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  • Rating 8.17/10 16 reviews

    8.17 / 100
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    • Address: 990 West 7th Avenue - 2nd Floor
    • Contact: info@roveconcepts.com
    • Phone: 18007056217
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    • Fax: 18007056217

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    Product & services pricing Rating 7.27/10 7.27/10
    Chance of future purchase: Rating 7.73/10 7.73/10
    Shipping & packaging: Rating 7.71/10 7.71/10
    Customer service: Rating 7.29/10 7.29/10
    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 4.38/10 4.38/10

All 16 Customer Reviews

Rating 10/10
modified review posted

"We received our Barcelona Chair yesterday. We love it. The quality is excellent, and it is very comfortable. We ordered it from Rove's specials. We made our order on April 1, 2014. On April 7, 2014 we received a called asking when we were available for delivery. They said the the delivery would be between 3 pm and 7 pm. They arrived around 4:00 p.m. We will order from Rove Concept again. The service was great! We are very pleased with our purchase."

Rating 10/10
modified review posted

"After months of thinking about buying a Swan Chair replica and checking websites, I stumbled upon Rove Concepts. My favorite chair for producer of the highest quality. Ordered the chair, prepared to waiting 11 to 15 weeks for it to arrive. It was standing in my living room in 9 weeks.

So, if I ever want some other replica, I will keep Rove Concepts in mind for sure!


Rating 10/10
modified review posted

"I have already spoken loud about Rove Concepts to all my friends and family and I chose to look at their website first every time I need a new item for my house. Best customer service I have ever experienced."

Rating 10/10
modified review posted

"I always assume that online retailers will have cracked the delivery system and Rove Concepts were no exception. The whole process went like clockwork. Where they scored was in the person who gave me advice on which of two products to choose. This has proved to be totally accurate.

Well done!

Rating 10/10
modified review posted

"Recently bought Charles Eames chairs (fiber) and the famous Egg Chair. Both products look pretty cool, have a very good quality and appear nicely. Delivery was great and even return process works very smooth (had to return a product that I wrongly ordered). What I liked in particular was the constantly update in delivery and return process; I never felt left alone.


Rating 10/10
modified review posted

" I don’t get why everyone had such a bad time with Rove Concepts. My Barcelona chairs were actually earlier than the max time that they give and the quality was just amazing. You know when they handstitched and it seems like a lie? You can completely tell that they mean it. And I’ve seen a lot of cheap knockoffs and my chairs look nothing like them. I don’t know what happened with everyone else but I loved working with them and am planning on going back and buying more."

Rating 10/10
modified review posted

"I bought a Hans J Wegner shell chair from Rove. The delivery was specified as 5 weeks and it was delivered on the day 5 weeks after ordering. The delivery was efficient if a little unusual with the idea of a palette. The chair is not the quality of the high end reproductions but is still really acceptable for the price. I simply love that chair. Would I have spent 3200 on an original if I had seen the chair in the flesh yes but the chair from Rove Concepts easily satisfies as a replacement and has also saved me $2000. I would recommend Rove Concepts, my only complaint would be the usual delivery time. Why cant furniture manufacturers offer better lead times. I really do want the goods immediately but that is the same if you are dealing with upmarket suppliers. Great company and products."

Rating 10/10
modified review posted

"This is the 3th time i buy products at Rove Concepts and again the delivery was as promised and the products were in perfect condition. This time I bought some Arne Jacobsen Swan Chair. The quality is good and the delivery to Florida was quick and as expected. Would gladly come back"

Rating 10/10
modified review posted

"Buying from this site is quite easy and fast. Once the product is ordered, an email is sent with all the details and to please review the order, if I would have something wrong, I could have still changed it, however everything was fine, a few days later, a giant box was delivered and I am happy with the quality and affordability. The eames lounge chair from Rove is just out of this world compared to my last replica"

Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"Very disappointed in Rove! Below is an email from their rep who finally returned my multiple emails and phone calls after 3 days informing them that they had sent me the wrong color Eames chair. I bought the chair off their clearance area of their website. It was $1036 plus shipping of $179. The chair was listed as siena white and walnut and this is what my invoice states. Perfect combo for me and I was so excited to receive it. When the chair arrived it was Modena Eggshell. I wanted to exchange it for the correct color chair that they had sold me and here's the response from Rove. You be the judge on whether you think it's acceptable to be treated this way. I'm not happy and would NOT recommend Rove Concepts!
"Hello Lee,

Sorry for the delayed email! It has been a very busy Monday for us, there has been a database error on our end and the item was listed as Siena White instead of Modena Eggshell. Now we will not be able to produce this chair in Siena White because it's a clearance item(ie: last years model), even if we produce the replacement cushions it wouldn't fit on the veneer. For the Siena White in Walnut to be produced it will take 16-18 weeks, which would be at a regular price of $1595+$199 shipping. In conclusion I have had a chat with our management team and decided on several options:

1. Full refund with a store credit of $200 if you have the original packaging, we will pick up the chair.
2. You can keep the chair and we can offer you store credit of $200.

