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68 Customer Reviews

Rating 2/10

"I had used a few restaurant.com gift certificates a few years ago, and they worked if you followed the restrictions on spending more money than the certificate usually. Now, the restaurant choices are few. Many have dropped out.

I also bought the $35 gift ecard for Hilton Hotels which is only a discount program of maybe $20 per night.

I would avoid buying from them unless you check with restaurant first.

Rating 2/10

"AVOID THIS SCAM!! Bought a "certificate" using the Restaurants.com app on my phone. First time using them. Went to restaurant and they did not honor the certificate. The only reason we decided to eat there was because of the "discount" that we never received. There is no contact number for this business, which is a red sign that I should have looked for before giving them my credit card information. I guess that is what I get for going with the unknown, should have just stuck with GROUPON. I use them all the time and NEVER had any issues. "

Rating 2/10

"Lousy customer service. Will not respond to any inquiries or complaints regarding a restaurant not accepting a coupon I purchased. No number to call and chat with a live person, no live chat support. Just an email that they never respond to."

Rating 2/10

"The site is just absolutely awful. I forgot my password, and trying to get it reset is a struggle.
First, can't do it from a phone or iPad, gotta be a pic.
Second, once you get the email and manage to get it reset, the site will tell you that is too many attempts at login. To try again later!!! I've never seen so many stupid things in a single site EVER.
Don't buy anything from it, you'll never be able to redeem it!!!

Rating 2/10

"The is the second time i have purchased a certificate and the restaurant I purchased it for refused to honor it!!! I am done with Restaurant .Com!!! "

Rating 2/10

"Do not buy anything from restaurant.com. It's a scam!
I initially bought $50 certificates from them. When I went to the restaurant, the restaurant said they wouldn't except them. And now restaurant.com wouldn't refund my money any more!!!

This review was modified by Jlai22 on March 30 2015 09:12:44 AM

Rating 2/10

"Well, I thought I was making a great decision by purchasing the $40 priced e card for Restaurant.com by buying that from living social for a $200 dollar e gift card to use on Restaurant.com. I read the faq's, browsed the website. It all seemed like a swell idea. So I went ahead and bought it thinking, I could save some money I'm in college, we go out to eat no way this could go wrong. Well. I applied that voucher from living social to Restaurant.com. All the prices magically changed! And the prices you have to spend after the discount to prices a college student can't afford! Amazing how that works. Because I read the print and there was no way to see these prices without the card being applied, otherwise I wouldn't have bought the card. I went back to living social saying, this is what happened. I want my money back, which I think is completely reasonable. I've bought plenty from them. Then I get the response back that they will not be refunding me my $40 I was scammed out of because I had applied the card to their site. Well, I told you that up front? How would I have known prices magically change without it applied? The full amount is still there. And after the fact I was like, I need to know. Opened up Restaurant.com started browsing through places in my area. Got out my phone and started calling. Not one. Not one restaurant I had called took these vouchers, and some had not even heard of restaurant.com so they absolutely did not take their vouchers.

So thank you both Living Social and Restaurant.com !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This review was modified by SigmundFreud on March 25 2015 08:48:09 PM

Rating 2/10

"Absolute worst online coupon site there is. Buyer beware.. actually, more than beware as this is a total scam site that takes your money and offers no help other than generic automated emails.

I purchased a total of $35 worth of coupons for local restaurants in January. The restaurants have since backed our of their deals (gee, can't imagine why.) so I was sent an email notifying me of such and stating that I can "easily" (HAHAHAHA) exchange my coupons for a different restaurant. What a nightmare. Restaurant.com split that $35 in to three $10 "eGiftcards" and one $5. So now, when I do want to reinvest my coupons towards a new restaurant it constantly states I don't have enough credit. There is no way to combine all my "eGiftcards" leaving me with putting in my credit card some more. Really?! The scam artist wants MORE?! Anyone who would fall for this is a complete idiot and deserves the rip off. Irritated I searched and search... annnnnd searched some more to find NO phone number to call. My only option? Email. So I did. I did not only once but twice. The second email I got gave me instructions on what I was doing and never even addressed my issue of "hey, can you guys either 1) refund my original money or 2) combine my "eGiftcards". So I am stuck with four tiny "eGiftcards" that can't over any purchase anyways. What a complete joke. This site needs to be removed, banned, and sued for stealing customers money. This is an absolute illegal site and is fraudulent on every level. DO NOT USE THIS SITE!!!!!!!

Rating 2/10

"If you don't know what Restaurant.com is, here is a quick explanation: Spend good money to get nothing more than a COUPON for 50% a restaurant. That is it. You MUST spend twice the amount of your "gift certificate" to redeem it. There are a ton of other loop holes and catches as well. I had to use some miles from a credit card, and I pretty much just threw them away by getting a retaurant.com certificate. Oh well, lesson learned."

This review was modified by deebow on March 09 2015 02:12:47 PM

Rating 4/10

"We went to Ami's in Sheffield last night with a $25 coupon. Always, always present your coupons when you first get to the resturant. I presented my coupon, the waitress told the manager about it and the waitress said the manager said, no problem. When it came time to pay bill, guess what...there was a problem. The manager did not want to honor coupon. I showed her the coupon on my IPad and told her we were up front about coupon before we ordered. She said she was not aware of resturant.com and them putting coupons online about Ami's . She finally ended up honoring the coupon because I was un front with them from the start. The manager was nice and did honor coupon, but this made me very disappointed in Resturant.com and Ami's...Don't see me using them again. My husband and I are retired and I am always looking for coupons, but this experience was not good."

