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    Product & services pricing Rating 6.07/10 6.07/10
    Chance of future purchase: Rating 2.73/10 2.73/10
    Shipping & packaging: Rating 2.50/10 2.50/10
    Customer service: Rating 2.13/10 2.13/10
    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 1.56/10 1.56/10

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Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"I ordered books from Walmart.com to ship to a family member. These items were returned to Walmart.com and I was not notified. I waited and waited for the books to arrive and they never did. I finally called Walmart.com and they told me that yes the books had been returned to them. I asked if they were returned to them why I never received an email saying that they were returned to them? The lady I spoke with didn't know but I had to push them to put the money back on my debit card.

Second- I ordered two pair of jeans and had them accidentally shipped to the wrong address. As soon as I received confirmation that the order had been sent out (the same day) I called to ask if they could cancel the order and reship them to the correct address. The girl I spoke with said they would put something on the package ID so when it was scanned it would say return to sender. This was not done. I watched the tracking and it was sent to four different stops. I called Fedex and the man was more helpful than walmart. I then had to call the post office in the zip code the package was shipped and they said nothing ever came up when it was scanned otherwise it would have been sent back. Walmart.com said that it could take weeks to get my money back. I will not EVER buy from Walmart.com again.

modified review This review was modified by katie1988 on March 31 2014 06:47:01 AM

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"I find walmart not only to be more expensive on most things I buy but their price match policy is a fraud. I showed customer service the current prices on the exact same item I was interested in, on my I phone, where at least 3 other local stores listing it from $2-$3 less and I was told I would need to go find a flyer, bring it back and then they would match the price! Why would anyone waste their time running around so they can bring a flyer back to Walmart, who happens to be the highest price around, so they can MATCH it???? Where's the bargain? It's supposed to be, go find it cheaper and we'll beat the price! This store is too full of itself, and hopefully their downfall is not far off. I used to love Walmart 10 years ago, but lately they're a rip off. They sell the exact same items for more than Shoprite, Dollar Tree etc., etc."

modified review This review was modified by GlennDan on March 30 2014 08:14:01 AM
Rating 10/105/5
modified review posted

"Walmart has always provided the products I wanted. If they didn't have it they would recommend another retailer. "

modified review This review was modified by Lakkan on March 27 2014 12:28:02 PM
msdrsw's Avatar
Rating 10/105/5
modified review posted

"I recently purchased a Logitech speaker system from Walmart. In the past, I have also purchased other things, and my experience with them, has been good. I have never had any problems with my orders and shipping status. I like Walmart and would recommend Walmart to my friends and family. "

modified review This review was modified by msdrsw on March 24 2014 04:53:30 PM
Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"Will never order with walmart or shop with malmart. Sharing my experiences with everyone I know and social media. Walmart is very careless. Inconsiderate. Not willing to take responsibility for there ac\ion. They mess up. The customer pays. Even superior will insult you get rude after they have inconvience you and make it l o ok like you the difficult person. They will not understand your situation or attempt to help you. They are quick to holler they policy but I spend approx. 200 bucks with walmart monthly. I can guarantee you they will never get a dime of my money again. Policies are made only to they benefit. They don't care for the custom. They will mess up your situation then tell you they policy don't allow them to do anything but in c on ience you more. They won't hear nothing you have to say and they force you to accept what they are saying and will catch a attitude and notate the account for so nobody can help you. I think when you mess up you take responsibility and make right. I hav r been so disrespected by arrogant suppervidors. I will be talking to everyone including the news. I'm writing a article. I would hate anyone to experience what I e x per ience . They ruined a special day for me and now it's costing me three times as much to fix it l. I recommend going anywhere but walmart. At this point I'd make something before I use a company who feels any customer is not valued. Record them cause you won't believe that a huge a store like walmart really so bad. They are. I'm starting a group and every chance I get a free Nin I will be education people on how poor they are in hopes I can save someone from ring a important day in they life. Low budget cut throat organization"

modified review This review was modified by 180415G on March 16 2014 06:06:08 AM
Rating 8/104/5
modified review posted

"ok this is a tricky subject. I ordered something online from walmart because at the time i couldnt find it at the store. The day i ordered it became available so i called, after a half hour of callirg different customer service numbers, and cancelled it. They said it could take up to 48 hours to cancel. The next day it shipped and its a.very large item so i was a bit upset as i went and purchased it already. I called them back and They apologized and intercepted the order, putting the money back in my account. They deal with such large ammounts of orders and returns that it was understandable they werent able to cancel it Right away, overall i am satisfied with their response and help and i would use them again."

modified review This review was modified by j_thomasgray on March 12 2014 09:10:28 AM
Rating 8/104/5
modified review posted

"Walmart, you got to love or hate it. First they are the low price leader, most of the time. As for quality they are not the leader. Famously they ask suppliers to give them a special break because they buy in such huge volume, but sometimes they also carrier inferior models just so they can sell it priced lower. My advice is know what model you want, say do you research at Consumers Reports. Once you know the specific manufacture & model THEN to price comparison between Walmart and Google sources. I recently bought a Hoover vacuum sweeper thru Walmart and they were $25 cheaper before shipping and the shipping was CHEAPER still! "

zeta's Avatar
Arizona, US
Rating 10/105/5
modified review posted
ResellerRatings.com TOP REVIEWER!

