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  • Sprint Wireless

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    Product & services pricing Rating 3.00/10 3.00/10
    Chance of future purchase: 0.00/10
    Shipping & packaging: Rating 5.00/10 5.00/10
    Customer service: Rating 0.42/10 0.42/10
    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 2.50/10 2.50/10

39 Customer Reviews

Rating 2/10

"Sprint - You have succeeded in lying to me 3 times in one day. Sent me 20 miles out of my way for some bullshit lie that not one person could help straighten out. Just flat out refuse to help me at 1 store. They did give me my cancellation amount. Guess it's time to find a new plan. To bad, but I can only think that Sprint has all the money they need. They don't have to be concerned about customer service. ????"

This review was modified by Retheridge72 on September 26 2015 06:52:49 AM

Rating 2/10

"I recently converted a business line to a personal line when my company no longer provided cell phones. I had been a previous customer of Verizon but decided to stay with Sprint because my company was satisfied with them.

I signed up for monthly service and bought an iPhone 6. Less than three weeks after getting the phone, I started having major problems with the phone. The screen would freeze, I started getting blue and green backgrounds when I would turn it on, at times the screen would go to black while I was on a call so I couldn’t see options for automated systems, and the last day before I called, my phone was out of commission for good and I was panicked. I use this phone for business and for personal needs.

I called Sprint to see what they could do to help me. I’m a very busy executive and had meetings back to back all week. I requested that they send me a phone and I would pay to send the old phone back.

I spent 75 minutes on the phone with five people and also engaged in a chat while I was on hold. The first person told me that they would definitely send me a new phone but I wasn’t in the right department so she transferred me. The second person told me that they couldn’t send me a phone but that I need to go to a Sprint center. When I restated that I was not going to be able to do that because of my schedule, he said he would transfer me to technical assistance to get it taken care of. The person in technical assistance told me that I could not have a new phone sent to me because I was outside of my 14 day warranty. I again explained that I needed a new phone and asked if an exception could be made. I asked to speak to a supervisor.

I waited again for many minutes and finally spoke with someone who was in the first department but who was not a supervisor. This person stated that I had to physically take the phone into a repair center that would take me 45 minutes to get to in rush hour and that closed at 6, before I was even done with meetings. I asked again to speak to a supervisor.

For the fifth time in 75 minutes, I was told that there was nothing Sprint could do, even though I was in a bind. I let the person know that I needed to cancel my contract and that I would be moving my account back to Verizon. At that time, the supervisor said that she understood and that there was nothing they could do for me. She said as soon as I transferred my phone number over to Verizon, then my account with Sprint would be closed.

During the online chat, I also asked to speak to a supervisor. I asked that supervisor to cancel my account. That person said that they could not help me cancel the account. And that was the end of my conversation with Sprint until…

I called Verizon. Within 30 minutes I had an account, a new phone waiting for me at a store that I could get to, open late to accommodate my schedule. Excellent experience. And then a supervisor from Sprint started emailing me, stating that it was urgent I call them so that they could resolve my issues! I emailed back this entire story.

And that was the end of it until I started getting threatening calls and letters from a collection agency. Sprint is still trying to charge me my monthly fees with penalties! Talk about adding insult to injury. I am contacting the Better Business Bureau today as well.

Stay away from Sprint!

Rating 10/10

"I walked into Sprint and was greeted by each of the sales associates, this was great! Julian Harrington waited on me and I must say that I was very impressed with this young mans professionalism as well as his knowledge regarding each of the phones that I had questions about as well as the accessories that I can add to my phone. I was so impressed with this young man that I will not only recommend Sprint to my friends but encourage them to switch to Sprint. Over the past two decades our customer service here in the U.S. has taken a turn for the worst however, I am one pleased customer with Julian/Sprints customer service!!! "

This review was modified by deeanne1002 on July 30 2015 09:13:14 PM

Rating 2/10

"I have wasted COUNTLESS hours on the phone with COUNTLESS customer "service" agents and supervisors over the last EIGHT months. Half of the dozens of agents I spoke with were unempathetic and rude, unwilling to help while the others LIED and made it sound like everything was resolved or would be ok and that they would even follow up. Everything they said was a lie. I've had issues with billing, equipment returns, coverage service. You name it. I've had a problem with it. I've been drug around in circles for 8 long months and still have no resolution with my bill and now have a balance with a collection agency for a bill that WAS $0. Warning. Warning. Stay away. I have a feeling I'm going to be out hundreds of dollars with no compensation from Sprint because they can't get their act together."

Rating 2/10

"i was a customer with sprint for a couple years and the decided to cancel the service. their customer service while i was with them was good but until i wanted to cancel. they hit me with the ETF fee and the balance on the i financed whatever. So i paid it and the lady tells me that i was paying for my ETF fee and the balance on that financed phone and that next month i should get a final bill and i shouldn't owe anything. NOW (4/2015) THEY ARE SAYING I OWE ANOTHER ETF ON THE PHONE I HAD ALREADY PAID IT?????? They are trying to rip me off for everything i can. The customer service reps are liers and say something just to get you off the phone and try and rip you off so much for customer serivce!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Rating 2/10

"So my service ended 6 months ago, and since I just had a baby and my fiancé lost his job I was behind on 1 payment. I thought that when I finally caught up and made that payment it would be the end of this since my 2 year contract was up and I did not renew my service. No, apparently Sprint automatically renews your contract when yours ends. I have NEVER heard of this! And I haven't even had that particular phone in 6 months and have not used Sprint service since then. Now apparently I owe a hundred dollars or so for something I have NOT used and did NOT authorize! Never was I told that Sprint automatically continues your service once your contract ends. Very very dishonest. And I am trying to get my finances together as it is and now have this to pay for on top of everything else. I am NEVER going with Sprint ever again and I will tell everybody I know not to as well. Not to mention, when I was pregnant and lived in an apartment in Dallas, TX I couldn't get any service from my apartment! Terrible to worry about when your due date is coming up."

