the products and service. Very disappointed. I contacted eBay in reference
to the issue and of course, they sided with etradeone2007 stating 
that there is nothing they can do for me.
From now on I will NOT purchase anything from eBay anymore.
Please remember that a Happy Customer may say nothing …. HOWEVER …. a **** off customer will tell
everyone and with Social Media it will take more then a Band-Aid!

Rating 2/10

EBAY Protects China Sellers/US Buyers Screwed

"I have been a long time buyer, and eBay was the place to go for finding anything and everything with the chance to bid and win these items and pay acceptable prices. The problem being is that the sellers are increasingly from China. I swore after being royally screwed by a China Sellers and eBay (return shipment and to provide tracking #, which was imperative to not have seller say they did not receive, was promised to be reimbursed -- US to China nearly $70 for a $30 item to return not reimbursed. To add salt to wound, asked eBay to step in...their resolve case time is way too short when it comes to international situations; eBay sent me a return address in all in CHINESE SCRIPT CHARACTERS (really???) even after they could read my correspondence stating the item had already been returned and no word from seller; and, eBay only reimbursing for item, and protecting seller even with promise for reimbursement for everything, in writing. Sorry, but then had similar circumstance (albeit, not as costly) China company posing as US company, showing item as US sizes not Asian, as it should be if sold from USA....then changing size info to Asian after bid. The item was way too small.......Then, return address was to CHINA for this very small, misrepresented sized item. No, no, noooo... They said keep item and they would reimburse all but $2.00. STILL UNACCEPTABLE-- all I could think of was every US customer accepting this deal is "donating" $2.00 to this scam company.....$2 x 1000s or more customers.....You do the math!! eBay does not protect the buyer, anymore. There interest lies with oversea sellers that lie and cheat. They are now trying to pose as US companies. Total scumbags!! eBay is definitely NOT the eBay that once was.... Buyer BEWARE! Don't get scammed!"

Rating 2/10


"Ebay has horrible policies that only help the sellers on ebay. I waited over a week for an item purchased with no return contact from seller. Ebay only has a policy for me to open a case against the seller. Okay fine but that person shouldn't get another week to decide what they will or will not do. Got the phone number of the seller and he laughed at me and said I have issues for wondering about my money. Ebay has done nothing to resolve this issue and Im stuck fighting with this scam artist. All ebay responds with is we have to wait to give the seller a chance..lmao. Good luck getting money from the people when you do nothing for them. #ebayisdead #ebayripoff #ebayscams"

MHL's Avatar

Rating 2/10

Scum Business of the Century

"They are purposely vague and non-transparent with their sellers fees to prevent fee sticker shock from causing seller's to hesitate selling through them. They also had a problem a while back where certain sellers were cleverly circumventing seller's fees by a loophole with shipping. Their solution was to punish the whole eBay community by charging final value fees on shipping without stating that fee up front. Yes,SHIPPING. But the time you end up selling your item, it isn't even worth it the trouble. You're better off using Craigslist.

And don't call customer service unless you enjoy speaking with Indian reps that can't even speak a lick of comprehensible English.

Rating 2/10


"I purchased a LV wallet and won the bid. The seller mailed the product to a completely different address, it was a Walgreens. I went to that location twice to see if I can retrieve the item. No luck. I went to USPS twice to get the address the seller shipped to, they normally do not give this information out. I filed 3 complaints with Ebay, spoke with their manager Diane...who was rude and useless. Ebay had an issue that the seller provided tracking information and it stated delivered. Tracking information does not list the final destination address on it. This was a 300 purchase that the seller who had no track record was obviously a SCAM on Ebay. I wasted so much time on this. I field an iC3 complaint through Internet Crime Complaint Center which Ebay needed as proof that I did not receive my item. Then I had to upload the document through their online uploading system. I did that 10 seperate times and not once did Ebay receive my documents. Ebay makes money on fees. Its in their favor for Sellers to SCAM buyers, get the money, make their cut on fees and move on. THERE IS NO BUYER PROTECTION PLAN ON EBAY. They do not care to help you. Their managers are rude and downright horrendous to deal with. I had my case resolved through paypal directly, only because the tracking information after two weeks showed up as undeliverable. If it wasn't for that I'm sure I would still be fighting through the ranks. BEWARE SHOPPING ON EBAY."

Rating 2/10


"I put several Kylie Jenner lipstick kits for sale on ebay and they kicked me out even though I spoke to someone on the phone, told him they were bought from her site and were new in box and never opened. He still didn't believe they were authentic.
But I have bought from several people that claim to sell authentic Smashbox foundation and when I received them it was obvious they were knock off's. These people are still selling them and none of them are new in box or unopened like mine are. So ridiculous. I'm done with ebay.

