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All 34 Customer Reviews

Rating 10/105/5
modified review posted

"I recently got my impulse sauna with room for 2 people. I LOVE everything about it. I did quite a bit of research and with the help of Sarah who works for Sunlighten I was able to best select the sauna that would fit our needs. My entire family and many of our friends are enjoying it AND feeling the benefits. I sleep so well after an evening session! All the other benefits you read about I find to be true. If you are considering it -DO It! "

Rating 10/105/5
modified review posted

"We purchased the mPulse Believe for our personal use after reading about the health benefits this infrared sauna has to offer. We Just Love it! I was introduced to the sauna through a friend who is a Chinese Medicine Doctor who purchased the portable unit for his clients. After reading about all the benefits this sauna has to offer I knew I wanted one for our home. It’s not difficult to sell your spouse or significant other on this product. It’s an investment in your health future. I have my schedule set for Weight Loss, Skin Health & Detoxification. My husband’s is mostly Detoxification and Skin Health due to his profession. We have three daughters who are all pregnant and due soon. I've asked them to review the benefits of this sauna and set up a schedule for themselves after the babies are born. They will love it too. I hope they take advantage of our purchase. I’ve recommended this sauna to all our friends and family."

Rating 10/105/5
modified review posted

"I have been a user for over 5 years. I love my sauna. They were easy to do business with and arranged for delivery and putting the sauna together for me."

Rating 10/105/5
modified review posted

"I first heard and experienced a Sunlighten sauna in Florida. The accolades were a bit more than I could take at face value so I did some extensive research on the far infrared health benefits. It's been my experience that if you do a 'google' search on the least-hit sites, you find out what people think and bypass the 'commercial sales pitch.' After my research, I purchased a Sunlighten sauna for my health club. I told members that if this unit could produce 1/4 of what it claims, I would be happy. Well, I am extremely happy. Your sauna is called the Magic Box at my club. Those of us who do it on a regular basis just look at each other and say, "yeah, it's wonderful." The night after my first sauna session I crawled into bed and felt that I had climbed upon a hug chiffon cloud - I stretched and turned and completely luxuriated in the best night's sleep I'd known in years. The next day my skin felt like I had a total body facial and I spent the first half of the day with a sleepy half-smile on my face. A group of us are now addicted to your sauna. WE all feel energized and purified. Bruises go away. Allergies go away. Aches go away. Individuals who have been eating unhealthy experience a cleanse from the sauna. Traditional saunas may cleanse your pores, but nothing has actually cleansed the entire system as a Sunlighten sauna.

Having authored 17 fitness books, too many magazines to mention and being the present editor of a fitness magazine, I have heard a lot of unsubstantiated claims in the fitness industry. I am so proud to say that your claims are not unsubstantiated, and not only have you met 1/4 of your claims, but I would venture to say you have not yet touched the peak of the iceberg of what this sauna therapy can impact. I am ordering a second sauna for my club. Its benefits may very well bring back to our planet the benefits of sunlight as it was meant to be. Thank goodness for your extraordinary product!

Rating 10/105/5
modified review posted

"I have been using the Solo portable sauna unit daily for the past few weeks and I can tell you that I started feeling better after using it just 2 times!

A sauna was a medical necessity for me when the underlying cause of my auto-immune thyroid condition became evident. My health was declining and I had lost 40 pounds in less than 5 months. I was at my lowest weight of 115 pounds and at 5'8 I was feeling like "skin and bones" frail. My natural endocrine doctor tested for heavy metals (among other things) and discovered high readings of aluminum and mercury and put me on detox supplements, telling me I should consider colon hydrotherapy to assist in the elimination of these toxins. I asked if there were any other alternatives and his response was "infrared sauna", so I proceeded to research them online. In retrospect, I chose wisely - this is a quality sauna!

I was fortunate enough to speak with sales representative Natalie McDaniel as she was able to answer all my questions without any sales pressure. I was hopeful that the Solo was going to help me, but I really did not expect the astoundingly quick results! I had been on the detox supplements for 7 days before the arrival of my sauna without any noticeable difference in my health - hair still falling out, psoriasis still bad on my feet, and no weight gain. Just 3 days after I started using my Solo, I started to feel healthier and in 7 days, I weighed in at 124 pounds! Previously I could not gain a single pound, no matter how much or how often I ate.

