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Rating 2.50/10 8 reviews

2.50 / 100
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Rating 10/105/5
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"I've also had difficulty locating the spot where you are to complete the ordering process. That's because you have to scroll down the page, it's located on the bottom of the page that appears blank.
I've ordered for Christmas '09 as well and although I had to return the items I received earlier in the season, I did receive a leather jacket Just before Christmas. The leather cap arrived after Christmas. Overall, I think it's a decent site. I do get the items ordered and I've really liked most of it; watches, leather purse, jacket and cap are all of quality. I also ordered hotel accommodations for a vacation planned for April 2010. Really Nice hotel. I'm happy with the site. The advantages outweigh my complaints.

modified review This review was modified by blackmagicwoman on March 10 2010 07:56:24 AM

Rating 2/101/5
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" is now, and the absurd 'list prices' and the fees for shipping and handling are, if anything, more preposterous than ever. A Scam is supposed to be sneaky, but this is plain stupid. Why otherwise respected auto dealers would risk their reputations by associating with these people, is hard to figure. You have to question their trustworthiness overall.."

modified review This review was modified by morsecode on December 05 2009 04:18:43 PM
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"i have had trouble locating the payment pages. i order this but i dont,get to purchase this where is it at?"

Rating 2/101/5
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" I hope my review helps somebody! I ordered with a gift certificate I received from stores online through a bonus program they have. I ordered 9/19//07, hoping that everything would arrived in time for Chrismas. Only 2 items of the 15 I ordered arrived in time. 9 more items arrived in January. 4 items never got to me- they totaled $369.96. Follow up calls to the customer support were hindered from an automated system that said all CSRs were busy and if you tried to leave a voice mail the mailbox was full! I placed 4 calls trying to get some help until finally I reached someone and requested a refund. they said it would take 30 days- I waited -nothing came. I repeated more calls and still nothing. I am contacting an attorney regarding this issue (and it seems are are lots of others burned by this company)Perhaps you would like to join me in Sueing them?- Randall Crawford"

Rating 2/101/5
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"Order placed Nov 08, 2007. One of 13 items arrived in timely manner; 12 on back order; 9 more items arrived Dec 09, 2007, 3 on back order. No response to phone call, on hold 45 minutes; no repsonse to email of Dec 10, 2007.

Right now not very happy with this site; has all the earmarks of scam site. If balance of shipment not here by Dec 22, will turn over to legal dept.

Will never again participate in marketing schemes such as this. Have notified RCI of poor response from their alleged 'gift certificate'.

WOA sucks is bottom line. RCI not too far behind.

Rating 2/101/5
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Rating 10/105/5
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Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"I won and received this type of gift certificate on eBay. The eBay seller was misleading bidders into thinking that the mystery gift certificate or card worth at least $500 and was from a major retailer like Best Buy, Circuit City or Wal-mart. I won the bid at $207 and was very excited for myself and my little pet rescue organization (was going to buy a digital camera with GC for the organization). The seller had 150 positive feedbacks so I figured it was legit. When I got the so-called GC 3 weeks later (seller waited for my check to clear of course) it was a $1000 certificate to this online shop. What the seller did not count on was that my father had experience with this kind of GC before when he receive the exact same GC from a car dealership. I knew right away that it was a total rip off. Notice that most of the items are outdated and worth about half or less than what this online shop is pricing them as. Once you put in your GC number, you are allowed to only shop once, any leftover is voided. Thanks to the below reviewer for listing the rip-off fees you can see just how this site scams unsuspecting people out of their money. The site does not list the fees outright and tells you it is a minimal fee (in very small print). As for the seller on eBay, I asked for a refund but got no answer. I read his agreement and realized why he had such good feedback...he DEMANDED positive feedback BEFORE any chance of refund. He was taking the buyer's only leverage and also risking the buyer's feedback status. His very exsistence as a seller depended on the feedback and his underhanded way of getting it is so wrong. Very deceitful and sneaky. How many has this seller burned? I have not used the GC and disputing with Ebay to get my money back. I am a good, honest person but now a little wiser. Buyer beware and be sure to do your research.

1-20 -- I did more research on these Gift Certificate Scam Shops...this is what is written on their site...

