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    Shipping & packaging: Rating 2.19/10 2.19/10
    Customer service: Rating 0.14/10 0.14/10
    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 0.78/10 0.78/10
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Rating 2/10

I wish I could Sue them.....

"Never trust when you are lured with cheap offers. I ordered two sims, one for myself and another for my wife with the so called unlimited free talk, text, and data plan for one year. I started activating those sims online chatting to lots of customer service representatives, and so called technical experts, however, none of them were able to activate service on our phones. They also recommended to visit the store, I visited there too, they told me our phones didn't have any problem with activation, may be those sims we got were bad. Again, I contacted the customer service to deactivate my account and refund the money I spent to buy the sims (~18$), but he recommended me to contact the billing service to do that. Once I contacted the billing service department, their representative told me that they will order sims for me for free with overnight shipping option, but I didn't get those sims on the date they mentioned and came to know that they didn't place my order too.....liar and cheater.....After so much frustrations and irritations for 5 days without phone services, I wrote this review and decided to return back to my previous carrier. I wasted lots of time and some money too, please never trust this liar carrier........I wish I could sue them for lying me and giving me hard time...... "

Rating 2/10

Cheap company !!!!

"We have a family account with sprint for over 14 years. Last week we purchased 3 iPhones and upgraded them, the two we purchased in store was ok, but for the third iPhone, I called to order over the phone. they not only wasted my time with their awful, not able to understand customer service, after 2 hour being on the phone, they couldn’t charge my credit card for $10 because they wanted the exact one used 100 years ago. I gave them 3 different cards, they couldn’t charge, I asked them to put it on next bill, they couldn’t, I asked them to wave it, they didn’t! So manager said they will schedule a call back tomorrow to finish this purchase, and guess what they didn’t call! So I’m not gonna call them and waste another precious 2 hours of mine for a cheap company that can’t run or wave $10 shipping fee for a $400 iphone, EVEN when we purchased 3 iPhone 8s in ONE WEEK. They are awful and cheap, I will switch as soon as I find a good deal on another carrier. Don’t waste your time with cheap companies that waste your time for 2 hours and are not reliable!!!!!!!"

Rating 2/10


"IF UR THINKING OF SWITCHING FOR THE LOWER PRICES DONT !!!!! THE EXTRA FEW BUCKS IS WORTH PAYING TO ANOTHER CARRIER !Customer service **** , service **** !! They always charge u extra n u have to go out of ur way to make it right when their the ones messing up !! Oh n god forbid u over pay or return something and expect ur money back! i NEVER GOT MY MONEY BACK i called literally countless times n i just got the f.ing run around i finally just gave up i hate sprint to my core i should have listened to all the negative feedback about them from family and friends and on the internet especially all the signs were there i just blew past them and only now after hundreds of dissatisfied dollars later! i escaped through t mobiles "carruer freedom" had my bills payed off n my gal s8 plus in just a few days they sent me my virtual prepaid visa with the amount of my final bill to sprint and by by! thank god for t mobile i loved them first anyway ! so if ur thinking of switching to sprint for the better prices !!! DONT! THE EXTRA 10$ - 20$ IS WORTH IT WITH ANOTHER CARRIER ! (T mobile for me) "

Rating 2/10

Sprint Wireless

"If you're thinking of switching to Sprint, think again! Just a few of my issues- dropped phone calls daily, I can hear the person I am talking to, they can't hear me, no service, costumer service is terrible- I have been on the phone with them for over an hour way too many times, FALSELY SELLING INSURANCE PLANS- i was told it would be $50 to replace my phone- in actuality they want $200- I could get a new phone for that price.

I have been a loyal costumer for over tens years- this last year is when I've encountered majority of my problems- I am very disappointed and am shopping for a new provider.

Rating 10/10

Wonderful Customer Support

"Let me preface this by saying that I have only been a Sprint customer for about two weeks.

With that said, though, they have been knocking this out of the ballpark. I had a couple of issues early on with my phone. I set it up myself, switching from Verizon, and there were some issues with activating the SIM card.

I spent several hours chatting with various Sprint representatives, and I can't believe that I'm saying this, but... they were actually several pretty enjoyable hours. Every person I've talked to at Sprint has been absolutely wonderful to deal with, and every single one of them dealt with my issues to an extent that I have never gotten with Verizon.

Their network isn't quite as expansive or fast as Verizon's was, but they have service quality in a way that Verizon never did, and I'm never going back.

