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    Product & services pricing Rating 2.50/10 2.50/10
    Chance of future purchase: Rating 2.50/10 2.50/10
    Shipping & packaging: 0.00/10
    Customer service: Rating 1.25/10 1.25/10
    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 2.50/10 2.50/10
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Rating 2/10

"I've tried two different Walgreens pharmacies in Aurora, CO and both of them have horrible customer service. My cat has diabetes and I have been filling his insulin and needle prescriptions at Walgreens. The employees laugh at me when I spend $300 on a bottle of insulin for my cat. Twice now they have given me the wrong sized needles (too long) and even though I hadn't opened the box, they wouldn't return them. I will be taking my $300 elsewhere."

Rating 8/10

"I will never get my photos done at Walgreens ever again!!!! The last two times I asked for my money back after looking at them in the store before I left...photos were headless, people cut out from the sides of the photo, colors were not what I had in my computer ...some photos were too dark, some too light... And they expected me to pay for these headless, horrible photos??? These photos were done at Walgreens on Rt. 9, Freehold, NJ. Better get a new machine or a person that knows what the heck they are doing...I will go to another place for photos that is for sure...CVS, Rite Aid..etc...The end...."

Rating 2/10

"Two weeks ago I ordered 6 Photo Albums to be printed at the Walgreens store located at 3945 Dempster St, Skokie, IL 60076. When I read about the Photo Albums I thought about the prints I usually order at Walgreens (very good quality) set up in the form of an album. What I received were books with printed pages showing watered down, low quality, low definition pictures. I still wanted to make sure that I am seeing right the low quality of the pages of this books, so I ordered prints for the same pictures that were in the books. This time I could see that indeed, the photos in the Photo Albums are low quality, with bland colors and some vertical stripes across the pictures.
I went at the store and talked to the manager Nick. I showed him the difference between the regular 4x6 prints printed in the same store and the pictures printed on the albums pages. I told him that the quality is unacceptable and I want the albums to be reprinted at the quality of the 4x6 prints. He told me that if they reprint them the albums will have the photos at the same quality as the albums already printed. I insisted by telling him that there was no note of the low quality printing in the advertisement in the Walgreens website. If I knew that the albums will be of such low quality I wouldnt have ordered them. He told me he cannot help me. And that was the end of the discussion.
I personally can learn a lesson, even if it cost me $60, lesson that taught me to never order photo material from Walgreens again. I am worried about many other people that can fall victims of the missing warning about the low printing quality of the Photo Albums advertised in the Walgreens website. I have scanned some album photos together with the 4x6 prints made in the same store. The scanned images show that the difference between the quality of the 4x6 prints and the pictures in the albums is striking, but I cannot find a way to post them here.

Rating 2/10

"Don't order online. I ordered a particular brand of cosmetics online, 13 items. The next day Rite Aid had the same brand on sale. I contact Walgreen's to ask if they price match and was told no. I then asked if I could return the items once I received them to a local store for a refund and was told I wouldn't get a refund, I'd get a gift card. Then I was told I could return the items for free and get a refund if I used their return label and sent the items back to the warehouse. Out of the 13 items, I kept one that cost $2.99 and returned the rest. I get an email two weeks later saying a refund was issued except it was for much less than what I returned. I contact CS and asked what the heck was going on, I returned 12 items why didn't I get a full refund for 12? She stated the notes said refund was for 7 items and also said the item I kept was $3.99. I said that's wrong, don't you see the invoice says I bought 4 at $2.99 each? She puts me on hold and tells me she refunded the remaining 5 items, but still charged me $3.99 instead of $2.99. Later I contacted CS again to get the correct amount refunded for the item I kept and was told I had been refunded the full amount. I looked at my credit card statement online and it still wasn't the correct amount. Now I can see why so many stores are being closed. They're awful."

Rating 10/10

"The customer service I have received at a local Walgreens store#5730 was exceptional to say the least. The staff was very friendly and made the trip to walgreens worth the trip. One person in particular (Darrell ) was very helpful. In this age of automated systems it's nice to know that quality customer service still exist."

Rating 2/10

"I get my prescriptions from Walgreens mail order, so I use the site a lot. It seems like I could get it at the pharmacy easier, but just am in love with having things delivered to by door. They mess up a lot. Often I have to call the local Walgreens and arrange a 2 day supply, which is ridiculous since I should get the full script! I guess the online and regular stores don't share info so the local Walgreens can't fill the online order... No Stars!!"

Rating 2/10

"Horrible service at Walgreens store at 1497 Canton Mart Road in Jackson, Mississippi. Asked pharmacy to return phone call regarding a prescription but they never did. This has happened several times when pharmacy will not return phone calls. Also, extremely long waiting line to get prescription filled."

Rating 2/10

"One would think that Walgreens would alter their service after sooo many complains about the pharmacy service = skill of the assistants, knowledge of the pharmacists, getting prescriptions filled correctly, having a prescription ready on time, time it takes to get a prescription filled. I could go on and on. Nearly every single time i went to pick up prescriptions at Walgreens, whether it was in Aventura FL or Mill Valley CA, there was a problem. With the fact the prescription was sent to the wrong pharmacy... in another town, to not having the prescription ready even though they called me to come in. A bus ride and walk was a waste of time. Having the credit card reader not be able to read my card, and rejecting it, having the manager be rude to me as if it was my fault. Master Card told me their machine has difficulties and the automated system does not know if someone is using a fake card. My Fault? Hardly. I have a $25,000 credit limit. The people behind the pharmacy counter often know less than i do about any number of things. I see others so frustrated they shout, they swear, and I feel the same way many time. Today, it was the last time i wanted to deal with the stupidity of the employees in the pharmacy department. Onward to CVS."

