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    Shipping & packaging: Rating 1.25/10 1.25/10
    Customer service: Rating 0.63/10 0.63/10
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Rating 2/10

Sprint are thieves and liars. Customer service very bad

"I had Sprint for 9 years and every time I got a new phone I had to deal with sprint because they would mess up my bill. If you find someone that actually speaks English you lucky.
After 9 years I switched to Verizon, yes they are expensive but bill stays the same every month. Two years later I was going to try sprint again so I ordered new phones and then decided that it's not worth working with them, I return the phone exactly as instructed in original box. A few days later I called Sprint to confirm they recieved the phones and I was told yes we did receive them. A month goes by and I receive a bill for the phones, I contacted sprint Immediately and was told that they can't find the phones. In short I went back and forth with then for over a year and they keep on telling me we will investigate and get back to you which they never do. Now they put it on my credit report and they say we go by what the warehouse says so I asked them if the first representative lied to me that they recieved the phones or you guys lost it in the warehouse and trying to put it on me now.

Conclusion: They lost the phones and trying to put it on me now. I have a voice recording of them telling me that they did tell me phones were recieved

This review was modified by Sirota1234 on March 17 2017 12:30:01 PM

Rating 2/10

False charges and bad customer service

"My husband took Sprint up on their trade in your iphone 6 for a iphone 7 deal, with no monthly charge back in October 2016. He got the new phone and returned the old phone to Sprint. In November we noticed that we were being charged monthly for the iphone 7. My husband called and was told he would receive a credit for the false charge next month. Next month comes around and the same charge is there, my husband calls again and is told the same thing. In January we find the phone bill is still wrong so I called. I was told we would receive a credit and next month it would be correct. I received the next months bill and found that charge was still there. I finally found an email address dan@sprint.com that got an actual person to call me (instead of waiting on hold for 10-20 minutes). He told me he would fix the issue and not just give me a credit. He followed up with me once it was done, but I didn't hold my breath it was over. Next month the phone bill was still wrong. I sent an email again to that email address and got a completely didn't person who called me (she was incredibly rude). She looked into the matter further and found out that the warehouse never received the phone and that is why we were being charged. My husband was told the phone was received when he called back in October/November. It was never mentioned to me that the phone missing was the issue for this screw up. I then asked to speak to a supervisor because I wanted someone who could actually do something about my continuing problem. That is when I got Ryan Ryan.Mccraw@sprint.com , who offered me a deal. It was my understanding this was a bulk amount for the phone missing to be credited to my account because there was no other way to wipe the missing phone from the records (a phone that we turned in). So I agreed to take this deal, after I asked him to confirm that my phone bill would go back to the amount it used to be monthly (around $158 for 2 lines and an ipad). Then yesterday I see my phone bill still has that monthly charge for the iphone 7. I contact Ryan and he said I agreed to this monthly charge, which I certainly could not. I don't owe Sprint any money. I've been a good customer and have tried to solve this for months now. They refuse to wipe that monthly charge so I want to spread the word of the bad customer service I have received and the false charges they are trying to get away with. The email correspondence with Ryan is infuriating, but I refuse to get on the phone one more time with them. I plan on leaving Sprint because I have no obligation to stay, but my husband has to wait for his contracts to run out."

This review was modified by lmatthes1 on March 16 2017 11:45:02 AM

Rating 2/10

very dishonest and unprofessional service from sprint

"I wanted to upgrade my phone and that is when all the trouble begin. The guys in the sprint stores lied about the offer on the phone and a month later when i call them back i am told no such offer exists on the phone i bought. When i went back to the store the guys very unprofessional snd they are always ready to fight. On top if all this they keep adding 'insurance' to my plan that i did not ask for. I have called me twice to remove it - the guys on the phone remove it and then the next month it is back again. I went to s different store to take care of the insurance and same thing - first the guy was very unprofessional and when i told him the problem - he told me to call and he cannot help me. Horrible experience with sprint. "

