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    Chance of future purchase: Rating 2.14/10 2.14/10
    Shipping & packaging: Rating 3.33/10 3.33/10
    Customer service: Rating 1.50/10 1.50/10
    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 1.88/10 1.88/10
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Rating 2/10

Gift Certificates are not honored most of the times!!

"My experience with Restaurant.com is mixed, but can not be called good at any cost. Biggest problem is with them is that, the gift certificates they sell are not honored by most of restaurants. It's best in your favor to call the restaurant before heading or ordering anything there. I have been denied by many a restaurants saying that did not agreed to this website and they still sell those coupons. Only they know the truth better!! A few times, when I got those coupons honored, they were not 'actually redeemed', so actually restaurants are not told by the website on how to redeem or get their share of money. They simply honor a few times not to make a customer feel bad, but eventually get into losses, and next time onward, they start declining to accept those further.

Restaurant.com website itself technically is horrible. After your first experience with it, you probably would never like to return until you really find a good restaurant of your choice on it and that agreeing to accept those gift certificates. Term and condition with those gift certificates also make it tough to use those, but that comes later when you know that your purchases are at least going to be honored.

Rating 2/10

Ok service - horrible website and "my account"

"The website is terrible, when you log in you cannot save the card balances to your account. The certificates you buy are saved but not the "Reedem" amounts. Not sure why you can't load the redeemed amount to your account and then use the balance. Also no way to see the receipt of your purchase when you logged in so....don't delete your email or you're in trouble.....good way for you to loose your credit amount. ALSO the charge to your credit card appears as IMS*NIMBLECOMMERCE 800-7469124 CA and when you call the number all you get is a bunch of static with a voice in the background that you can't understand :( No way to email or live chat with Restaurant.com..............Last thing.....the website pages are different and if you click certain things your shopping cart disappears and you have to start over EVEN if you are logged into your account it does NOT save your cart.

Rating 2/10

Does not get prior approval

"I tried to use a certificate for dinner with my family only to find out after we ordered almost $100 that my certificate was not accepted at the Prolific Oven. Sadly I paid my bill but would be careful when purchasing from here again. "

Rating 6/10

Products are good though delivery is delayed

"I personally liked thier products. Most of time, i got products at cheaper than market prices. However, shipping is delayed. If shipping is kept aside, the things are okay."

Rating 2/10

Complete scam- Never buy gift certificates. Impossible to redeem!

"I received two $50 gift certificates from restaurant.com gift over the last couple of years and have still never redeemed them. For nearly every restaurant on their site, you have to pay double the value of your gift certificate to redeem it. I don't think my sister expected me to have to spend $100 for dinner to use the $50 she gave me.
There are few good places to choose from and for many places you have to break up your gift certificates into multiple. So I had to break them into 3 different redemptions but then I saw in fine print that I can't use them together!
I have tried 2 times to use it at a local Vietnamese place. my order wasn't $30 so my $15 gift would not work. The owner said she never agreed to this program and keeps getting customers coming in with certificates. She said she would honor her original 1 month promo but I have to come to dine-in on a Tuesday or Wednesday night.

These are not group on or some type of discount coupon, they were actually bought for the face value amount. Would you ever give someone half a gift, buy them a sweater that they owed paying half of it.

This company should be shut down.
I am basically throwing away $100 that people paid.

Rating 2/10

Hit or Miss

"While the deals sound extremely great, be aware that not all deals you purchase will be acceoted bu the restaurant. Even no fine print to tell you that. Ive had some coupons accepted at a couple of places but rejected at one. I guess before i wanted to write the review, I also wanted to experience the sites customer service and make things right, if possible. I was asked to exchange the coupon for a different restaurant. Well i mentioned the extra expenses i had to incur due to the rejection of the coupon and they did not seem to care much. On further prodding, i was offered a $25 coupon to my account, which never happened. So to summarize, its a hit or miss. May be beneficial to call the restaurant to check if they accept the coupon even before buying it. Too much hassle for me personnally to go through this. You decide. "

Rating 2/10

It is a SCAM!

"I bought restaurant gift certificates from restaurant.com but merchant wouldn't accept it. Apparently restaurant.com just wrote up a "deal" without the merchant's permission! Merchant spent hours getting restaurant.com to take her restaurant off their list. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM RESTAURANT.COM. Shame on them. Fortunately my credit card company refunded my purchase upon dispute."

Rating 2/10


"1) Choice of "restaurants" is pathetic at best.
2) Site has many flaws.
3) Once you choose an e-gift card you are locked in to that dollar amount only. You cannot exchange for a larger amount even if your original amount was larger.
4) Poor customer service.

Rating 2/10

criminal enterprise

"I got 2 cards entered the code for one on the app, couldn't use it successfully, tossed the card. I Went home and reopened the app and the code and value was just gone. It says clearly that the app does retain entered codes, however customer service says only restaraunt.com purchases, and only if you use code entered. It Didn't say that anywhere I could find. Don't do business with these scam artists. If they were aflame I wouldn't urinate on them to extinguish them. They ****!"