I have attached the store policy for you to have a look at which has all the information, If you have any other questions let me know, I look forward to hearing from you.

Sales Representative
Rove Concepts
990 West 7th Avenue
Vancouver, BC V6H 4J1 Canada
Toll Free 1.800.705.6217(ext 103)"


Rating 2/10
modified review posted

"Buyer Beware when dealing with RoveConcepts - their policies are NOT in your best interest!

We are building a new house and I wanted to use Eames loungers for the theater, but I just could not bring myself to spend $5K per chair when I needed 4-8 of them! So after doing a lot of research among reproduction companies...and based on the mostly positive reviews seen online...I ordered one Eames lounger from RoveConcepts to check it out before ordering the rest. Glad I did the 'test' order first as it didn't go well at all.

Without getting into the time delays....of which there were a few....the customer satisfaction of the experience was astoundingly bad.

Here is the short version and my recommendation if you decide to order from RoveConcepts.

1. Ordered the chair in November...supposed to arrive first week of January, but did not come - and not without a fight - until February
2. Chair arrived damaged with screws overdriven and the points breaking the surface of the finished wood - not delivery damage but construction damage which should not have passed even a cursory Quality Control inspection
3. Rove policy states that you MUST inspect the chair before the delivery driver leaves so that they can verify the damage - this was done
4. I called Rove while the driver was here and was instructed to refuse the order, not accept the shipment and send it back - this was done
5. I was assured by the CSR that all would be taken care of - I thought that meant me and my order...turns out it meant them
6. They received the chair back at their warehouse and emailed me saying the damage was barely noticeable, but they did note that it was damaged - a statement was made to the effect that the damage could have been addressed with a 5% damage policy - now I don't know about you, but $90 isn't enough to make me happy with a damaged chair I paid $1600 for...I want an undamaged chair (or possibly 8 of them) - so I would have declined this regardless
7. They emailed and offered to send out another chair - which I agreed to
8. Then 'management' changed their mind and offered me a full refund - which to them does not include the $199 shipping fee because this is what their policy states - this I did not agree to - I requested that a replacement be sent out
9. Then in the most astounding act I have ever seen, they simply refunded the lesser amount and ignored my future emails - I have NEVER experienced this level of arrogance before in a retailer

I have full documentation on all of this, but the above gives a clear picture.

Now my story has a happy ending because all it took was a 10 minute call to Visa and they credited the funds to my card. BUT this may not be the case for you. I have a longstanding business relationship with my bank and credit card supplier. From my understanding Visa simply did not want me to be the victim and credited the funds. Whether they go after RoveConcepts or not for reimbursement, I do not know. However, this shows what true customer service looks like.

I did call Consumer Affairs even though I had satisfaction from Visa and was told it is BUYER BEWARE. It is YOUR responsibility to be aware of all the seller's policies - whether they make them known to you or not. So be sure you know all of RoveConcepts policies as listed on their site - specifically that YOU are responsible for shipping - even when the item is damaged. Also take a close look at the warranty...it does not appear to cover a great many things that seem important at this price level. I didn't look at this at first, but sure would now.

To put things further into perspective, I buy a LOT online. By that I mean literally 1000+ purchases to date. And the fact that this is the first review I have ever written and the only time I have not been satisfied with an online purchase experience says a lot.

So why did I write this review? It is not to say anything about the quality of their furniture because I did not even have the chance to try the chair, so I cannot comment on that. It is my hope that if you decide to buy from RoveConcepts, that you can ensure that you are treated more fairly than I was.

How to do this?

Before ordering I would simply ask them to put in writing that they will be responsible for any and all shipping charges for ANY damage, defects or warranty replacement/work. If they won't agree to this, then I think you have your answer as to whose best interests are being looked after - and it is not yours. In my few phone calls with their CSR, I got a lot of 'don't worry about it' and 'not a problem' and 'we'll take care of it', but this simply didn't turn out to be true...so get satisfactory terms of sale in writing BEFORE you give them your money!

