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116 Customer Reviews

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"Ordered several toys online to be delivered in California for my Grandson. I paid to have them gift wrapped and each and every package was unwrapped, though I still got charged for it. I tried contacting Toys R Us twice and they wont contact me back. BAD BUSINESS"

modified review This review was modified by trishahare64 on November 22 2014 05:29:39 PM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"Horrible experience! i ordered a basket ball goal for my son for his birthday and when it FINALLY came in it didnt have the net! so i called customer service to see if they could just send me a net for the thing and they told me i would have to either A.) ship back the entire item and they'll send me a new one which would take approximatly 2 weeks so my son would not have it on his birthday which is the WHOLE reason i bought it or B.) drive 3 hours away to go to a toys r us store and return the item there and use more in gas then the toy is actually worth. for a $3.00 net! that's all i wanted. i can not fanthom why it is such a hard thing for them to send me a net?!?! I will never use toys r us online again. Rude and Poor customer service on fixing THEIR mistakes."

modified review This review was modified by skylarbaillie on October 09 2014 12:31:29 PM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"order on line, they said they have it! next day out of stock! called to find out what happen manager told me they made a mistake and would have to refund my money!!! it was a gift for my son birthday! they could care less! everything was over the phone with managers who were all incompetent!!! i will never buy anything online or in store again!!! and i will tell everyone what dishonest managers and company they really are!!!total garbage!!!!"

modified review This review was modified by mrc25 on September 29 2014 02:40:13 PM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"I had the worst experience with toys r s online!!! TWELVE days ago I ordered a birthday present for my granddaughter's birthday (a play kitchen) to be picked up at a toys r s store and it has not arrived yet. The amount of the item was deducted from my account the next day, but according to the tracking information it has not been shipped!!!!!! Talked to customer service representatives, a supervisor, the store and have not received a phone call neither message to explain what happened with my order. How do you explain this to a little one that is expecting her present to play with her friends the day of her birthday? My experience: Never order from toy r s online :("

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Toys 'R' Us User
Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"Worst customer service I have ever seen! It is so poorly managed in store and all the employees act like chickens with their heads cut off and online is no better! Went to make an online purchase and something went wrong with the order, but it still charged me and when I called to tell them they said it didn't actually take the money and it would be returned in 7 days. It was NOT! I had to submit a claim to my bank and then it happened again and instead of honouring me as a customer they just argued and didn't do anything about it! I will never be shopping at the Toys R Us/Babies R Us stores again! "

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"Received an online order that was damaged on arrival. CSR couldn't generate a replacement order using their order/inventory database, so she created a new order (forgetting to input my apartment number) and emailed a "pre-paid" return label for the damaged bike. I called back stating apartment number for shipment was missing and that I merely got a return label that's not prepaid. CSR believed it was pre-paid and generated another one.

I drove to a UPS Store with the "pre-paid" label on the bike box (not the smallest item to manage). UPS guy confirmed label was not pre-paid and it would cost $87 ground shipping. Called ToyRUs CSR and she still believed label was pre-paid, so she emailed another one...still not pre-paid. TRU could reimburse me for shipping but it would take several biz days, which I wasn't biting on. After 35 minutes on the phone, CSR said I could return the bike to a local TRU store. I took back the bike, drove to the store and waited at customer service line.

The store CSR didn't understand why I was sent there, so she called TRU asking for clarity, and had to repeat herself several times for the CSR on the phone to understand the situation. Ten minutes later, they received the defective bike and said I was clear to go.

Two days later I got an email from TRU stating a return was not received. I called a CSR who reassured me it takes several days for the item to get back into their system. A week later I received the same email from TRU asking for the bike, otherwise my credit card would be charged.

At this point, I had spent about three hours trying to return this bike that wasn't my fault to begin with. I called TRU again. CSR was unapologetic and told me to show proof that I returned the bike to the store and to FAX it back to them. Now a customer has to do more work? CSR explained that online and brick-and-mortar stores don't share the same database and didn't know why the previous CSR gave customers option to return to a store. CSR said the ball was in my court and they would wait for the fax. I told her to escalate this issue to a manager who would call me back or they could do their due diligence and call the physical store to confirm receipt of the bike.

How much time and energy do customers have to put in before expecting ToysRUs to do their job? It's not our problem the online and brick-and-mortar stores aren't on the same database. It's not our fault that their logistics are mismanaged. It's not our fault that TRU can't generate pre-paid labels like EVERY other internet retailer. It's 2014 and TRU still doesn't get internet shoppers.

