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    Product & services pricing Rating 1.43/10 1.43/10
    Chance of future purchase: Rating 1.07/10 1.07/10
    Shipping & packaging: 0.00/10
    Customer service: Rating 0.36/10 0.36/10
    Return/Replacement policy: 0.00/10
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Rating 2/10

Worst Teavana store experience ever

"This weekend I visited a Teavana store at Fayatte Mall in Lexington, KY, and I had the worst experience with Teavana ever. When I asked them to use my Starbucks rewards for the most expensive teas, their friendly attitude disappeared in a second. Instead of doing what I asked them to do, they used my rewards for the least expensive items and charged me over ten dollars more than what it should've been. They have no respect for loyal customers. Sorry Teavana, I'd rather get much better quality tea from other places than going to this store and having to deal with your disrespectful sales people. "

This review was modified by Ytyzarus on March 25 2017 10:45:02 AM

Rating 2/10

WOW........TEAVANA.........NEVER again!!!!

"I placed an order online on December 21. Money was deducted that same day. One week later, my order status is "on hold". I called customer service and was told my order was on hold, they didn't know why, they've seen orders on hold sometimes for over a month. 2 weeks later, the item I purchased is still being sold on the website. I emailed customer service and it took 3 days for them to respond. Do you know what their response was?!? Please call customer service!!!!! WTH? WORST customer service ever!!! and the prices that you charge?!? I placed an order for AJIRI tea and got my order within 2 days...........super high quality, and the company supports orphans in Western Kenya. Get your act together TEAVANA! I'm making sure to tell EVERYONE about my experience with you."

Rating 4/10

Why so bad?

"My main complaint is that they're slow. I also had the same problems on websites as other people, but I ordered on mobile so I wrote it off on that. So I ordered tea online the Friday after Christmas. I assumed they'd ship the package on Monday and I'd receive the item around the next Friday. I didn't get any mail from them confirming shipment by Wednesday so I sent a customer service request to find out more and received an email stating they'd get on it as soon as possible. The next day I finally get an email that they've packaged my pound of tea and are shipping it. Two days later in the afternoon I get an email stating "we have looked at your customer service request and look at what we found". I was expecting to receive my package but it's still in Oregon and I'm going on vacation this weekend so I have to hold the tea from being sent to my house or ups will mail it back. So thanks to their slow af processing it's going to take me at least two weeks to get my package.

The website was kind of an ordeal too. I used a coupon on a full pound of tea of a discounted tea taking the order from $75 to $21. That's where the two stars came from. So the website was finicky, but I've dealt with a finicky website before. So when purchasing I didn't get on the "order received" page and ended up clicking "place order" like five times and it was my first time using a Starbucks card's app so I thought I'd used the credit but those were my points. So I called Teavana customer service and the very flustered guy who answered the call kept saying that there wasn't any order placed. That's it. I looked at my Starbucks app again and figured out what I did wrong and he repeated that there was no order, and I thanked him for the information and he sounded suspicious that I was a prank caller or something. I did need to know that I hadn't charged my card three times by the way. So I said thank you and that I was going to try again, but faster and logged into my account. But he was like "there's no order placed" and I say thank you again and hang up. I'm sorry for wasting his time??? So I close my Adblockers, restart my browser, log into the Teavana account that I'd made at some point during the order, find the discounted tea on the sale page, order a pound of tea, place the order wait for the discounts to load, put in the coupon code, wait for that discount to load, put in two Starbucks card numbers, my credit card number, and place the order and it goes fine.

But yeah the website isn't great, especially for people who expect things to work because they just use Facebook or Amazon. It's abysmal compared to most other online stores.

The store customer service is great. Maybe Teavana should give their online customer service some complimentary tea and make tea mandatory for people shipping the tea off.

