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    Product & services pricing Rating 6.67/10 6.67/10
    Chance of future purchase: Rating 6.67/10 6.67/10
    Shipping & packaging: Rating 6.67/10 6.67/10
    Customer service: Rating 6.67/10 6.67/10
    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 5.00/10 5.00/10
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Rating 10/10

Good service, nice buying experience.

"Purchased a couple of cases of ammunition online. Called customer service after the order and was quickly connected, pleasant customer rep was very helpful. Glad I ordered from this company, it all went very smoothly. :)"

Rating 4/10

Very Rude Staff

"Today I spoke to Shelly about a product I ordered last week. I wanted to obtain my tracking number (which should have been emailed to me). Shelly was very rude and kept saying the tracking number even though I asked her to slow down. Then when she did slow down she would say one number and pause for 5 seconds. Childish people work for this company... "

Rating 2/10

flim flamers

"to start with; there are two other store fronts using the same address as wholesale hunter; those bring LG outdoor & ammosales. haven't a clue what that's about ; is all i can say is the reviews are identical; horrible. my issue is about a purchase i tried to make for a few boxes of shotgun ammo. this would have been a first time purchase which will have some bearing later on in the complaint. i put a few boxes of shells in my cart and then gave my zip code for the cost. went to next screen asking new or returning customer; there was a dollar plus difference in the shipping rate; wasn't concerned that much at the time. went to next screen to give address and other info. when giving email and password; they kept me from going to payment info saying my password was too easy and could be guessed. i've used this p/w on many many sites and never had this happen as to call in question as being easy. my password is of eight characters being made up of letters and numbers none of which spell a word or number sequence. i thought this to be odd; but continued to check out after adding a few more numbers . when entering payment screen; i had looked at invoce and noticed the total purchase wasn't what it should have been. when i buy online i always have a scratch pad where i write cost as i'm going through each stage. the price didn't jive with mine; so start looking at there charges thinking they slipped a hidden cost in like donations or handling fees or other charges some places like to hit you with when beating other sites to snag your business. as it turned out there was a difference of about $5 from original quote of $10. now they have all my information; phone, email , home address they can sell to the dirtbags that like to scam you. i internet purchased many times during the week and never have had a shipping quote change from the start with what i was buying at the checkout. the reviews on this and the other business at that address further makes me believe that password deal was just a diversion to want to just make me want to get this purchase over with. their reviews are horrible and hope my internet friends heed buying from these sites. there are too many good legitimate sellers out there."

Rating 2/10


"Note the 20% restocking fee. This makes sense for a small item. But for a several hundred dollar optic that was never taken out of the box that is absurd. Buyer beware, but disappointed to have done business with them.

Rating 10/10

Great Gun Shop

"Great Gun Shop With Great Staff"

Rating 4/10


"Order a G-1 Mag for a Taurus PT 140 and what did I get a G-2 and as any gun owner now second gen don't fit. Got into a **** contest with there customer service dude Mike never never will I order or shop or ref this second class joint to any one."

Rating 2/10

Watch out! Bait and switch!! Will not even look at this web site again!

"Don’t be tempted to buy from Wholesale Hunters. Placed an online order for ammo with them. After almost an hour, I hadn't received any contact from them acknowledging the order so I called them. I found out instead of the 5,000 rds I ordered, they were only going to ship me 500 rds for the same price. Said the quantity listed was a web site mistake and that it was my fault for thinking I was ordering 5,000 rds! I requested an immediate cancellation and refund. He said he probably would NOT be able to do that. Told him I take screen shots of all my online purchases, in the cart and then just prior to completing the order and each screen shot clearly shows 5,000 rds being purchased. Then he thought he might go ahead and try to give me a refund. I got my refund."

Rating 10/10

Great Store and helpfull staff

"I stoped into their store today to pick up some ammo for my gun. I was able to find exactly what I was looking for and even picked up some reloading supplies while I was there. Their staff was very friendly and answered all my questions. If you are in the area I woild recomend stopping in and seeing what they have. "

Rating 2/10

Bad Experience

"Terrible experience and I sure wish I would have read these reviews prior to purchasing! Although the gun came quickly and sales staff is friendly the owner himself seems a bit off balance. I am active duty military stationed in AL and when I went to pick up the rifle I showed my military ID and my AL concealed carry permit. The owner wanted a copy of my USMC orders bringing me here to AL and when I stated that is not something we generally carry on our persons, he stated it was federal law. When I questioned him in an attempt to get a better understanding of the law and using as example in the last 18 months I have purchased weapons from Walter Craig, Gulf States Distributors, and Gander Mountain in Montgomery with no requirement to furnish a copy of my military orders, he no kidding exploded! Literally told me to get the (f-bleep) out of his store and he would charge me for a restocking fee! This was one of the most insane and oddest moments I have ever had in a retailers shop. This experience is difficult to describe in believable terms and was rather off putting. As far as I could tell he was the only angry person on the premises.

