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    • Address: 7795 W. Flagler, Miami, FL 33144
    • Contact: http://www.tigerdirect.com/contactus
    • Phone: 800-800-8300
    • Customer Support: 800-800-8300
    • Business Hours: 7am - 1am EST M-F / 8am - 12 midnight EST SAT-SUN
    • Fax: 305-415-2149

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13,974 Customer Reviews

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"I thought at first i was doing a tremendous deal. I bought from their canadian website a 1 gig memory stick who was on sale at the low price of 4.99$, so I decided to go for two. After the purchase, I was billed on my credit card 6$ of custom fees, I thought that I was buying from a canadian warehouse. No, It was from the US and I had to pay the fees and canadian taxes. Generally, on item under 20$ there is no custom fees. So my 10$ purchased when from an astronomical 24$ purchased. At least on newegg there is no hidden fees, the price that is listed is the price you pay.

After receiving both memory sticks, I find out that they sended me higher rated frequency that wasn't compatible with my old laptop. Even after trying those ram sticks in a compatible computer, one of the sticks was defective. And their replacing policy sucks, If I ever wanted to replace them I had to pay 8$ in shipping and guess what. The day I made the orders, the items went out of stock.

Very bad experience, I won't be buying from them again.

modified review This review was modified by beauluc on October 21 2014 08:04:54 AM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"Bought a tablet from their store located in Houston, Tx. Bought the warranty for it as well. Unfortunately the tablet fell and the screen cracked. I called tiger direct customer service and asked how can i get it repaired or replaced, since the store in Houston was closed I was given the option to drive to Dallas, TX or to Mcallen, Tx and have it replaced, the CSR even called the location to see if they had any in stock (they did)... I decided to drive to Mcallen, Tx just to be told that they wouldn't do it. Total waste of time and gas... CSR I called while at the store was somewhat helpful but still won't compensate for an unecessary trip! ...finally got the replacement tablet and immediately put it on ebay.... Hate dealing with this store"

modified review This review was modified by Aurorcanizales on October 19 2014 09:30:48 AM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"My main plan was to build myself a desktop that I could use for any number of things. I got a processor mobo combo, and the mobo arrives dead. So I send in a request, and don't receive my Return Authorization number like they said I would. Then I decided to use the live help to get the number, but I still didn't receive it. Only after I called twice did I get any results. After they told me to ship it, they send me something that has to be included in the return. After they told me to ship it! My desktop won't be complete in time for me to take it with me when I move out. Never again will I ever shop at Tiger Direct."

modified review This review was modified by jaredt95 on August 12 2013 10:34:55 AM

Rating 10/10
modified review posted

"I've ordered at TigerDirect very often and have had to make last minute changes, even cancellations, and everytime I received the same great service. They do go beyond the call of duty. Service and shipping is fast, the website is a pleasure to use, they have a lot of choices."

modified review This review was modified by ojsdoio on August 08 2013 05:14:46 AM

Rating 8/10
modified review posted

"Bought couple of refurbished HDTVs from TigerDirect, they works fine up to now:

- 60" Sharp HDTV, works fine since Nov-2011
- 42" Vizio HDTV, works fine since May-2013

Good price, fast shipping.

modified review This review was modified by niohkt on August 04 2013 06:57:03 PM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"In our visit to Miami we happened to see their shop. Many prices were quite good, specially the hard drives. Bought 3 2Tb external and 4Tb internal drives and other stuff.
Getting to the counter there was a sign: $1.99 and a box full of 8Gb pendrives. Thought wow and took four of them. Checking the bill of over $660 I saw that these pendrives had cost me $6.99. I said the woman in counter that I won't pay that sum of these pendrives. Her answer: Oh my god, and looked to the ceiling.
We took our menchandise and went to the customer service. With her we went to the box full of pendrives. She showed the small text below the price and said the price was for the string that you attach to pendrives and that we should have looked more carefully.
Then we looked for the person in charge. Right away the person attacked us verbally and said it was our fault we didn't read the barcode!!! And that's it. When I was amazed that I had to buy this product with this much higher price and that in our country we have a protection that when you buy a product you can return it within one week without need to explain. Then the woman of the customer service said that they CAN return the money. Just then I realized that they just didn't want to sell these pendrives with the lower price (although buying with more than $600).
Leaving the store almost a body search was taken place as we had less products than was in the receipt!! I would have understood this in some way if I would have had more products. When this was over the guard said sarcastically: Have a nice life!
All this happened in the store in the store in 7757 West Flagler Street, Miami.