Processing & Delivery - When using the or gift certificate or shopping spree, User understands that there is a processing, handling and delivery fee associated with EVERY item in the catalog. (Note from Reviewer--this list is hidden until you type in your GC number and there is no turning back)

Returned Items MUST be unused and in Original Packaging. (Note from Reviewer--in other words, you open and use it and it doesn't work or you don't like...too bad)

Here is some example of some of their itemS they have listed and costs associated. Notice that you can buy the same items (if they are still available and not discontinued) elsewhere...

Mikasa Flatware Trio 52 pc Set
Listed on SCAM GC site for $300
Buy elsewhere $87
Hidden Fee charged $101

COBY Personal MP3/CD
Listed on SCAM GC site for $110
Buy elsewhere $30
Hidden Fee charged $42

Nikko Remote Control Jeep Rescue
Listed on SCAM GC site for $80
Buy elsewhere $25
Hidden Fee charged $35

Embassy Genuine Leather Attache Case
List on SCAM GC site for $58
Buy elsewhere $22
Hidden Fee charged $25

Hamilton Beach Meal Maker Express Indoor Grill
List on SCAM GC site for $200
Buy elsewhere $30
Hidden Fee charged $67

I hope this helps others not be reeled in and taken advantage of.

Update 1-21 No surprise, eBay seller will not refund my money even if I send back the GC. I found out that these GC are sold in bulk by the hundreds for as less than a $1.00 each by distributors. It is a marketing ploy used by car dealerships mainly to get customers into their doors. But now, eBay seller are taking advantage of unsuspecting buyers who think that they will be getting something for free.

1-30 - Ebay seller is currently suspended by Ebay. I will most likely get refunded by eBay because my purchase was over $200 through their Buyer Protection Plan. Thanks eBay for taking swift action on this. They are by far the best Auction site in the world! Hope this help others to be aware and beware.

modified review This review was modified by hofma2 on February 01 2006 01:35:39 PM
Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"Has a company told you you won a shopping spree??? When Seelye-wright kia of battle creek told me I won a $1000.00 shopping spree I was excited, but when I got the certificate and checked out the site I found out that World of America mark up the prices of the (limited selection) products they sell to be much more than what you would pay from another online dealer and then they say they charge a small fee used to offset administrative cost. What a Joke...example

a COBY Micro CD Player Digital AM/FM Tuner selling for $219.95 on site (free with the certificate) which according to the processing and delivery charge it will cost myself out of pocket $75.95. Now if we had not received this “Shopping spree” and go to and compare to other online sites I can pay $54.99 with no shipping and handling fee. This may be an extreme example but it displays the point that this is nothing more than a piece of paper with a web address on it

NFL Fever 2004 XBOX is $59.95 on this site costing $24.95 to "ship and handle" and If I had never received this certificate and went to including shipping it would cost $21.79.

other example:
a "Waterless" 17pc 7-Ply Surgical Stainless Steel Cookware Set on the site sold for $1195 (lets give them an advantage and say its one $1000) on their site. to get this product sent to you it cost $327.95..and can be purchased other places for Around $280.00/

So its not a shopping spree its just a piece of paper to get to this website to shop...and included below is the small fee price list to do your own comparison. its just deceptive marketing.

P.s. No you can't use the shopping spree money to offset the admin cost.

For anyone considering using this as a "marketing tool" :
the company that gave this has lost my respect and my business.

$0 $25 $7.95
$25 $50 $16.95
$50 $75 $24.95
$75 $100 $33.95
$100 $125 $41.95
$125 $150 $49.95
$150 $175 $58.95
$175 $200 $66.95
$200 $225 $75.95
$225 $250 $83.95
$250 $275 $91.95
$275 $300 $100.95
$300 $325 $108.95
$325 $350 $116.95
$350 $375 $124.95
$375 $400 $133.95
$400 $425 $141.95
$425 $450 $149.95
$450 $475 $158.95
$475 $500 $166.95
$500 $525 $174.95
$525 $550 $182.95
$550 $575 $191.95
$575 $600 $199.95
$600 $625 $206.95
$625 $650 $215.95
$650 $675 $223.95
$675 $700 $231.95
$700 $725 $240.95
$725 $750 $247.95
$750 $775 $255.95
$775 $800 $263.95
$800 $825 $272.95
$825 $850 $280.95
$850 $875 $287.95
$875 $900 $295.95
$900 $925 $303.95
$925 $950 $312.95
$950 $975 $320.95
$975 $1000 $327.95
$1000 $327.95

modified review This review was modified by jds41979 on December 22 2005 04:47:36 AM

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