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  • Umi Tea Sets

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    Product & services pricing Rating 8.18/10 8.18/10
    Chance of future purchase: Rating 7.70/10 7.70/10
    Shipping & packaging: Rating 7.03/10 7.03/10
    Customer service: Rating 7.64/10 7.64/10
    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 7.21/10 7.21/10
Rating 8/10

Memory Teapot

""The overview of different kinds of teapots, some of which are linked to a specific culture or ritual.
Earthenware Yixing teapots come from the Chinese county of the same name. Thanks to the porous nature of the clay from which they are made, they have the capacity to ""remember"" the teas that have been infused in them, and so they are called""memory teapots"". It's fun and you are sure to enjoy it. I bought a teapot from Umiteasets, Yixing Purple Clay Dragon Fish Teapot.
If a Yixing teapot for the gong fu cha ceremony is well made, it will conform to the three-level rule: the tip of the spout and the top of the handle will be level with the rim of the teapot. In addition, the lid should fit the opening in the teapot as closely as possible, so it does not move, and the handle and spout should be perfectly aligned.
The seal (or signature) of the potter is printed on each teapot. It is usually on the bottom of the teapot or under the lid, and sometimes it is under the handle. The signature of the teapot I bought is on the bottom.
When they are hot, the sides of my Yixing teapot absorb the tannins in the tea, creating a deposit that builds up over successive infusions. This is how the memory teapot acquires its coating. The more the teapot is used, the better it will reveal the wealth of aromas in the teas infused in it."

This review was modified by kqrapgvyz on January 12 2017 07:45:03 PM

Rating 10/10

Tasting Black Tea

""According to my friend's introduction, the black tea is crushed, broken or whole small or medium-length leaves, varying from brown to black, sometimes with golden or silver tips(buds). Some first-harvest Darjeeling teas have green or brownish-green leaves.

I chose the Darjeeling Black Tea TGFOP1, for this one, the temperature can be lowered to 194℉(90℃). After add the leaves, let the leaves infuse for the required time, which is usually between 3 and 4 minutes. The color of the liquid will vary(from amber to red) according to the type of tea. If the leaves are very broken or crushed, shorten infusion time.

If you wish to enhance the experience of drinking tea, the first thing to do, before even wetting your lips with the fresh infusion, is to sniff the leaves before and after infusion, inhaling the subtle fragrances they contain. Next, study the color and texture of the liquid, then bring the bowl very close to your nose to smell the fragrances released by the liquor.

After having sniffed the tea and having tried to detect as many aromas emanating from the leaves or the liquid as possible, the second challenge is to describe the texture as well as the general impression that it leaves. That looks excellent."

This review was modified by guyvxobza on January 11 2017 11:28:22 PM

Rating 10/10

Superb Soothing Tasty Tea

""Women always have a few days is the period when it is not rational control. My friend Joey told me that drink some floral tea will make me feel soothing and comforting. She is come from China and she know much about the mixed effects of tea. With my situation, she suggest that I can get the collocation of Rose Tea and Hibiscus Floral Tea to brew together.
I searched the Umiteaset website in Google to buy the tea. Since I do not know how to brew tea, I consult the website of the customer service staff. Her told me that following the instructions she provided will help me prepare tea that tastes perfect nearly every time.
* Star by warming your teapot with hot water,wait 30 seconds, then discard the water. You can also warm the outside of the teapot;
* Add the leaves. You can place the leaves directly into the teapot. If you use a tea strainer, make sure it is as large as possible in relation to the teapot. The more space the leaves have to unfurl in the water, the better the tea will be.
* Pour the water over the leaves. Water quality and temperature are improtant. You should never pour boiling water on tea leaves, as it can scald the leaves and destroy their delicate aroma.
* Stop the infusion by pouring the liquid into another container or by removing the filter used for infusion. And infusion must be controlled to be sussessful. If it is too short, the character of the liquid will not be revealed; if it is too long, the bitterness of the tannins will overwhelm the aromas.
It is a great help!! I'm going to enjoy my tea now."

This review was modified by shearaiqt on January 11 2017 12:11:10 AM

Rating 2/10

Terrible customer service and defective cups - not good value for money

"I ordered quite an expensive teaset and was guaranteed free shipping ASAP. a fortnight later, I had no word from them and contacted Umi teas. They apologised and said all their couriers were busy. This was eventually sent but only arrived much later (tracking details are in Mandarin - so good luck deciphering where your stuff is!).

When the product arrived almost a month later, part of the teaset were missing - namely the tea pet. There were several chipped cups and the patterns around the teacups were defective - overlapping. I took photos and sent it back to them. They promised replacements for the chipped cups but those with the overlapping patterns - they said was 'normal' and part of the process!

It is now more than a month, I haven't received a replacement for the chipped cups yet.

On the balance of things, if you want cheap, mass produced teasets, and yet pay premium for it, this is your site. Otherwise, go to your local Chinatown and you should get the teasets featured here for a fraction of the price. And you will get the pick your teacups so there are chips or overlapping patterns.

