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    Product & services pricing Rating 2.03/10 2.03/10
    Chance of future purchase: 0.00/10
    Shipping & packaging: Rating 1.43/10 1.43/10
    Customer service: Rating 0.31/10 0.31/10
    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 0.23/10 0.23/10
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Rating 2/10

Terrible company

"Out of the blue, i got an unexpected higher bill than normal. I called the company and they said I needed to pay for an "activation fee" on a new phone. The problem is, I did not get a new phone. Every time I call customer service, the representatives all sound the same and have the same accent. Maybe it is a computer? Not sure. Anyway, I was told my bill would go back to normal the following month. I am trapped with this company for the time being but I would never recommend Sprint to anyone based on my experiences. "

Rating 2/10

Clueless Company

"Two years of disappointment! We moved from Verizon (AMAZING customer service) to Sprint to save what should have been about $50-60 per month. I ended up paying more than with Verizon in the end. They never give you anything in writing. Every Sprint employee tells you something different!. When they text you a survey and you put poor ratings they contact you but really don't do anything to make you happy as the customer. The service is sub par, we couldn't get service within our home. NEVER had a problem with any other phone. Don't get locked into to ANYTHING with them....all around horrible company. I could go on and on. "

Rating 2/10

Bait and Switch Sales

"$51.25 total monthly cost (before tax) promised over the phone became $97.65 when the bill came. Unlimited "everything" became Shared 1 GB of data. It sounded too good to be true and it was. Porting from another carrier was a disaster. The whole new service process involved 7 phone calls to customer service and two trips to the local Sprint store. Only good thing was the S8 phones shipped."

Rating 2/10

Sprint: Terrible!!!

"Sprint is honestly my biggest annoyance from day to day. My family has been on Sprint since the beginning of our cell phone usage. We have the full package of unlimited data and texting. However, it seems unfit to even call it that because their service is the shottiest, most unimpressive excuse of "unlimited" anything. I RARELY have service that's reliable. Even in my own home when my wifi is being slow, my data will often times be even slower. Regularly it's not even just slow. I'm not an impatient person but somethings will take up to thirty minutes to load a very simple or small thing and sometimes it will never load at all. Out of all my friend's carriers, i have the least coverage with a very large gap between my coverage and the second worst coverage. I lose service during school, often out in public, in a farm--but not desolate or "middle of nowhere"--area, and sometimes in my own home. I do not live in the country. I live in Huntsville, Alabama which is a technologically advanced city that is rapidly growing and expanding. Whenever their has been an issue with the phones and we call Sprint, it takes anywhere from 30 minutes to an HOUR to get anybody on the phone or until i hang up with no help provided. My mother went through hours of lost time trying to get in touch with someone while her phone was disabled and she was unable to get in touch with her daughter who was going through a divorce and moving- and the most compensation they offered was 25 dollars after initially offering 10. On top of all of these things, they prioritize data users. I pay for unlimited data and very terrible unlimited data at that. So while i'm using MORE data due to SPRINT'S inability to provide good service, they punish me by prioritizing other's data usage over mine after i pass a certain threshold. They did not tell me this threshold and their service goes from ridiculous to nonexistent. My entire family is completely unsatisfied and truthfully **** off about Sprint. The only reason we haven't changed yet is because my sibling has more months left in their contract and we are bound to it. TERRIBLE SERVICE. DO NOT USE SPRINT."

Rating 2/10


"#Sprint is SO TERRIBLE!!! Service ****, customer service ****, EVERYTHING ****!! @Sprint

Don't be tricked by their "EVERYTHING/UNLIMITED PLAN"...really its EVERYTHING **** PLAN!!!
-they slow down the data after so maybe bytes to where you
can even load anything anyway
-and they tack on so many "UNLIMITED" charges that you end


- The service was so bad I could barely even talk to the
- EVEN ON WIFI, my messages don't go through!!
- They DO NOT CARE and are not willing to help!!!
- Not to mention their FALSE ADVERTISING!!!
- They just basically told me I have to pay for some
representative's mistake!

I HAVE HAD ENOUGH Sprint!! I will probably get ripped off somewhere else too, but I'll let some other company take my money!!

Rating 2/10

NEVER in my life would i EVER recommend sprint EVER

"They have been over charging me and charging me for a phone i haven't had for 2 YEARS!!! It took 8 months 2 complaints to the fcc to get it taken care of. Now they're trying to say that there was a back balence for a long time which i have PROVEN to be untrue. I have caught them in SEVERAL lies. My phone doesn't even work right half the time. They still REFUSE to admit THEY messed up so i am pulling my last 2 years of bank statements and after i PROVE them wrong YET AGAIN. They will OWE ME alot of money. THEN i am taking my business AND my friends business elsewhere. And then I'm plastering what sprint has done to me EVERYWHERE I CAN. Sprint is NOTHING but scam artist. DO NOT trust them AT ALL. If i could give them ZERO stars i would ve MORE than happy. I have NEVER been so DISGUSTED with a company before. This is RIDICULOUS and ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE "

Rating 2/10

F#&*ing Liars

"We were told that we would pay $108 a month. We have never ever paid that promise amount. When we wanted the phones unlock where I have paid for them in full."

