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    Product & services pricing Rating 9.45/10 9.45/10
    Chance of future purchase: Rating 8.86/10 8.86/10
    Shipping & packaging: Rating 8.64/10 8.64/10
    Customer service: Rating 8.64/10 8.64/10
    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 8.59/10 8.59/10
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Rating 10/10

Exquisite Workmanship

"After I placed the order, I desperately looked forward to receiving the tea set. Eleven days later I finally got it. After I opened the package, I was so excited that the tea set was more beautiful than the one shown in the picture. It was made based on the technique of Ice crack glaze. My children thought it had been created by pieces. It so happened that a few friends came to visit, I took out this tea set to brew tea. It was not hot when holding it even it was with hot water, because it cooled very quickly. This tea set is good enough for several persons. My friends also wanted to buy one set because of the exquisite workmanship."

Rating 10/10

noble and beautiful

"This tea set looks very noble and beautiful, and the pattern means a lot. In China magpie is Saint Angelo that represents the happiness is coming and the peach flower represents love, so I gave this tea set to my wife and she likes it very much. Because it is not expensive, I want to buy another set for my sister..."

Rating 10/10


"This tea set is very unique. The green banana leaf is very vivid. At the beginning I was in hesitation and thought it was a little bit expensive. But I really liked the picture, so I finally decided to buy it. I am actually not interested in drinking Chinese tea. It is very exquisite, so I believe the effect will be still good even it is for home decoration. I was so delighted when I got it. It is really exquisite and nice."

Rating 10/10

Great Find

"I was looking for a set for a work place gift. My boss recently got married to a woman from Beijing. The office wanted to celebrate their union and get something that would speak to the Chinese traditions. This tea set is a great find. The set is small, the cups are tiny, very traditional. Umi worked with me to track shipping and make sure that the order was placed with urgency. All worked out great!"

Rating 10/10

" Wood" Teapot

"The shape of the teapot is round and lovely, plump but not fat, with a medium size.

The tea lid with the shape of the ball, vivid and interesting, which is easy to pinch. Engraved with a circle of love heart on it. After carefully looking, I found that it is the Chinese auspicious cloud pattern... Aha, its really like a love one.

The teapot is the classic inverted style, the corner is powerful. The thickness is excessive, then take a comfortable natural and elegant smooth lines, urn-shaped full and exquisite.

I found the bottom of the teapot with a seal. It is Chinese characters, although I don't understand what it means. But its carving is very clear, can be seen as a meticulous.

The most interesting thing is the teapot lid, the handle, and the spout of the teapot, are striped patterns. That looks like the grain of wood, but it is the decoration also made of Purple sand, doesn't it very special?

Rating 10/10

Three-dimensional Pattern Tea Set

"This elegant tea set uses the fambe crystal black glaze and the popular relief process, to create a Chinese tea set combined with the style of Japan and Korea. lt lets us enjoy the mood at the tea time. It is worth mentioning that the whole tea set which used the process of relief, which makes the pattern on the tea set three-dimensional. Its so different from other tea set which only has plane pattern design.

The teapots' handle is the black sandalwood material(ebony). When we used it, it makes us feel comfortable, and has effective heat insulation. The teapot has a built-in filter hole, that filter tea leaves and improve the tea taste. The fair mug of this tea set is a olecranon design, flows water smoothly.

In addition, there is a large disk, a container used to carry a teapot, called a teapot stand. Except for depicting the three-dimensional relief sculpture, in the material, it also combined with black pottery and Ruyao, it looks so beautiful with the atmosphere.

Rating 10/10

Samuume Teapot

"The striation of this cast iron teapot is exquisite, when use of it that can be a great tea performance of the charm. Adopted the traditional process, and with half - casting semi - manual, its unique and collection of self-cultivation.

Pour the water of high boiling point, this teapot can keep the high water temperature, and makes the water quality soft. In addition, used it to boil water, then can be easily released the bivalent iron which has efficacy of health.

