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548 Customer Reviews

Rating 2/10


"I have always hated shopping at Walmart because of their terrible employment practices, which stick US citizens for their employees government benefits because they are paid so little.

I ordered a bike online to be shipped to store for assembly and pickup. Order was made July 30th, the bike was shipped on August 3rd from a warehouse 2 HOURS AWAY. In store pickup was August 10th and that came and went. Several days and phone calls later, still no one could tell me where this apparently very large package had gone to. Not ONE store manager would get on the phone with me about ANYTHING. All I was able to talk to were low paid employees probably doing the jobs of three employees each. I know this because if ever I go there every single time an employee helps me they complain about their job and how overworked they are.

This is a corporate and management problem. This corporation has trimmed the fat so thoroughly that they cannot even keep track of their warehouse shipments. I will NEVER order anything from Walmart again.

And by the way, our Walmart, in Monticello, NY, was rated the most disgusting Walmart in THE COUNTRY a few years ago. They failed EIGHT health inspections in a row - and were still allowed to operate business!! If a mom and pop variety store failed even ONE inspection, they would have a sign slapped on their door in minutes!! Wake up, people, corporate does not care about us breathers!!!

Now, to go buy a bike from a small, local purveyor, even if it costs me 3X as much. Goodbye, Walmart.

This review was modified by Colpow on August 13 2016 10:35:13 AM

Rating 2/10

Walmart even slower than a Snails Pace!

"It's only been since 07/05 when I ordered a record,I went with the inshore pick up should have been there in two weeks so at day 15 I went to the store to pick it up. I talk to 3 different people who can't seem to find my order or what is happening with it,the Manager tells me since it's been so long they probably sent it back over and over again and that i would need to call Walmart.com..................
So I called Walmart.com and for some reason my order magically was in the same status it was when I placed the ordered,it had gotten stuck in there system and that they would email the the manager to cancel the order and re-instate the funds I used on a e-gift card I used from Walmarts Savings catcher App.

They offered me free expedited shipping after I re-order my record and that it should take around 48 hours for the Manager to email me that I could re-order my record.. So a week goes by and nothing no contact nothing from Walmart.com..
So I call back and sure enough the person see's whats going on threw there notes and expresses that the last person did it wrong and they had to do it again and that they would email the manager and it would be another 48 hours,So I asked if there was away they could just re-order the product and get it on the way. Ofcourse not they would have to charge me and then refund the deference back on to the e gift card I'm trying so hard to get ride of so I can never deal with this BS ever again! So I wait yet again and of course no call no email I am super PO'ed!
So I again call and talk to the poor person who answers the phone cause God help them I'm not happy! I just ask them to get there manager on the phone because apparently they can't help me...
They bring on a supervisor and she tells me the same thing except that they were supposed to email the internet support guys not there manager (Sure CYA I got ya!) so it's going to take up to five days and she offered the money back on the gift card and I said I just wanted the record what ever it takes to get the thing to my door? So we wait yet another week to call back and again not resolved no contact nothing...
I call today and the guy again see's all this in the notes and says he has to email someone and it's going to take up to 5 days for them to get this resolved so that I can reorder the stinking record.. I express my disgust as nicely as I possibly can because this guy has to already know from all the crappy bad orders they have to get that everyone he talks to must be just angry because of how bad it is,He even mentioned there were about a hundred other orders something similar was happening.. It's now August,11th 2016 my order started on the 07/05/2016 Ive ordered a fair amount of things from over sea's and it usually gets here in about two weeks,how come Walmart can't get me something in less than a month it's mind boggling to see the least and my head is hurting because of how bad it must be run behind the inner workings of Walmart.
I thought the redness and Ignorance at the store level was bad but come on Walmart really! I can't wait to see your stores die because the way you run them will inevitably shut your own selves down. you think you would learn from K-marts past. the fewer employee's you have the less the store will make cause you need employees to keep things on the shelves so people can even find the thing they are looking for and that when a customer asks for help they might actually receive it. stop incentivizing upper management to cut hours and jobs so they get a bigger bonus at the end of the year,cause it's making shopping there intolerable and I can say unless i absolutely have to to go there will i ever again.

Rating 2/10

Big TV Vanishes Into Thin Air While No One helps Consumer

"I ordered a large TV on July 22 and was promised it by July 29. I started calling Walmart that day and every day since. At first they knew nothing since Yellow Freight was used to ship to the store. Then they gave me the Yellow Pro# and told me to call them. Seemed wrong of them to insert me into the process but I called them anyway. After asking me if I wanted to pick up the TV from their docks, Yellow promised to "hot ticket" it for the next day two nights in a row. By Friday, a week later, no one knew where the TV was. They're giving me my money back now two and a half weeks later. My kids weren't looking forward to seeing the Olympics on that big TV; heck the Olympics will be back in four years. Thanks, that's it? No discount towards another TV, nothing? Not even a call back from those higher ups who were supposed to be checking into this situation. I'll never spend a dime at a Walmart again."