modified review This review was modified by kissu on August 01 2013 07:12:57 AM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"Tigerdirect is an unethical merchant. Bait and switch, fraudulent descriptions and total lack of customer service and caring. They cheated me out of money by presenting an on-line offer and then claiming that's not what is said. Even when I sent them the url for the offer they disavowed it. I am angry and will refer to regulators."

modified review This review was modified by Dombear2003 on July 28 2013 02:11:53 PM

Rating 10/10
modified review posted

"I just wanted to tell you guys thanks for all your past help and orders. I've ordered from you for more than 10 years and every order has been outstanding. Nothing to complain about. Every time I call with a question about a part or other issue, your guys are always very helpful and I appreciate that very much.

I did have an issue with my last order (the only time ever out of all my past orders) of a bad motherboard but a new one was immediately sent to me and all is good and the computer is working perfectly. I had called Gigabyte about the motherboard and they pretty much told me it was my problem.

But you guys stepped up to the plate and fixed the problem.

Thanks again and look forward to more orders with great success.

modified review This review was modified by Tammy1999 on July 25 2013 07:42:55 AM

Rating 6/10
modified review posted

"I went through two rebates with them, the first went through but the second one was denied due to insufficient receipt. Even though I use the same packing slip both times. They allowed me to upload the receipt again and this time it was approved. Unfortunately, the rebate card never came. This is the first and only time a rebate never arrive in all my times I did rebAtes.. Coincidence? I think not."

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"This is my second time buying from Tiger Direct. I bought a 32 inch Samsung LED LCD HDTV with 1 business day shipping. When I called to check on the status of the package they told me it had already shipped and I would receive it tomorrow. But I waited all of the next day and the day after, but no package arrived from Tiger Direct. I called T.D. and their best explanation was that the package was experiencing some delays and that I should receive it in a week or so. What is the point of me paying extra to get the package a week later???

But here is the best part. When the package did arrive, there was no UPC code on the package. I can't submit the serial number for a rebate. When I called/emailed Tiger Direct for support, no one answered. I basically paid $200 dollars more than what was advertised for an average T.V. Tiger Direct is definitely one of the many scams on the internet and hopefully I can save you some money and peace of mind.

modified review This review was modified by maxjohnson on July 02 2013 12:51:07 PM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"I will never EVER order anything from tigerdirect. I was willing to give this online company a chance, even though in the past they've treated me with average customer service. But today, they wasted my time and just were absolutely not helpful.

I ordered an Emerson Action Cam from their website for $40 + $1 shipping. Their website mentioned a $15 rebate so that was the MAIN reason why I purchased the item.

When I went to try to complete the rebate, I cannot complete it because it is requesting a copy of my Serial Number. There was no serial number sent to me... nor was there any serial number on the item I purchased. Tigerdirect has failed to resolve this issue. Instead they told me I need to find the serial number myself and gave me a phone number that didn't work at all. I called the number only for the person on the line to tell me, "I can't give you the serial number, you need to call tigerdirect so they can give me the purchase order and I can find send them the serial number".

They have instead failed to take responsibility for posting a rebate which is impossible to complete. Because of this, I would not recommend... and in fact tell you to stay away from tigerdirect at all costs because they have 0 customer support and post deals that are misrepresentative.

modified review This review was modified by aleksdude2 on June 26 2013 10:45:30 AM

Rating 4/10
modified review posted

"Great deals, maybe.
Low quality customer services, and very unprofessional on phones wait times.

Customer services and validation department must get unified education, so they sing the same song to customers.

Ordered a EVGA GTX Titan, using international VISA, that works very, very fine on Amazon and ebay, shipping address was Aramex US shopping box, because I work in middle east region.