Lid above the beads are hollow, appear very delicate, the process is outstanding, not oarsman. In order to prevent hot hands, you can increase a special fork to open the hot lid. The handle is made of copper, with delicate feel. The overall radian of bending moderate is simple and generous.

The teapot is carved with a plum blossoms pattern, the gold branch decorated with white plum blossoms, it looks like snowflakes fall on the plum blossoms. In short, the plum blossoms makes the teapot with a sense of elegant. The texture of the whole teapot is special, but its also casual and regular with the pattern, that looks beautiful and atmosphere. Whether it's for a friend or for yourself, it will be a smart choice.

Rating 10/10

Make the best use of tea residual

"I really like the flavour of dancong tea. I drink a lot of this tea everyday. So i purchase 5kg of it. I stored this tea in a big tin, but i forgot to put the lid on. My little son has put some water into the tin when i was on business travel for 2 weeks. Once i back, i found the tea leaves were deteriorated.

I do not want to throw it away for so many tea leaves. So i found a article in book that Make the best use of tea residual as below:

In daily life, you may feel a pity for tea residual or deteriorated tea because of improper storage. However, there are several effects.

1 Eliminating odor
After eating scallion, garlic or onion, you can chew some tea residuals to slowly get rid of odor in the mouth;
Tea residual can be placed at the bottom of the refrigerator to eliminate its odor;
Wet tea leaves are able to remove onion flavor and fishy Smell in a container;
Smell of cigarettes can be get rid of by heating tea residual;
Dried tea residual, used as pads in the shoes, can eliminate sweat and odor;
Burning and fuming the dried tea leaves can eliminate the odor of bathrooms or ditches and also repel mosquitoes.

2 Cleaning
Tea residual is used to wash dark clothing and have good effect of removing oil;
Scrubbing pots and pans with it can get rid of oil and make pots and pans more clean and bright;
Moreover, tea residual is also very effective for cleaning dirt on shoes, as well as that on the mirror, glass, windows and doors, wood furniture, and resin board.

3 Vacuuming and dehumidifying
Apply some tea residual on the carpet and sweep with a broom to thoroughly clean the carpet. This is because it can absorb strongly the dust on the floor and take it away;
The dried tea residual, put at a wet place, has the effect of dehumidifying.

4 Other magic effects
Rinsing your mouth after a meal with tea residual can kill harmful microorganisms;
Tea residual, to immerse the burned skin, is able to relieve pains;
Dried tea residual can be fillings of a pillow. Tea pillow touches soft, calms down anger, and even plays an auxiliary role of curing hypertension and insomnia;
The liquid for a few days sprinkling in plant roots can promote plant growth. But do not pour tea residual as it's not easy to clean, and after corruption, its residual may generate odor and breed pests.

Rating 10/10

Good tea knife

"The threading is good, the wood is good, and it works well. Good value, I'm quite happy. I definitely recommend giving it a good oiling with a high-quality wood oil. To clean the inside I used a cotton swab with a dab of wood oil. I suggest you do this as well as there was a yellow-orange that came off on the swab. I don't have any idea what the metal is made of (aluminum? low grade steel?), but since it is just used for breaking apart tea cakes I'm not worried."

Rating 8/10

Eeeeeeeeeeexcellent condition!!!

"The product is in excellent condition, but what impresses me most is the genuine care and kindness showed by the shop owner in the delivery. My children are so excited to give this gift to their father. Thank you for the fast delivery, great condition of the product and your kindness."

Rating 10/10

A Large Capacity One

"This tea set is a multi-functional filter teapot. Teapots' body curve smooth, with the beauty of the oriental elegant, is pretty lovely. The teapot is a large capacity of 1200 ml, which can meet the meets of our family.

I had searched the glass tea set on website, but the capacity mostly in 500 ml - 800 ml range. That's really small for us. Its matching cup is even a pity small, probably just for one mouthful.