Rating 2/10

Employees are uninviting

"I have been to the Vancouver Mall location a few times recently as I have a new liking for tea... the employee Gracie is always rude and acts like we are in her way or bothering her. At first I assumed she was having a bad day but the last couple times I was there she was the same way and its got to be that she doesn't like her job and is apparent she doesn't like customers. She shouldn't be working there. The tea is already overpriced but when you have someone be rude and treat you like you are a bother or taking too long to decide which tea you want to spend $50 on, it makes you not want to go back :("

Rating 2/10

RIP Teavana - Never Again

"I placed an order via website to send it as a holiday gift to one of my husband's employees on December 21st. There was the Artisanal Brewing Collection Kit (worth of $69.95), Defense Wellness Tea (2oz worth $12.50) and (Joy Flavored Tea Blend ($0.00 - promotional item). I got shipment confirmation on December 23rd. Then, on December 28th, I got an email from Keyla Brown who identified herself as a Teavana supervisor. She said she was sorry but the Artisanal Kit was out of stock, was never shipped and will not be shipped, proceeded to tell me that I was not charged (no kidding!) and then wished me a great day! My day wasn’t great after that. How about offering an alternative item or trying to do anything to rectify the situation?! Nope!
Teavana just made my family look as cheap fools by shipping a $12-dollar gift to the employee! I sent her a reply email, and of course, no response. I called customer service (waited on hold for 34 minutes!) and the rep said there was nothing she could do - the item was out of stock. She sounded very confused at why I was upset and didn't understand it. I asked her to speak to the Supervisor and of course, no Supervisor was available but she did take my contact info and reassured me that they will call me back within 1 business day. Nobody ever called me back. I called again and waited for another 28 minutes and another rep answered. He said he just placed a replacement order for me. When I told him the item was out of stock, he then said "well, I was able to place a replacement order." A week goes by, no confirmation e-mail, no e-mail notifying me of any delays, nothing. I call customer service again on January 4th, the rep (rude, no people skills!) proceeds to tell me that the item is on back order but he doesn’t know if it will be ever be in stock again. I ask to speak to the supervisor but the supervisor is not available. Of course. I ask to speak to the supervisor’s manager but the rep doesn’t know who that is.
Teavana/Starbucks, don't you what to make it right for your repeat customers?! My family spent so much money at Teavana and Starbucks in the past! Poor customer service, Poor business practices! The call center is staffed by the most ignorant and unprofessional staff of any call center I've ever contacted. Teavana is such a huge embarrassment to Starbucks.

This review was modified by Ak1626 on January 04 2017 08:14:20 AM

Rating 2/10

I found a used cigarette filter in the Teavana tea

" I bought a lot of tea, it was on sale from the teavana store at a mall in West Hartford Connecticut. Ive been drinking a lot of it, until one day I was trying to make tea and I scooped out something that did not look right, I did not want to believe what I was seeing, it was a cigarette filter, I was sick to my stomach thinking about all this time I've been drinking it, I took it to the store to show the managers, they told me all they can do is give me a store credit, I don't need a store credit because I will not buy this tea ever again, and I still have a lot that I cannot drink, because all I can think of is that disgusting cigarette filter that I found in it."

This review was modified by Jiaazad22 on October 01 2016 12:55:53 PM

Rating 2/10

Very, very disappointing online service

"I ordered some tea, measuring spoon and infuser as a gift for my mother (ordered September 20th) hoping that it would arrive on or close to her birthday on September 28th, with regular UPS Ground shipping.
When it didn't arrive, I sent them a message inquiring about when she could expect it. They then replied "Thank you for contacting Teavana! I apologize for the delay in response and your inconvenience. There is a pre-authorization hold, that will release once your order ships. This happen whenever there is a huge difference from a recent order and or there is a billing issue that needs verifying . I'm sorry. This order has not shipped out . At this time would you like to cancel the order?"
I'm alright with their concerns (which are admittedly a bit weird as I order online all the time and have NEVER had this response or problem) and protocol - BUT WHY DIDN'T THEY LET ME KNOW IMMEDIATELY? Why on earth did I have to be the one to contact them and ask a week after I had submitted the order and they had confirmed it???
The other problem which was extremely annoying was that there wasn't a way I could have the order gift wrapped There's a part that says gift wrap, but nothing happened when I clicked on it, only the option to send a brief message, which, by the way, did not process the exclamation mark - Happy Birthday! kept coming up as Happy Birthda When I sent an email to request gift wrapping right after I ordered, saying that they could add the charge to my order, I was informed that this was not possible because the items had already been ordered. I naturally assumed that they were sending it out immediately and couldn't manage to get it gift wrapped. 8 days later, it still hadn't been shipped. Absolutely ridiculous.
Of course, I cancelled the order and sent her some lovely tea I ordered from Amazon that should arrive tomorrow (one day shipping). I currently work in Bangkok, so I very much rely on gifts being sent to loved ones in the US without a hassle.