If enough of their potential customers demand this, perhaps they will change their policy to better represent the customer and take more care in their quality control.

All the best,

Rating 8/10
modified review posted

"My initial experience with Rove was less than stellar, but they made up for it. I purchased a marble tulip table on Nov 3rd, with an estimated delivery date of Nov 15-20th. It arrived December 4th, packaged only in cardboard (it weighs 160 pounds) and it had broken through the cardboard and was chipped all along one side. I was very disappointed; however, the replacement table they shipped out was crated fully in wood (protected) and is perfect, and looks amazing. The CS manager who worked with me was very apologetic about the first experience and did a great job with follow-up and follow-through. I did let them know they shouldn't ship any of these tables in the future unless they are crated in wood, so hopefully it won't happen to anyone else."

Rating 10/10
modified review posted

"I just recently purchased the Eames Soft Pad Management Chair. I cannot say enough about how pleased I am with this chair. The chair arrived three days shy of the 14 weeks Rove indicated it would take for custom orders. It was packaged expertly and there was no damage to the chair in shipping. The chair was fully assembled with the exception of inserting the hydraulic mechanism into the base and sitting the finished chair on top. The craftsmanship of this chair is indescribable! The frame is the best made I have seen on the market and the leather on the chair of the finest quality and every stitch and seam sewn straight and perfect. I understand these chairs are made overseas and are then shipped to Rove Concept's Vancouver office for quality control to inspect and pass for release to the customer. Those that are USA bound come into Washington state and from there are distributed via FedEx and other domestic carriers to people fortunate enough to have bought from Rove Concepts.

The office staff at Rove Concepts is exceptional! Thanks to Matt, Melanie, and all the staff there who helped me with my order. I realize in this world of instant gratification most find it hard to wait 14 weeks to order an office chair but, I can assure you after sending two cheap copies of this Eames back to their respective vendors this chair was well worth the wait. Rove’s products are as good as they claim and surpass anything I've come across to-date in workmanship, quality, and comfort. Also, I agree with Michael W. from a previous review when he stated the savings over buying from Herman Miller. Your savings will run from the hundreds into the thousands depending on the product purchased.

It has been my pleasure to write this review. I never shy back from complimenting when appropriate and in this case it was, I can't say enough about how pleased I am! In fact I don’t know but what, if living today, Charles and Ray would have bought from Rove Concepts.

Many Thanks Rove Concepts!

Rating 6/10
modified review posted

"UPDATE: Rove Concepts Manager Matthew phoned me August 27, 2013 to resolve my furniture complaint.

Matthew was prompt, courteous, understanding, and accommodating in dealing with my dissatisfaction with his company's product.

Customers with questions should not hesitate to contact Rove Concepts; the customer service team goes out of their way to ensure customer satisfaction.

I am severely disappointed with Rove Concepts: Architecture of Affordable Luxury furniture in Vancouver, BC.

I placed a custom-order for a 44 inch Eero Saarinen Round Tulip Table with walnut veneer and white cast aluminum base with Rove Concepts on April 5, 2013. Eighteen weeks later and $820 USD poorer, I received the table.

Not only is the table diameter less than 44 inches (it measures 43.25 inches - that's rounded up), but also the table top veneer has an uneven finish and man-made, synthentic-looking grain pattern. The veneer grain pattern was applied using a bookended technique where the same piece of wood is sliced, unraveled, and aligned creating a perfect pattern effect and a faux finish - think wall paper panels perfectly matched at the seams. I recommend Rove Concepts add a high quality image of the table top to show this faux finish.

I have had the table a week. There are three small chips on its surface and subtle surface scratch marks from regular use. The table top will not last (i.e., it is not ideal for an active household).

On the plus side, my two experiences with customer service have been good prior to the delivery of my table. I used the online chat service 1) to place my order and 2) to contact Rove Concepts about my order status at the 15-week mark. Due to a delay in shipping, I requested a shipping fee waiver which Rove Concepts honored.

However, my $820 USD was to pay for a custom-ordered table, not expected customer service. Reading Rove Concepts' 7-Day Return Policy and 3-Year Warranty, I would be responsible for all or partial shipping charges (depending on if I am dissatisfied or if the product is damaged). At this point, these shipping charges are not worth the time, energy, and money.


Rating 10/10
modified review posted

"We are delighted with our 3 seater Florence Knoll sofa. The quality of the leather and the sofa itself is excellent."