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  • Rating 0.67/10 33 reviews

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All 34 Customer Reviews

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"I purchased a S50-ABDX laptop in sept 2013. When I got home and tried to start it up it did nothing. Called Toshiba they told me to return it and get another one, the mother board wasn't working properly. 4 months later same thing happens, send it to Toshiba to be repaired under warranty. 3 weeks go by and I call them and they tell me that the mother board is defective (again) and that they will only receive the part in 3 weeks. Not happy. 3 weeks go by no computer and no call backs. I left 3 messages to the "supervisor" in charge. I think all the cust service people are "supervisors". Now after talking to 3 different people I find out they have ordered another part and it will be march 10th when they receive the part. They will have my laptop for at least 61 days now. I ask the rep for an email or phone # of a manager in cust support. His answer "I can't get in touch with them right now" "I don't have there email or phone #" All I said was that was the most incompetent answer I have ever herd. For sure this is THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE that I have had to deal with.....EVER. And I still don't have my laptop, they say that someone will call me in 3 days."

modified review This review was modified by ericdutton on February 28 2014 04:27:56 PM

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"I recently bought a brand new Toshiba Satellite C55 and it was my worst purchase ever. The Wifi conection could not be slower. I've looked up in some forums and it seems to be a common problem for Toshiba users... in my case I tried everything but it still doesn't work. Plus, the mousepad stopped working after a couple of weeks. Finally, the customer support did not give me any answer. Toshiba, never again."

modified review This review was modified by nalvarez102 on February 24 2014 07:41:58 PM
dianeaakin's Avatar
Pomona, CA
Rating 10/105/5
modified review posted

"I owned a Toshiba laptop for 10 years and it always was reliable. Never got sluggish like some of the other manufacturers models did. Also, my mother is the president of a fairly large computer club and has been for many years so when I decided to purchase a new laptop I asked her advise. She hears all he complaints. She recommended Toshiba because from her experience and the experience of her users they have had very little trouble with them and it is a much more open ended system then HP or Dell. She told me to NOT to buy HP because her users have had nothing but problems with them and having to send them back to the manufacturer to get them fixed and they come back not fixed. Many of users own HP's because of their price point. The Toshiba laptop I was looking at to purchase was exactly what I needed with the CPU power, hard drive space and memory. It was a line that they were discontinuing which was information I received from her husband after he researched it further for me and the price point was very good for the specifications. They stated that I would receive it in about 3 to 5 days and I received the laptop in 4 days. Here's the best part ~ I have had it for a few months and it is performing beautifully. I could not be happier. "

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"I bought a Toshiba Satellite L875 and it crashed completely. It never worked properly. They refused to replace it and instead charged me $25 to ship it back to them for "possible" repair. Their customer service department is unprofessional and rude. They care nothing about quality. I will never buy another thing from them. "

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"Bought a Toshiba satellite 550 laptop just over 2 years ago and the motherboard completely failed. Even after having it replaced it still did not work! Toshiba would do nothing...hid behind the fact that the warranty had expired. After owning many computers and brands over the years ....Toshiba is junk!! Their attitude is arrogance!! Buy a Gateway or Dell or anything but a Toshiba. Even filed a complaint with the BBB and they will still do nothing. Every other company has tried to work with me if there was an issue with their product...not Toshiba. What a sad commentary on this company."

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"What I purchased - I was one that pre-ordered the Thrive 10 inch tablet.

Good - I have really found the full sized port useful from time to time. Specifically the USB and HDMI.

Bad - I am however unhappy with Toshiba's commitment to Android. They don't communicate with consumers about updates even if the hardware is capable of running it & the updates they have done always have issues. There are also some design issues of the hardware as well. The placement of the SD card makes it so if you bump it wrong you can loose the SD card. I have lost one. The AC adapter has issues. The plug easily breaks off leaving a piece in the tablet & requires you to purchase a new adapter. All of this makes me question Toshiba's ability to produce quality product & shows me they aren't committed to the products they produce.

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"I purchased a $1K laptop from them. It was poorly constructed; one of the end pieces was attached crooked and you could see the inside of the computer through the gap! Unbelievably shoddy workmanship.
When I contacted customer service, they were quite rude. Apparently, my options are 1) I can return it and 2) I can return it and buy another one (And that will take ANOTHER 3-6 weeks). Wow - thanks for the help! [Don't bother asking for a supervisor, the same lady got back on the phone with me claiming she was a supervisor. I guess they think only idiots would buy their product in the first place.] NEVER AGAIN

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"this is my last toshiba..shift keys are sticky, making capitalization difficult. And nnow the cooling fan is taking breaks. It's under warranty, but it has to be sent in...and gone for approximately 2 weeks!!! And i have to pay for shipping. I think the shipping is more than the cost of the repair. For a fan! There is no local place authorized to do the repair."

