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Rating 2/10

Negative Experiences with Damaged Items and Delivery

"I am currently conducting research in a litigated matter involving Restoration Hardware ( www.restorationhardware.com ). In short, I am trying to reach out to anyone, primarily in southern California, although I would be interested in talking with others, that might have had similar issues, regarding damaged products and/or delivery problems. I see multiple other complaints on this site, **** Consumer, but due to the limited identification and no available contact information for users, I would be grateful if anyone with a negative experience in regard to receiving damaged furniture items from the delivery would contact me. I would like for anyone willing to speak with me to call me at 949-284-6230 or email me at rob@thehelpdeskcenter.com."

Rating 2/10

Beware of this outrageous place!

"Purchased $4,000.00 leather sofa. When it arrived had legs with different finishes, dents causing areas of stretched leather, noticeable scuffs and stains. Response to complaint was can't replace as sofa discontinued, can purchase new legs for $15.00 each, no price adjustment even though can't replace! Outrageous! Would have been better off buying $500.00 sofa from Big Lots!"

Rating 2/10

Gary is a Pimp...then I must be a Whore

"This is a sham of a company. Thousands and thousands of dollars collected for furniture goods which are produced for cents on a dollar. Your money is gone and you wait and wait and wait for your goods and told to STFU if you dare complain about the wait or a defective product. I even ordered a very nice bed to do my whoring on and still my complaints about non delivery fell on deaf ears. Yeah, Gary is a pimp and I'm a whore for RH. "

Rating 2/10

Disreputable business practices of RH and Comenity Bank

"It is now June 7, 2016 and since 2015 I’ve been trying to work with Restoration Hardware and the company that issues their credit card, Comenity Bank to resolve a billing error on my credit card statement with no avail. The fact that I’m still being charged $858 for items from 2014 that I had to return twice, that were sent out to me TWICE incorrectly speaks very clearly of the type of company RH is. Time and time again I’ve given them chances to correct their errors. My 1st experience dealing with an order from RH (order H561931905 placed in December of 2014) was delivered to me incorrectly, so I ordered it again and AGAIN the order was still wrong so I went online and complained and I was contacted by Joseph Novacek who offered me a $500 gift card for my troubles, I had waited over 6 months for dining room chairs only to receive the incorrect ones TWICE but that’s not what this complaint is about. This complaint also isn’t about the cracked wood that I have on my RH modern MONTEREY 4-DOOR MEDIA CONSOLE THAT I ordered back in December of 2015 that I’m still waiting on a replacement for (order 12401623) nor is it about the other orders that I had to cancel because they just never arrived. This is about the charge of $858 that’s on my RH credit card from 2014. After countless conversations where representatives of RH tell me “yes, we see where you returned these items this charge should not be on your RH credit card” THE CHARGE REMAINS THERE. I HAVE BEEN LIED TO TIME AND TIME AGAIN BY RH AND COMENTITY bank. I was literally in tears over this because outside of hiring an attorney how do I get a CC company to remove charges that aren’t mine? I’ve disputed this charge over FIVE times. Month after month I call in and they say we will take care of it we see it’s an error and again nothing is done. I get a letter in the mail that says the charge is valid and the process starts again. I will NEVER do business with RH again. No amount of gift cards, no amount of 40% off discounts from Gary Friedman, which I also received because I had to cancel an order that I never received will get me to do business with RH again. I am absolutely disgusted by this company and their business practices. I feel like I’m being robbed of $858 and there’s nothing I can do about it. No one will tell me what the charge is for, no one will connect it to an order all they say is yes we see where it’s an error we will take care of it, by your next billing cycle it will be removed….so I wait like a fool and month after month the charge remains. Since 4pm today and it’s now past 8pm I have been trying to make sense of RH’s convoluted credit card bill and they have put the responsibility on me to prove that these charges are not mine. Even though I’ve spoken to numerous RH reps (Alexis, Jessica Faria, Morgan) who have said that I don’t owe any money for the chairs that I returned, the chairs that I was charged an $858 dollar deposit for. Bonnielynne Haskell is of the impression that the $858 charge can’t be for the chairs that I returned there must be some other charge of $858, again no one at RH will say what the charge is for. My order history has been reviewed and guess what….no charge of $858 other than the dining room chairs that were sent out to me incorrectly that had to be returned. I no longer have my credit card statements from 2015 nor will RH Credit Card’s company Comenity Bank provide me with statements that are over 12 months old. I feel hopeless but I refuse to just give RH $858. I will complain to the BBB, I will seek the advice of an attorney, I will file a formal complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, I will do whatever I have to do and let as many people know to stay away from RH and to stay away from their credit card company Comenity Bank. What they are doing is FRUAD! I DO NOT OWE THIS MONEY, THE ITEMS THAT YOU SENT OUT TO ME TWICE INCORRECTLY HAVE BEEN RETURNED! "

Rating 2/10

nothing luxury about RH


Rating 2/10

"I placed an order two weeks ago and never received confirmation with shipping dates. I called customer service and a representative explained to me that they will contact me approximately in two months when my order will be ready. Do I really have to wait for 2-3 months for a sofa?
RH charges 50% of a custom order at the time of placing an order and then they start manufacturing. And then it takes 2 months to deliver your order from China. Nice… Good scheme.
I wanted to let you know that not only will I NEVER purchase from Restoration Hardware again but I have let all of my friends/family know how horrible RH customer service is.
Welcome to RH experience.