Order freezes, after grabbing a hold of the money no doubt, asking me to call urgently (despite they have my number), called and waited, 10 minis to reach someone, then talking to CS agent and more wait times added another 15-20 mins call time. Instructing me to call Validation department.

Called Validation department, same deal of wait, 10 mins, then they stated, we do not use international VISAs, I said you sure, or is it problem with names differences between address owner (my sister) and VISA holder name (me), he said that is fine, your VISA should be issued locally (USA), I asked, can I use Paypal? He replied Yes, call CS and cancel your order, and reorder using Paypal.

Done, including the routine, wait times same, etc etc, canceled, "Will be refunded", made another order using paypal.

Order freezes, after grabbing a hold of the money lol, call urgent, CS, same wait times no doubt, then Validation department, now they say, your address is P.O.Box, we need another address with someone lives in, a friend or family. I don't, and why that was not problem earlier? Sir, this is how it is, I asked, ok can I talk to a manager and make an exception? (talked very politely, as I have been raised by mentally healthy parents), Army man replied, it's no use, no matter how you talk, this will remain the same, it's a company policy, we need to make sure of your identity, I told him, you took your money, and the buyer who put the address will take the damage in case something goes wrong, as myself only put the address and I am responsible.

He said, your only option is wire transfer. I said do you expect I use all your payment methods and have 10 refunds in your company with a reason for each order canceled? Am I a party that examines your company consistency? are you for real?

We broke up, our relationship was questioned since start.

Anyway, called CS, wait on phone, Mam, cancel the order, Validation department says etc etc etc.

Ok Sir, I will change it to Wire Transfer and will send you the Wire Transfer details on email. (I thought, maybe that's it, I go for it no issues).

Waited 6 hours for Wire Transfer details from hell, nothing came.

I called CS, (PHONE WAITING TIME WOKE ME UP ONE MORE TIME) oh wait, that wait time on phone is a sign, I am suffering for a reason, reached CS agent, PLEASE, cancel any order I have done today and yesterday, I have 2000+$ refund in your store, let me have them 1st, then I decide if I ever visit your website again.

Worse, no order history says anything about your canceled purchases, you have to track it through some twisted form to make it appear.

Even more, no emails for your canceled orders or any refund statement.... ow my money :'(

Calls are being recorded for quality assurance purpose... but for me, it's my money's proof of existence.

No email for tigerdirect.com, you have to use their Email US form, some of your inquiries will get autoreply mail, and some not, even for different orders numbers.

I know refund will take time, but I need a hope, proof to track it, very healthy normal all over the world procedure.

Now you tell me, am I really just an another pissed off customer who does not really correctly rate this store?


Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"BAIT AND SWITCH! I will never do business with this company AGAIN! EVER!!! Ordered a Archos 101 Gen9 Tablet - Android 4.0 OS, 10.1" Touchscreen, 1 GHz OMAP™ 4 Smart Multi-core ARM CORTEX A9, 4GB Memory, 250GB Storage, MicroSD Slot, HDMI Output, Built-in WiFi, Bluetooth from Tigerdirect.com on sale for $129.99, BUT they sent me Archos 101 Gen9 Tablet - Android 3.2 OS, 10.1" Touchscreen, 1 GHz OMAP™ 4 Smart ARM CORTEX Dual-core A9, 8GB Memory, MicroSD Slot, HDMI Output, Built-in WiFi, Bluetooth. I went to Archos' website and found the 250GB model I ordered (now discontinued). It retails for $349.99. Although my money was refunded 10 days later, i am still without the tablet i ordered. What a complete waste of my time. So disappointed in this company, i NOW know why they have such a low score on reseller ratings AND they do NOT actively participate at ResellerRatings to monitor feedback and resolve your issues. "

modified review This review was modified by Superbowler on June 21 2013 12:21:08 PM

Rating 8/10
modified review posted

"I love this site. Always offering great deals!"

Rating 10/10
modified review posted

"Mr. Keith Dorsett is a kind, courteous and a professional. I don't have the words to convey how much of a professional that he is. However, if you had another one like him, you might be able to rule the world! Lol..."

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