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    Shipping & packaging: Rating 3.50/10 3.50/10
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Rating 2/10

Expensive poor quality product

"In Nov. 2015 I purchased a pre lit artificial Christmas Tree from Tree Classics. It arrived shortly before Xmas and when I set it up, part of the tree would not light. I spent an hour on the phone with Tree Classics attempting to trouble shoot and then another two hours on my own trying to fix the problem. This involved checking/ changing fuses, checking lights and electrical connections. The tree comes in three parts and the entire middle section, section #2 did not light up. I was given the option of waiting until the following fall to get a replacement section and in the meantime, string my own lights on the middle section. So, with a brand new pre lit tree I have spent several hours trouble shooting and stringing my own lights. Fast forward to Nov. 2016 I received a replacement section, however, I was sent two #1 (bottom) sections instead of the middle #2 section. And to make matters worse one of the new sections did not light up. After much back and forth with the warranty dept. I was given the option of donating the tree and providing written proof of the donation at which time they would send me a replacement tree. I explained to multiple customer service people I talked to, that I had spent almost $300 dollars only to get a defective product twice. Therefore, I wanted a refund so that I could spend my money elsewhere. After putting me off for 2 weeks, they declined the refund. So here I am in 2017 and I still do not have what I paid for in 2015. A word of caution for anyone thinking of purchasing from this company….DON”T!!"

This review was modified by cknight464 on February 12 2017 11:15:01 AM
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Rating 2/10

Really bad value

"I wanted something really special beside the front door in the entry way, so I didnt flinch at the $179 price tag, What arrived was a cheesiest fake tree you can imagine. The quality of the greens is the very cheapest, and the decoration is uneven and cheap-looking too. But--it arrived at about the time my first wave of guests were due, and I kept it. Big mistake. I see I am not the only one disgruntled with Tree Classics. Buyer beware! You can buy something similar at Walmart for a fraction of the cost!"

This review was modified by Kbarrhollenberg on January 04 2017 10:16:19 AM
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Rating 2/10

Worst company & customer service ever!

"At this happy time of year, it is a shame to have it ruined by Tree Classics! I bought an expensive LED multi light/clear slim tree on Nov 28th, it was delivered quickly and I set it up the same day. The tree looked prefect that day with nice bright lights blinking from clear to multi. However the next time I turned it on the clear lights were barely visible and the multi lights are dim! After calling customer service,I was told to take pictures & send an email. After no response to my email, I called back and it was clear the person I spoke with did not know the products because he told me change the fuse which can't be done on my particular tree. So he finally told me he would send a replacement control and power supply. After waiting over a week I sent an email asking when replacement parts were shipped only to find out they have not been shipped nor reviewed/approved by the warranty dept. I was given a claim number and told to reference it whenever I called or emailed. So here I go calling again and was told I would be placed on a call back list and someone would get back to me before Christmas! So very disappointing!! I have decided to return the tree since I'm sure I will always wonder if it will work and I know customer service doesn't exist at this company. But here is the clincher, I have to return the tree BEFORE Christmas or they will not take it back! So my family will celebrate Christmas WITHOUT a tree this year! Merry Christmas to Tree Classics......NOT! "

This review was modified by desertfam3 on December 19 2016 12:09:15 PM
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Rating 2/10

Worst pre-lit tree ever!!!

"Owned an artificial tree for 19 years that was great, but finally became too worn out. Decided to purchase a pre-lit tree from Tree Classics and was extremely happy with it the first year. Second year a small section of the bottom piece would not light and we were unable to find the problem. Third year, almost half the tree wouldn't light and I was so frustrated that we bought a real tree for two years.

I am now in the process of removing all of the lights strings and cannot believe the asinine way these strings were installed. I would literally like to choke the individual who is responsible!!

This is a very nice tree and will look gorgeous when I'm finished putting new lights on it.

But this has been a time consuming lesson and if I ever have to purchase another pre-lit tree, I will be examining it very carefully before purchasing and would definitely not purchase online.

This review was modified by Jacquekwhite on December 19 2016 11:34:17 PM

Rating 10/10

From ordered to up in my house in 4 days!