Rating 2/10

Worst experience ever liars!!!!!!!

"It took 7 days to receive phones that were to be overnighted then we were promised credit cards to pay off free phones that never happened it's Bern 4 months and no credit cards and we were promised 90.00 bill a month and we are being charged triple I want out of my contract now!!!!!!Nothing sprint promised was true!!!!!!!@"

Rating 2/10

Never go for Sprint Horrible.

"Hi Guy's my name is Zahid never use Sprint, I have been cheated by Sprint. I had recently switch to another service was using Sprint since 2015 has 2 lines and referred around 7 lines to my family and friends. I spoke to 9 agents told my whole story but they don't have any answers for my questions, they just transferred my calls to different departments never been solved. Agent don't know what plan I am on gave different answers. I just asked them why I am getting over charged and I cancelled one of my line still got charged for 8 months. When I asked them to refund they said we will go through the recording on that day in 3 business days but never called me back. When I called them back they have no answers transferring my call here and there. I have wasted my hours on that, they understood my problem but unable to solve it. There is no one who can make the decision just answered my we will talk to supervisors. Guy's never go for Sprint it's a worst company I have faced in my life ever.

Rating 2/10

would not recommend

"I pay full price for my phones just like most people do now. Sprint I am sure makes their percentage off this, Sprint is charging 30.00 for upgrade fees for phones they didn't sell, I got mine from Best Buy because they were cheaper then Sprint. When I called Sprint I was told by 2 customer support persons that this was a valid charge and they were sorry but could not help. I pay every bill on time and have never been a problem customer but enough is enough. I can not give negitive stars or I would. I drop alot of calls, have to reset my phone alot and am being charged for upgrades. Please think twice before choosing Sprint"

Rating 2/10

You had me at iPhone for Life

"I wish they had negative stars! Sprint got me with the iPhone for Life program. It was all great loved it and out of no where...$420 paid towards Sprint appeared. $420 is a nice chunk of change. After that I got the pleasant surprise that they cut my service off. After 2+ hours (I am at work dealing with this) they try to accuse me of lying! Someone had called in stating they were me and they needed a second canceled and the main line canceled. Here's the kicker...they wanted to by the phone since it was on lease. That is where the $420.00 comes in. I was accused over and over that I was lying and they wanted to know what I was doing that day. Ummmm did I murder someone? I have to have an alibi proving it wasn't me? WOW! Just WOW! Finally I was sent to finance and thank goodness this one had some common sense and was sympathetic. She filed for a refund and made sure I got my service back asap. I was yet again transferred to another department for that. That was 3 people that day. 2 days later I contact them to see what process my refund is at and I get told I need to be transferred bc they couldn't answer that question. That was an 1+ hour call (and yep at work) with no resolution at all. My "case" was sent to a different department. Ummm ok? Why? Of course the answer was it wasn't sent to the right person. REALLY? That day I dealt with 2 people. This morning I hop in my car and I always call my boyfriend one the way just to chit chat. I go into work and I hit the green button to make a call to my mom and wouldn't ya know...no service. I contact Sprint once again and get excuses of there is no note of that and blah blah blah. They stated that I had my refund...yea they put it towards my Sprint bill not my bank. Geee that's helpful! When I asked about why my phone cut off again they tried to say my contract had ended and all this other BS. I signed an 18 month contract in JAN. 2017. You'll never guess...he had to send that issue over so it could be "investigated"....WTF? When the $420 gets refunded back to my bank account and I everything hopefully be straightened out...I am done! I work for Xfinity and that is where my new service will be through. I have apologized to all my friends who signed up since I made sound great in the beginning. They are now looking to get away from Sprint. They might want to stop with the commercials because everyone is running away! "