Rating 4/10

"2/19/15. Well, I have decided to report on every experience I have with restaurant.com. Tonight, my husband and patronized Becky's Bistro in Willoughby Hills, OH. I had a certificate for $25, and in the fine print it says you must spend ***$37.50***

When we arrived at Becky's tonight, there was a piece of paper taped to the door that said, "restaurant.com coupons are only accepted with a $50 purchase or more." Which is fine -- I'm all about being reasonable. (BTW, I NOW HAVE A PHOTO OF THAT SIGN.)

So we spent $50.50 before tax, which included 2 beers. When we got our bill and presented the certificate, the waitress said, "Becky has a policy and we are not allowed to accept these certificates unless you spend $50 on FOOD." So I took a freakin picture of the sign and ALL IT SAYS IS THAT YOU HAVE TO SPEND $50.

I am p!$$ed, and I don't know who to be mad at. Did restaurant.com make a mistake when they set a minimum of $37.50? Probably. Was the waitress operating on rules from 3 years ago that DID say alcohol doesn't count? Maybe. I wouldn't be so mad except that I FOLLOWED THE WRITTEN RULES and did my part.

There's nothing I can do. I can't call the cops and have Becky thrown into coupon-jail. So who do I have the right to complain to?

More to come, from different restaurants.

2/18/15. I received excellent customer service from Restaurant.com this week. I had purchased three $5 certificates to a sandwich shop that went out of business, and I wanted to exchange them for one $15 certificate. Well, you can't do that in their system. I reported this on their customer service page. It took about 10 days, but a rep emailed me today and said she would do it manually for me. They have always been good about helping me.

The only thing is that I have had the same experience other people have had where a restaurant stops honoring them. I think the restaurant owners feel that they are not getting the benefits they expected. As a result, fewer and fewer good restaurants are participating.

So I have some suggestions. First of all, don't buy them to try new places. I did that for years, but it has become a problem because of the increasing number of crappy restaurants they have. Before you buy, check out the restaurant first -- google earth it to see the neighborhood, check the website & menu etc.

Next, if you find you have to exchange your certificates, go for the tried and true places you already know. There are some really good, overpriced restaurants that will always take these, and I will not visit those restaurants without a coupon/certificate. Those restaurants can often be found on Groupon as well.

Finally, I've found that many of the mom and pop establishments are the first ones to bail on restaurant.com, so if you have any of those, you had better use them up as soon as possible.

One more thing. If you have a large denomination - like $50 -- and you exchange it for a $25. two $10, and a $5, you are going to have a problem. If you ever want to recombine them and change them back into a $50, the only way you can do this is by contacting a human.

As I said, they have always been nice to me, and most of the time I get my moneys worth. You just have to be aware of what youre getting into.

This review was modified by TinkerbelleM on February 19 2015 08:57:22 PM

Rating 2/10

"this is a COMPLETE SCAM as everyone else has posted. I had the exact experience. I purchased several of these and was able to redeem 2 over a 3 year period. The ones I successfully redeemed were in the first 6 months. Then every one after didn't work, location didn't accept them, or the place was out of business. I have spent the last 4 months trying to get my $$ refunded - they state their system can't perform refunds. REALLY???? How is that even possible??? Horrible customer service, I've been lied to and told I'd get return phone calls which never happened. PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT WASTE your $$ with this scam and horrible app/business."

Rating 2/10

"This is an ABSOLUTE scam. None of the 6 restaurants I bought gift cards for will accept them. Two of the restaurants have never even talked to anyone from restaurant.com. Restaurant.com will not give refunds-they will only allow you to exchange them for more cards that do not work!!!!!!!"

This review was modified by christineray on February 04 2015 11:01:15 AM

Rating 2/10

"Restaurant.com has shady business practices. They allow third party sellers to sell certificates and allow purchasers to set up accounts with those certificates; yet they delete those certificates from the purchaser's account based on an unsubstantiated claim from the third party seller that the purchaser was given a refund. Restaurant.com wiped out $100 from my account claiming that they were notified by the company from which I purchased the certificate that a refund was issued back to me. However, I was not issued a refund, nor did I ask for a refund. In addition, Restaurant.com never notified me that someone made that misrepresentation and that Restaurant.com intended to void the certificate. If they had notified me (since I was the person who established the account and redeemed the certificate), I would have disputed the company/seller's claim at that time.

It really makes no sense why Restaurant.com would take a third-party's word and not even notify the actual account holder (me) of the intention to void a certificate.

Dealing with Restaurant.com customer service was a waste of time.

Rating 2/10

"As a business owner I decided to give this a chance. After a handful of confused customers who did not understand the concept, me ending up giving them more free food because I felt bad and the fact that restaurant.com signed me up for more than they said they would I have decided to cancel. The certificates never expire, which means you could see them years down the road. Restaurant.com says this is because of "state laws" they need to abide by... Another drawback is there is really no way to keep these from being duplicated at the register. By the time you call in the code and find out it's a re-print it's usually a few days later. Also their mobile app is almost impossible to validate at the register. Restaurant.com is a good idea, they are just doing it all wrong, and as business owners we're the ones paying for it. "

This review was modified by Justinbusinessowner on January 29 2015 09:55:38 PM

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