" I ordered a 9 foot spruce tree with lights on Sunday afternoon and the tree was delivered promptly on Thursday. Everything was in perfect condition, clear instructions, and most importantly a gorgeous tree. It was easy to set up and the outcome we couldn't be happier with. Thank you Tree Classics!"

Rating 2/10

Absolutely the worst customer service ever encountered!

"We bought our tree on Christmas morning 2011 after realizing we could not turn the lights on our real tree since it was extremely dry. Much to our delight, the tree was delivered on New Year's Eve. We decided to put the tree up for a few days and enjoy it. The tree was absolutely beautiful and we had many comments from friends and family about how real it looked. So far so good...we put the tree away for the following year.

December 2012 we put the tree back up and discovered that 2 sections of the tree wouldn't light. We went through the painstaking task of checking each bulb, found the offending bulbs and replaced them. The tree was lit for a couple of hours before both sections were out again. Went through the process again and had the same result. Obviously there was short in the wires.

We call Tree Classics and reported the problem. We were told they were purchased by another company and they were not honoring any warranties. We tried to reason with the customer service representative and the manager to no avail.

In January we called again and were told that they would send us replacement lights. No package arrived. We called again in February and were told they were on back order and hey would follow up with us when they became available. Of course they never followed up with us.

In November 2013, we called again and were told that the lights were on back order and they would ship them when they were available. We followed up in January and February only to be told they were again on back order and they would follow up.

Same routine in 2014 and 2015. By now, we are ready to give up and replace the lights ourselves, but the customer service rep stated that the lights were designed specifically for the tree with offshoots to coincide with the shape of the branches. They weren't just a single strand of lights with one wire.

So here we are November 2016. Again I called to inquire about the lights. The customer service rep reviewed our account and sounded genuinely appalled about our experience. She stated that the notes were very detailed and agreed to what I was telling her.

She expedited our claim and stated that the lights would be mailed out to us right away. I followed up the next day to make sure that the lights had been sent and was told they had, but only one strand of lights was sent. There are two sections of the three that won't light and each section has two strands of lights. I was told that they would send us the remaining strands.

Delivery was scheduled for November 15th. On November 15th, we attempted to track the package with Fed Ex only to find that the label had been created on November 2nd and there was no further activity. We called Tree Classics and was told that 2 packages were shipped and that it was a problem with Fed Ex. They claimed that they would not have tracking numbers unless Fed Ex had picked up the packages. We called Fed Ex who did an investigation and were told that the packages were never received by them. We called Tree Classics yet again and were told that there was a delay in shipment and the package would go out that very day. The next day we did receive the package with only one strand of lights! We have no idea if they are sending a second page with the remaining lights....but I'm not holding my breath.

While the trees are beautiful, I would purchase from another company as Tree Classics does not care about their customers or the products they sell.

This review was modified by Rfreeson on November 17 2016 12:35:51 PM
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Rating 2/10


"Package was left on the ground in the yard by the deliverable man and was not visible for several days to me, when I called to inquire on the whereabouts of the package, I was told it had been delivered and so I began my search of my front yard because it was not in the usual places to leave a package [ 2 front doors with porches nor near the mailbox]. Once I opened, I was further dismayed because the wreath was packed so tightly, all off the flowers were flat and looked wilted, as if someone had used this wreath and returned it to Tree Classics.
Have requested a full refund and would never order from them again!

This review was modified by nursedlh on March 21 2016 07:35:14 AM
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Rating 2/10

Tried to make claim. Service rep said company bankrupt.

"I purchased a 7ft Michigan Pine Christmas Tree from www.treeclassics.com for $399 in 2013. Beautiful tree.

Was promised 5-year foliage warranty & long lasting Worry Free Lights. Thought it would be the last tree I'd purchase for many years.

Stored it in a special bag in a temperature-controlled closet. NO attic storage for my expensive tree.

By the third Christmas,, the top had burnt out entirely and half of the bottom was gone. Called the 800 number. Got the run around.

Finally talked with a rep who sounded half-awake, like she was on something. She refused to send me to a manager. Said my tree was out of warranty, the company had gone bankrupt, and I was SOL.