I was able to talk to his sales staff and they explained that it was his policy. I understand that and the information upfront would have been extremely helpful. I want to comply with any reasonable store policies and would have had I known this was an issue for the owner. In the end my wife was able to email me a copy and I completed the transaction. His salesman saved the purchase and I truly believe he is a sincere and helpful person.

Having said all that I really think purchasing from this establishment is a mistake and I wish I would have walked after the verbal assault and string of profanities. If you do decide to venture into his place of business be careful; He appeared genuinely angry (which should concern any responsible gun owner), completely narcissistic, not open to any conversation that would question his authority, and is armed! This man went from 0 to 100 in a nano-second over an issue that I still can’t quite figure out. Could be he is not a fan of the Marine Corps or the military in general...hope that is not the case and he was just having a bad day but I won’t trust him with my business again.

Rating 8/10

My Experience has been good!

"I bought ammo a few times and recently a few AR mags. Each experience, (3 total), has been good. Very good in fact! Just some slow emailing but not anything more than 24 hours. "

Rating 2/10

Won't buy from again.

"Purchased a gun from them and when it arrived it was not the model described. Was not my first purchase from them. When I contacted them about this, they told me to go to the manufacturer's page and read the details for the model number listed in the small print. The manufacturer's description did describe the model they sent. I pointed out that their description did not fit the model number and they insisted that the model number controlled and I should have looked up the model number at the manufacturer's page before buying. I asked to exchange it for the model I wanted and they said the model I wanted was not in stock and they did no know if ever would be. I asked to return item for a store credit toward a future purchase and they refused. They said they would accept a return and make a refund. They deducted both the shipping and a 15% restock fee from the refund. Technically this was within their policies but only because of the item was not "defective," They were very surly when I tried to fix the problem. They require as terms of purchase that a purchaser waives the right to do a chargeback and authorizes them to charge a $25.00 fee to your card if you try. I called to tell them that I understood not refunding shipping but I thought the restock fee was unreasonable and the "customer service" rep was not the least bit helpful or even polite. I lost about $125.00 on the deal and they lost a customer forever and I won't hesitate to warn others. I had no idea they were like this and frankly, there is nothing they offer that can't be bought for a very similar price from various competitors. Last time I buy from them..."

Rating 2/10


"I ordered a Burris scope mount from them for a 3-day UPS delivery at Tuesday and they posted my money right away from my bank, Wednesday I called and checked if there is a UPS tracking no. on my order, a lady said they will ship on that day and change the service to 2-day service UPS and will post the tracking no. later of the day. Thursday I called again because I don't get a tracking no. and I realized that they haven't ship my order yet. I ask the to cancel my order the guy said the order has been cancelled. Will see if they will give me my money back by reversing the transaction in the bank as soon as possible."

Rating 2/10

Say awaw! Send broken guns and won't accept return

"I bought a revolver from this company. When it arrived, it was broken. They wouldn't work with me on a return and placed the blame on me. This is a shady company with absolutely no customer service. Stay away!"

Rating 10/10

No Complaints

"January 2016 - I placed an online order with WholesaleHunter, and afterward decided to research them a bit. Obviously I should have done that in reverse order, but it was too late. After reading the reviews I felt sick and was sure I'd made a horrible mistake.

The merchandise arrived lightning fast, well packed, and exactly as I ordered. I realize others report a different experience, but I have no complaints based on this transaction.

Rating 2/10

"Please be aware wholesale hunter will burn u . once u place an order they take ur money n stop drop and role the hell out. Leaving u etheir with a faulty product or simply dont mail anything. Forcing u to cancel an order because u know something just isn't right. If u look into their sale n return policies u will find a spiders web of entrapment. Every person who cancels an order will be hit with a restocking fee. Even though u cant find any evidence that proves they Even pulled ur item. In my case I received a broken rase 12 upper. When I called to ask for a return they were not only rude they sent nothing at all. On the third call I maid a new website specifically to insure no errors were made. To my horror they simply refused to take my info and when I asked for a manager the dimwitted yokal hesitated then said he was. I instantly filed a claim against them and was refunded. I still wasnt satisfied i wanted them to pay so I kept resurching. My credit provider never pursued wholesale because 350$ just isnt worth going to court the legal fees far outweigh the amount being pursued, I was furyuse but time passed n I let it go. Till one day I get a priority mail envelope containing a letter from wholesale sent by jason Marsh vp of operations and the ass behind the the face of this feloneus company. He claimed I was trying to gain a broken upper while not paying for it. He didnt know I had already figured out they had not lost a cent despite my effort. He even threatened to file charges. I still have all the evidence and beg anyone to help me bring these pricks down ive already let my pal Jason know what a wonderfully depravative cheating basterd he is via telephone. Let him feast upon the plate off shit he serves others. Dont be the sheep caught in Jason marshes knee high rubber boots because u will be raped.


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