Rating 8/10
modified review posted

"I've always loved this store as a child and recently I re-visited to purchase a couple of toys. I found the service staff incredibly helpful, full of ideas and useful products for different ages, I would have been lost without their service. Order process could do with some work, I had to wait ages. "

modified review This review was modified by JessieR2 on July 28 2014 05:20:20 AM

Rating 10/10
modified review posted

"I ordered three Lego sets via www.toysrus.com and I received everything after a few days.
They sent me the stuff in two different parcels, the first arrived in Italy after 5 business days, the second after 7 business days. Delivery times are impressive, considering that the stuff was shipped from the USA.
All toys were well protected and arrived intact, without any damage.
Prices were much lower than in Italy. I saved a lot even if shipment costs to Italy are high.
The only flaw was that they gave me a wrong tracking number, but I solved the issue by writing to their customer service, that answered me quickly and clearly.
I will surely buy again from this website.

Rating 4/10
modified review posted

"Poor management - ToysRus Oxford, Botley Road.
I bought a Spiderman toy for my son. He didn't like it so took it back. But the shop wouldn't take it because I had opened the packaging. It was a plastic toy and opening the packaging didn't cause any harm to the product. But they won't take it back because it is 'company policy'. Can they give this to me in writing? (this happened sometime around Christmas 2013)

I visited them today (10:30 am 24th May 2014) to pick up a toy for my Son's friend's birthday party. I found a toy for the party and on the way to the till found a V-tech toy for £6.96. My son asked if he could have it. Since it was under £10 I said yes. At the till, this product was billed as £22.99. I told the staff member that it displayed a different cost on the shelf. A staff member and then a manager came with me to check the price. They then identified that the product was displayed at a wrong location. The manager said in a stern voice that "some one had shoved these here and I can't do anything about it". There were four items of this toy displayed and the actual product that was marked at £6.96 couldn't be identified. Hence it was clear that it wasn't misplaced by any customer. It was surely a mistake by the store's staff members. A simple apology would have been enough. It is difficult to say no after saying yes to a child. While I have to manage my little son, a rude reply by the manager was the last thing I wanted to hear. Anyways - I have to learn to live with hopeless management. I enjoy buying stuff from shops and not online, mainly because of the experience. I probably have to move to online places like amazon. Stores should invest in proper managers else they will soon loose to online shops.

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"This is my second issue with Toys R Us in less than two months.
First time, I ordered online and everything went smoothly. Until the package arrived. The side was completely smashed in, a huge rip along the edge of the packaging. I thought, "ok, this is the fault of UPS, I'm sure its not damaged inside."
WRONG! The toy (a gift, of course) was not bubble-wrapped or protected in anyway. Just a toy carelessly thrown inside of a cardboard box. Of course the toy was smashed and broken. I used "chat online" on their site and was instructed to call. I called. They told me to go in store. I said okay this getting ridiculous, but I went to the store. There, they then gave me grief about exchanging the broken item. I understood (sort of) because it was mostly the deliverer's fault. However, they didn't protect the toy INSIDE of the box, so they were also at fault. I wasn't too angry, just hassled.
Next, my child received a gift card as a birthday gift. Together, we shopped online and picked a few things out. The shipping cost caused the amount to exceed the amount on the gift card, so I applied my CC to cover the rest (a few bucks).
However, when I submitted the order, it took the money off the gift card but DID NOT complete the order!! This sometimes happens, so I waited a few minutes and checked the balance (which had $$ on it a few minutes prior). NOTHING. ZERO. ZIP. My child was heart broken because of this confusing mess.
The order was not complete, my CC was not charged, but yet the gift card went from X amount of dollars to 0 dollars. Magically disappeared. (I had checked the balance before ordering, so I knew exactly how much was on the GC)
So I again used "chat online" hoping it would be a quick fix. They AGAIN directed me to call customer service. I did. They were rude and quick to get me off the phone, instructing me to wait "24 hours" and the money would be back on the card. I was annoyed, but I agreed. (this has NEVER happened with any other cards on any other website/store, if the order doesn't go through, the $$ stays on the card)
24 hrs came and went. ZERO dollars back on the card. I called customer service AGAIN. They said "sometimes it can take up to 48 hours" ... Now I was even more annoyed. They seemed to be skirting the issue and trying to leave me high and dry with no gift card balance.
I wrote down the case number,who I spoke with, and gave them all my info etc.
Waited another 24 hours.
A total of 48 hours had passed and NO balance back on the card.
So I call AGAIN. Now I'm livid, they asked for my case number (which they looked up and then said DID NOT EXIST - they had a record that I called, but didn't have the gift card # on file and no info besides my name and when I called)
Finally, customer service said I need to fax them a copy of the receipt proving the card was purchased in the first place. My blood is now boiling. They didn't inform me of this 48 hours again. WHY? Because they were just trying to continuously pass me off to the next person and the next person, until I presumably gave up.
I said, "this was a gift! How can I expect the buyer to still have the receipt after all this time? I then would have to get the receipt from them, if they have it, find a fax machine and FAX IT TO YOU? Why was I not informed of this policy FORTY EIGHT HOURS AGO?! The balance was on the card 48 hours ago, which you acknowledged because you could see the amount was X dollars and now its 0 dollars with NO PURCHASES MADE." They repeatedly said I needed to fax a copy of the purchase receipt. Which I knew would just be another "wait 24 to 48 hours" situation and still nothing would be done.
I demanded to speak the supervisor, I was completely disgusted with this BS situation.I could see why I would need a receipt if they had no record of the gift card existing, but they knew what the balance had been, before I even told them. They saw that it went from X dollars to 0 dollars without any purchases made on the gift card. They knew it was their error and were refusing to acknowledge it.
They tried again to explain about the receipt and I repeated that I needed to speak to a supervisor. This went on for far too long and I refused to hang up with them AGAIN until this was solved.
Finally, after being on hold for over 30 minutes, I spoke to the supposed supervisor who promptly put the money back on the card. It was so quickly back on the card, I wondered the HELL it took so long to see a simple result.
I will NEVER buy from this store again. After dealing with the crappy, rude customer service and lack of care in handling matters that should have taken less than 1 hour... I will NEVER step foot in another Toys R Us/Babies R Us ever again.
Have a registry or wishlist with them? No thanks, I will buy your gifts elsewhere. I've never had so much trouble with a company in my life. I have used plenty of gift cards on plenty of websites, sometimes errors happen while placing an order. But the balance to remain $0 for over 48 hours, while the customer service acknowledges that it was their fault but refuses to do anything about it? Now that's an all time low.