Rating 8/10

My Ritual Tea Set

""My wife and I have had this White Cherry Blossoms Sushi Tea Set for two months now, I surprised with this tea set and teas and she loved it.
This come with 4 beautifully crafted tea cups, and in a smart presentation box. It's a very nice porcelain tea set. I love the flower designs and color, but the only thing about this tea set is that the color may chip off. As soon as I received the tea set, I cleaning the outside of the tea set immediately. Then I knew I don't need to worry about it.
The construction is great, the internal coating heavy and rugged and the exterior as amazing. The handle is well attached and transports the surprisingly heavy pot with confidence.
This is our quite weekend mornings, with a simple warm up with tap water and then properly boiled water poured in this pot stays hot for hours. The temperature qualities also result in the smoothest tasting cup of tea as all the heat goes to the tea.
We put about 1 teaspoon of Tea into the strainer and pour the hot water into the pot and use a spoon to lightly tap the tea into the strainer and start the brewing. 4 minutes later the magic happens.
The pot is not only utilitarian, it is beautiful. After using this, I will never again use vitreous, for my ritual tea set, guess I just had the right tea set."

This review was modified by peesktabs on January 09 2017 10:55:55 PM

Rating 8/10

Good product, Services could be improved

"I ordered a tea pot and a water boiling kettle about 2 weeks before Christmas. I was looking around online for cool tea stuff and every other place I looked had just boring things that everyone has. When I found UmiTeaSets.com I knew they had just what I was looking for and the best part was the price was good too!

A customer service rep contacted me and said if I made my purchase now there would be a 15% discount to apply. This is just great. I take it, place the order, wish the rep Merry Christmas and Feel confident because shipping was standard at 7 - 14 days so if it shipped tomorrow, at the latest I will get it the day after Christmas.

Then the problems started. 6 days later it hasn't shipped. I send a scathing email saying I either want it shipped the next day expedited shipping or my money back.... Package is shipped next morning, a Sunday, so I feel pretty confident they got my message, but there is no response from customer service to explain the situation or when I can expect my package. I have a tracking number for a janky Chinese package tracking site that has one word in English "query". The tracking data is in Chinese for the most part so it's pretty much useless. I don't get my package until about 4 days after Christmas.

The packing was good for protection but not the smartest at all and it was messy. Lots of pieces of Styrofoam were used to package it and it got crumbles of Styrofoam everywhere. The glass water heater pitcher was not in a box and had no instructions and no labels or anything. My wife was concerned that the plastic on it was not BPA free. I hadn't considered this, so I had no idea. She says she found online that it is. They should have included material to document it though.

The plug for the wall is Chinese style and I had to buy an adapter for. It takes way too long to heat up because I need a converter too, which is pricey. It should have come with an American style outlet plug. Because of this, we guess that some of this might not have been quite legally shipped. It does add to the authenticity factor, however.

All that said, the things that I bought were not very expensive but are of high quality and very authentic. I would recommend this site to anyone who is looking for something different than what you can find at your local Tea Source.

If I place an order again, I'll do it a month in advance of when I need it. If it hadn't been for the shipping problems this would have been a great experience. Shipping was important, though, as this was a Christmas gift. I think my rating is a bit generous, but if they work on improving these errors I think they could have a very successful business.

This review was modified by DonkeyKong1 on January 02 2017 07:56:08 AM

Rating 8/10

Nice Tea Set With Homeliness Packaging

""Nice tea set, but the packaging is not beautiful. I bought this set at the preferential price, and I feel I got no less than what I paid for. We were hoping to be able to hold the boxes for reuse, but we're just going to be throwing them out. Also, there is a lot of wasted space in the box, so there will be a lot of padding material to throw away.
As for the contents, we tried the dragon lily last night, and it is a very pleasant tea for a quiet evening after dinner with no harsh flavors.
As for the pot, it's a small, thin glass thing with nothing special about it. However, it is quite the right size and shape for watching these teas unfurl.
All in all, I'm happy with what I got. I just wish the packaging could have been nicer."

This review was modified by mavenunshy on December 29 2016 10:29:19 PM

Rating 8/10

Wonderful Item

"When I first heard about flowering tea, I wonder what the tea looks like. I was so curious that I searched the appropriate tea set on the website. After the compare, I chosen this tea set, I already know which ones are my favorites. It's a great starter kit and I select 9 different kinds of tea--all of which are beautiful to watch and delicious to drink.
I made my first pot of flowering tea when I was having a very bad day. The simple act of brewing this flowering tea, the whole room with the aroma and admiring the beautiful shapes and colors made me feel so much better. It sort of turns a normal pot of tea into an event!
I plan to buy this tea set again to give as a gift. So wonderful!