This review was modified by wwalker387 on August 09 2016 11:00:33 AM

Rating 2/10

WARNING! Do NOT buy from Walmart online!

"Do NOT buy anything from Walmart online for store pickup! I purchased an expensive TV online and paid for it using my bank debit card. The money was sequestered from my account immediately, and a few hours later I got emails and msgs saying my order was ready and to come pick it up. Walmart online claims that once you "check in" using their app, their helpful, friendly, and oh-so-efficient staff will prepare your order and have it waiting for you at the pick-up area...AHAHAHAHA!!!...When I got to the store, and finally chased down someone whose vague and uncomprehending demeanor indicated that Walmart was, indeed, doing their civic duty by hiring the mentally impaired, they then looked up my order number and found that they didn't have the TV after all,...so sorry. They then called a manager, who informed me that this happens ALL THE TIME, and that they do NOT put aside the merchandise EVEN AFTER IT HAS BEEN PAID FOR, and that their inventory list bears little to no relation to what Walmart Online claims that they have in stock (As the manager and I were standing there discussing this I got ANOTHER email telling me my TV was waiting for me and to come pick it up...oh joy) The manager then told me that not only did they not have it, but that I couldn't just go to another store and pick it up there, or even just wait a couple days until they got one in. He explained to me that once the customer shows up, (foolishly expecting to pick up the item they have PAID for), the store THEN checks their inventory and finds that they have just sold merchandise that they do not actually possess. This managerial graduate from Trump U then, after much solemn deliberation, hemming, hawing, checking, rechecking, twirling his tie, scuffing his shoes, and just generally wandering around aimlessly in a catatonic haze, informed this customer that they will be issued an automatic online refund, but unfortunately, said foolish customer will have to wait MORE THAN A WEEK before they remove the hold from his bank account.
In short, Walmart Online has apparently gotten into the profitable habit of selling merchandise they do not have and keeping the money till they feel like returning it. Where I come from we call that "fraud"..I don't know what fancy name Walmart has for it.
(p.s Don't bother using Walmarts online support. They just blow it off on the store, who blows it off on the management, who blows it off on the online site....see where this is going?)

Rating 2/10

The worst online experience EVER!!!

"This was our first online order from Walmart.com. The product was very substandard so we wanted to replaced/ refunded. We were told to deal with a third party vendor which I refused to do because I didn't buy it from third party. My family will NEVER buy anything from walmart.com again. I think amazon is the way to go."

This review was modified by mlrh2008 on August 05 2016 07:13:00 AM

Rating 2/10

Walmart is no Amazon!

"Ordered some Dumbbells from Walmart but one arrived damaged. I tried to return for a replacement on line but refuted and told I would need to contact customer service as item was too heavy even though I purchased it that way.

Next morning after 15 minutes on hold gave up and left number for a call back.
They did call back but after explaining the problem was told because I had used PayPal would need to return the item to the store, get a refund and then need to re-order. Seriously!

If I had ordered in Amazon would have been talking with a rep under a minute, would have had a prepaid shipping label for return and a replacement item ordered before I got off the phone.

Only reason I didn't use Amazon in the first place was the items were a few buck cheaper in Walmart but considering the hassle would have gladly paid the difference for the "Amazon" experience.

Will not use Walmart again.

This review was modified by Maserati1 on August 04 2016 07:13:52 AM

Rating 2/10


"Placed an order with Walmart.com and had it delivered to my desired location. When I had picked up the order I had to wait for a cashier to assist me and in the meantime had at least 6 employees walk past me and not even acknowledge that I had been standing there waiting. When I had finally gotten helped the cashier couldn't find my order in the computer. After about 10 minutes of him searching around be found my item that he still couldn't clear out of the computer. When I had gotten my order I left the store and when I opened the box, it was the wrong item. I called customer service and their best advice for me was to return the item and reorder online. Thanks, but no thanks. I will not be using your services EVER again. That was the worst customer service I have ever received. Why would I reorder my item when I can almost guarantee it will be the wrong item again and I have to go through the run-around all over again. Get your **** together Walmart."

This review was modified by AmberPrince on August 02 2016 02:25:01 PM

Rating 2/10

Go to amazon, Walmart eforcity ****!!!

"I ordered a bicycle light and didn't receive it after 10 days, told me to wait another few days and still nothing, They did nothing to check on the product or to tell me why it never shipped. eforcity **** just like there customer service go anywhere else but here!!!!"