Rating 10/10

treated like a theif for our own meal at grandpas in cocoa fl

"went to grand pas diner for dinner and the server said 1st thing after i said my wife came with me for company that she already ate the waitress immeaditaly said you cant share anything or she will have to pay full price my wife said i didn't come here to eat but to keep my husband company and my wife ordered hot tea and it was truley just warm barley soaked the tea bag it was so warm and i asked for dinner rolls waitress said ok and then arrived with one sorry **** looking diner roll and said u can't share it with her because she hasent ordered anything my wife said mis for the third time i didnt come here to eat but to keep my husband company when my prime ribb arrived she said again u cant share this with her i said i paid for it i plan to eat it and that who business is it anyway i paid for it my wife was very upset at this point and when we left she talked to the manager the manager said that they are supposed to tell all the patrons that they cant share we have been going their for 5 years and they just lost a good customer and all my friends too the food is pretty good not great and the price is fair for what u get and the service **** our waitress only showed up 3 times once to take the order and once to bring a roll and once to bring the meal the last time i had to ask another waitress to bring the bill "

Rating 2/10


"I bought the emovie cash and restaurant.com deal. Restaurant.com does offer decent restaurant deals but the movie tickets have an expiration and it's unreasonably short. I got burned you don't have to, stay away from this deal!"

Rating 2/10

Don't get fooled!

"I was offered a restaurant.com gift card so I went to the site to see what restaurants participate. I could not find a list! Can you imagine? My guess is that there are so few restaurants that participate that they are afraid to post a list, if there even is one. (maybe a scam, I don't know).

Anyway I for one will not be made a fool of by presenting a useless gift card at any of the great restaurants I frequent.

Make sure you know what you are getting and where (if anywhere) you can use it before you buy or accept a gift card from these people.

Rating 6/10

"I have used restaurant.com certificates at several restaurants and have never had a problem with the certificate being accepted---you just have to spend the amount that is cited on the certificate. The one big problem I recently experienced was with their hotelandresortcard.com gift certificate that I purchased from them. They are still selling this certificate on the restaurant.com site so here is my story.

In June, 2015, I purchased a gift card for hotelandresorts.com from restaurant.com to save money on a trip that I was taking 8 of my family on over Christmas. I found that you had to book your hotel room through the hotelandresorts.com website to get a small per night discount at a Hilton property. I booked 2 rooms for 7 nights at the Embassy Suites in Milpitas, California. While the discount was small, because I booked 2 rooms for 7 nights, I did save close to $150 using the gift card that cost me less than $20—a good deal, or so I thought!
The process was Hotelandresortcard.com charged my credit card and then they in turn booked the hotel rooms using their American Express card. I got my room confirmation from them and double checked with Embassy Suites to make sure I indeed had confirmed room reservations (I had to have them link those rooms to my Hilton account number, though). After spending one night in the hotel, I was alerted that Embassy Suites was charging both rooms to my card that I had given the hotel for incidentals. I went to the front desk and they told me that they had run hotelandresortscard.com’s American Express card 10 times and it was declined each time----so they were charging me for the rooms that I had already paid hotelandresortcard.com for.
Hotelandresortcard.com has NO customer service telephone number so the only way I had of contacting them was to go to their website and fill out a form explaining the problem and ask them to contact me ASAP. To this date, THEY NEVER HAVE CONTACTED ME. I went to the hotel manager to see if they had a way to contact hotelandresortcard.com since they claim to be a Hilton business partner. The manager had no idea who they were. I called Hilton’s customer service and got transferred three times to different departments and no one at Hilton could give me any contact information either. Finally, I called restaurant.com’s customer service department to see if they could help me since they were the ones who sold me the gift certificate (which they are still selling on their site.) I finally talked to a rep who said she would put in an “urgent” request to fix this problem. Frankly, I don't know if she helped me or not since I did not hear back from her (she did give me her email address though). But,
on day five at the hotel (after being charged the entire hotel bill on MY credit card), I went to the front desk to see if they could send me an email documenting that hotelandresortscard.com’s credit card had been declined several times so I could dispute the charges on my credit card. For some reason, I asked them to rerun their credit card----and this time it went through---a miracle.


Rating 4/10

"I agree with earlier posts about the impossibility of contacting a customer service personnel at restaurant.com. Three emails later and I have heard absolutely nothing from them.

Like some, I would like to combine my certificates as earlier requests for redemption did not end up being used. They were from a $100 certificate. While I like the flexibility of exchanging (unlike groupon or livingsocial), when exchanging, the earlier certificates do NOT return the amount back to the $100 certificate. In other words, if I had bought a $50 restaurant.com certificate using $25 of my $100 gift certificate, I end up with a $75 gift certificate and a $25 gift certificate after I request for an exchange. Should I be interested in using the $25 gift certificate for a restaurant that only has $10 for $20 certificates, I could only purchase two, leaving $5 balance of gift certificate of which I must top up or let it sit there and go to waste.

Having said that, i am giving it two stars instead of none because I have redeemed successfully at two favourite restaurants more than 20 times over the years. They are popular restaurants and the fact that they accept the certificates baffles me, not that that's gonna stop me from using certificates at those restaurants.

Rating 2/10

"I am not a fan of restaurant.com at all. Some of the restaurants they advertise do not accept their gift cards and claim that they have already notified restaurant.com to remove their offers. Instead of refunding the money for the gift cards that the restaurants will not accept, restaurant.com will only offer additional credit to use on their site. This leaves the customer with two options; either the customer must use the credit on the sparse selection of restaurants that they are left to choose from in their area, or the customer can let the gift cards go to waste. Another issue i find annoying about the site is that some of the "restaurants" that they advertise are not restaurants at all. I urge others to call the place they are interested in eating at before spending $30 on a cab ride to get to a hot dog stand "restaurant" that they won't even get to eat at because it is only open for a couple unspecified hours here and there. I am very dissatisfied with restaurant.com, it needs serious improvement. "

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