This review was modified by Npaules on February 26 2016 04:53:53 PM
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Rating 10/10

"I ordered a tree from Tree Classics on December 5, 2015. When I decided I did not need the tree, I called and tried to cancel the order. I had paid with Pay Pal, and was told the order was placed and paid for. I called Tree Classics again and was told to request an RMA and they would send me a label to place on the box. The return shipping fee of $19.99 would be deducted from my refund, and there would be no restocking fee. I sent an Email to Customer Service requesting the RMA. It came that same day. The tree arrived on December 10th. I put the return label on the box and took it to a FedEx store on December 11th. There was a refund on my charge account on December 14th. The service I received was excellent! "

This review was modified by Dee76 on December 16 2015 09:07:00 AM

Rating 2/10

"I feel so sad and a bit perplexed about what happened with regards to this company. My bf and I have always gotten real trees but this year we decided to try a fake tree for the sake of the environment. I read through the reviews here and noted that they have gotten really good reviews and a few bad ones. The bad ones are all mainly the same problem and unfortunately we chose to push forward and have had a terrible time of it with the same issue other reviewers are running into.

We ordered our "Snowy Aspen Spruce tree" on November 27th, 2015. We did not choose any type of expedited service to get it here because their delivery window, December 4th (seven days) was so good we assumed even if it was a few days late it would arrive in plenty of time. They were also only shipping it from one state away. We are literally 11 hours away from the shipping point (note: not the same as the location the company works out of).

They sent us a confirmation email and then a link which goes back to their site (NOT the fed ex tracking service link to the product). It didn't arrive on the 4th. It was rescheduled to arrive on the 6th, then the 8th, then the 11th, then the 16th. Apparently now it MAY arrive on the 18th. I have no idea because it's back where it first started and we know how that went. We just went out and bought a live tree several days ago.

I think one of the things which has been the most upsetting about this is that the tree left the warehouse in Fresno and then was shipped several states away to New Jersey where it sat for 5 days. Then they shipped it BACK TO FRESNO which is where it is today. I have no idea why.

I will state here that I understand the company is not responsible for fed ex doing whatever it is they are doing. Tree Classics has been very courteous throughout this ordeal and at last notice offered "I have also generated a return shipping label so you can return the package to us for free once it arrives" and "Once we receive your package back at our warehouse, we will start your refund process within 48 hours". I think this is fair though if it were me, i would have sent another tree, expedited, free of charge to my customer because once someone has spent several hundred dollars on a tree it's a bit ridiculous that they have to go buy another one on their own dime. We plan on keeping the tree anyway (If it's decent) since we were originally doing this in order to have a reusable one for years to come.

IF the tree ever gets here I will update this to reflect that. I may change the number of stars I give this company based on the tree's shape, look etc.

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Rating 10/10

"Excellent Tree! Great selection and hassle free ordering. Came in perfect condition. Will definitely be ordering more items in the near future"

Rating 10/10

"I ordered my tree in 2009 and it is still going strong. It was easy to set up initially, looks great, and is very easy to take down and store. Every year I just move it from storage into our living room, slip off the storage bag, and we have a tree! Some of the individual bulbs have burned out, but it hasn't been a hassle. Most of the lights are still going strong. Considering the age, we have thought about getting a new tree from Tree Classics for the past few years, but once we have this one set up again, we change our mind. It's just a lovely tree, and guests are quick to compliment."

Rating 10/10

"We got our new artificial tree last year shortly before Christmas and were very pleased with our purchase! Beautiful tree, perfect for decorating and love the lights! Thank you so much for our tree, we certainly will recommend your trees and company to all our friends and family! "

Rating 10/10

"I stumbled upon Tree Classics last year when I was looking for a 8' tree for my new home. I studied their site and read their reviews on several trees. I ordered my tree and was extremely happy with it. It was beautiful, realistic looking, and easy to assemble. Shipping was fast, I was extremely pleased. I'm looking forward to putting it up again this year. "

This review was modified by TeriTeri2 on September 24 2015 06:53:06 AM

Rating 10/10

"We first purchased an artificial tree from another well-known dealer. After the third "wrong"; tree, we gave up. I saw the add for Tree Classics and decided to try one more time...perfection! A great tree at a reasonable price with quick delivery and customer service answering all my questions ahead of time."

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