Rating 2/10

Worst place for sellers

"I have been an Ebay Seller since 2002. Ebay makes all of their money from the fees they charge sellers, yet they favor buyers who may or may not be truthful about their complaint. They don't have a good system in place to verify that a buyer's complaint is legitimate. They will always side with the Buyer, i.e. if the Buyer says it, it must be true!!?? Ebay won't even allow sellers to leave negative or even neutral feedback on a buyer's account, yet will allow buyers to leave negative feedback on a seller's account, even if it is unwarranted. Ebay makes about $1100/mo in fees off of my seller's account and yet provided me no protection whatsoever when I had the misfortune of a dishonest buyer who purchased one of my new items and returns it used, claimed the item was not as described when it was most definitely accurately described, and then returned the item for a full refund plus $35 in shipping costs both ways. Ebay stepped in and took control of the return process as soon as the buyer made a complaint and issued the buyer a return label, then charged my account for the shipping charges. Ebay didn't even communicate with me about this until after the return had already been processed and my account charged, and did not provide me with any kind of tracking number so that I knew what was going on. In addition, the return address that Ebay provided on the shipping label was incorrect, so the package was not returned to me, but to some other address. When I received an email that the package had been returned and my account charged, I called Ebay to inquire about the location of my package, since I knew that I hadn't received it. I was told that it was delivered to a different address an hour away from my house and that I would be responsible for retrieving my package, AND that Ebay would not cover me for the value of the package, if I wasn't successful in retrieving the package. The Ebay representative told me that I should consider it "the cost of doing business," i.e. write it off as a business loss, since I have a business account. No apology, no concern over the loss of my package, just detest for bothering them with my problem, and rudely telling me to just "**** it up." I was told during my initial call to Ebay about this whole ordeal that I would be allowed to go through an appeals process once I received the package back, and that I would be able to inspect the package before issuing the buyer a refund. However, that didn't turn out to be the case at all. Ebay again just took control and went ahead and refunded the buyer for the full amount once tracking confirmation showed the package had been delivered....to the wrong house...without having a chance to inspect the package. For all I know, there's a big rock in the package and the buyer kept the items I sent, valued at over $200. And when I called to initiate the appeals process after the return, they said I would not be able to do an appeals process because the package was delivered to the wrong address. So let me get this straight, Ebay. You only took the buyer's word about the complaint while completely ignoring my input, even though I have 100% positive from many, many transactions and the buyer has a grand total of 3 feedbacks on her account, then took control of my return, charged me for it, didn't provide me with the tracking number, shipped the package to the wrong address, shipped the package uninsured and without signature confirmation, will require me to drive an hour to go knock on some stranger's door and ask if they have my package, won't cover me for the value of the package should I be unsuccessful in retrieving it, lied to me about being able to do an appeal, lied to me about being able to inspect the package before issuing the buyer a refund, all while charging me $1100/mo in fees for their kind services? No thanks Ebay!! I have had my fill of your company and the lack of support your provide to sellers. I don't pay $1100/mo in Ebay fees to be dumped on like this. There are other options for sellers out there and I will be moving over to Amazon, and closing my Ebay account. Goodbye $1100/mo in revenue, which is a drop in the bucket compared to how much they make from sellers collectively, so I'm sure they don't care. BTW, Ebay has increased their fees 200% since I started selling on Ebay in 2002. Amazons fees are much more reasonable. To current sellers on Ebay: proceed at your own risk because if this happens to you, good luck trying to get any recourse from Ebay! They couldn't care less about you as a seller....and don't forget, "it's just the cost of doing business" when they screw up and charge you for it."

Rating 2/10

One of the worst site i ever went on

"not return policies are way too different than another site, you want to return than you might end up paying more amount when than the one you bought it from. "

Rating 2/10

Worthless load of ****

"Protects the. Just kisses his **** and costs you the freight both ways with scamming kigrabtbclowns ush this company down the **** "

Rating 10/10

Always had a great experience.

"Buying and selling on eBay has always been great. It's my go-to place for selling my old stuff, as well as buying new stuff. Any issues (late payments, returns etc) haven't been problematic at all!"

Rating 4/10

Ebay ****

"Having been selling on ebay for a while, the experience for sellers AND buyers is very poor. Despite using paypal for payments the 2 companies have seperated. The issue i have with ebay is their very strict rules for buyers and sellers. They milk sellers on ebay fees for every single item just because they can . I hope they're will be another platform to sell so i can move away from ebay. They ****!"

Rating 8/10

Hit and miss

"EBay is a great platform for sellers, buyers shall be cautious with and where from they purchase things."

Rating 2/10


"ebay is a bad website the sellers are horrible they wont ship silk saree from Assam India to Tamil Nadu India"

Rating 2/10

Ebay support team useless!!!

"I bought phone. Seller not want waiting for money from PayPal. Told me. Not send phone and not want refund. Reported to Ebay team (and nothing) after weeks. Opened case. Seller send fake refund. 12.05.2017 paypal let me know refund wasn't successful. Escalate case and try contact with eBay team. They told me after 2 hours I should receive refund. We have now 21.05 and 5 conversation behind with eBay. Everyone lie. All the time. 2 hours or 3 to 5 days because high value purchase. No more. Thank you eBay you lost another customer. "

Rating 2/10

Easy to get scammed avoid eBay

"Got scammed and eBay did nothing "

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