This review was modified by jasbeerasif on February 24 2017 02:30:02 PM

Rating 2/10

Sprint LiAR LIAR

"I decided to switch with sprint because they offered me a $165 monthly plan. I hesitate to switch to this company because my friends told me sprint has many hidden fee. I am with a two year contract but my first month was $180 I called customer service they told me that I had to pay that amount because it was to late to fix the bill to pay the $180 and that they will give me credit for the next month but they never did. My second month is worst my bill was for $304 again I called back to customer service and they said they were charging activation fee and some other fees but that they were going to take some of the fees and that I just needed to pay $184.20 for my february auto pay. I check my credit card statement and they over charge me again. I call again and spoke with a supervisor and he told me that my bill was ok and that I needed to pay the $304 but I explained again and he said that there was nothing he could do for me because they were charging me the activation I explained to him that the other customer service lady had told me my bill was going to be $180 he said there's nothing I can do for you..really I said they told me a different amount every month.RUN FROM SPRINT WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE BY "JC" WHO REFUSE TO GIVE ME HIS LAST NAME"

This review was modified by CHIVAS2827 on February 12 2017 09:15:02 AM

Rating 2/10


"I can only say I wish I would've listen to the reviews but the deal seemed to good to pass up and it turns out it was. They're trying to charge us more than we agreed to monthly, and trying to talk to someone is another issue. They want you to do everything online the problem is the when I tried going online to look at my bill it was a different person. I tried talking to someone about my bill to make 100 % sure I wouldn't have this problem but was always told it's too early, we can't pull it up yet and now they are charging more than agreed. This is not to mention the 1 hr to get signed up and talking to someone I could hardly understand. So I figured if they want to get paid they'll eventually contact us which they did. So we go in the store to pay and they're 3 associates and only 1 is busy but no welcome to Sprint, not even a hello we will be right with you. I've been in retail 24 yrs, I know all about customer service. So we walked out, we were there to pay the bill but didn't end up paying that day. So I'm trying to get this straightened out and I'm told it'll be a hr before a supervisor can talk, unbelievable but not really since I'm now aware how they operate. He said you could go in the store and take care of it and I said you mean the store I just told you about that couldn't even say hello. We were with Tmobile about 6 yrs and if I had a chance to do it over I wouldn't have left. At least there we got good service. I'm just telling you like it is, you have to decide but you can't say you weren't forewarned. This is the only way a consumer can actually voice there opinion so here it is, I hope you take my advice."

This review was modified by mlooez3947 on February 02 2017 08:15:09 AM

Rating 2/10

Sprint is a rip off

"Hello folks,
please stay away from sprint as they're a total rip off. they've overcharged me on my account. They've charged me insurance every month without me authorizing it and they haven't removed the charge yet.

I have wasted 10 hours of my valuable time calling and discussing the issue. I am told the amount is credited but it has never been credited and it's been over two months now.

If you don't to see unexpected charges on your account, stay away from Sprint.

This review was modified by HaroonKhan on January 25 2017 10:30:02 PM

Rating 2/10

Incompetence, Lies, and lack of concern

"If you're looking for a new cell company avoid Sprint like the plague.

Incompetence, lies, and the worst customer service of any company I've dealt with in years. It's like they've intentionally set up an elaborate maze within their customer service departments causing anyone with complaints to endure countless transfers and mind numbing conversations with some of the worst customer service reps in the world... THE WORLD!

They may get away with ripping me off for $400 but I'll do my best to cost them many times that amount by warning anyone I know to steer clear of that freakshow.

Sprint away from them!

This review was modified by pete14620 on December 27 2016 07:17:46 PM

Rating 2/10

Not disability compliant

"I visited the Sprint Store at 1271 Fulton Street in Brooklyn. I purchased a new phone which was a 2 hr process which customers playex musical chairs for the one stool. The female were friendly and knowledgeable except for the manager who never attempted to assist a customer when the staff was multi-tasking between customers. I asked to use a restroom and was informed it wasn't permitted and suggested I use McDonald's next door. The manager refuse to address me but sat in the back eating the male staff french fries."

This review was modified by deebrinkley on December 15 2016 08:16:00 PM

Rating 2/10


"Stay away from these thieves. I have been with Sprint for 15 years . They decide to stop my employer discount (26%). I have been trying to get someone to fix this issue for a year now.
Sprint has been over charging me every month for a YEAR ! Customer service keeps saying my discount will be verified again and my account will be credited. Still nothing ! These people on the phone disconnect my calls! Put me on hold for very long periods of time ! STILL NOTHING IS GETTING DONE ABOUT THEM OVERCHARGING FOR A YEAR ! Wow I guess Sprint does not care if long time customers are being ripped off? STAY AWAY FROM SPRINT

This review was modified by NotSprint on December 14 2016 09:00:23 PM

Rating 2/10

Liars, cheats, thieves

"I cannot say enough bad things about the lying, swindling, incompetent, and deceptive practices and employees of this company.
I switched to save money but ended up also sacrificing integrity, connectivity, versatility, and honest.
At least AT&T was honest and straightforward in their callous overpricing.
Stay away form Sprint.

