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    Product & services pricing Rating 6.67/10 6.67/10
    Chance of future purchase: Rating 6.67/10 6.67/10
    Shipping & packaging: Rating 10.00/10 10.00/10
    Customer service: Rating 10.00/10 10.00/10
    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 10.00/10 10.00/10
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Rating 10/10

"Not bashing anyone on here but I use to work for the company and we have one of the fastest online ordering systems. Even before I worked there, I ordered things online and the longest it took was 5 days and no hassle or anything. A couple times I even got things within 3 days which is pretty amazing for online ordering. As a worker there we literally set timers to check all online orders to fulfill them to make sure we didn't miss any and then after that it all gets packaged and UPS takes it that night and then we have nothing to do with it at that point! So please inform yourselves about online ordering and how UPS works before ranting about things you don't even know about! "

Rating 2/10


"So I bought an obey sweater from zumiez USA. Shipping was $20 . it came to $75. OR SO I THOUGHT. UPS came to th door and told me I have to pay ANOTHER $40. Are u **** kidding me. Nowhere in the payment did it say I had to pay an additional $40. Over $100 for one sweater? **** that. Never order from zumiez. It's a rip off "

Rating 10/10

Jake from zumiez

"best employee by far very very nice and an amazing employee . took care of every need I asked and by far best customer service rep I ever met this guy was the bomb! very courteous! I won I would definitely be coming back for business just because of him he is amazing "

Rating 2/10


"Honestly I cannot believe how messy and dirty the store is. That I wouldn't even notice if I wasn't standing in line for a long time every time I go in the store. I will start shopping elsewhere for my sons clothes. There are always plenty of employees in the store but never enough to ring people up. You want our money but make us wait. And the worst part is the manager always is on her phone texting or talking to friends and ignoring the line!

Rating 2/10


"I bought a suit that I saw my friend had and from day one I had issues. I received the item defective and when I called to do an exchange, Annamarie Erickson told me the easiest was to go into the store. Not sure if it's easier for them, as it's definitely not easier for me as I never go to the mall. A week later and still haven't made it to the mall and I get Annamarie Erickson again. She was annoyed that I called and wanted to do it over the phone. As she's finishing the process to do an exchange, she proceeds to tell me that I will be charged to ship it back. WTH? It's defective from day one and the customer should not be responsible to pay. As a one time courtesy she took care of it. G thanks! Good to know for the future. She stated she would be kind of enough to put on hold so if the item went out of stock, I would still receive it. Well guess what??? She didn't do that and the item is out of stock. Bad first impression. Thankfully when I called in regards to my exchange not refund, I got Dani on the line. She is the only nice person I have talked to out of 4 calls. Dani went above and beyond to try and make me a happy customer, but 1 person out of 4 calls will not keep me a customer."

Rating 2/10

Malfunctioning Website Decimates Entire Order

"I was passively adding items from an online sale at zumiez.com into my "bag" throughout the day as I worked (on a desktop computer). When I went to click "check out", the page requested that I select my method of payment: Credit Card. When I clicked "Credit Card", the page took 5 minutes to load, and re-directed to an Error message. I tried this again, a total of 10 times. I attempted to contact customer service, and was placed on hold waiting to speak to a representative for over 10 minutes. Finally, I chose to just "pay in store". Well, they do not post a disclaimer stating that this is for CASH transactions only until well AFTER the order is already placed. At that, it is in small font, buried in the text of the email message confirming the order. I contacted the store to see if they would accept a credit card payment, and they were very rude, refusing to accept anything but cash, or to even attempt to be accommodating. Finally, I decided to contact the customer service line AGAIN. I got through to a representative quickly this time. As I was explaining my situation (on a land line phone), the conversation kept cutting in and out. Finally, he managed to piece together what I was saying -- and got the entire scenario assessed completely wrong. AGAIN, I went through the situation, and said that I simply wanted to pay for my order. Well, they cannot pay for the order, period. They had to cancel my entire order. I lost several items that I had my heart set on because they were no longer available in the time that it took me to go through all of these gyrations. In the end, the representative just wanted to get rid of me, so when I asked him to cancel the order, he replied, "I already did," and promptly disconnected the line. VERY DISPLEASED with my overall experience."

