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15 Customer Reviews

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"ordered washer and dryer from searsoutlet.com. the dryer was delivered after 2 weeks with no problem. washer was canceled after 2 weeks for missing legs - delivery unable to install. I was told to start the process from the beginning which I did. re-selected, re-scheduled delivery for 10 days after. on the day of expected delivery - after waiting for over 4 hours we were told they could not deliver for their truck could not make the turn onto our narrow street. the driver was very rude. said they would deliver next week in small truck. took time off to wait again - no call no show. after we checked they said they would deliver in two days - completely unapologetic about wasting our time again. 2 days later they called to let us know they can deliver but unable to install because the unit had no legs... I have called Sears and spent 2 hours on the phone trying to patiently help them to help us and deliver a washer without going through the same process again. I moved up through levels of their "solutions" department all the way to national (non)solutions. I was told by all that their hands were tight, I can order again on line and wait for delivery ... I have given them numerous chances to fix this and they have repeatedly declined... I am done with sears for good. this really was the worst appliance purchase experience of my life."

modified review This review was modified by pavelh on October 23 2014 12:18:13 PM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"9/21/2014 Appliance purchased on searsoutlet.com. Scheduled for delivery 9/27
9/26/2014 Received delivery window
9/27/2014 Informed that appliance was not at warehouse. No delivery made.
9/28/2014 Visited store, picked another appliance, started new transaction. Scheduled for delivery 10/4
10/3/2014 Received delivery window
10/4/2014 Informed that appliance was not at store. No delivery made.
10/6/2014 Wrong appliance delivered. New transaction created, new appliance selected from Richmond, VA store. Scheduled for delivery 10/8
10/7/2014 Received delivery window
10/8/2014 Informed that appliance was not at store. No delivery made. Still waiting for call back from store on further updates.

modified review This review was modified by shalakom on October 08 2014 03:21:11 PM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"I ordered a 27" microwave/oven combo from the WI store and the website gave me an option to deliver ($212). I called the store and spoke with the sales guy and he looked it over and made me comfortable enough to buy it. I completed the order immediately after the call. Now, I get a canceled confirmation that the item is not in the store - sold. I bet if I call WI, the item is still there. The sales guy said normally they don't ship - someone else comes and gets it to ship.

It is just a huge waste of time. Assuming it was a display model new and working, it would cost $3300 and my delivered cost would be $2100. That's a great savings....but my time is money and the aggravation of this one order will never have me buy from them again.

Why operate a website with delivery options? If you want to run outlet stores that is in-store only, then don't advertise stuff. It's a shame that an old brand like Sears is headed down the path to bankruptcy....well, Sears, I tried to buy from you.

modified review This review was modified by cashmccall on October 07 2014 07:34:30 AM

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Sears Outlet / Sears Brands, LLC User
Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"We spent $1695.83 on a washer/dryer... assuming they'd be in perfect condition and would last us for some time due to the fact they were new, Whirlpool, and high efficiency. From day one, we've had nothing but a bad experience. First, upon delivery, the washer didn't want to run hot water, and the dryer wasn't blowing hot air. Somehow the washer managed to fix itself, and after having my fiance and the installation guys play around with the dryer, it started to work. Then we noticed something that looked like permanent dirt in the bottom of the washer, along the edges of it. At this point, we'd only used it once. It's been 6 months, and the stuff is still there. We took pictures of it the first time we noticed it. The dryer also came without the feet the day it was delivered, so every time we used it, it moved. Then our towels started ripping because they would get caught on the plastic part that covers the lint holder. A technician came out to fix that issue, and to install the feet. Yesterday the rubber circle which goes around the window on the dryer door fell off while the dryer was in use, got tangled within our clothes, stretched itself and my shirt out, and now the dryer won't dry without saying "check vent" along with the hot air escaping. I already put in a service call, but the earliest they can come is Saturday. It's Wednesday today. I have two little kids, laundry that's piling up, and I have to wait till Saturday until I can use my dryer. NONE of this is acceptable. We did not waste almost $1700 on BRAND NEW units to have two service calls needed within 6 months of purchase. If that had been the case, I would have taken my parent's 10 year old washer/dryer for free... units that have never needed any repairs during the last decade. I called the Elgin (Illinois) Sears Outlet store and spoke to Scott, the assistant manager, who just repeated the same thing over and over again. He's sorry for my troubles, the service tech will come out and fix the issue (free for now, but what happens after the year is up and we have to start paying for them to come out here?), and there's nothing else he can do because we didn't purchase the extended warranty. I DON'T CARE IF WE DIDN'T PURCHASE THE WARRANTY. Not only did we get machines which have given us trouble from the start, but they've also ruined some towels and a shirt. I can't comprehend how a company can sell items like this, and then just offer a bogus apology and a simple "our tech will fix it" answer, then expect the customer to go about their business.