The capacity of the these cup is 200 ml, with delicate and round body lines, simple and generous shape design. We used these cup to drink tea and drink milk or coffee. Whether to drink which kind of drink, the cup can be very good to display its beauty.

The glass tea set is crystal-clear and fresh, and adds vitality to the living room. Savoring the tea soup, smell the faint fragrance. The afternoon sun, and the well temperature, we can stay together to enjoy our leisure weekend.

Rating 2/10


"Unbelievable that this store still exists. Look at this. Every single 4-5 star review on here is in poorly written Engrish, completely fake like the store itself which might as well be a triad front for all I know, since they don't seem to care at all about fulfilling their end of the bargain and actually sending me the goods, and from what I have read when they do actually send the product it is incorrect or broken. Judging from some of the spam emails I get nowadays they also sold my info. Charge back and report the vendor as fraudulent on PayPal if you had the misfortune of ordering anything, avoid like the plague. Personally after 2 years I still feel like calling the police but these guys in Guangdong are beyond the long arm of the law. "

Rating 10/10

Soo000OOOO Thoughtful And Fun

"The general sale of tea set, just to show a set of products( including the teapot cannot boil water directly). Most of the tea set needs to choose another kettle to boil water. But this tea set is very considerate in the sale of goods, the seller provides different types of choices, which can match two different kettle. With different styles, different prices, that can allow customers to choose according to their preferences, not to bother to search again. It was too thoughtful.

Its really convenient for me. I chose a tea set with a induction cooker, and just increase of $ 40. With this way to buy, is a more cost-effective mixed sales, is really convenient and easy.

Let me talk about the tea set I bought. This is a tea set made of Ge Kiln. It taken dragon ball as the modeling, mixed Chinese traditional auspicious dragon and cloud as an important design element, and had the Chinese style. And its classic is to configure the brilliant embossed as ornament.

There is also a characteristic, the tea pet of this tea set configuration will change color!!! In ordinary times, the color of the tea pet is black, and when we make some tea, then pour the hot water on the tea pet, it becomes green!! Wow~~!!! That's amazing, isn't it? It's also a fun activity when we brew our tea, really interesting.

Rating 8/10

Fashion Lifestyle

"Classic court European bone China afternoon tea set with a special preference of the European luxury, the circulation, and the classic unchanged.Classic oil painting style full of tea set, with simple lines, which brought you more quality life. Its not just a tea set, but an elegant lifestyle, more confident and fashion.

This one used the a beautiful woman as the picture, let art derivatives as commodity. The painter uses symbolism and decorative techniques to depict the portrait of woman, with the oriental decorative color and patterns, add the characters blurred and romantic temperament, exaggerated deformation of the waist, made her looks more elegant and dignified.

Put such an elegant and dignified image into the exquisite tea set, it can bring the noble vision, taste feast. In the countless collisions of retro art and modern aesthetic spirit, its elements were magnified, and the design concept of a variety and extraordinary.

The lid of teapot used the seamless pattern design, that requires senior skilled molding. So we regard each part of the product as an art. The flower surface is very clear, more importantly, the teapot body double sides of the pattern for the same painting, have more originality.

Rating 10/10

Would Like To Share It To You

"The quality of this Ice Crake Ruyao Tea Set is very well, and made of the high-grade material. The standard of workmanship is exquisite, feel super good. The color is very uniform, with beautiful and luxurious style. The cups are very cute, little and dainty.

When I have received the tea set, Packaging box was very strong. After careful inspection, I did not found any damage. The appearance is very atmospheric, very fine workmanship, color is very bright. The detail pattern on the tea set is wonderful and so pretty.

Now I can to enjoy the tea for my leisure time. It is worth buying for such pretty item, fine workmanship, beautiful style, beautiful color, and reasonable price. So worth to recommending. Good service, fast shopping.

That's so great! It was a well shopping experience. So satisfied!!!

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