With the combination of the supplements and the sauna both my natural doctor and I are convinced that it is working. I truly believe that the combination of the two are key - the natural detox supplements work better with the natural detox sweating on a daily basis.

I now weigh 126 and have enough energy and stamina to exercise, bike and swim some laps. My psoriasis which resulted from the toxins, is clearing slowly, but noticeably. My excessive hair falling is calming down and my voice was very weak, is back. Another bonus I am experiencing is greatly reduced swelling in my right wrist which I had injured 20 years ago, the pain of osteo-arthritis in my wrist is gone! Natalie had described skin and joint health improvements to me - she did not exaggerate - it is thankfully true!

I have always been of the mindset that in everything, including your health, you should look to the cause to fix the problem and that is why I sought out a natural doctor and that is why I purchased my portable sauna from Sunlighten. Now my doctor wants one too!!!


Rating 10/105/5
modified review posted

"It was all the wonderful things I had heard and read about Sunlighten that drove me to them to purchase a sauna for my women's gym. It offered everything that supported our approach to health and fitness so I took the leap to purchase it without experiencing it. It was a decision I would soon be thankful for. In addition to our member's exercise and nutrition program, this has become an innovative way to enhance their wellness program at a more advanced level. Our confidence comes from the science of infrared rays and the positive affects it has on our bodies. it allows the body to perform at a higher rate of return, and ultimately, that is what every fitness center strives for.

As a business, revenue builders are an important component to success. We offer sessions to our members and non-members as a special spa service. WE are excited to be the first in our area to embark on the infrared "wave." In the first six weeks we unveiled it, it had paid for itself.

On a more personal note, my 4 children, husband and I found ourselves using it so much that we purchased one for our home. Each one uses it for different reasons and I fell secure knowing, that for whatever reason, we are healthier for it.

Rating 10/105/5
modified review posted

"I have been in the process of purchasing a new sauna over the last couple of months from Sunlighten. I have had the good pleasure, delight and good fortune of having friendly Sarah Wickens hold my hand and put up with my unending questions and often dry and goofy sense of humor throughout the process. I never could have done it without her. Her passion and knowledge of these products is impressive! I am a Doctor of Chiropractic in Denver. My wife and I were both diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease about a year ago and have been on a journey in search of healers and healing modalities ever since. We found a DC in Boulder who uses far infrared saunas. But the drive to Boulder every week and the cost was taxing us.

So, I called Sarah and she patiently listened to my story, sometimes through tears and helped me decide on the just the right model, with just the right features, that would make it have the greatest potential for helping my wife and I heal! We couldn't really afford it because of the cost of treatments, so Sarah helped us get financing so we could get it right away.

She even sent me articles on Lyme and infrared. Funny thing is, is that I have been eyeing one of the beauties from Sunlighten for years and finally had a good reason to pull the trigger and buy one. One call to Sarah and voila, we have a new sauna. Still in the box granted, but here none the less. I plan on building it tomorrow now that the electrician finally put in the dedicated 20 amp line.

Your products are simply the best and I thought you should know that so are the people who represent you. In particular, Ms. Sarah Wickens! I think I called her a few times just to hear her voice and her good cheer to lift my spirit and Sunlighten my day!

To me, it's not just the product quality that counts, but the quality of the people who sell them and stand behind them that matters most! When I feel better, I am committed to helping people with chronic illnesses like my wife and I, using functional medicine and the next piece of equipment I buy will be another IR sauna for my office! With Sarah's help of course.

Again thanks for a wonderful product and even a more wonderful customer service experience!

Rating 10/105/5
modified review posted

"Working as a firefighter in the city of Las Vegas for over 23 years, my life expectancy is less than 65 years.
This is due the toxins that I have absorbed into my body. Thanks to Sunlighten products and those who make her great along with the Scientology Detox Program I live a much healthier life.

Rating 10/105/5
modified review posted

"WOW! A Company that actually does what their brochures say they will do. We have had our sauna for just over a year and we are extremely happy with our choice. We had the sauna installed to replace our jetted tub. After a year our Chromotherapy lights went out. We called customer service and their tech walked us through a couple of simple tests and determined we needed a new transformer. The box arrived a week later and we installed and the lights are working great!