"I have placed many orders from Walmart directly (not the marketplace sellers) without any problems except for one where they delivered the wrong items based on the fact that they had the wrong UPC code associated with the products and they couldn't do anything since the item wasn't in stock anymore. So I returned it to the store. My orders have ranged from bathroom stuff to furniture.

Customer service emails respond within 24 hours which is a good time.

12/31/2013 Placed order
1/2/2014 Shipped from IN
1/7/2014 Delivered to AZ

12/30/2013 Placed order
12/31/2013 Shipped from AZ
1/2/2014 Delivered to AZ

1/24/2014 Placed order
1/28/2014 Shipped from TX
1/30/2014 Delivered to AZ

Rating 6/103/5
modified review posted

"Walmart is an ok store, you just have to go in expecting less than you would at a higher end store. As a Texan, I prefer HEB but other grocery stores such as Safeway I would say Walmart has beat. The prices are incredibly low, they are usually understaffed and don't know how to help if you have a problem, but site to store is a nice feature especially since the shipping is free that way :)"

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"Walmart Auto Centers advertises the full service synthetic oil change at 49.88. The signage and website clearly says it includes the oil filter. But they charged me extra for the oil filter because it was a cartridge type filter (most newer models are).

Then they tried to say the 5W20 weight oil was more expensive, so they charged extra for that. But on their shelves, the Mobil 1 5W20 which they used, is the same price for 5 gallon jug as the other weights of oil. My car uses 4 quarts, they charged for the 5 quart jug, and did not provide me the 1 quart left over.

modified review This review was modified by mikewalker789 on January 25 2014 09:04:17 PM
Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"Walmart.com is TERRIBLE! We ordered a playset for our kids in November so we could get it before Christmas. When we placed the order the playset was in stock and was supposed to be delivered by 12/13/14. We got an email saying it would be delayed and Walmart.com never followed up with us. We went to the store where it was supposed to be delivered and they said it wouldn't be delivered until 12/30 - after Christmas and a month after we placed the order. They suggested we call Walmart.com. After 2 hours of hold time and getting passed off to a couple people they said a manager would call back within 2 business days. 4 business days later we call back and get the run around again. They said the initial order must have been lost. How do you lose a playset?! Next, they said they would take $75 off our order after my husband argued with them for an hour. We were told the playset would arrive by 1/3. It doesn't arrive and today I got an email saying they had cancelled our order completely. I called back to say they should send us the playset and NOT cancel our order but they said they were cancelling it because it's out of stock. While on the phone with them I got to Walmart.com and tell them I see that it says "In Stock" and can be delivered by 1/13 to the store. They said say they can't do anything about our order and we should try again and send us to their one question survey about their service. I will never order from Walmart.com again and I do not recommend them to anyone else"

modified review This review was modified by ljaybird123 on January 06 2014 08:49:33 PM
Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"I made an order to get a TV before Christmas. The TV never came. Emailed the support. They ignored me and said looks like it got stolen. I have surveillance in my building I could see the package never got delivered. You would notice a giant TV box coming in. Emailed and ignored again. Called the 800 number (waited nearly 2hrs) told to call Fedex. Called Fedex, was told it has an invalid tracking number. Called Walmart (waited nearly 2hrs again) told that it seems something may have happened to it on their end and that their "back office" would reach out to me in 4 business days. 5 business days later, no call. Called them, spoke to a lady and told me that they could refund or re-ship. I chose refund. She told me i would receive an email that I would Need to e-sign before i could get a refund. I never received an email. Its now January 2nd. Walmart ruined Christmas. I will ever order from them again. They have stolen my money."

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"We took our blazer to walmart for an oil change, after damaging our oil filter they told us they had to deny service because it was to tight. We drove down the road and our engine blew up, because the oil filter was damaged. We called and they basically told us off. That they didnt touch the filter. We still dont have a vehicle and this was a month and a half ago. They never called us back and theres nothing we can do. Never take your car to them!"

modified review This review was modified by hannaholson on December 30 2013 08:20:19 PM
Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"I ordered a PS4 from Walmart.com in October and they assured me I would receive it between 11/18 and 12/16/13 in time for Christmas for my son. Guess what? They billed me but never shipped it. No e-mails, phone calls or any type of communication from them, so that perhaps I could have purchased it else where. 12/26/13, they canceled my order. Long story short, my son had no gift for Christmas!! Nice job Walmart.com; keep fighting for highr wages!!!! "

modified review This review was modified by ChadSnaggler on December 26 2013 10:13:15 AM
Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"I have a very bad experience, I buy on cyber monday a tablet, it arrived on time but it doesn't work properly. I paid $31 of shipping because I live in Puerto Rico, now they said in Puerto Rico store that they didn't refund me the shipping and I write to the Customer service two times and they didn't answer me. Iam going to loose my money. That's very bad."

modified review This review was modified by Vilmarie on December 22 2013 02:49:19 PM

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