Rating 2/10


"I have a few choice names for them ON TOP of liars and thieves but I'll refrain. What should have been a simple thing turned into a loathing of Sprint. Two years ago my husband and I switched from Verizon to Sprint. We bought 2 new Sharp Aquos phones as we had to turn in our other PAID FOR phones to get Sprints 1/2 price offer. Can I just say what a crock of **** this is??? We decided recently to sign on with Consumer Cellular as we have a landline and my husband has a company phone and we have an IPad (that we won) AND I sit in front of a computer all day. No need for a smart phone with all of the bells and whistles. So I get the ball rolling and all is good until we are trying to make the phones so they receive texts. It seems Sprint has placed a "perso lock" on the phones. You might ask what the hell that is and I will tell you it makes it so you cannot use your phone to it's capacity...only send and receive calls...period. I iam told that unfortunately I have to call Sprint...groan. 2 1/2 hours go by with an idiot in the Phillipines (no durogatory intention to them - they don't stand a chance either with Sprint) only to be told I have to go to a Sprint store as she cannot help. Go to 1st store and am told they only do sales...no tech support, go to 2nd store, guys takes our name, ASKS what the issue is and says we're #7. OK we sit down (already frustrated by phone call to no avail) and after almost 3 hours our name is called, guy asks how he can help and he says he doesn't do that...he'll check to see if one of the techs can help us. Now I'm FURIOUS. Wait a few more minutes and tech says they are not given the unlock codes...has to go through Customer Care...now I am loudly verbal about the stupidity and lack of service...loudly and am getting angrier by the minute. I re-compose on the way home and call the **** at customer care, hit the #'s it says to hit frr tech supports and get yet another stupid person not knowing how to fix it AND HAVE BEEN HUNG UP ON/DISCONNECTED 4 times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I keep calling back feeling sorry for whoever is going to pick up the phone next and I get a guy where??? In sales???????????????????? OK so I have to give this guy credit, he stayed on the line with me UNTIL I was speaking to a tech...from where? Georgia? Did you know for an additional $12.00/month you can actually opt to speak to an American only? Really??? $12.00...how dare they!!! I didn't know either until she told me. This woman however was the absolute ****. She told me ALL carriers do this...really Perso lock their phones...Verizon didn't. AND to boot she told me our 2015 Sharp Aquos phones were too "old" to give me an unlock code so they are of no use except for if we use their service. If I had know I would spend roughly 10 1/2 hours spinning my wheels to get NOTHING I would have saved myself the anger. I call that consumer fraud. NO WHERE in their tiny little print does it say that if you by whatever phones it will ONLY work with their service. I'll be hitting every consumer advocacy group I can find...**** like this should NEVER happen to anyone EVER. Don't switch!"

Rating 2/10

Sprint are thieves and liars. Customer service very bad

"I had Sprint for 9 years and every time I got a new phone I had to deal with sprint because they would mess up my bill. If you find someone that actually speaks English you lucky.
After 9 years I switched to Verizon, yes they are expensive but bill stays the same every month. Two years later I was going to try sprint again so I ordered new phones and then decided that it's not worth working with them, I return the phone exactly as instructed in original box. A few days later I called Sprint to confirm they recieved the phones and I was told yes we did receive them. A month goes by and I receive a bill for the phones, I contacted sprint Immediately and was told that they can't find the phones. In short I went back and forth with then for over a year and they keep on telling me we will investigate and get back to you which they never do. Now they put it on my credit report and they say we go by what the warehouse says so I asked them if the first representative lied to me that they recieved the phones or you guys lost it in the warehouse and trying to put it on me now.

Conclusion: They lost the phones and trying to put it on me now. I have a voice recording of them telling me that they did tell me phones were recieved