Rating 2/10

On line purchase of a Refex Multi Skate Tool

"Ordered 3 Reflex Multi Skate Tools on 4/9/2016. Received notice on 4/10/2016 That one of my items been shipped. On 4/11/2016 I receive this email
"Thank you for your order with Zumiez.com! In the process of fulfilling your order, we have discovered we are out of stock on one or more of the items. The item(s) below have been canceled from your order:

• 2.00 x Reflex Utili-Tool Skateboard Tool

If there were additional items on your order you should receive them very soon. "
On 4/15/2016 I contact Zumiez customer support via a phone call about not receiving my refund of $32.41 for the 2 items as well as why my other has not been shipped. Response was to reissue of refund and send item out in next day shipping. That the reason for cancel of other 2 items was they were out of stock of grey that all they had was pink. I told NO PINK.
On 4/22/2016 I had to contact Zumiez customer support again. That I still did not receive my $32.41 refund and the Reflex Ital-Tool Skateboard Tool
that was sent was not grey as ordered but PINK. I told them I will keep the PINK one but I was unhappy, also I have not received refund. They said that it has not been cleared by paypal. So I went to my paypal account and there was a refund from Zumiez for only $16.20 not the full amount. I had to open a dispute with paypal. That I did not receive a refund for 2 of the 3 items ordered. That I only received 1 item, refunded for a second, but have not received any refund for the third item. I explained this clearly to customer support. That Zumiez did not refund me the correct amount. That they still owe me $16.21. But paypal screwed it up again. And said.

"Our investigation into your claim is complete. As stated in our User
Agreement, the claims process only applies to the shipment of goods. It
does not apply to complaints about the attributes or quality of goods
received. Therefore, we are unable to reverse this transaction or issue a
I have no idea what they are talking about. "the shipment of goods. It
does not apply to complaints about the attributes or quality of goods
received. Therefore, we are unable to reverse this transaction or issue a
They never shipped the item, I want a refund. Well I never received a refund as of yet for the Item I did not RECEIVE from ZUMIEZ for $16.21 and do not expect it. Do not buy anything on line from ZUMIEZ and Dealing with both Paypal and Zumiez is a joke. Zumiez just ripped me off for $16.21 and paypal let them do it because they have no clue what they are doing.

Just so you know I contacted Zumiez once again on 4/22 about the remaining $16.21 Refund via phone and they said they refund it again, and sent this email to me "Good morning, sir!
I apologize again for everything that you've had to go through in regards to this order. That isn't how we intend to do business and that certainly isn't how we treat our customers. I am, however, happy to report that we applied the other half of your discount successfully. You will see that reflect on your statement in 3-5 business days. Again, I am so sorry for any frustration that this process may have caused you. I hope that I was able to help but please let me know if there is anything else that you need. I'll do my best to assist!
Very apologetically,
Willow Hayes"
Well it has been 8 days and still no refund


Rating 2/10

"First off i still dont have my products. Ive been charged on my credit card but no word or any sight of where my product currently is.. This is my first and last time i will ever shop with this company its been a terrible experience as a consumer. The lack of professionalism is incomprehensible with all the resources we have available today.

Also when shipping product to the warehouse to be consolidated you shouldn't send messages to the consumer saying your product will arrive today, way to set the wrong expectations. maybe you should think about under promising and over delivering next time. PLEASE EMAIL - I DONT WANT TO SUPPORT YOUR BUSINESS - I WANT MY MONEY BACK

When trying to contact your company I've gotten nothing but a busy tone and a generic email from three different employees of your company. if you'd like to succeed in the future id focus on you customer experience. i was ecstatic about what i found on your website but now I'm dumbfounded about the lack of service and professionalism.

any way bye

the unsatisfied disappointed customer

Rating 2/10

"Horrible horrible service, I am truly shocked at their business practices and treatment. Never dealt with a company this bad.

1. I ordered 21 items (Christmas presents) at zumiez website. To be shipped to my home.

2. A couple days later I received a notice that the items had shipped but the tracking number provided never would track with UPS or USPS. Tracking number was not valid.

