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  • Swanson Health
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    Product & services pricing Rating 5.28/10 5.28/10
    Chance of future purchase: Rating 4.17/10 4.17/10
    Shipping & packaging: Rating 4.26/10 4.26/10
    Customer service: Rating 3.24/10 3.24/10
    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 4.44/10 4.44/10

64 Customer Reviews

Rating 6/10
modified review posted

"ATTENTION people!!! swansonvitamins.com does not list the correct ingredients for their products.
Check before you buy. Good luck.

modified review This review was modified by privoz59 on April 17 2015 05:04:56 PM

Rating 10/10
modified review posted

"I have been using Swanson for about 1 year. I have had nothing but good experiences with them. I have noticed that Swanson herbs and vitamins are stronger then the ones locally available through Vitamin Shoppe brand, or health food store brands. The shipping is consistently about one week. "

DaughterOfLights's Avatar
California, USA
Rating 10/10
modified review posted

"Compared to most other online health food websites, Swanson Health has the cheapest prices, based upon my own research. Swanson Health offers great discounts to its customers. Shipping is reliable and not too slow. Highly recommended !"

Rating 6/10
modified review posted

"NOT WORTH THE HASSLE. I placed an order over 2 weeks ago. I tried to place it one night and it didn't go through. The next morning I completed the order using PayPal. PP is a safe and easy way to pay/receive payment, which is how I receive payment in my online store. I was charged twice for the same order. I knew it was a mistake b/c the first time I tried to order it did not go through and I only received e-mail confirmation for ONE order. I have now called 4 times in over two weeks-allowing time for the hold to be taken off. Each Customer Service Rep I talk to says they can see the charge, but it's not attached to an order. This means there is absolutely no reason the money should not be released. Someone in Billing simply needs to go into their PP account and verify that the charge is void. I placed the order at the end of February and I MIGHT have the money released in May by MY PP account if the charge continues to not go through and stay pending. I have now paid $100 for a $50 order. This was not my first purchase. I was becoming a regular customer. However, I WILL NOT be using them anymore. Every phone call ends in an e-mail sent to someone who never takes care of the issue. I have yet to receive a call either, which I was told I would. This is a simple problem with a simple solution and an overall terrible customer service call to action. BUY SOMEWHERE ELSE. There are plenty of other stores, whether they be online or not. Save yourself the headache."

modified review This review was modified by csullivanc on March 15 2015 05:08:40 AM

Rating 4/10
modified review posted

"I am based in Canada & order for delivery here.

Putting things in perspective to give honest assessment:

(1) The link below says, estimated delivery in 3-10 business days (Landmark Global Canadian delivery option) . The company does not start counting these days until order has left their warehouse

Catch here is: Found them taking 2-5 days for shipments after the date of orders. So goods arrive past this period. For my recent order (Placed on February 16th, 2015), I am still waiting for the delivery. So far 12 business days have passed from the date of shipment (21 calender days)

Link (referred above):

(2) This period of 3-10 business days includes time taken for customs. (As confirmed by CSR: Molly B. during online chat on March 4, 2015 between 10:50am and 11:15am (EST)

In my case, customs took 2 business days for clearance, so standard excuse delays in customs clearance does not apply.

(3) Personal experience on shipping: I have ordered over 15 parcels over the last 3 years (might have accounted for over $3000 purchase), in almost all cases after ordering, the shipment has happened after 2-5 business days. Usual response of CSR due to high volumes of orders, there is delay in shipment, we are sorry.

Guys, hire more people instead of standard excuses?
How does your apology solve any health problem?

Now, if ordered, and there is delay in shipment after ordering. The company policy is: Order can not be cancelled if the order processing has started So you get stuck!

Solution: Call up their CSR, who if kind enough can take you out of this mess and might cancel the order.

If it does not work, dispute the payment with credit card company and cancel the payment.

(5) If order has passed 3-10 business days limit, then as per the policy of the company, the customer must wait 15 business days to receive refunds/replace the package by sending another parcel. So in such cases, after adding there is further time-lag to receive the shipment. So minimum 20 business days (or maybe over 26 calender days if count 2 days of weekends). And remember that this is from the day of shipment.
So hopefully in a month such orders might be received!

So what should a customer do if such goods are not received on time and have passed 3-10 business days from the date of shipment.

The solution I found, dispute the payment and cancel the payment from your credit card company; instead of dealing with their hopeless CSR.