Rating 2/10


"How exciting it was to think I could save half off my Verizon bill while also switching to a network that would be just as reliable! Exciting, but too good to be true. I have five lines on my plan and I paid $320 at Verizon for the amount of data we needed. We never exceeded the data limit at Verizon. Sprint offered me their "half price plan" and indicated that due to the particulars of my account they couldn't offer me half price but could offer me the same plan for $250. I figured at least I was saving SOME money. I asked several times if the data was figured the same and if the download times and data used were the same as Verizon and I was assured it was all the same. Three months later...my bill last month was $450 and my bill this month is $566. Why? Because Sprint takes FOREVER to download anything when not on wi-fi. Because while we are using our data the same way we were at Verizon, the network IS NOT the same and our data is being sucked up. Upon calling Sprint to find out if they could increase our data (expecting a price increase of course) they informed me that since I am on the "Verizon half price plan" (really? is it REALLY half price?) I could not increase my data but only have one option. Pay the $566 I owe for last month and switch to an unlimited data plan that in total will cost me $450 a month. So...Sprint has failed. And cost me so much money I will never recommend them as a viable cell option."

Rating 2/10

Worst Customer Service Ever!

"To who ever cares, I have been on hold with Sprint for over an hour. Angelo (that is what he said his name is) from the Order Dept. gave me the worst customer service I have ever experienced. When I asked to speak with a supervisor he told me a supervisor could not help me and did not put one on the phone. That is what you get when Sprint uses a third country to services their customer in the USA. As I type this I am still on hold because someone name Ken (again that is what he said his name is) said he was from the finance dept. and he just put me back in the queue listen to the sprint advertisement. I HATE I SWITCH TO SPRINT!!! All I am trying to get Sprint to do is refund my $108.24 from the IPhone 6 they received within the 30 day satisfaction on 9/27/16. As of today my credit card has not been refunded for the down payment they made me pay when I first joined Sprint. Sprint give me my money back on my credit card and start training your out of state helpers to be more customer service and not be rude and place me back in queue. I AM STILL ON HOLD. This is ridiculous Sprint. CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW! I need someone of upper management to contact me. I have other names and sprint agent who has hung up on me or put me back in the queue after I have been on hold for over an hour. WORST COMPANY AND WHEN I GET SOME MONEY I WILL BUY MY CONTACT OUT AND GO WITH THE BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE PHONE COMPANY WHICH IS T-MOBILE. They just hung up on me after I have been on hold for over an hour."

Rating 2/10

Can't believe it!

"I just received my 2 phones yesterday at 4pm. I plug them up and I could not touch the LG Tribute 5. I called to replace the phone. The gentleman I spoke with tells me to take it to a Sprint store. Went to the Sprint store and they tell me I have to pay restocking fee. I will loose my numbers. So I call Sprint, they call the store. I end up leaving. Called Sprint back stayed on the phone for 3 hours, and 35 mins. 4 people later. I transferred from another carrier. Do not go to Sprint. You will not have great customer service and the sales people in the Bartlett location is rude and unprofessional. I hate I changed my service provider. T-mobile here I come!"

Rating 2/10


"I took a total of 16.3 hours to buy two phones and switch plans. 5 phone calls, 1 sprint store visit and a chat. No matter what I did, they couldnt seem to get it right. And every single time, they had promised they fixed the previous mistakes ( switching to my sons framily plan and instead gave me my own plan, sprint ordered an 3rd additional line i never asked for, did not tranfer our phone numbers to new phones but gave us new numbers and couldnt issue sale credit) Then told me I had to pay an addional month bc they took so long to get it right. This is the biggest joke of a company since Enron."

This review was modified by cadams06 on September 29 2016 08:58:15 PM

Rating 2/10

Replaced broken equipment with BROKEN equipment!

"I have been with sprint for 13 years and I am on their insurance plan. So when i broke my phone I had them replace it. They sent me a broken phone! The jack for my headphones doesn't work! But it took me a minute to realize what was happening, so by the time I reported it, they refused to replace it! They told me it would be another deductible to fix the phone! I could buy a BRAND new phone, not this rehabbed crap, for the amount I spend on two deductibles! Thieves!"

This review was modified by OliviaDunkley on August 31 2016 05:56:44 PM

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