Rating 2/10


"**WARNING**DO NOT SIGN UP WITH SPRINT! *Beware of their scams!!!* Sprint claims to no longer have contracts but that is false!! My husband & I tried Sprint & after 3 months of terrible service and numerous complaints, there was zero resolution & we had no other option but to switch carries. Please note we live in central Phoenix & they kept trying to blame the trees. While in the process to switch over to another carrier we both received texts from Sprint asking us to return our phones (which we were leasing) & so we did. A couple of months later we get a $1,100 bill. They are claiming we never sent our phones back. So after a month of calls, store visits and getting the bank involved (since they just charged our CC on file with no authorization) they decide to do the right thing and agree the phones had been returned which we had proof of all along via the tracking number. BUT that's not the end. They credit us a measly $300 for 2 brand new iPhone 7's and now are charging us $800 for breaking an "agreement" which was to lease the phones ... which WE RETURNED. No one ever mentioned this "agreement" to us...not when we signed up, not when they text us asking for the phones back, not when we went into the store to return our phones and not when we called to get the shipping labels for the phones. We were under the impression that the lease agreement was over once we returned the phones we were leasing!!! And that's what they lead us to believe. Bunch of liars and scammers is what the Sprint company is all about. Please do not bother with them they will try and screw you over too and saving $20 a month is not worth the **** service they provide. ***ALSO if you read the fine print on their "agreement" you will see that after 2 years of paying off the phone you are leasing Sprint STILL OWN IT!*** What kind of BS is that!?!? AVOID THE NIGHTMARE! Between the terrible service, way they treat their customers and their employees I CAN'T believe they are still in business."

Rating 2/10


"If i could do -10 I would! Service is horrible, Outrageous bills with random add-on's, pay for insurance and still got to pay almost 200$ for a phone default! "

Rating 2/10

Sprint customer service is very bad. These calls are taken by people in some other country. No CLUE whatsoever. SPRINT is BAD

"When Sprint wants you to switch over they promise the moon and stars. They are liars and the service is so bad. Don't switch to Sprint. It is a big mistake. They just want your money. They will provide a ver bad service and those $100 per switch line never comes through. They just want you to forget the gift cards. Minimum hold for a customer support is about 45 minutes. SPRINT ****!"

Rating 2/10

who lets companies commit mass fraud

"after being lied to about paying termination fees and cutting my bill in half, I was stuck in a lease.it cost me about 1500 out of pocket terminate with prior company.My bill was equal to verizons and kept going up every month.they assured me my bill would be no more than 260 a month.it was 100 dollars more. to save my credit I honered the lease agreement to the day.when I went to terminate service and return leased phones was told that could only be done at a corp. store.We drove 40 min away to do so and had to wait 4 hours.I indicated to salesperson that whatever I owed them I would pay to be rid of them.after several hundred dollars in termination fees,I was assurred we where done.I ported my numbers to a better company .2 months later I recieved a letter from a collection agency saying I owed sprint 800 dollars.I called customer service to let them know there was a mistake and I had all reciepts of termination.they claimed it was never cancelled and would have to take it up with the corprate store.again I drive 40 min to store.We showed proof and the manager looked it up to verify.we called customer service from there and the manager told them it was an error on there end and she was willing to send them the proof.there answer was there is nothing they could do and I would have to take it up with the collection agency.they are holding my credit score ransom for fraudulant billing.this company is no better than the 2 bit phone and computer scammers that use peoples info to steal.if you plan on using sprint you better have about 3 grand to meet there ransom

Rating 2/10

Regret I switched from Verizon.

"I was hesitant to leave Verizon & could not regret more that I did. I was quoted a monthly fee which included a credit of $54.18 for lease one/get one free iphone7. First bill did not show credit. Did a live chat & was told it would take 2-3 months for credit to show up. I paid the bill less the $54.18. Then I got a notice that my service was going to be disconnected. It took 4 calls & 1.5 hours to get to a supervisor who "put me on hold to see what she could do" & disconnected me. Since she knew who she was talking to, I thought she would call back (she didn't). After another 2 calls & another half hour, I was connected to another supervisor who gave me some cockamamie story about how it took time to enter promotional codes, so that's why they couldn't apply the promotional credit for 2-3 months. She said maybe the credit would be on the next bill & she would put me on a "payment plan" until 8/4. Today I got a text about a future payment scheduled for 8/4 although I did not approve any such payment.

Boy do I miss Verizon & their accurate billing & their polite, professional customer service people that are empowered to assist their customers! It was a huge mistake to switch.

Rating 2/10


"My family has been with sprint for a few years and the experience has been TERRIBLE. We are dying for our contracts to end so that we can switch.

A while back we bought two new phones. It was a buy one, get one free deal. They had us on a 22 payment plan. Before we left we asked, "If we decided to sell one of these, can we pay off, still get the deal, and sell it?" They assured us we could.

Now we have decided to see one of them so we went to the store and asked if we could pay it off to sell it. They said no, but said that we could sell it to another sprint customer, as long as we continue to make payments. So we did, but when the guy we sold it to went to sign it up in his name they wouldn't let him!

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