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Rating 2/10

Worse customer service

Omg!!! This company has the worse customer services, i’m In shock. So I called them because I did not receive one of the products I ordered and they told me that the product sold out, so i’m Like are you going to refund me the differences ? It was like 4 dollars they said yes that was like 2 weeks ago and I still haven’t get my money ! So I called back and the girl was so rude she told me I have to wait, she was not listening to me she even hanged up the phone and told me she can’t deal with me and does not want to talk to me anymore... I will never order from this company again.. this ppl are so rude and they don’t know how to do their job.

Rating 2/10

They have a bad customer service.

"A placed an order for the 1st time and I didn't get any confirmation number in my email so i called they customer service after waiting for long time , the lady that pick up my call treated me like I was her child, she was rude .this how she was talking" i'm going to repeat my self tree time because I already said that and you still asking" who treats they customers like that?"

Rating 2/10


"I received , by mail, a scratch coupon of 50$ and it was saying that i could select any sample items from their selection! I read evry last word on that paper to make sure it wasn't a scan since ... it is 50$ free products. It also said that i didn't need to pay the balance right now but i made sure that what i ordered was under the 50$ so i didn't have to pay anything with the taxes and everything else added... i posted what i ordered with the coupon and weeks later i received my samples! All good till the next month where i received a letter saying that it was the first notice of payment for 58$! I didn't do anything since they only have my phone number, my name and my adress! I didn't give them anything else like my credit cards informations... today i received an other lettrr saying that it is the second notice of payment! So i guess my questions are: what can they do if i don't pay? (They just have my name and phone number... plus im moving out soon).. should i just forget about it? I dont want to be in any trouble but i am not going to pay for something that was supose to be free! Did this ever hapen to anybody else? What did you do!?

Rating 2/10

Lousy Customer service

"I talked with their customer service about a case where they accused me of not paying the bill wich i did and even could prove but since they have other people to handle those claims it was impossible to get anything done and i had to pay 3 times the original fee. Will never buy anything from them again."

Rating 2/10

Where Did The Yves Rocher I Know Go

"I agree with this review. I am Yves Rocher customer, who started ordering in the 1980 when I lived in Europe and later continued here in the USA. My latest experience is bad, they didn't have the product that I ordered, so someone decided to make the choice of different product for me and sent me email with the description of my order, they couldn't be more wrong. Never ordered this type of product in 30 years and hate apricot scent. After talking to customer service not being able to achieve resolution, I informed them that I will refuse the delivery. Also sent 2 emails, but never received an answer. Will have to reach solution through credit card purchase protection.
Totally disappointed.

Rating 2/10

Customer service stinks

"As expected your customer service stinks. Frankly since the founder died, your company has really changed. Package late, product quite expensive and some of the real good products retired. It usually trickles from the top. I would give 1 out of 10 for customer satisfaction and thank you for your precanned answer to my email. In other words go play on the freeway we can't do anything for you. Way to go. I have been a customer for 30 years and frankly It will be my last order. I will make sure I will post also my opinion on the web.


Rating 2/10



Rating 2/10

"Really bad customer service here is my issue below :

Date :23-08-2016 order date waited 10 days and order returned to shipper back
Customer number :6683589180114

The order hasn't been delivered as it shown incorrect address cause the system didn't take the correct shipping address i already received order confirmation with my address shown correctly

I called customer service and they mentioned it was my mistake that i didn't enter the apartment number while placing the order .

I am sure that i put the correct complete address if they doubt i had the order confirmation email

I have waited more than 10 days for the order and now they asked that i have to wait till money get refunded to my card then i place a new order.

A big company like you should handle their mistakes.



Rating 10/10

Always good experience

"I've never had a bad experience with Yves Rocher, I've used their products since I was in hight school-that's almost 20 years ago. I used them when I lived in Europe-they're big in Europe btw- I continue to use them here in States. I couldn't be happier with their product selection, prices, promotions and not once had an issue with delivery or customer service. My mom loves Yves Rocher, my sister in law loves it, I really don't understand where these negative comments are coming from. I'll continue to be their customer. "

Rating 10/10

Very high quality products for the price

"I love their foundation---it blends in very well and my skin looks very natural afterwards. I get it when its half of, which basically means I get high quality foundation for a fraction of what it will cost in other companies. I also use their mascara (I tried about 20 different varieties beforehand from other companies, and this was by far my favorite). Their blush is a light and very natural color, unlike others I have tried I can make it look like I have some color on my cheeks, not that I am "wearing" color. All their lotions and gels smell great, and most give no allergic reaction. The free gifts in an awesome bonus!!!
I have used this company frequently for two years (I buy all my makeup from them), and I never had any problems with shipping. I have used both online and brochure ordering methods. Only problem is their delivery takes about a week (I am used to Amazon prime two day delivery), but I leave in America so this could be a long distance delivery (if they are based in France?)

Rating 10/10

Low rating isn't justified.

"I'm floored at the number of negative comments. I've been ordering from Yves since I was 15/16 years old. For perspective, that's 28+ years now. Now while I can't say that I'm happy that my favourite products seem to get removed & replaced with ones I don't care for, the overall experience is nothing short of phenomenal. I never pay full price, shipping is free or very low cost, I get my order within 10-14 days and I've never once had a bad experience when calling them for help (the whole 2 times in that almost 30 year span).
My skin is hyper-sensitive & I can't use 95% of all the soaps/lotions/make-up out there, but I've only ever had an issue with TWO of the shower gels from Yves. TWO out of the hundreds that I've tried. This is NOT an exaggeration - I currently have 19 different shower gels between my closet & in my shower combined. That's about the average that I keep for variety.
I FINALLY got my mother to try it several years ago after 20+ years of nagging her & she's now hooked. From her "My skin has never felt so smooth", "My hands don't crack in dry weather anymore", and there's many more comments - especially with the lavender items for her feet (note - I HATE the smell of lavender - it's vile, but she loves it & has the body wash & hand soap as well). I purchase items for care packages that I send to her twice a year on average, in addition to my own purchases. So the breakdown is - 3-7 orders per year, for 28+ years, and 2 times I had to call Customer Service, with NONE being in the last 10-15 years. One of the 2 times was when I lost the address to mail a payment in, so NOT sure if that really counts or not.

