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Rating 1.25/10 2 reviews

1.25 / 100
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Rating 4/102/5
modified review posted TOP REVIEWER!

"I too did their free promotion thing. I received my order perfectly fine. You have to tell them to stop coming back every week or they will keep bugging you. I got their chipped beef and it was mediocre tasting.

My b/f and friend tried this as well. However for them no truck ever came. They had to keep harassing the customer service. My friend was finally able to get his order after months, however my boyfriend still has not received anything. He waited and waited for the truck to come when they said it would, but nothing ever came. He ended up being late for work on numerous occasions waiting for the truck. Poor customer service.

Rating 2/101/5
modified review posted

"My mother has ordered from this company since 1986. After MY first experience with them I have no idea how or why she's been a customer this long.

I saw a recent promotion they were having where you could sign up as a new customer and order any item for $10 or less for free (including delivery). Wow - how could I go wrong? I ordered a free item + a $12 item (after tax). It asked me to choose a delivery date from a drop down box of choices. I picked Fri. August 7th (all day). Since I only had errands to run I would put them off and stay home this day in particular to wait for it.

The whole day came and went. No Schwan's truck. I was pretty pissed I could have been getting things done but instead wasted my whole day at home waiting for some stupid $22 in food to show up at my door. I put it off my mind until Monday morning.

Monday morning I called and spoke with a representative at Schwan's regarding the status of my order on their website now showing "complete." Huh? Did they take it to the wrong house? The rep. claimed my delivery date was supposed to be for 8/10/09. No... I told her I specifically was given a limited set of choices by THEIR website and picked 8/7/09. She brushed me off like it was nothing and then said, "Well let's see, had a free item?" I didn't cut her off, that's all she said; as if some how ordering JUST a free item made me less of a customer. Funny seeing as how I'm attempting to try their service for the first time. I informed her I also ordered another pay-for item as well. Again she brushed me off like it was nothing and said the order would come 8/10/09 (that day). She ended the conversation by reminding me I could always order at in the future (??? WTH ??? Isn't that what I did to get in this mess in the first place?)

The order came, the driver was very odd - as if he was high or something. I can't quite explain it; he seemed very awkward... maybe it was just me pissed off for wasting a day in its' entirety. The jalapeño poppers I ordered were pretty terrible and there were very few in the box considering they were $12.39 after tax. I could have gotten 2-3 time the amount for a couple bucks less at my local Costco AND I wouldn't have had to wait all day for the thing to show up.

Haven't tried the free Fiesta Lime Chicken dinner I ordered yet - though I wouldn't doubt the portion size is laughable too.

Considering the disorganized website, lack of customer service, and pricey items, we won't be ordering from Schwan's again.

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