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      216 N 700 W
      Building 4C, Bay 5
      Ogden, UT US
      Mon-Fri 8 AM- 5PM Mountain Time

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Rating 2/10

Vacuum No Show

"I ordered a robotic vacuum and 10 days later I still hadn't heard from them even though the money was taken from my account. I called them and apparently my order got "missed". They were going to check on it and get back to me. They emailed the next day (Friday) that per the Manufacturer, they were going to overnight it to me. I did receive it on the following Monday. I won't be ordering anything else from them."

Rating 2/10

What warranty!!!!!!

"Had to give these guys one star because zero stars wasn't an option!
I bought a heater for my hot tub a little under a year ago after my original one died after almost 8 years. The new one failed and was tripping my GFI breaker. I removed it and contacted sunplay. They e-mailed me an RGA form and said I had to ship it back to Therm Products because that is who they bought it from (so they just 3rd partied it) funny how i bought it from a company in Utah but it was sent from San Bernardino CA which is closer to me.
Anyway it cost me $17 to ship it back and I waited almost a month then I called Therm Products. They acted like the person that I needed to talk to was not there and to call back the following day.The following day came and i got an e-mail from Sunplay saying that my heater was not under warranty because of chemical corrosion. Very funny that them e-mailed me the next day! So i called Therm Products and said "so I'm not supposed to us chlorine in my tub?"
I only use chlorine and no other chemicals and I have done for the last ten years with no problem. So they said they would get a hold of there QC guy and call me back. That was yesterday. This morning I got a call from Sunplay saying that the warranty was void and that was that.
Both Sunplay and Therm Products are obviously selling inferior products and they don't stand by there warranty.
I would not recommend these companies to anyone! Do your research and buy a better quality product from a reputable company!

Rating 2/10

Worst Customer Service

"I'm a pool professional. I ordered a Pentair board because my wholesalers didn't have them in stock, and I could get it FedEx next day. The morning following the order it still showed as being processed. When my wife called customer service she was told that the order was on hold because they thought it was fraudulent because the billing address didn't match the delivery. The service rep didn't know when or how it would be resolved. When my wife asked to speak with her supervisor she was told that they weren't in this week. When she asked to talk to the person filling in for that person they hung up.
I was livid when my wife told me of her experience. Without that board my customer's pool doesn't run. In 90 degree weather a pool can turn green really fast when it's not running. A green pool means a lost customer, and bad reputation in my service area. The agent I spoke to didn't seem to care. She wouldn't transfer me to a manager, but she would leave a message to have them call. Got no call. When I cancelled the order the rep told me that technically I'm not charged until it ships. I told her that even if it's pending the money is being held against my account.
I know customer service, and this company is garbage. I ended up ordering the board from Amazon 1 day, which blew out my budget on this board, but Sunplay left me with no choice, because unlike them I care about my customers.

Rating 2/10

Waited and waited for nothing

"I placed an order and after a week what I didn't get any shipping conformation I emailed them and they respond that my order is suspicious fraud,
I they don't want to sell me it's ok but don't let me wait for nothing
Btw I order it on that day from somewhere else any I got it after 4 days

Rating 2/10

Horrible service

"The customer service at Sunplay.com leaves a lot to be desired. I ordered 3 parts for a Polaris pool cleaner and one of the parts that they sent was wrong. After waiting 8 days for the delivery, I called customer service to notify them of their error, which they acknowledged. Nevertheless, they said they would just ship out the item regular mail instead of expediting it, even though it was their own error. When I asked to speak to a supervisor, the customer service rep. said that the supervisor was busy, that I could not wait on hold for him, and that he would not talk to me. I asked for the supervisor to call me to discuss this matter and, of course, did not hear back. Unbelievable, especially after spending hundreds of dollars with them. Buyer beware if you buy from them!"

Rating 2/10

Slow shipping and can't cancel or update order even if not shipped

"I placed an order for a robot pool cleaner through their website at 8:00am on Wednesday, hoping to get my order no later than Saturday, After contacting their customer service on Friday for tracking information, I was told that the order was placed on a "brief hold" but it was now lifted and now they "can proceed with shipping the order".
Since I did not receive tracking information by Monday morning, I contacted their CS and I was told that the "order is scheduled to ship today and I should have my items within 3 to 4 business days". Being that the order did not ship yet, I wanted to upgrade my cleaner to the next more expensive model but I was told I could not upgrade nor cancel the order because it was ready to be shipped.

Since I can't upgrade my order or cancel it, now I have to wait four more days for get a robot model I'd rather not have, or pay for return shipment and reorder the upgraded model and wait another week to get my item.

Next time I will just stick with Amazon too.