This review was modified by kristenshea on April 03 2015 08:50:01 PM

Rating 2/10

"Was with Sprint for 4 years.

Over the past two months, I've wasted 16 hours (and counting) trying to resolve call failures & inability to use data. Told the gamut of different things from different reps, disconnected many times, promised call-backs that never happened, told to buy upgrades that would fix the problem that didn't, not properly refunded for returning upgrades because the notes that were supposed to be on the account weren't there, finally told they would waive early termination fee but then didn't. On the phone with them now (5th rep, hung up on twice, not called back as promised). She says her hands are tied even through a previous manager promised there would be a comprehensively-documented exception made for me.

If you have a problem with Sprint, expect the resolution to feel like a horrible part time job.

Have never hated a company so much. Currently with T-Mobile and life is much better.

This review was modified by aaroneousmonk on March 04 2015 03:48:11 PM

Rating 2/10

"Beyond floored and truly upset that I ever switched to Sprint. They fail to tell you that it takes 4 months for them to give you money for them supposedly buying your contract out. By then you already paid the buy out plus changed over plus only 2 months left before the 6 months is up."

Rating 2/10

"AVOID. This coming from a 7 year customer. Phone reception good. So why such a bad rap? Because I've warned them to remove improper/shady charges 3x or face small court action. IMHO Sprint plays games and those games can cost you lots and lots of money. Each issue took hours to resolve. I have never threatened Court action against my electric company, or oil company but I have 3x with Sprint.

My suggestion is simple, use Sprint if you want, or Verizon or whoever but choose a prepaid plan because then the telco cannot play games and charge you incorrectly.

Rating 2/10

"Onlyu been with them 3.5 months and none of our bills have been correct - cell reception is spotty - cannot get out of cotract because "our" look see time is up. Didnt even get our first bill until after this time period. Do not switch to Sprint - their sales people say one thing, which we have found out they just do to make the sale. The deals they promote are not deals. They have high pressured sales in store. "

This review was modified by liz50 on December 14 2014 07:59:26 AM

Rating 2/10

"I have been with sprint for about 5 years, no problems or issues until I just switched my plan to another they were offering because of what their employee told me. He said the plan would save me a little money and that I would get a discount on the two new lines for a year and that the price of the new phones would be a certain amount. I guess he doesn't know the way his company works because the store and main corporate office both say he told me wrong but they will not honor the contract their employee is giving to customers. Very disappointed they are running the company like a used cars sales lot, don't believe what they are telling you. On a good note they apologized, they can't do anything to help me....BUT they understand my frustration. All I want is what I was told I would get with this new plan, nothing more nothing less"

This review was modified by MichaelWParker on November 14 2014 02:29:48 PM

Rating 2/10

"I brought 2 Samsung galaxy s5 and they told me in the store it would only be around 117 for that and I pay that in the store and then I got a bill for $1000 dollars "

Rating 2/10

"The costumer service lied to me today told me the supervisors were in a meeting all day and couldn't be bothered I called right back and got to talk to 1 it so nice to be lied to by you cell company "

This review was modified by dedebear on October 23 2014 01:51:17 PM

Rating 2/10

"We have to be honest... this is the worst phone company in the US. Some of the people on the phone are nice, some not, but the service is terrible... the internet is so slow and the phone calls brake sometimes. I don't like to give bad reviews but I'm being honest... If you ever get a contract with them have in mind they will make you pay every single penny for 2 years .... I will never ever be with them anymore"

This review was modified by enkisemiramis on February 04 2015 08:12:58 AM

Rating 2/10

"Sprint has the worst customer service of any business I've ever dealt with by far!!!! I will never ever consider Sprint, I would go without a phone first. We were in Belden Village Mall in Canton OH & stopped by Sprint's store to just look at the phones & the young man working told us if we wanted to take a phone & try it in our area (because we weren't sure if we would get service) we could & if it didn't work that we could return it & get our money back well it didn't work for us & when we went to return everything our nightmare started, the guy told us we had to come back when a manager was working or take it back to the store across the road well that store wouldn't take it back because they didn't sell it so we called Sprint's customer service & they said they couldn't help us, can you believe that (way to back your name by not providing customer service to all YOUR customers SPRINT!!!) so we had to go back the next morning to the mall & deal with the very rude manager & after she tried to scam us out of a restocking fee which wasn't going to happen because we were within our time limit, she "supposedly" refunded everything & all of our money to our debit card, but to this day we haven't gotten our refund & calling their customer service is like a dog chasing his own tail you get NO where. They told us to go back to that store again!!! Really??? We bought Verizon phones at Wal-Mart & different Verizon stores before & no matter where we bought them to this day we can walk in to ANY of their stores or call their customer service & they will help us without any questions, because that's what a good company does, they back their name. So thank you Sprint you made up our mind for us, we will be staying with Verizon for sure!!!!!! Oh yeah & they knowingly processed an account for us with a wrong name & used their own email for the account, is that legal??? Should of known then what kind of company we were dealing with...LIES, LIES, LIES!!!!!"

This review was modified by Nofoolingus on September 09 2014 03:33:33 PM

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