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"Toshiba had to replace my hardrive within 3 months of purchase then within 40 days of getting it back the hard drive went again. They reopened the first repair order due to the error code I was providing but when they recieved the laptop they stated that the sensor under the cap lock key changed color indicating water MAY have hit the key. Could not determine if it was damaged but wanted $175.00 to replace keyboard before ANY warranty work would be done. Key worked before it left my home because I spent 3 days on the phone with tech support running recovery scans.. in my opinion they are simply trying to get back some of the costs for all the warranty work they have to do because they are making defective products. Funny how they were able to find the one key on the keyboard that the sensor went off on... and seems funny to me since the keyboard worked perfect before leaving my home."

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"Bought a Satellite C650 just over 2 months ago. It worked fine for 6 weeks and now needs to go for repairs. I was just informed that I have to pay not only the shipping to the depot but also the return shipping and that there is no one who can waive the shipping fee. Seriously???? I just paid hundreds for a piece of junk lemon and I have to pay shipping to make it right???? Obviously this company cares nothing for its customers or providing decent products or making it right when they sell something that doesn't function."

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"I purchased a Toshiba 32" IHD LCD television model 32A500U in 2008. In July, 2011, the picture feature failed completely although the audio was functional. I took the unit to a factory authorized repair shop; paid $50 for an evaluation of the problem, and was informed a week later that it would cost $300 to make the repairs. As this is almost the cost of a new tv, I declined. I then called and wrote Toshiba requesting some financial assistance in repairing the unit. Their response in all requests was that since the unit was outside their one-year warranty, there was nothing that could be done.

I am now faced with a $300 repair bill or placing the tv out for garbage (which is what it is). It seems completely irresponsible for a manufacturer to produce a product that has a lifetime of three years given the cost of that product.

Being totally disgusted with Toshiba's attitude, I will never purchase another Toshiba product again.

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"Toshiba themselves does not care about their customers. I am quite irate about being so ripped off. Their laptop is unreadable due to such a small screen at such a high resolution. Money back guaranty. Right! only 5 days after my purchase, they would not take this piece of junk back. Phone calls get left on hold, emails get ignored, and posts get deleted. They may or may not fix a defective part, but a defective design, their attitude is ha ha we got you."

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"I bought a Toshiba SATELLITE C655-S5060 for my son in Dec 2010. Within 4 months, the Hard drive crashed and now they want us to pay shipping fee to send it in for repairs UNDER WARRANTY. Don't buy a Toshiba as my other Toshiba has been sent in for warranty repair for the keyboard. Talking to my friends who have had Toshiba laptops, they all tell me that they had problems with their Toshiba's. So much for Japanese technology...I think they are all made in China with crappy worksmanship."

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"I brought the Toshiba C655-S5193 laptop recently. In a months laptop hard drive failed and I have to spend another $30 bucks to ship the laptop to Toshiba even though the laptop is covered under warranty and the support website clearly say i don't have to.

I called customer service multiple time and no one could answer why is this and there is no escalation process either.

I small piece of advice for anyone looking to buy a neither buy this Laptop nor buy Toshibha unless you have a lot of money.

I have posted this review on Toshibha and they removed it.

Check HP/DELL or LENOVO Laptops.


Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"Poor business ethics, poor customer support service.

I placed an online order last Thursday (April 21st) on a Satellite C650D-ST2N03 Laptop
AMD Athlon™ II Dual-Core Mobile Processor P360, Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit), 3GB DDR3 memory, 320GB HDD (5400rpm), ATI® Integrated Graphics PSC16U-069036. It's a pre-built laptop which means, according to their web site (http://www.toshibadirect.com/td/b2c/ebtext.to?page=laptops-netbooks), that it ships within 1-2 business days. This was very important to me as I had to leave to Europe in 9 days. When I called them on Monday their Customer Service representative told me that Friday did not count as a business days (Good Friday) and it normally takes a-2 business days to process the order. She, however, told me that it is too late to cancel my order and that it will ship by the end of the day (Monday) but it did not. When I called them on Tuesday their Customer Service representative told me that it will ship on Wednesday, April 27th. By the end of the day on Tuesday, however, I received a shipping confirmation email. This email confirmation had missing (blank) tracking number. On Wednesday I tried calling their Customer Service again to request the tracking number but gave up after waiting for ~30 minutes. Then I decided to check the order status online and found out that the package was indeed shipped on Tuesday, 26th. After reading all the negative reviews about Toshiba business practices on http://www.resellerratings.com/store/view/Toshiba/page/1 not sure what to expect next... Very disappointed.

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