Rating 2/10

Can't cancel an Order

"You cant cancel unprocessed orders via their website. Emailed them 10 min after ordering asking to cancel and order a different product. The next morning they replied that it was too late to cancel. Now I have a product on the way that I cant use. Next time I will just stick with Amazon. "

Rating 10/10

"I had an outstanding experience with Sunplay. I called their customer service representatives a few times because I had a lot of questions. I'm like that before I order anything. Every time they were extremely patient with me, and treated me with kindness and respect. They were down to earth, too, and easy to understand. I purchased an Overboard waterproof mp3 player case with built in head phone jack. It even came with waterproof earbuds, and at a better price than on the manufacturer's website. Unfortunately, there was defect in the product. I emailed a picture to the manufacturer, and they admitted that the split in the material was because of a RARE molding mistake in the manufacturer's factory (not Sunplay), when the item was being formed. They told me to just forward their email admission to Sunplay (an authorized Overboard dealer), and to ask for my money back, and if there were any questions, Sunplay could call Overboard. Guess what ... There were NO questions!!! Sunplay made everything smooth and easy for me. I forwarded the email, but I also called, since I was so nervous! Sunplay told me not to worry about a thing, and that they would begin processing my refund immediately. Even though I had JUST sent the email, they were able to look it up. I think the money was back on my Mom's card REALLY fast, too! (My mom paid for this, even though I alone dealt with customer service, and the purchase was for me). She and I just used her card online. It was and out-of-the blue gift. My mom is great! So is Sunplay! Thanks Mom! Thanks Sunplay! By the way, the reason why I wanted my money back and not an exchange is not because I lost faith in the company or the product. I would buy from Sunplay again, and it was a great case. I just decided that since I wasn't going to swim with it, but just wanted super rain-proofing, I would go with a much bigger waterproof pouch, which I could only find at a different company. This way I can put my iPod in a shockproof case first, THEN put it inside the waterproof pouch. I use this combo with rainproof headphones, and carry the case(s) in a camera bag with shoulder strap. It's obvious I have ocd, but my device is surely protected. I may look like a tourist, but I'm happy. I'll always be happy when I think about my experience with Sunplay, too. Don't worry ... not all of my reviews will be this long of a ramble. This is only my first one, and I had to let it rip. I'll get the hang of it soon! Oh, and I assume that by NOT checking the box I'm saying that Sunplay did NOT ask me to write this review because they DID NOT. Thank you for reading, and for your patience with me."

Rating 2/10

"Exactly the same as others... Waited over a month & then said I was suspected as been fraudulent.. Absolute cowboys.. these guys are the fraudsters
Absolutely shocking

Rating 2/10

"I've placed my order on 08/05/2015, for a few days there was no shipping info, I called and try the chat on Saturday the 8th but they have no phone or email answer through the weekend. On Monday 08/10/2015 I've received an email(only to answer mine) informing me that my order was canceled for fraud suspicion. then I called to find out why they didn't contact me sooner?
the rep on the phone said that because my billing and shipping addresses are different then its a fraud and they wouldn't call or email(they have already made judgement that I'm) fraud.
My credit card have my shipping address, who are these people to treat clients that way?
I'll make sure that every one I know beware of this site

Rating 2/10

"Sunplay uses false advertising and bait and switch tactics to lure consumers to their website, and then does not honor promotional codes clearly displayed on the website.

The website advertises a promotional deal of $200 off a paddleboard. On July 7, 2015 I contacted Sunplay via email because when I attempted to use the promotional code, the website said the code was invalid. On July 8, 2015 I received a response from Sunplay, which said the promotion ended on June 30, 2015. I requested they still honor the $200 off because the deal was still being advertised on their website and there was no end date associated with the promotion. They decided not to honor the deal and at that point I requested they remove the banner with the promotional code from the website in order to avoid any further customer confusion/dissatisfaction.

I ordered the paddleboard, which the website stated would come with a free leash and Camelbak. When these two items did not arrive with the paddleboard, I contacted Sunplay again. They informed me this promotion was no longer valid either, but they would send the leash. I requested they also send the Camelbak because it was listed on the website, and was told they would not send the Camelbak. I replied and informed them their response was unacceptable because when I ordered the paddleboard the website stated both items would be included. They eventually agreed to send both items. Sunplay also removed that particular promotion from their website successfully, proof that they are able to update the website in a timely manner.

On July 16th, I called Sunplay because keeping this promotional banner on the website without actually offering the promotion is consumer fraud. I wanted them to honor the promotion as well as remove the information from their website. I spoke with Breagor at Sunplay about my concerns and was told they would not honor the promotion.