3. I contacted customer service and was told "we contacted the fulfillment center and they think they shipped your order, sorry that your tracking number is not valid"

4. I replied and asked for more shipping specifics, who was the carrier and please confirm tracking number. Reply: "it could be UPS or USPS, not sure"

5. I replied again (this was 15 days after original order). Please check your shipping records and provide me with carrier and correct tracking number so I can contact the carrier.

6. Their reply: "oh sorry, not sure what happened, we issued you a refund for all items"

I know what happened!! They lied the entire time because they never had the items in the first place. So they had the balls to actually lie to me and pretend that the items shipped AND go as far as providing me a fake, bogus, and invalid tracking number!!

Like I said, shocked and amazed by this horrible and ridiculous service I received from them!!

NEVER EVER AGAIN!! Time to do my Christmas shopping all over again! this sucks!!

Rating 2/10

"i know this isn't really zumiez fault but they need to get better mail services i ordered 2 weeks ago 2 shirts and they still haven't come

the track package thing on the website shows me no information on where my package is so

Rating 2/10

""International customers must pay applicable sales tax, duties and customs charges which are determined by your local government and vary by country. Duties, taxes and/or customs fees will be an additional amount collected upon delivery of your order. We are unable to provide you with the exact amount of the charges. Your order confirmation details only the amount collected by Zumiez.com, please contact your local government for specific details. By completing your order you agree to pay all applicable fees. If you refuse or return your order no international shipping charges or fees paid to local government will be refunded."

This was the response I received from Zumiez when I asked why I had to pay an additional $25 to collect my item from UPS when it cost $32 originally, and included shipping to the UK. I have purchased items from all over the world and have not had to pay these ridiculous costs. The reason: The item is marked as sportswear and has to go through customs. THIS IS NOT NECESSARY AS IT IS NOT SPORTSWEAR (it was a tribal hooded top).

Furious that I had to pay over $55 for a top and that there was almost no mention of the amount of these additional fees upon purchasing the item. Why charge for delivery if I am going to be charged again?

Rating 2/10

"Awful and confusing. Never ordering from here again. I order 9 items that were cancelled and I waited 5 buisness days of express shipping and it still said shipments pending. On the sixth day. It said all items cancelled. If your items are out of stock It should say. I sent 3 emails to witch none were answered. Now I got to deal with over the phone costumer service. Greaaat."

Rating 2/10

"Terrible company. Bought shoes from them in my regular size, and they didn't fit at all. Sent them back and it costed me $12 to ship. Requested a refund over the phone and was assured it if I emailed pictures of the receipt. Got an email back saying the only thing they could do was send me a gift card instead, when I had already bought new shoes elsewhere. Took then weeks to respond through email. Don't bother with this company. Go elsewhere."

Rating 10/10

"wow i am not getting how this company gets a lot of negative feedback when in fact i was given outstanding service when i ordered from them 6 days ago. at first i got worried cause of the negative reviews about this site but people, i assure u that this site is legit. so i ordered on april 15 and along the way i was confused and asked some questions through email, they then responded right away within 24 hours w a remarkably friendly attitude and assuring explanations. anyway, i received my package yesterday, april 20 and that was freaking 5 days!! plus i live in the philippines whaat?? it was epic. i ordered a custom board using one of their build a board so they assembled it for me. when i got it tho i was charged by the dhl man for like P1500 customs fee which is more or less $30 but for me it was alright cause the service overall was bloody brilliant. i am happy with my skateboard in great condition and all the parts right. idk what happened w u guys but for me zumiez gave me excellent service, and once again, i live so much farther-the philippines. ROCK ON ZUMIEZ."

Rating 10/10

"I worked in fufillment so I know where both sides are coming from..

However know that once any company hand their orders to a mail courier (fedex, usps, ups..etc) they have fulfilled their end of the deal/done ALL in their power to ensure your order gets to you.

If shit comes delayed, lost, damaged..etc its the due fault of that courier NOT Zumiez or any online retailer.
For me though, I ordered something online and selected pick up at store, about an hr later I recieved a email apologizing that the store didn't have in stock and I could either get my money back or get it shipped via their warehouse with free express shipping.

When companies apologize and go out of their way to correct their faults is really what wows me. Thanks zumiez!

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