Wow, again, a company that actually performs according to their brochures and stands behind the equipment they sell. I could not be happier with their friendly customer service and responses in dealing with our problem. We bought the sauna both to help my wife with her Lymes disease and to help me with high blood pressure and weight problems. Also, because a good sweat feels good. We do not regret the decision to replace our jetted tub.

We recommend Sunlighten saunas without reservation.

Rating 10/105/5
modified review posted

"Since I have had my Sunlighten sauna here are the changes I have noticed:

I know longer have nightly heartburn, and do not use any more Tums. My hips are both bad and will need replaced at some point; I have had significantly less pain.I had injured my knee skiing several years ago, any time I would ski or lift weights it would always have a sharp pain. That has disappeared.
I would periodically wake up with back pain in the morning. That has also disappeared.

These are some significant changes I have noticed along with just feeling better. I have been using the sauna 4 to 5 times a week and it is just a great way to start my day.

The process from start to finish to receive my sauna was seamless and I appreciate the people at Sunlighten for all of their help and excellent support

Rating 10/105/5
modified review posted

"Sunlighten Sauna Testimonial

In July of 2010 my cancer had returned. I was diagnosed three years earlier with a very aggressive prostate cancer. My doctors at the time told me that only 25% of men in my condition would survive past five years. After enduring everything that western medicine had to offer of surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and drugs the cancer had returned. My cancer can be measured in my blood and I had three consecutive blood tests over a nine month period of time where my cancer number had doubled with each test. My cancer was growing at an exponential rate. This was obviously not good news. When I asked my doctors what we could do, they said, “nothing.”
I had received the best that western medicine could offer and it had not been good enough. I was told that unless my situation changed things were going to get ugly. It was time for me to begin to investigate other options which included a search of holistic treatments.
I began working with an excellent holistic bio-chemist in September of 2010. One of the corner stone strategies he taught me to implement was the use of an infrared sauna for the purpose of detoxification.
Upon my return home from his clinic I began my research of saunas. After much research I selected Sunlighten Saunas. I am extremely satisfied with the product and the customer service. I believe that if I was unable to use their saunas in the convenience of my home I would not be here today to write this testimonial to endorse their product. Since I began implementing the holistic treatments recommended by my holistic guide I have reversed my cancer. I still have a small measurable amount of cancer in my body today but it does not impact me in any way. In fact since I have been taking my saunas I have not been sick in any way for a period of now over three years.
My recommendation to anyone who wants to improve their overall health is that they too begin to include the practice of taking saunas on a regular basis.

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"I was told that Sunlighten Impulse was here locally (20 miles away)and I would have a quick shipment. Two weeks later was told that its on its way. Shipper delivered, professional installers installed. What a nightmare. Professional installers, luckily they had YouTube. They kept referring to YouTube on how to install. Turns out it was there first time installing a sauna. They borrowed my tools, asked for drinks, used my restroom, but wanted to charge $20 to remove the trash. Wanted to charge me to install the chromo lights. Asked for help numberous times because installer wife wasn't strong enough. Took Sunlighten 4 days before they were able to send out someone to remove the trash, 3 weeks and the unit isn't working correctly. After three weeks and four different techs, door still doesn't close evenly, radio isn't working, lights doesn't work correctly. Sales representative was never willing to help after the sale, customer services bounces me around from one representative to another, but nothing resolved. I'm now requesting them to pick up the unit and refund my purchase.

Update 9/19/13
Sunlighten never addressed the pick up. They tried to make things right over and over again. I basically gave up and took a generous credit given by the CEO, Aaron Zack. Aaron was very nice and compassionate during the whole process. He tried over and over again trying to get the issues resolved, but something else would come up with the unit. He was gracious to send me So Sound, but I really had no interest in it. Our agreement was that I would accept the unit in its present state, send the So Sound back to Sunlighten, write a positive review, and in return Sunlighten would honor the warranty for the unit and a receive a discount on the unit. He told me that changes have been made in the company and its policy and procedures due to all that I experienced. Originally bought the sauna with the hopes that it could help in my wife cancer, but because the unit wasn't working right, she unfortunately she gave up on the sauna. I did ship back the So Sound and have been constantly reminded to place positive review. With my wife in hospice, its been hectic and haven't had much time for anything, let alone writing a review.

modified review reply posted May-09-2013
sunlighten's Avatar
sunlighten, Sunlighten.com rep has responded

“We apologize about your experience with your sauna delivery. This is not the kind of service we strive to provide our customers and have terminated services with the delivery company. We are working to resolve your concerns and are hopeful you will soon be a happy Sunlighten customer.”