This review was modified by Bangkok1234 on September 28 2016 10:23:31 PM

Rating 2/10

Wish I had read these reviews prior to placing my online order!

"Joining the list of unhappy Teavana customers. Teavana placed 3 holds on my credit card for 1 order. When I tried to resolve the problem and get a reason for this by calling the customer service "Gwen", she first tried to place the blame on me, asking if I processed the order more than once. In fact, 2 of the holds are for amounts in excess of the order. My order was placed on 9/19/16, holds were placed against my Visa on 9/19, and 2 more on 9/22. When I assured "Gwen" this did not happen and not to place the blame on me and told her about all the negative reviews posted online for the company, Gwen hung up on me. Meanwhile I have yet to receive my tea."

Rating 2/10

Extremely misleading Teavana website offer

"I ordered from Teavana's online store under the "teas" menu item and instead of tea they sent me an empty tin. When I called I was told I had ordered just the tin. I looked at my order confirmation where it said "Oprah Chai Tea T." I had no clue the "T" stood for tin especially as I had found it in the "tea" section. Also, under tins, they did not sell an empty Oprah Chai tin. I called and was told it was my mistake and I could send back the tin. Too much work and money for me but I will NEVER order from them again. "

This review was modified by liquablau on August 22 2016 01:43:49 PM

Rating 2/10

Immoral and Dishonest Company

"Let me preface this by saying that I had for years been a very loyal customer. They have literally received thousands of dollars from me. When Starbucks acquired them, I worried. Starbucks as a company is total BS; their products are insanely over-priced and poorly prepared. I personally love the 'fresh roasted as of *insert date*' signs - the dates, at least in the locations around me, were always well over a month in the past. I'm sorry but if you didn't roast them within the last week - don't brag about it.

So back to Teavana - the acquisition was deeply concerning. Teavana's customer service, prices, freshness, and varieties were always stellar previously (in my opinion) and I feared that the sub-par reality of who Starbucks operates would sour the Teavana experience, too. Unfortunately this has proven to be the case for me.

On top of buying products for myself, I frequently gifted Teavana's gift cards. In one such case, the recipient had apparently misplaced hers and found it about 2 years later. Now this should not be an issue at all - the card itself stated that the balance never expires and she confirmed that calling the number on the back verified the full balance available. However, Teavana 2.0 - the Starbucks downgrade - apparently changed how many digits they use on gift cards, so you cannot complete a purchase with older cards. In trying to help my friend out, I called and spoke to a woman that seemed nice enough, but promptly explained that I needed to call a different number and the group there would simply give me an updated card number that can be used immediately. The woman at the other line had a different opinion and very rudely informed me that I was talking to their 3rd party eCard provider and needed Teavana. When I called Teavana again - their customer disservice specialist (Anthony) very rudely told me that this bad experience is my fault for not having my gift recipient use her gift card promptly and that ultimately I needed to let them void the card with yet another team and then wait for them to mail a new gift card out to the physical address (no, email was not even an option). When asking for his manager, he explained that his manager had gone home, then telling me that I should not call within the last 30 minutes of the business being opened, essentially making the office's mismanagement my fault somehow, too. I called again (they were still open for a few more minutes) and got a lady (Miranda) who explained that they don't have any managers present so late in the day. She then refused to transfer me to her manager's voicemail and gave me a fake email address.

Teavana - you are a shameful company. Starbucks has completely ruined you.