Rating 2/10

"If I can give 0 stars, I would. I ordered this item. 5 days later walgreens cancelled my order, saying it is a pricing mistake and would not honor the order. This is very poor customer service. Walgreens don't even support their own website. I will NEVER purchase anything from Walgreens anymore."

Rating 10/10

"New Walgreens in Grants, New Mexico is GREAT - courteous, knowledgeable staff; clean, well stocked, and easy to navigate; a welcome addition to our small town! I have not used Walgreens on line, and was surprised to read all of the negative reviews - good to know. "

Rating 8/10

"Found this site because another merchant asked me to review them, and thought that while I was here, I'd put in a good word for my local Walgreens store at 7th St and McDowell in Phoenix. The employees are very nice, always helpful, and by shopping the sales and clearance shelves, I get really good deals. I noticed that Walgreens overall rating is really low, so I looked at the other reviews to see if I was missing something. First of all, most of the other reviews are either for their pharmacies or their website, which all seem to be connected in name only. Secondly, there are only 56 reviews from 2004 to now. Walgreens has stores all over the country, with at least 20 in Phoenix alone, so over the last 10 years, they've had billions or trillions of transactions. When so many reviews are bad, it makes you wonder, but 56 is like a spit in the ocean. Such a small sample makes the data strictly anecdotal, and statistically meaningless. "

No Avatar

Rating 2/10

"North Fort Myers, FL store #7465
I have never been so insulted by a Pharmacist (Duc V ) in all my life. Today this man flat out stated that "it looks like you are pharmacy shopping" right to my face! The fact was that this pharmacy was out of my medication and another Walgreen's near me had closed and I have had to fill my medication's at other locations.
This man needs to work on his tact and personal skills, what kind of professional would make such a comment to a sick patient? After being berated by this man I was so upset I had to be treated by my doctor because of by blood pressure was so high. I am a woman in her 70's with many health issues and do not need to be accused of such things.
I have been with Walgreen's for many years but I will never return for anything let alone a prescription. Not only myself but my family is irate and will no longer be associated with a company that employs unprofessional and offending people.

Rating 2/10

"Went to the Walgreens on 242 and 45 in the woodlands sometimes know as Conroe. Went in to get the tea that was on sale in Sundays paper. Asked the manager where it was and he said well we no longer carry it. I drove over there for nothing. I asked why would you run an add on Sunday and then when I come in on Monday you don't carry the item. He said it's just the people that do the coupons and has not control over that. I get up to the register and had purchased some other item and then the girl could not get my coupons to scan. AGHHH I also bought a summer item which was on sale 50 percent off and it rang up regular price. I was on my lunch hour and it took the whole time to correct the problems at the register. Customer service has really declined at that location. I got back to work and called the Walgreens at 1488 and spoke with the manager about the coupon for the tea. He said of course we carry it. I will not be going back to the store on 242! They have changed associates in that store and I usually go there on my lunch but not anymore. Poor customer service and rude girl at the register."

Rating 2/10

"Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but I just had the worst experience ever at the Walgreens located at 379 Myrtle Ave in Brooklyn. My boyfriend and I walked in the store around 7:30 pm today. After being in the store no more than 2 minutes a cashier made an announce for security to walk the floor; At first I thought nothing of the announcement because security secures and surveys the premises for potential questionable activity, granted. However, the security guard (Kalorda/Calorda) on duty walked straight out of the back room and stood directly in front of my boyfriend and I and stood there and gawked at us for about 4/5 minutes instead of walking the floor securing things. At that time I became so frustrated. In all of my 28 years on this earth I have never been outright, disrespectfully racially profiled by another black person and it felt degrading and humiliating. I am not sure of the skin color or dress code requirements to shop in this store but if this is just a sliver of the attitude instilled in the employees of Walgreens I want no part in it. I love to spend money but more so I love to share my personal experiences with others in hope that we find some solidarity in fighting for equality for ALL. Needless to say DO NOT SHOP at this location because the employees there are RACIST. And as a young black woman currently pursuing a degree in Business Management and Operations I hope to make a difference for all who are discriminated against through and by big business. ?#?IHAVEADREAM? ?#?MLKjr? ?#?BLACKWHITE? ?#?GAYSTRAIGHT? ?#?FATORNOT?"

Rating 2/10

"The package for my order was sent back to shipper right away as the address is missing suite number. I had that problem before when using Paypal to checkout with other online merchant. But the other store tried to reach me to get correct suite number while Walgreens did not. I called the customer service line on the same date that the package was failed to deliver. The representative only said they can reship, which I am ok but the attitude was not very pleasant when I asked her the same question to make sure I understand correctly.

Then my replacement package got lost which I found that most likely the FedEx delivered to wrong person. I chose to send email as I did not have very good experience with phone calls. However, the answer was very short, stating they are not able to reship again as the tracking shows the package is delivered. The person suggested me to locate the package in the building. I replied the email asking if they can reach out to FedEx to find the package, I haven't had any reply.

At the end, I reached out to FedEx and ask them to help me find my package, and a couple days later, they told me it seems the driver delivered the package to the incorrect address and they will try to retrieve the package. I am not sure how it gonna end since Walgreens did not reach out to them, I paid $69 for my merchandise and I am still not sure if I am going to have it or not. NOT RECOMMEND BUYING FROM WALGREENS as when you have issue with your online order, the customer service is not helpful. Good luck with your online order if you order from Walgreens

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