Rating 10/105/5
modified review posted

"I had great hopes for the Sunlighten Sauna, but the guys that gave it poor marks win.
Right out of the Box the CD/DVD player shuts down control of the sauna. Customer service is great and tells me this is a known problem and they are trying as fast as they can to replace this poor player.
Then the control screen shuts it self off. Customer service sends me a replacement. Its easy enought to replace and it lasts a month or so and it begins to shut off control of the Sauna.. Customer service sends a replacement.
OK so far.
Finally the new CD DVD player arrives. I install it and when i command the CD to play it shuts off control of the Sauna. Which means you have to flip the breaker and re set up the sauna.
The IR Sauna is great but Sunlighten is the wrong product to buy.
Sorry to say I would not advise any one to waste their money on Sunlighten Saunas

follow up 5/10/13
Yes The Sunlighten Sauna is finally working the way it should have when I bought it over 5 months ago.
The Customer service is wonderful, but after spending $6000 I would not expect to replacing, yes ME replacing, all the electronics in this unit. Its not hard and I enjoy futzing with things but I cant recommend it to anyone that doesn't have some mechanical skills, or Sunlighten has a service tech to do the work.
Like I said before the IR Sauna is wonderful, but I cant put my name on the list of people that would recommend this unit to everyone.
Update 1/28/14.
Just to be fair to Sunlighten and the readers here, I have had no problem with my Impulse since we finally got all the parts changed.
It runs seamlessly and I enjoy watching a DVD or listening to a CD to pass the time away in the morning. Thanks for a great product and your tireless customer support.

modified review reply posted May-10-2013
sunlighten's Avatar
sunlighten, Sunlighten.com rep has responded

“We apologize for the issues you have had with your sauna. We strive to provide the best product and service possible to our customers. Now that we have replaced your electronics, we trust you are enjoying your Sunlighten sauna. Please contact our customer care team if you have any further concerns.”

Rating 10/105/5
modified review posted

"As the Facilities Director for the YMCA of the Greater TriValley we have had Sunlight(now Sunlighten) far infrared saunas since 2004 in our Oneida, NY branch and since 2010 in our Rome, NY branch. Our Rome branch also has a conventional sauna in the men's and women's locker rooms; many members now use the FIR sauna saying it has helped them in ways (pain relief, lower blood pressure, weight loss, skin health, etc.) that the conventional sauna did not. And these members do not like when the FIR sauna is down for repairs; note that our saunas are on about 100 hours/week and some of our users do not heed our signs to treat the sauna like it is their own. Sunlighten has honored the warranty without question and sent new touchpads, controls or heaters (we had a power surge from lightning that fried some of the heaters, we have since added a surge arrestor). We are now replacing our 8 year old ceramic heater unit with a new full spectrum mPulse eMPOWER unit. And as a believer in Sunlighten I purchased a bELIEVE (two person unit) for my home. My sister, who has a physical therapy practice, added a Sunlight Signature sauna to her practice about 6 years ago and found that it helped patients regain full range of motion much quicker than before. Another sister has added a Sunlight sauna to her massage practice. I have never tried another manufacturer's IR sauna becuase I have been very satisfied with Sunlighten."

Rating 10/105/5
modified review posted

"I received my sauna on Monday and have used it everyday since Tuesday. It has been really fun to see my body's ability to sweat! I had no idea of what is was capable. Wednesday I used it with a client who was suffering from a sinus infection. We kept the session short and temperature low since it was her first time. Even at the low temperatures she loved the session and reported decreased aching in her body and increase in ability to breath through her nose. I am excited to use it with more clients soon."