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281 Customer Reviews

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"Very poor customer service. Product they sell does not work and their answer is to sell it on Ebay..... Thanks Kat at Woot!

Hello Woot Member,
Thank you for taking the time to email us. We appreciate your concerns as well as your business.
Sorry to hear that you have changed your mind on the product you purchased, unfortunately, per our FAQ's (http://www.woot.com/faq#q8), unless the item is damaged or defective, we're unable to accept returns due to personal reasons or buyers remorse. We suggest trying to sell the unwanted item to a friend, a co-worker, on eBay or craigslist, or on www.wootswap.com.
Woot Member Services,

From: n.com
Sent: Tue Jul 29 15:49:01 CDT 2014
To: Support
Subject: Re: n.com - Your Case # CAS-8xxxxx

The head is very difficult to remove... I would like to return the tooth brush heads. They are unopen. Please advise on the steps to return.

modified review This review was modified by Buyerman222111 on July 30 2014 10:56:17 AM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"Inaccurately described the item on the website, when asked to return it since they did not give the complete part number, they simply said it sounds like a personal issue. Perhaps I should sell it to a friend. The poor ratings on here are valid for a reason. "

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"Ordered a jambox and received it in a timely mannner. Charging cord is defective and Woot will not respond. Worst customer service I think I have ever experienced. Stay away. "

modified review This review was modified by markscraig on July 25 2014 06:33:17 AM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"How is Woot not shut down? I ordered a hammock a few weeks back. The funds were taken out immediately, an "order" was processed the next business day but it never shipped and no update since. Tried to get in touch with WOOT to only get a bot to respond with a "case" number however, I never heard anything since....and guess what, still no hammock..been 2 weeks shipping from what I understand is from the next state over...6 hour drive away! FAil Woot"

modified review This review was modified by longdrag on July 16 2014 07:37:51 AM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"I ordered a GPS, they QUICKLY processed my PayPal account, and the status of the order reads: "shipping Now", which, when you hover over it, reports that this means "we are putting your order together and packing it up" This for ONE item? This has been the status for over a week! email to customer support only gets a bot response. Never again."

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"I ordered an umbrella from Woot.com (Woot) that was described as made in Austria. The umbrella I received was clearly marked as made in China. I emailed Woot describing the problem and requested a prepaid shipping label due to their error in description. Woot advised I must pay return shipping. I requested a prepaid shipping label again and was refused. I returned the item and was issued credit but I still had to pay return shipping for the item. I go to a lot of trouble to not purchase Chinese-made products for personal reasons. I do not know if their incorrect description was a mistake or a scheme to dump inferior goods but will not be purchasing from Woot again. "

modified review This review was modified by Nipit on July 02 2014 03:14:27 PM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"STAY AWAY FROM WOOT!!!!!! Poor, poor, poor! Will only communicate through email, and only when they feel like it!!!"

modified review This review was modified by LarryOC on June 12 2014 06:51:07 PM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"Don't purchase any clothes on Woot. I purchased two shirts of the same manufacture and size and one was cut so bad that it didn't fit. Woot's customer service quote: "Unfortunately, we're not able to accept returns or make exchanges for sizing issues."
You take your chances with them. Avoid if you don't want to eat something that doesn't work.

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"I was ripped off for $40 by woot.
I purchased two new Nexus 7 tablets for $284 on March 20. I received two REFURBISHED tablets instead.

After a week of back and forth, they admitted their mistake, issued a $40 refund immediately, and offered replacement tablets. I shipped the refurbs back the day after they sent the RMA.

On Apr 26th, after not having received the new tablets, I asked for my money back. Next day, they refunded me $204.

That leaves $40 they still owe me.

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"I ordered ear buds for my son to use with his iPod. The description stated that they worked with all apple products. After about a month I received an email from woot stating that they had made a mistake in the description and that the ear buds did not work with apple products. In the email woot asked if I still wanted the ear buds. Same day I responded to woot that I did not want the product. Two weeks latter I get the ear buds and an email with my rma number so that I can return them. I requested a pre-paid shipping label and I was told that they had tried twice to email me the label and it had failed because my security settings were set too high(I have never had this problem before or since). They informed me that my only choice was to pay shipping myself of keep the product. I have sent emails asking to have the label sent via us mail or possibly to a different email address and all requests have gone unanswered.i will never buy from woot again. Very disappointed about the horrible customer service."

modified review This review was modified by TropIcpcsl on March 27 2014 07:44:51 PM

Rating 4/10
modified review posted

"I have double checked my account statements with my bank in concurrent with orders on Woot. They all have cleared and yet I got no response from you in over 24+ hours about any of my issues.

Order # 47907304 / Feb 23, 2014 - Cleared in my bank account but no shipping information or tracking has been updated. Why is it the money was taken and no update and what is going on with the product?

Order # 47873455 / Feb 20, 2014 - I received the Roku device which was faulty and the Roku company is already providing me with some RMA Solutions since the Unit will not turn on. The 2nd item from this order which was a gift the Kimono has not arrived with the Roku nor was I given a 2nd tracking to know where it is. This was the highest priced order I have ever done on this website and will negatively effect my future ordering.

Order # 47856731 / Feb 19, 2014 - The shipping information is completely wrong and it is already cleared in my account yet no update on where this order is.