Now, god forbid if you have to deal with their CSR.

If calling them, there is no record of that conversation. If chatting, (based on personal experience), if there is serious complaint and try to resolve that matter, less probability to receive the copy of that chat by email (their default option is to send the transcript of the chat by email), maybe the CSR does some magic!

(8) If email them, then absolute useless responses:
From my recent interaction:
My email (Dated March 3, 2015 EST): "I have checked in your online tracking system of both service providers (which are Landmark and Canada Post), then called up Canada Post, the order status has not been updated for the last many days. Could you please investigate so I receive my order as it it urgent.

CSR response (responded on March 4, 2015 by Courtney B., Email Specialist): We are sorry. You could check the tracking status at Canadapost.ca. We advise you to have patience.

Did you read the email?
How the hell patience would solve the health problem?

Perhaps you should also go through the same problem to have the right experience.

Follow up email:
My email (March 6, 2015): the order status has not been updated. These products are urgent due to my health issue, could you please investigate or reship the goods;

CSR response (March 7, 2015 by Kellie B., Email Specialist): We are sorry. If you do not receive your goods by March 12, 2015, then contact us for further assistance. Also, can you verify your address with us?

Now, I pray that you have similar health issues so that you learn to deal with the real issue rather than doing smart talk.

Verify your address: Guys, how many orders have you shipped so far and for how many years? You can not do this earlier?
Long-live smart talk!

So after pleading and waiting for 21 calender days, the order status has changed (so that gives everyone the solution that one should wait to be harassed by their CSR, and if you are alive by that time due to them being sorry/having patience, then perhaps order status change would be granted to you.

In my case, unfortunately it is a weekend, so might have to wait another 2-3 days!

(10) Found other options:
(a) eVitamins.com
(b) iHerb.com
(c) VitaminLife.com
(d) LuckyVitamin.com
(e) Vitacost.com

Canadians beware, 12-months refund option only applies to the orders within the US.

Pardon my grammar and spelling mistakes if any.

modified review This review was modified by Mikeworld1976 on March 07 2015 09:13:16 AM

Rating 8/10
modified review posted

"I am happy with my first two orders recently.However, I have been getting a lot of new spam since then lately. I hope that is a coincidence, but IT BETTER STOP !!"

modified review This review was modified by J.J.Atkinson on February 18 2015 02:11:51 PM

Rating 10/10
modified review posted

"I've bought supplements from Swanson regularly for 15 years. They have a HUGE selection, the best possible prices, and high quality. I once had a problem with a box that got lost. I called Swanson, and they replaced the whole order immediately. In all these years of ordering from them monthly, I've received only excellent service, quality, and value."

Rating 10/10
modified review posted

"I have been ordering from Swanson's for over 4 years, and I have never had a problem, certainly nothing like the bad reviews I read on this site. The products are of high quality, the company is highly regarded by ConsumerLab, an independent research company that reviews medications and herbal supplements; and the products that I've ordered have been very good. "

modified review This review was modified by Susan72 on February 08 2015 09:58:52 PM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"If you are lonely, order something from Swanson Health products. It is impossible for you to imagine the amount of spam email and junk mail you will get. All of a sudden, I am also getting large amounts of spam from people that I never had a problem with. I am 100% certain that Swanson sells your information to other for their spam marketing. "

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"I joke wasted at least 4 hours of my own time trying to get this order straightened out between PayPal and swansons.... Swansons claimed I did not pay for my order... Yet they shipped it and I recieved it? Make any sense? Nope! So they kept calling and emailing me asking me to pay for it.... I contacted PayPal the said they recieved the money and even did a 3 way with me them and PayPal 2 times... The lady at PayPal gave up and just filed a dispute with them.... 2 days later I get a lame email saying Dear Benjamin,

Thank you for choosing Swanson Health Products.

Please be advised we have looked into the issue with the payment with pay pal. We have found the payment has been deposited into our account. We apologize greatly for the miscommunication on our end. No further action is needed for this order. We hope this information is helpful. If you have any further questions please contact us.
Our quality, value and customer service have made Swanson Health Products a trusted source of nutritional supplements since 1969. To help us build this privileged relationship with you, we welcome your comments and suggestions, as it is our pleasure to serve you at any time.
Have a good day!