Other companies I've tried: Mary Kay - gave me horrid rashes on my face, Physician's Clinic (I **** at names, so hope that's right) - same deal - rash, but nothing was as bad as the Mary Kay one, Anything off the shelves in Stores - Loreal has a couple of products for eye shadow, lip gloss & even a blush that I don't break out in a rash over, so mad props to them!!

For the record, the 2 items I had issues with from Yves Rocher are "anything with vanilla scent" and their blackberry shower gel - which **** because it smells SOOOO good!! Seems their vanilla fragrance & I simply don't get along, sadly, because that one smells fantastic too.

Rating 2/10

The worst experience ever

"I made an order online, received a confirmation of my order and they reserved some money (not the whole sum) from my bank account. No shipping details nor something else were provided. Since then I'm trying to find out what's going on with my order, I'm sending emails to the cusmomer service, but no answer at all. This is so awful"

Rating 2/10

A worst experience ever

"For me it was the worst experience ever.I received this publicity in my mail and i decided to try with them. After a few days ( very fast, i must say)i received a full package with products. After that as a good customer i decided to pay my bill online, but there isn't a way of doing it. After that, i tried to do it by phone and after almost an hour waiting in line, someone who barely speaks English said that i need to give my credit card info without receiving any payment confirmation... that i need to wait to have it by mail.They are multimillionaire and they don't have this kind of services,a simple electronic payment receipt?...Unbelievable!!!!To top it all off, the customer services agent hung up on me.
I do not recommend this store and their prices are too high for the quality.The ingredients are a total mystery, even www.goodguide.com doesn't have it in their list...I think they are not serious... Until now, i don't know to pay my bill.

Rating 2/10

"Where Did The Yves Rocher I Know Go?
I purchased my first product from Yves Rosher in 1997, and since then—wherever I lived—I've always enjoyed products and the way they handled customer service issues. I have been a strong and enthusiastic advocate of this company, have always spoken highly of them, and referred many of my friends to them.
But my image of and attitude toward Yves Rocher company drastically changed after I talked on the phone to two agents, Elizabeth and Heady, who are located in Montreal, Canada, and after dealing with Erica Rabanal and Sofia Nunez, the Customer Service representatives.
A few months ago I placed two on-line orders, received two confirmation e-mails. My second order has not arrived. I called and talked to Elizabeth. In the course of our conversation, she got angry. She repeatedly told me that I didn't understand what I was talking about and I wasn't listening to her. She was rude, impatient, and focused on demonstrating her superiority. Still, at the end she promised that I'd get my parcel in two weeks.
24 hours later, I still could not find any information on my second order I paid already for. Therefore, I called again, hoping to discuss my concerns with a supervisor, and talked to Heady. First, she refused to transfer my call to a supervisor and shrugged off my concerns. She claimed she knew Elisabeth, whom I'd spoken to the day before, and didn't find anything wrong in the fact that my order had still not been recorded. The longer we spoke the more disrespectful she got, interrupting me in the middle of my questions and ordering me to listen to her. At one point, she even yelled. I am sorry to say, but I yelled back. However, she promised that an Yves Rocher supervisor would call me back and address my concerns. It hasn't happened.
Then I got into a long and pointless e-mail exchange with Erica Rabanal and Sofia Nunez, the Customer Service Department, who sent me a bunch of pointless messages without answering my questions and addressing the situation. I was taken aback. I've never experienced anything like it in all my years dealing with this company.
So, I did not get my parcel. I did not get my money back. I was abused. It is difficult, even now, for me to forget this experience. I gave up. I have lost my positive image of this company and can't imagine referring to them any friends.
In the end, again, I had a very disappointing experience, which feels awful after being a happy and satisfied customer of Yves Rocher for 17+ years.

Rating 10/10

" love that this company used plant based, natural ingredients, is eco friendly and gives free gifts to there customers. I've been ordering from Yves Rocher (Canada & US) website & catalogs for years, there one of my favorite places to buy bath products. I've ordered Facial Masks, Exfoliators, Lotions, Hand Soaps, Skin Tightening products, Foot/Hand/Nail care, Body Washes, Lipstick, Eyeliners and more. My favorites are "Les Jardins De Monde" Bodywash in Brazilian Watermelon, Florida Grapefruit, Florida Orange, Africa Shea Butter & Provence Lavandin (Lavender) they work & smell amazing!!! Love there hand soaps, my fave was (Red Pepper and Tomato Basil, sold out) I can't wait for them to bring them back again. There Apricot Fruity Scrub, Peel Off Mask and Clay Pore Clearing Mask, work great and didn't irritate my sensitive skin. I love there Waterproof Eye Pencils in Turquoise & Violet, bright, amazing color, lasts all day, great for summer. SOS After-Sun Cooling Gel is wonderful after a day in the sun, soothing and smells great. I also love to get there 15pc Samplex with French purfumes, lotions, makeup and face stuff, I love them for myself or to add in gifts or cards for friends & family :)"

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