This review was modified by BizPsychDave on May 30 2016 09:58:01 AM

Rating 2/10


"DO NOT ORDER FROM TEAVANA'S WEBSITE!! You pay for next day shipping but they told me they can wait until up to 48 hours to process your order. BAIT AND SWITCH!! When you call they give you the run around and tell you there are no managers. I have the name of a "ghost" manager but they never got back to me. AWFUL COMPANY!!!"

This review was modified by ELAINAD on May 09 2016 11:59:21 AM

Rating 2/10

Refund nightmare

"I bought $238 worth of products at Teavana in Tulsa, OK. At no time was I told that the cast iron tea set I bought was nonrefundable. It was a gift and I never buy a nonreturnable or nonrefundable gift. My receipt says: Merchandise may be returned or exchanged within 60 days of transaction. There is some additional wording about scooped tea but it did not apply to my purchase. I called to confirm the store was open and that I was returning the tea set etc for refund. The man told me no problem that he would take care of it. He was not there when items were returned. Drove across town to return and the woman manager told us no refund on sale items. The tea set was not marked as a sale item. There was no sign on these products (except for a sign across the room on some BOGO items which mine was not). She finally admitted the man had misinformed me but she would not refund my unused items, still packaged items one day after purchase. Unclear refund policy and refusal to honor receipt. Never again. "

This review was modified by Oklahoman64 on March 20 2016 04:04:50 PM

Rating 2/10

Fraud or Gross Incompetence?

"Similar to all the other reviews I have had the most horrific experience with the Teavana website of my entire life. Terrible customer service full of rudeness and outright lies. FALSE ADVERTISING: discounts offered on website were never applied. Promotions that were applied when placing the order DISAPPEARED in the confirmation e-mail. IMPORTANT INFO: Teavana is a subsidiary of STARBUCKS and that is where I am currently trying to resolve my ordeal. After my awful experiences I looked up Teavana with the Better Business Bureau. In addition to having a rating of F there is an alert for this business. Either Teavana and/or Starbucks need to get this business model fixed or I smell a class action lawsuit waiting to happen as well as a huge embarrassment for a major corporation."

This review was modified by Agneska on March 01 2016 07:24:59 PM

Rating 2/10

"If I gave Teavana a full star that would be generous. I concur with all those who have preceded me. Teavana's customer service is the absolute worst I have ever experienced. From reps who are picking up the phone right up to the customer service manager. It would have been nice to know that these employees were either new US landed immigrants or refugees being employed under the table, or perhaps under age workers to account for the incompetence that I experienced when trying to confirm an online order. There isn't much to be said. To the two individuals I spoke with, I won't mention your names because I want people to see this review, but you both should choose alternate careers that don't involve people. I mean humans. Your interpersonal skills are null at best. But it seems your site and all its shortcoming are part of your legacy. I can see from a long list of unsatisfied customers that you have very little to offer. Glad I didn't waste my money. In fact, thank you for cancelling my order without my permission. It sounds like I would have been disappointed with the product anyways. Just another company treating its customers like they are unnecessary. "

This review was modified by ADSonline on December 15 2015 12:23:28 PM
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Rating 2/10

"I wish I had known how absolutely horrid Teavana online order fulfillment was, and how absolutely ignorant and vile their customer service folks are in Missouri (their call center). I ordered one day delivery for my rather large order, and not only never received a confirmation of dispatch for my order - but just out of nowhere received my order a full week later! This was after I had already left town for a three-week period. Calling their call center was useless.....as it's staffed by the most ignorant and unprofessional staff of any call center I've ever contacted. I think this is the only time I had wished that a corporate call center was located in India or the Phillipines. Everyone I talked to was unhelpful...one guy named Anthony actually laughed after he answer the phone with the spiel of "Thank you for calling Teavana...this is Anthony, how can I help you," followed by about 20 seconds of laughing. Seriously! Who hires these people???? Is this seriously owned by Starbucks? Whoever set up this call center, manages the website orders, and supervises these clowns should be FIRED!!! "

This review was modified by JSeattle04 on November 25 2015 08:28:03 AM
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