modified review This review was modified by NormalRockman on March 27 2014 10:10:06 AM

Rating 4/10
modified review posted

"No problems with shipping or the product in general, but horrible customer service! After I bought a doll for my niece, I saw the same thing for $20 cheaper on Amazon. I tried to get a price adjustment as they promise in their policy, and was denied (by a very disrespectful representative!!)"

Rating 4/10
modified review posted
ResellerRatings.com TOP REVIEWER!

"*Update - Store honored the free item since they did in fact have them in stock. So I bumped up some of the stars. Glad to see there are some good people there doing the right thing.

Ordered a Minecraft Figure with Free Chest. Both were in stock and available for pickup. Submitted order. Received email back showing only figure (no mention of chest). Called 800# and she said it was not in stock to begin with..
*Horrible Trash Garbage company. Online said it was never in stock and pulled out of my order. I said it was in stock when I submitted it. Online said, well it really was not. Online wont let me cancel order, I have to call store for that. They charged my account and have to wait 7-10 business days for a refund.
I informed rep that I want to file a complaint which online took down:
1) Bait and Switch
2) Advertising products not in stock
3) Not able to cancel orders online (must call store)
4) Must wait 7-10 business days for refund.
Stay far away from Toys R US. Used to be the best about 20 years ago. Now one of the worst companies out there.

modified review This review was modified by todd72173 on February 02 2014 11:30:11 AM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"Very disappointed in Toys R Us. Ordered a Nerf gun through the company website that included a special promotion offer of a free dart refill pack. That additional refill pack was the reason I ordered from ToysRUs, versus another online retailer. When I received the order, the refill pack was not included. I was very disappointed, as was my daughter! I called and spoke to a rep and the manager, however they refused to honor the promotion. Such a shame to lose a customer over a $6 item."

modified review This review was modified by Xcitbl on December 30 2013 10:33:42 AM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"Worst packing I have ever seen. Ordered an Xbox One. It was shipped in a box that could have fit 4 consoles and the only protection/packing material in the box was a copy of the purchase order! The console was over $600 and they couldn't even throw in a strip of bubble wrap?!? Called Toys R Abused and was informed they didn't have anymore consoles and I would have to see if it works first. It was a Christmas present to my son. Never shop online from these clowns again!"

modified review This review was modified by dpeed2003 on December 20 2013 08:55:20 AM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"Tried to order a Little Tikes truck on cyber Monday on sale for $59.99. This was an online sale only. At 9:00 am it was sold out so I opted to be notified when it came back in stock as this was the only option available. Two days later they had them in stock but now for $99.99. They refused to honor the sale price. Obviously a bait and switch. I will never give them any of my business in the future"

modified review This review was modified by ThorCornell on December 07 2013 04:35:44 PM

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