This review was modified by paisgazmwcre on December 27 2016 10:47:23 PM

Rating 8/10

Funny Things

"I bought this tea set just for fun. I have been drinking blooming tea for a while now. It is pretty to watch the flower unfold, and because it is nice portion of tea already portioned out for a small pot. I would purchase this one because it has some tea shapes I haven't tried. They provided samples of Dragon Lily Bulb Tea to me. I like this style of tea, because there have a lovely subtle taste instead of overpowering flavors. Tea sets' heft and solidness are fine. I didn't find any imperfections on it. The pot also has a built-in strainer, although I'd likely use a cup strainer or tea infuser. Packaged it all up in lovely printed cardboard "gift boxes" which can be used to store the set. And I'd say it's perfect for that. "

This review was modified by tewqgdraty on December 26 2016 09:32:03 PM

Rating 8/10

Fabulous Present

"I bought this as a gift to my friend who has been wanting a tea set but is too practical to splurge on such frivolous things for herself. Although up close the flowers look a bit pixelated, I still think they are very cute. The teapot is sturdy without being too heavy, and the mesh tea leaf holder will be fine enough to keep the leaves out of tea water. I am afraid that the teapot does not retain much heat. And I purchased the cast iron warmer, so she can have hot tea by her reading chair or bedside. It's just 7" in diameter and 4" high with the handle stowed, so quite easy to store if needed. The box they came in is not suitable to present them in. I put it in a large basket of raffia & it looks just fabulous!"

This review was modified by aflalrdwzdhxs on December 25 2016 11:48:58 PM

Rating 8/10

Just For My Girls

"My girls love having pretend tea parties. More than once they asked me to buy them a tea set. So I decide to buy them a tea set as their birthday present instead of buying flowers that will wilt in a few days. I looked around on many sites, and Umiteasets was by far, the most reasonably priced set out there. My girls like the tea set with floral patterns. So they chose one of it.
As far as I am concerned, it's not really my style, way too flowery, but my girls think it's very attractive, and that's all that matters.
In a word, they feel satisfied with the tea set, and they like it very much.

This review was modified by antbdwgfde on December 21 2016 11:49:18 PM

Rating 8/10

Beautiful display

"When I saw these blooming tea at the first time, I totally fall in love with it. I deliberately chose a small and dainty teapot, and the clear tempered glass allows you to safely brew and observe your blooming tea ball. This set is appropriate to anyone wanting to try blooming teas for the first time, or as a gift to the tea drinker. A focus point people always have when purchasing online, "is the goods as well as its online photo projects it to be". As it relates to this product I can truly say I was very satisfied instead of disappointed. My personal favorite is the Rose Flavor which is truly rich in flavor and aroma. This is absolutely a relaxing tea experience."

This review was modified by sensflsqgh on December 20 2016 10:05:21 PM

Rating 8/10

Well Selected Gift

""I have several tea drinkers in my family. Sometimes we were get together to hold a family tea party. I would like to choose some tea set as a gift. They have not told me what they liked or didn't like about the set, but from the previous reviews the website's tea set looked fabulous. So I selected some kind of tea set on the website.

The tea set come in a great brown paper box with foam surrounding the fragile stuff which makes the tea set away from damage. Inside it everything is snug and it presents nice.

All tea set look as adorable as the picture shows on website. The color, shape and quality of the tea set exceeded my expectations. These are lovely little gift set for my tea-loving family. Maybe I should think about purchase one more to myself."

This review was modified by crishaxyapfuam on December 18 2016 07:05:45 PM

Rating 8/10

A Gift For A Tea Lover

"The gift was appreciated, it is an unbelievably great value and super great gift for any tea addict. I got it for my sister for christmas and she loved it so much. She only stated that she thought the glass tea pot would've been a little larger. It's very beautiful! The sample flower tea actually tastes delicious. And the other thing she mentioned was the flowers aren't labeled so you really don't know what you're getting until it "blossoms". But we had a lot of fun watching the flower tea bloom. The packaging is really cute too, and it's fun and the box is a nice keepsake. The tea pot is really delicate but it came in perfect condition. I definitely would recommend this to any tea lover, I am planning to purchase one for myself."

This review was modified by culpbwhdfhl on December 11 2016 07:34:13 PM

Rating 8/10

Satisfied With My Tea Set!!!

"I am completely satisfied with this tea set. It's make of glass and people can see tea leaves or flowering teas. I put the flowering tea bud in it, then I can see the bud starts opening. After a few minutes, I pull out the infuser, and enjoy my tea for the next several hours. Because this tea set come with a teapot warmers. The tea light keeps my tea the perfect temperature the entire time!! I can add more water and my infuser back into the teapot to steep for another pot.
I like to sip on my tea throughout the day, then the tea is becoming lukewarm instead of hot. I don't mind just pouring myself another little cupful to sip on. If the cups were bigger, the tea would be cold by the time. The infuser is awesome, but does let a small amount of particles through it.The website staff suggested me to order a Tea Strainer, that I can place it over my cup as I pour tea. Problem solved. That’s great!

This review was modified by brasekrymheui on December 08 2016 07:24:37 PM

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