Rating 2/10


"I ordered an item on 7/9 and it was set to arrive on 7/15. Then on 7/13 the item was cancelled. I called Walmart.com and no one knew why. The customer no service rep said its processing and they gave me a refund so I could just enjoy it for free when it arrived. I then had to explain to him that it hasn't been shipped and I needed it and did not mind paying. He just said he has no other info.

After ending that waste of a time call I decided to order the same product that was 3 times the price. Since this was a gift I decided to pay extra for the 2 day shipping. The new item was set to arrive today 7/15. Well I know you will be shocked but the item still hasn't even shipped.

When I called at 6pm today I heard the same thing as before. No on has a clue why it hasn't shipped and when I will receive it. The customer no service rep I spoke with said they would call me back by 7pm with an answer. At 8pm still no call. I then called back and was passed from rep to rep until almost 11pm. Still no one knows anything and I guess I will just find something from another company since Walmart could care less if they lose a customer.



This review was modified by Phillipv77 on July 15 2016 09:00:49 PM

Rating 2/10

Walmart Shipping Pass Terrible - A Joke Compared To Amazon Prime

"Walmart Has A Long,Long Way To Go To Compete With Amazon Prime

Decided to give Walmart Shipping Pass a try and joined the trial. On Friday i ordered an item on Walmart.com ,at checkout option for Shipping Pass (2 Day delivery) was available and i chose that as my shipping option. I got order confirmation and my order page clearly showed "Shipping Via Shipping Pass" item arrival Monday 11th July...

Guess what checked today and the order has not even been precessed, never mind shipping.. All i can say is i enjoy shopping at Walmart stores but your website experience is terrible and you have a long way to go before Shipping Pass can compete with Amazon Prime shipping...

I also used Chat feature but he was so unhelpful i told him to cancel my order and my Shipping Pass trial!

Rating 2/10

Don't buy TV from Walmart. Read more to see why

"I was so happy to receive a 50" Samsung ultra LED for my 50th birthday. Unfortunately I started losing sound after just a couple weeks. Then I decide to connect it to a PlayStation. Guess what it won't connect via HDMI. Can't tell you why because the Samsung folks blame Sony and Sony says if it works on other TV sets then it is fine. I have connected to 2 other sets without issue. So is Walmart selling second rate products. I know a lot of reviews on the internet sure think so. Well I am a believer. So let me just say customer service at Walmart is nonexistent. They claim they would take back the TV but must have the box. Really. Who saves a 50" TV box. They don't care about the receipt, just the box. Heed my warning. Walmart sells junk and you should avoid any purchase greater than about $50 at this worthless retailer. Again just my two cents but it appears I am just one of thousands complaining about the same things"

This review was modified by Dd7cdan on July 07 2016 03:30:01 PM

Rating 10/10

Great prices fast shipping

"I bought several clearance items. They were delivered on time and what great bargains!! I love it!!"

This review was modified by Brendalee1970 on July 03 2016 07:23:25 PM

Rating 4/10

Walmart goes back on its words

"I ordered a bed and a TV stand on Walmart website. For the TV stand I also paid money for fast delivery. Walmart says they would be delivered on Jun 29 and Jun 30. It looks good for my schedule, however one order was one day late and the other one was two days late. Walmart is not reliable for me. "

Rating 2/10

Scam. False advertising !

"I ordered a pool for same day pick up June 21. I drive to Walmart that day to pick the pool up and of course it's not there and they have no idea what my order is ! So I said ok I'll come back tomorrow for it . Well June 22 came and still no pool so I call Walmart.com to find out where the pool is the was supposed to be there at 7:52 the previous day as stated in the email well not one person had an answer for me . I ask to speak to a supervisor and explain the situation in detail and the supervisor told me there was nothing he can do for me !!! Clearly I was a little aggravated by the situation so I told him someone needs to find my pool or I need my money back he hung up the phone on me.. Then I receive another email stating my pool was out of stock and would take 3-6 business days ... Hmm Walmart has the pool so it wasn't out of stock, then I receive another email stating that my order has been cancelled and sorry it didn't work out ! I have called a lawyer and believe I would like to start a class act law suit against Walmart.com for false advertisement and for scamming people out of money ! "

This review was modified by Madis81812 on June 22 2016 06:54:35 PM

Rating 2/10

walmart.com--bad customer service

"I ordered a product online. They day it was supposed to arrive i go there and they dont have my order. It got lost in the system. When i called for my refund they hung up on me. Its now been 2 weeks and i still didnt get my refund and im paying interest to my credit card for this. I will never go back to walmart or walmart.com. Id rather pay double to someone else then "

This review was modified by Danielles13 on June 22 2016 07:41:28 AM

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