Rating 2/10

False charges and bad customer service

"My husband took Sprint up on their trade in your iphone 6 for a iphone 7 deal, with no monthly charge back in October 2016. He got the new phone and returned the old phone to Sprint. In November we noticed that we were being charged monthly for the iphone 7. My husband called and was told he would receive a credit for the false charge next month. Next month comes around and the same charge is there, my husband calls again and is told the same thing. In January we find the phone bill is still wrong so I called. I was told we would receive a credit and next month it would be correct. I received the next months bill and found that charge was still there. I finally found an email address dan@sprint.com that got an actual person to call me (instead of waiting on hold for 10-20 minutes). He told me he would fix the issue and not just give me a credit. He followed up with me once it was done, but I didn't hold my breath it was over. Next month the phone bill was still wrong. I sent an email again to that email address and got a completely didn't person who called me (she was incredibly rude). She looked into the matter further and found out that the warehouse never received the phone and that is why we were being charged. My husband was told the phone was received when he called back in October/November. It was never mentioned to me that the phone missing was the issue for this screw up. I then asked to speak to a supervisor because I wanted someone who could actually do something about my continuing problem. That is when I got Ryan Ryan.Mccraw@sprint.com , who offered me a deal. It was my understanding this was a bulk amount for the phone missing to be credited to my account because there was no other way to wipe the missing phone from the records (a phone that we turned in). So I agreed to take this deal, after I asked him to confirm that my phone bill would go back to the amount it used to be monthly (around $158 for 2 lines and an ipad). Then yesterday I see my phone bill still has that monthly charge for the iphone 7. I contact Ryan and he said I agreed to this monthly charge, which I certainly could not. I don't owe Sprint any money. I've been a good customer and have tried to solve this for months now. They refuse to wipe that monthly charge so I want to spread the word of the bad customer service I have received and the false charges they are trying to get away with. The email correspondence with Ryan is infuriating, but I refuse to get on the phone one more time with them. I plan on leaving Sprint because I have no obligation to stay, but my husband has to wait for his contracts to run out."

Rating 2/10

very dishonest and unprofessional service from sprint

"I wanted to upgrade my phone and that is when all the trouble begin. The guys in the sprint stores lied about the offer on the phone and a month later when i call them back i am told no such offer exists on the phone i bought. When i went back to the store the guys very unprofessional snd they are always ready to fight. On top if all this they keep adding 'insurance' to my plan that i did not ask for. I have called me twice to remove it - the guys on the phone remove it and then the next month it is back again. I went to s different store to take care of the insurance and same thing - first the guy was very unprofessional and when i told him the problem - he told me to call and he cannot help me. Horrible experience with sprint. "

Rating 2/10

Sprint LiAR LIAR

"I decided to switch with sprint because they offered me a $165 monthly plan. I hesitate to switch to this company because my friends told me sprint has many hidden fee. I am with a two year contract but my first month was $180 I called customer service they told me that I had to pay that amount because it was to late to fix the bill to pay the $180 and that they will give me credit for the next month but they never did. My second month is worst my bill was for $304 again I called back to customer service and they said they were charging activation fee and some other fees but that they were going to take some of the fees and that I just needed to pay $184.20 for my february auto pay. I check my credit card statement and they over charge me again. I call again and spoke with a supervisor and he told me that my bill was ok and that I needed to pay the $304 but I explained again and he said that there was nothing he could do for me because they were charging me the activation I explained to him that the other customer service lady had told me my bill was going to be $180 he said there's nothing I can do for you..really I said they told me a different amount every month.RUN FROM SPRINT WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE BY "JC" WHO REFUSE TO GIVE ME HIS LAST NAME"

Rating 2/10


"I can only say I wish I would've listen to the reviews but the deal seemed to good to pass up and it turns out it was. They're trying to charge us more than we agreed to monthly, and trying to talk to someone is another issue. They want you to do everything online the problem is the when I tried going online to look at my bill it was a different person. I tried talking to someone about my bill to make 100 % sure I wouldn't have this problem but was always told it's too early, we can't pull it up yet and now they are charging more than agreed. This is not to mention the 1 hr to get signed up and talking to someone I could hardly understand. So I figured if they want to get paid they'll eventually contact us which they did. So we go in the store to pay and they're 3 associates and only 1 is busy but no welcome to Sprint, not even a hello we will be right with you. I've been in retail 24 yrs, I know all about customer service. So we walked out, we were there to pay the bill but didn't end up paying that day. So I'm trying to get this straightened out and I'm told it'll be a hr before a supervisor can talk, unbelievable but not really since I'm now aware how they operate. He said you could go in the store and take care of it and I said you mean the store I just told you about that couldn't even say hello. We were with Tmobile about 6 yrs and if I had a chance to do it over I wouldn't have left. At least there we got good service. I'm just telling you like it is, you have to decide but you can't say you weren't forewarned. This is the only way a consumer can actually voice there opinion so here it is, I hope you take my advice."

Rating 2/10

Sprint is a rip off

"Hello folks,
please stay away from sprint as they're a total rip off. they've overcharged me on my account. They've charged me insurance every month without me authorizing it and they haven't removed the charge yet.

I have wasted 10 hours of my valuable time calling and discussing the issue. I am told the amount is credited but it has never been credited and it's been over two months now.

If you don't to see unexpected charges on your account, stay away from Sprint.

Rating 2/10

Incompetence, Lies, and lack of concern

"If you're looking for a new cell company avoid Sprint like the plague.

Incompetence, lies, and the worst customer service of any company I've dealt with in years. It's like they've intentionally set up an elaborate maze within their customer service departments causing anyone with complaints to endure countless transfers and mind numbing conversations with some of the worst customer service reps in the world... THE WORLD!

They may get away with ripping me off for $400 but I'll do my best to cost them many times that amount by warning anyone I know to steer clear of that freakshow.

Sprint away from them!

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