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"Beware! This is a scam website. I placed an order for some tools. The total was $19.30 including $6.25 shipping. I used Paypal to pay. I took a screen shot immediately before placing the order and it showed $19.30. I then received a confirmation email from Paypal for $38.30. I went to check my order on the Sears Outlet website and found that after submitting the order, they raised the shipping to $25. They are scammers. I had to open a dispute with Paypal.

Update: I was able to find a phone number for Sears Outlet on a consumer rip off website. I called and got them to cancel the order. They said I was overcharged for shipping and wanted to just reduce it to what it was supposed to be. Suspecting I would never get my items, I told them to cancel it. The woman said she would and then hung up on me. I received several cancellation emails but they have not refunded my money to Paypal. I emailed them a couple days ago and they said they would look into this.

Update: To date I still have not received a refund from Searsoutlet.com. They keep lying and stalling. Opened a complaint with the BBB to see if that helps. Found an article dated May 15, 2014 saying Sears in burning through money, closing stores, and will be going out of business. That explains their scamming nature.

modified review This review was modified by Scott1 on October 21 2014 02:25:06 PM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"Ordered item online did not ship for close to a month. Contacted CS and was told I would have a tracking number in 72 hours. Nothing was ever sent and they canceled my order without refunding my payment. Was told via phone chat most of what they "show" online is not actually what they have in stock and often they do not have the products they list."

modified review This review was modified by se7en0 on March 17 2014 01:15:16 PM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"Why I will NEVER shop at a Sears Outlet Ever Again:

I work for the Federal Government and our 9th floor break room has 2 refrigerators - 1 dead and 1 dying. The government only gives us space for a break room, but they do not supply appliances. I collected funds to buy new refrigerators. Even before I had the funds, I had gone to the Sears Outlet and looked at what they had. As I approached the purchase point (Monday), I went BACK to Sears Outlet to ask them if there was a problem using the tax exempt certificate I had (the equipment is being used in a government owned building). The response was no - no problem. I then pointed out that I could "bid" on the same products they have on-line, but can't complete the purchase on-line. Will you give me the bid price? Not a problem, I was told. Okay - and we can get a 5% discount if we use a Sears card? That is right.

I actually leave work early the next day, Tuesday, to purchase the refrigerators. The store manager waits on me (this is a different store manager from Monday) and advises me that I cannot get the on-line price. I can only get that price if I complete the purchase on-line. I once again explain that I can't purchase on-line due to tax exempt. She says there is nothing she can do. I also explain that we are paying with a Sears card to get the 5% discount. When I ask if there is anyone I can talk to about the on-line discount price, she has someone else give me a phone number for SearsOutlet.com.

After being on hold for over 20 minutes with the ".com" number, I finally decide that I will give up the on-line discount and just buy the two refrigerators I wanted. Tax Exempt and the 5% discount will be okay, Not happy, but okay. So, she rings me up, gives us the 5% discount, but when I point out that there is tax charged and show her the tax exempt certificate I had (and I am wearing my ID Badge), she tells me they can only do tax exempt if paying with a company credit card or company check. That was the straw. I left. 8.25% on a $900 + purchase is substantial.

Went to Lowe's, bought the same 2 refrigerators (now new and not scratch and dent refurbished) for a little more, but no hassle on payment/tax exempt AND free delivery. Will have to wait for one of the refrigerators to come in on order, but a 1,000% better experience than Sears Outlet. Yea for Lowe's! Boo for Sears Outlet. You have been warned.

modified review This review was modified by bjfnord on January 28 2014 07:22:35 PM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"Ordered a GE Cafe double convenction wall oven from Searsoutlet.com in August after calling the store which had the actual unit to confirm it was without dents/scratches. I had my delivery delayed around construction of our new home in December, of which cabinetry was custom built to fit that specific wall oven. The oven had extreme damage to it (small dents/scratches on front, major and most likley functional dents on the back and the edges of the frame crumpled where it would likley change it's cutout dimmensions). The unit looked like it had been hit hard by a forklift and then fell over.

The first person to bring this to my attention is the delivery person the morning of delivery. The warehouse person wrote small dents on the delivery release sheet and let this go out for delivery. Obviously someone caused this damage but didn't inform someone so corrective action could be taken prior to delivery - this is customer service, not letting it become an issue for the customer day of delivery. I had to scramble to find an exact replacement as Sears didn't help here from a local appliance vendor at a $1100 cost to myself. Sears is just a big box store that doesn't really care about it's customers and passes you between 800 numbers. I was offered 20% a new unit by one of the managers I spoke with on one of the numbers to find out the next person I talked to unsure of how they'd get that 20% off for me. For the inconvieience, they gave me a measley $100 gift card (if it ever shows up) - it's likley to be as good as their ability to deliver a product in usable condition or make things equal when they screw up.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at mike008us@yahoo.com. Sears may not participate in this forum, however, I don't want to write this anonymously giving them any reason to dismiss real claims (since they don't seem to extend latitude to their 'managers' to correct a wrong).