Amber S.
Customer Account Specialist

Wow thanks Swanson I feel like such a valued customer

Rating 4/10
modified review posted

"I placed an order with Swanson on Dec. 22 and when it finally arrived it was packed horribly, cans on top of cookies and chips and they were crushed. I called to let them know and they said they we're sorry but that is why they have the policy of only 2 cans in one order. On their site it does not say anywhere that they have a limit of 2 cans or there would be damage. They were blaming the damage on the fact that I ordered too much not on the obvious bad packing job. They indicate on their website that in order to get free shipping you have to order at least $50 worth of products. So I needed the amount of cans that I ordered so how does that fit with the limit on the amount you can order at once. Just rediculous!"

modified review This review was modified by lesar001 on December 30 2014 08:05:22 PM

Rating 10/10
modified review posted

"I worked for Swanson's in the past, they are a very good company especially to work for. I left for family and personal reasons, however if I ever get the chance I wouldn't mind going back.

I still order from them occasionally, since I'm in the same town I just pick my vitamins up, however on occasion when I'm too busy I get it shipped to me, never any issues there.

This company has been in business for over 45 years, with thousands of customers, I came to this site looking to review the company and found such a low rating I was shocked. However then I noticed a small 53 reviews... that's 53 reviews out of thousands of customers. This site really is not a good judgement of the company. Reading the reviews here are all good and fine, however a person should seek out other review sites before deciding not to order from them. That's just my advice though.

I always have a great experience when calling, from the old and new people. The newer ones make some mistakes once in awhile, however that's to be expected, I just try to be patient and we get through it.

I personally love this company, it takes care of it's customers in the best possible way it can, we would go above and beyond when we could. however there is still policy to follow and unfortunately as much as we would want to help a customer some things do take time.

I would suggest trying this company out, if you're unsatisfied you can always return your product for a full refund, or if you have a bad experience, you can just quit ordering from them, a person won't know if they don't try it out.

Rating 8/10
modified review posted

"Well, I've ordered things from here a number of times, at the suggestion of a neighbor of mine who swears by their prices, also Walgreen's or CVS when they have 2-for-1.

I've noticed their prices being good, haven't particularly noticed any supplement nor skin care product being good, so also doubt the reviews as some here as well. I too think their reviews must be cherry picked.

What strikes me more though is there, here, the comments on any reviews featuring comments, are made by Elkarouge and xxx-xxx-IT (can't remember), but the same two "people" each time, which suggests to me that Swanson's has folks employed to comment on any negative reviews, and, well that DOES suck!

So my first verified suckiness of this company comes on this review site, which is a pity. By the over-weightiness of positive reviews on their site I figured they weren't all bona fide, but this site's negative review commenters have verified this for me. Which is a shame -especially- if this company is a family-owned business, as one review comments. Shame on this family. That's sad. :(

modified review This review was modified by ResellerRatingsCustomer on December 04 2014 11:05:56 PM
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Rating 10/10
modified review posted

"Perhaps this was a one off, but I have had the most frustrating experience trying to place my second order with this company.

Firstly the website would not recognize me as a registered user so I tried calling the help order 800#. 30+ minutes of holding later the helpful lady told me she could not help me with that problem and gave me another number to call. Only 5 minutes after that I spoke with a more experienced help lady who could not resolve the problem either.

They are 'working on it.' She explained that this was a temporary issue because of rapid growth and website problems. If they fix it, ok.

Then when I tried to complete my order online, as a guest, it rejected two of my credit cards due to the "numbers not being compatible with the type of cards." This was a Discover and a MasterCard. FInally my 3rd card worked - another MasterCard.

Right now they are not #1 in customer satisfaction by a long shot!!!

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"I have ordered from Swanson's for years-they have recently changed to Lasership for shipping- a recent order I had was out for delivery on December 2, 2014 but due to outside circumstances was "delayed" and set for a Dec 3 delivery-it was not so I sent Lasership two emails because there is no more tracking-no reply- I called Swanson customer service and was told to call another customer service number- I sat on the phone 45 minutes for each number-just call back if it doesn't show up today- soI went on their Facebook page and a rep told me I needed to wait until the 12th before they would consider a refund or reship-the shipper obviously had the package -either lost it or damaged it and good customer service for a long time customer would entail either an immediate refund or a reship by other carrier- I am furious and they do not care"

modified review This review was modified by freedom7191 on December 04 2014 09:44:34 AM

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