Rating 2/10

"I am so deeply disappointed in the quality of the products at Restoration hardware.
I just received a couch that I ordered 4 months ago. This is custom couch which cost several thousand dollars. It arrived completely wrinkled with one side contorted since the shippers wrapped it so tightly. How does this company stay in business.

Last year I ordered pendants which I realized were defective only after I paid to have them installed. I will never enter one of their stores again. Its not worth it.

Rating 2/10


Don't know where to begin with the disastrous experience we had with RH.

Every single item we ordered (and there were many and expensive) had severe issues. EVERY item arrived much later than they said, some up to 4 months later! A very expensive sofa that came nowhere to the expectations they guaranteed us and had to be returned! Curtains that don't match to this day! Mat size smaller than marked and crappy quality. Curtain rods missing parts. Incorrect parts sent, several times! Chairs arrived the incorrect colors! A dining table with no care instructions supplied, ruined in a few weeks! Every single item of very average quality.

It is my firm belief that RH will sell you anything and lie to you about the delivery date to get your hard earned money in their coffers and then let you sit like a dupe for as long as it suits them.

I had to spend so many precious hours sending tens of disgruntled, pleading emails and am still not satisfied to this day.

Never had such a shocking shopping experience in my life.

The entire story is way to long to write here but all I can say is avoid RH like the plague!

Rating 2/10

"I ordered a floorlamp for about 300 bucks. Had to order from the website because my wife is sick and can't get to the store. A couple of weeks later, UPS delivered the lamp in a box that had obviously been opened and re-sealed with large gobs of un-matching cellophane tape. Obviously a returned item. Unpacking it revealed why: the chrome base was badly scratched. Then my wife pointed out that it was the wrong lamp: they had shipped the wrong item. So we went through the rigamarole of re-packing and returning the lamp and RH sent us a replacement. Once again, the wrong lamp. Once again, scratches on the chrome.
To compound this farce, wife had ordered a bluetooth keyboard for her ipad as part of the first order. When she opened that, she found the bluetooth adapter was not in the box. Another returned item? Almost certainly.
RH has some nice stuff to sell but it's a badly run company. Re-shipping returned items without inspection is not a good business practice. Be ready to have your time wasted if you order stuff from them.

Rating 2/10

"I am a physician who as an anniversary gift for my wife bought her a dining room set from Restoration.

Order #10267180
Belgian Slope Arm Slipcovered Armchair
Belgian Ladderback Upholstered Side Chair
Salvaged Wood & Concrete Trestle Rectangular Dining Table

Unfortunately, this ended up being one of the worst retail experiences I have ever had. I ordered 10 dining chairs and a trestle table totaling $7000. Almost four months later I have received the chairs and yet no table. I've called over eight times to the customer service center with promises of "making things right." And yet, I still have a bunch of chairs and no table to go with it. The company has no explanation for their multiple bungles. To make things worse, the company has overcharged me over $1500 on the order. While I appreciate the customer service agents kind demeanor and verbal willingness to help the customer, ultimately they and the company fail miserably on execution. I highly recommend on buying anything from the company that you cannot carry out of the store yourself.

Rating 2/10

"I have quite a bit of Restoration Hardware items in my house, faucets, pulls, towel bars & hooks. I have never purchased furniture.

I was going to purchase a coffee table ottoman that is about 48" W x 28" D x 17" H (it would have fit in my husbands truck or the back of my sedan). The shipping was a flat rate of $199. I inquired about the shipping charge (most other competitive companies are charging between $30-$75 dollars) and the store clerk said they charge a flat rate no matter what the item/s are. I can understand feeling like you are getting a deal if you are purchasing a whole new living room or dining room set but ONE ottoman, $199 seems excessive.

When I wrote to customer service, the response I got was pretty much the same, "Please know that shipping and handling fees cover all costs related to the processing of your order, the handling and packaging of the merchandise, and the carrier fees. We make every effort to keep our customers informed about the cost of our shipping by making our rates available online and in our catalogs, and we only charge what is necessary to support our business. We are, therefore, unable to reduce or eliminate our shipping and handling fees."