modified review This review was modified by mike008us on December 01 2013 09:24:45 AM

Rating 4/10
modified review posted

"Attempts are made to made to make clear defects are understood. Sales staff is generally polite. Efforts are made to assure a good sales experience as made. But a new in box stove Magtag stove developed a short on first use resulting in one electric burner failing. Returned and replaced this with what a thought was a much better stove. This stove had a KNOWN & EXISTING electrical defect yet sold as OK. Oven failure was the defective. We live quite a distance. So returning to replace a second stove is costly in gas and time. If this defect became apparent over time I can understand and have the resource to make repairs. But...... This is different, it was a unit sold defective. Spent many calls to find I was left to deal with it or return yet again.... Management does not follow- up and is willing to misrepresent the customer.. I feel for employees who are left to deal with concerned customers. What I ask give the customer the right to have a resolve on bad products or be honest. Your return validation process is failing you. "

modified review This review was modified by PaulRin on November 07 2013 05:21:51 PM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"Everything seemed good when I was purchasing a TV from Grieggs road Sears Outlet. Come to find out that when I got home, the screen had severe image burn-in that could not be worked out. Of course, the TV was sold as is covering themselves from all liability. No returns or anything at this place. They forced me to call their 1-800-469-4663 tech support number. Even the nice lady on the phone said that the sears outlet is not the best place to shop. There was nothing she could do, although she was pleasant, and told me I had to go through Panasonic directly because there is manufacturer warranty on the TV. Of course, burn-in that was not caused by me, will not be covered by Panasonic. All the damage that the store did to the TV is now all my fault as a negligent user. Overall, steer clear of Sears Outlet Grieggs road and purchased from a credible retailer. Why else does Sears have 1 star ratings all over the place. Sears will be out of business before they know it."

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"FAKE PRICES! multiple times I went to the outlet store in Torrance, CA and when I asked the manager for the final price it turns out to be mor. 50% sign on items but then they say the item was mismarked I asked to honor they advertised sticker and they say they cannot do anything. I also asked the manager young unexperienced on customer service if I could trust the prices on the sticker he said Not To,"

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"Worst service of any store I have dealt with in years, worst than the cell phone company! I had placed two orders from two separate sears stores with a set delivery date. Got notified on the delivery day that the products got damaged and that I would have to work with the store to get it resolved. After getting all that cleaned up the second delivery date was also missed because they could not find the product between the store and sears delivery. I asked to speak to a manager at the delivery location because they keep calling me 3 times a day with the same info and have gotten hung up on. All around Great service, no wonder the company is in trouble. Never doing business with Sears again."

modified review This review was modified by mshah78 on June 26 2012 12:26:15 PM

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

THEY ADVERTISED IPOD TOUCH 4TH GENERATION 32G FORApple ipod touch 32gb 4th generation
Sold By: Pricerite inc
Contact Seller Return Policy
Tracking Number: n/a item # SPM2323822103 for $199.99
I paid for it on May 22nd, and today June 6th-the item is still not shipped, when I called Sears , advised to contact the seller directly and gave me a
phone#485 717 6565 that number is a non working and gave me a email address edwardtang21@gmail.com
I sent a mail but no reply.
my rating is on this particular store, I do not know about the other stores, but it is SEARS responsibility to verify the credibility of these stores, there allowing a store without a proper phone number, or address.


Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"Awful experience buying online. Your credit card is charged even if you never pickup the item in store. All orders are sent to individual stores across the county. If you need to cancel or change an order you are stuck dealing with employees from stores far from your home who could care less about you.

Spend a few moments creating an account and trying to view your account and history and this should be your first Red Flag that they lack the technical infrastructure to handle orders forcing you to deal with individual stores directly.

I placed an order on January 5, 2011. I got an email that the order was processing and I would be contacted later if it would be filled and I would have to go to the store to pick the item up. Three and a half weeks later, my credit card was charged. WHAT? Most stores that offer pickup only charge your credit card when you pickup an item or its shipped. Not so here. I tried calling the toll free number on the site and they told me that they would have to ask the store (which was 500 miles from me) to cancel the order. A week later the order was still not canceled. I called back and they said the store must not have done it yet.

My second order with them I paid for shipping. The item never arrived but my credit card was billed. After a month they have not been able to give me a UPS tracking number or provide any proof that the item was ever shipped. Now I am forced to get the individual store to refund my money when they get around to it. Looks like I will be doing a credit card chargeback.

2 orders placed, 2 orders screwed up and very hard to get refunds or request changes. AVOID searsoutlet.com


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Rating 8/10
modified review posted

"pretty good overall, did not like the high shipping fee but I still saved some money"

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