As of July 27, 2015, the $200 off paddleboards promotional code still remains on the website, and it still doesn't work.

Rating 10/10

"Since becoming disabled I needed a company that I could buy products from that would ship to my house. When I found this company, I was/am extremely satisfied with the way they handled the customer service. I ordered a product, it was the wrong product, and they worked diligently to correct the issue and left me a satisfied customer. Then, I ordered a different part and it too was the wrong part (completely my fault) and graciously offered to pay for the returned shipping as well. I couldnt asked for a better customer experience and will continue to use them for all my pool needs. Fantastic job by the customer service team."

Rating 2/10

"Boxer #100 Vinyl Repair Adhesive does NOT repair vinyl
From me to Sunplay: This Boxer #100 Vinyl Repair Adhesive is DEFECTIVE. It will not bond two pieces of vinyl together in any fashion. The weak bond it does create easily delaminates and does not “seal”. The air inside our airbed leaked out past/through the adhesive and small 1 1/2" patch very quickly after pumping up the bed 24 hours after the repair was made. 24 hours should have been ample time for the adhesive to “cure”. The Boxer adhesive would not even bond two pieces of vinyl patches together. After 24 hours of curing, under 5 lbs. of even-pressure (the patches being sandwiched between my desktop and a smooth-bottomed 5 lb. anvil) the bond failed. The two pieces of glued patches separated (pealed apart/delaminated) with little-to-no effort. The Boxer Adhesive had completely failed. Spit would have held better. After attempting to return the defective adhesive to Sunplay I received this: "Dear Lee B! Your RMA #0000000415 has been successfully resolved with status "Resolved (canceled)". Customer Service: We apologize for these inconveniences. However, this is indeed a vinyl repair kit and rated to be used as so. We do take this as feedback, and will have the issue addressed with our management. Unfortunately, unless defective, we are unable to return it as it has been used. Being an adhesive, we cannot guarantee it will fix every leak, hole as it does depend on the manner in which it is used, as well as the size of the hole. For these reasons, we are unable to allow it to be returned, and for unsatisfactory reasons. You can view RMA by following the link http://www.sunplay.com/awrma/customer_rma/view/id/415/. Thank you for using our RMA service." This issue is NOT RESOLVED. How can you arbitrarily just state that it is “successfully resolved AND CANCELLED” and think that you are done with it? This Boxer #100 Vinyl Repair Adhesive is DEFECTIVE. It will not bond two pieces of vinyl together in any fashion. The weak bond it does create easily delaminates and does not “seal”. The air inside our airbed leaked out past/through the adhesive and small patch very quickly after pumping up the bed 24 hours after the repair was made. 24 hours should have been ample time for the adhesive to “cure”. I am requesting a FULL REFUND of the purchase price. There is absolutely no way to test this adhesive without first opening the container. The container has an unsealed Screw Lid so there would be no way of anyone ever knowing that the bottle had/has been opened (without me honestly telling you I had done so) and the extremely small amount of adhesive that was used to Test the glue and to make a very small repair (6-10 drops) proportionate to the actual 4 fl. Oz. volume of the container could never be missed or even measured. After “Googling” this issue (and your site) I have found where several others have had this exact same problem. A $20.00 bottle of worthless vinyl adhesive. The hole I was attempting to repair was a 5/16th inch long puncture made by a cat’s claw on a slightly rounded side of our airbed. The repair made with your Boxer Vinyl Repair adhesive/glue failed less than 48 hours after the repair was made and the airbed went flat during the night. I purchased a tube of “Blue Magic” vinyl repair adhesive at our local waterbed store (for $3.98) and two drops successfully repaired the puncture (without the use of a patch) permanently (in less than one hour). You are a Google Guaranteed site, please do not make me go to them to get satisfaction. Please, take care of this problem “in-house” and allow me to get on with my day. Thank you Lee B

Rating 2/10

"I ordered a 4 oz can of glue to patch my pool liner. They mailed the wrong item and so I called in. They apologized and said they were going to mail the correct item that day. After another week, I called to ask for a tracking number, and they said the order was still sitting there and they would send it then and would email me the tracking number. I called again the next day when the email never came and low and behold... a nice girl named Alexis actually checks the stock and finds its out of stock and issues me a refund. Meanwhile my pool has needed repair for 2 weeks. I will not be doing business with them every again."

Rating 4/10

"(1) Shipment was slow. I ordered three items all with "ship in 1 business day" on them. But the items were not shipped until almost one week later.

(2) They were out of stock on the color of the item I ordered, and simply substituted another color without notifying me.

(3) When I emailed support about the wrong color item, I get no reply.

Not a pleasant experience.

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