This response is a complete crock of you know what. I checked with some other carrier companies and UPS and their cost is a fraction of that $199. I haven't purchased anything from Restoration Hardware for a couple of years, I now won't be purchasing anything based on their lack of customer service. Maybe the company isn't doing so well, that is why they have to make a margin on shipping. Buyer beware!

Rating 2/10

"Last year I purchased $4000 worth of furniture from RH, I was shocked at the sheer amount of hand-holding with the numerous calls I had to make to chase my products down. Having this previous experience and wanting to add to my collection I placed an order for $3500 January 6th. Having the previous knowledge of inefficiently and "false expectations" (their way of saying they lie about dates) I thought I will order this with "in-stock" items only and I will call and handhold this. Well again, their service is just the WORST. My sideboard was cancelled 3 times, no-one called me and I was put to the back of the queue till March. So naturally I cancelled this out. The unreliability of dates and seeing pre-authorized numbers on my card over and over is just extremely inefficient. And for the consumer, the "zinc" collection is not as sturdy as one may think with "zinc", you cannot put any hot drinks or water glasses or spill water on this piece, it WILL tarnish and leave marks quite quickly. I do not recommend purchasing from RH. As a once fan, I will now look else where for quality and service these guys just do not have. "

Rating 2/10

"I placed three orders since 2013. Every one of the orders ended up in a disappointment. I do realize now that RH is a foreign company operation in USA. How difficult for a company could be to respect the contractual agreement:
- Charge 50% of a custom order at the time of placing an order, not 100%?
- Charge remaining 50% of the custom order at the time of actual delivery, not weeks in advance?
- Respond to inquiry as business not as a prison guard?
Welcome to RH experience.

Rating 2/10

"I have had an absolute Nightmare Experience with 72" Round Concrete Table (Salvaged Wood & Concrete Trestle Table) that has lasted over a year! The table top wobbles and does not match the height of the dimensions (it is 1-1.5" shorter than it is supposed to be). The delivery people confirm the aforementioned, yet RH Corporate insists that everything is fine with the table. They have attempted re-delivery 7 times, all with the same result. Yes, 7 times! At a loss for words to describe the experience. Purchased from the Palo Alto, CA store. The table was ordered based upon input from the DH designer along with 8 custom chairs that match so changing now would look awful but that is all they know to suggest."

Rating 8/10

"Let's get the obvious out of the way: Restoration Hardware makes outstanding quality furniture with an unmatched eye for detail among mass-market retailers.

HOWEVER... their delivery service, MXD Group (which also delivers for lesser quality retailers like Pottery Barn and JC Penney) is structurally flawed - possibly fatally flawed. It astonishes me that Restoration Hardware, with all its attention to every last bit of detail in the products it markets, would allow an operation like MXD Group to handle its delivery.

As Amazon.com has proven, delivery is 50% of the equation. You can have the most fabulous product ever designed, but if you don't have a proper delivery mechanism, the customer will go elsewhere. And that is a shame, considering the sheer depth of appeal RH's designers and manufacturers have created in the past 3-5 years in particular.

While RH eventually remedied my delivery issues (after an incredible amount of time spent escalating the complaints), I found the MXD representatives were almost always confused, offered conflicting information, and keep no notes of previous phone conversations with customers - the last part being an absolutely fatal operational flaw.

At one point, I spoke to a representative at MXD by the distinct name "Abdu" (he would not provide a last name) who stated a Supervisor ("Dujuane") committed to have the item delivered on Saturday (tomorrow, 10/11). However, in subsequent conversations, MXD representatives denied this was my delivery date, and stated the "earliest" date for delivery would be 10/16, 10/17, and in one case (note: all conflicting dates) a representative told me the delivery date would be 10/27. This is all in spite of the fact that I repeatedly informed every representative I would be travelling after 10/12.

I eventually spoke personally with "Dujuane the Supervisor", and he denied that there was anyone in his office named "Abdu". His words: "I am not aware of anyone here by that name." Minutes later, after arguing with me about his delivery date commitment, he stated "Abdu is sitting right here next to me and said that he never offered a Saturday delivery." It's a fairly incredible feeling to actually catch someone overtly lie to you, even on the phone.

In fact, it seemed like most of the representatives working for MXD Group were caught up in a nasty habit of routinely lying to customers to break previous scheduling commitments, or avoid having to address what are obviously serious customer service issues.

This is in stark contrast to RH employees, who are always professional, organized, *correct* in their information, and above all, take notes on customer accounts and are generally honest about what those notes say.

When the furniture itself arrived, of course, it was magnificent. Beautifully crafted. The deliverymen themselves were very professional - unlike their dispatch crew. Everyone involved creating Restoration Hardware product itself should protest *every* single day that passes with MXD as its delivery partner.

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