You have no other means of contact besides this support submission which is terrible. I will have to resort to alternative methods to get answers if this is not handled properly. There should not be a reason money can exchange hands without a problem but when it comes to delivery and communication you fail on all parts.

I will go to Consumer Affairs, I will go to the BBB, I will also file a rip off report. I will put a stop to all charges and file for fraud. I am a media blogger and will easily get this attention to the thousands of viewers to the multiple websites I collaborate with. I want simple answers and this is completely unacceptable how this is being handled.

How do you expect to stay in business and keep these practices up if this is how you treat clients?

After causing a bit of a stir they responded to all my inquiries and even provided some insight on the orders that didn't have shipping information. Still awaiting product will update when it all arrives.


Order # 47907304 - Arrived Fri 2/28/2014. Didn't get a tracking number for it until a day before it arrived.

Order # 47873455 1st Item Arrived Wednesday, February 26, 2014, 2nd Item Arrived Tuesday, 3/04/2014 . This Order was a big cause of confusion as it had 2 items but only 1 tracking number when the first item arrived I thought it would be together but it turned out that they was shipped with 2 separate "warehouses" according to Support and they have no shipping details for me what so ever. After I received both items then I was given a email populated with the second items tracking information.

Order # 47856731 - Arrived February 27, 2014. This was corrected 3 days before Item arrived.

What I learned from this is items will arrived "eventually" after you order but if you have to contact support for anything the best way to go about it to file a ticket then go to metion it to their twitter account which seems to be checked more frequently than anything else.

They do not have a customer support number like every other online merchant so buyer beware if you are going to order something and need to change or have a issue.

modified review This review was modified by Lhumierre on March 06 2014 05:00:40 AM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"I have to echo the problems everyone else is stating here with Woot's customer service. I too have been a long time woot customer. I started buying items from this website about 6 years ago and thought it was great. Unfortunately since the company was purchased by Amazon the customer service has been horrible. Here is my most recent experience:

I purchased a piece of lawn and garden power equipment. Immediately after receiving the item I discovered it wouldn't start. I contacted woot via email and received a message that they would get back to me in seven days. After seven days no contact. I sent them three more emails and finally I received a response.

Woot's first response instructed me to contact the manufacturer. If they would have read my email they would have learned that I had contacted the manufacturer and was informed that they could not assist me. So I emailed woot again. About a week later woot instructs me to contact a company that handles the warranty. However woot does not provide a phone number or website. I send another response asking for the warranty company's contact information. Woot provides a phone number that I learn is not correct. I contact woot again and they send me a phone number and email address to a company that is not in the warranty business and can not assist me. I am now waiting to hear back from woot again.

Woot customer service is incompetent. I will no longer do business with this company. If you do, be warned that if you have a problem you are on your own

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"Ordered an item from woot on 2/3/2014. Got notification that the order has shipped, but with a shipping number that according to USPS was delivered to a different state in Oct 2013. My email to support generated the standard 'blah blah case number blah blah we'll get back to you in a week' response (on 2/6!), so they won't get back to me until /after/ the predicted delivery date.

It's not hard to see that this is an attempt to delay any actual action until after the delivery date, instead of woot admitting they screwed up.

Not confident about the delivery of the item at all. Thankfully it was only $30, but now I'm more than a little wary of making any further purchases.

modified review This review was modified by LordMuggins on February 09 2014 10:27:15 AM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"The customer service at WOOT.com is worse than bad. I received defective goods so I filed a ticket with them. The automated response said it could take up to a week to get a response. A week? what is this, 1993?
I did not hear back in a week, so I pinged them again. Another automated response saying it could be up to a week. Another week went by with nothing.
I pinged them again and finally after 19 days I got a response. It said I should contact P&F to get a replacement. WTF is P&F? I looked it up and it was Pepperl+Fuchs, a company I had not heard of. I dug into this matter on my own, with NO help from WOOT and managed to get it taken care of.
I will never buy from these monkeys again.
WOOT sells products at a discount but does not have the customer service to back up anything they do.
I do not recommend anyone buy from them, ever!

modified review This review was modified by WOOTsux on January 15 2014 12:32:23 PM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"I recently ordered some Keen's on Woot. I have several pairs of shoes from the same manufacturer and they are all the same size and fit me fine (some are maybe even a little large). The size of the shoes from Woot is a full size smaller than they should be. Woot will not refund or exchange them because it is a "personal reason".

Here is their last correspondence:

"Thank you for taking the time to email us. We appreciate your concerns as well as your business.

I realize you're upset, and I regret we've been unable to address your concerns to your satisfaction. However, we'll not be able to offer any additional insight or action on these matters and any further inquiries on this matter will not receive a response.

We appreciate your business and hope to have the opportunity to serve you again in the future.

Best regards,

Woot Member Services

Anyway, there was around 2-3 weeks time between each correspondence with them. (I've written them one time they never replied to, so if the first reply was to my first inquiry, more like 5 weeks to get a reply. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and just assume they ignored the first one rather than being that slow).

Anyway, I can't recommend buying ANYTHING from them you may have reason to return. If I bought a defective product and it can't be taken back for "personal reasons", they must not take much back.

I suppose the price was fine for the shoes if they fit, but $65 for a paperweight is a bit expensive. I ordered shoes but they mistakenly shipped me a Bag of Crap...

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